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The third mortgage bonds bear interest for the first five years at 10 per cent is stock and for fourteen years at 7 per cent. currency.

Directors (elected first Monday of April, 1867 and 1869, one-half every two years).—Barton Bates, E. W. Fox and James H. Britton, St. Louis, Mo.; Amos Cothing, New York City; Henry S. Read, James B. Eads and Charles K. Dickson, St Louis, Mo.; James S. Rollins, Columbia, Mo.; Gerard B. Allen, John P. Limberger, John Jackson, John G. Copelin and William M. McPherson, St. Louis, Mo. BARTON BATES-President....

St. Louis, Mo. E. W. Fox, Vice-President.. Treasurer-Charles Taussig... St. Louis, Mo. Mast. Machinery--N. W. Huntley St. Charles, Secretary-Frederick Weston

Mast. Car Builder-C. S. Buck..... St. Louis, General Supt.--Samuel H. Knight..

Gen. Tkt. Agent-James Charlton.. Asst. Supt.-J. L. Hinckley. Moberly, Gen. Fght. Agent-H. C. Wicker Chief Eng.-John B. Lodge. St. Louis, Purch. A gent-D. R. Bates. Supt. Bridges-John Purcell. Moberly, Transfer Agent-N. Bk. of Commerce. N. Y. City.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. No. 704 Fourth St., St. Louis, Mo.


Line of Road.- Derby, Conn., to New York State Line...... ... 29.50 miles

It is intended to connect at State Line with the Erie and New England RR (projected), and to cross the Hudson River by the suspension bridge that is contemplated.

Directors.-Edwin Marole, H. G. Lewis, N. D. Sperry, M. O. Merwin, Jr., and J. H. Bartholomew, Ansonia; J. H. Leeds, New Haven ; N. P. Stanton, New York H. G. LEWIS-President..

.New Haven, Conn. Vice-President-N. D. Sperry... .New Haven. | Chief Eng.-Edward W. Serrell.... New York Secretary-F. E. Harrison.. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.78 Broadway, New York.


The Sacramento Valley Railroad extends from Sacramento, Cal., to Folsom, Cal., 23 miles.

Rolling Stock.—Locomotives, 6. Cars-passenger, 8; freight, 30--total, 33.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1869.-Gross earnings, $158,754. Expenses, $181,068.

General Balances.- Capital stock, $936,000. Bonded debt, $919,574. Cost of road and equipment, $1,727,982. LELAND STANFORD President..

Sacramento, Cal. Treasurer-Mark Hopkins. ... Sacramento, Cal. | Secretary-E. I. Miller, Jr........ .Sacramento, Cal


Line of Road. --Schenectady, N. Y., to Duanesburg, N. Y..... 13 miles, This road was undertaken to bring Schenectady and its northern connection into

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direct communication with the coal fields of Pennsylvania over the Albany and Susquehanna RR., which this road joins at Duanesburg. The work on the road is being actively carried on.

Capital stock, $150,000. Funded debt-1st mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, duo March 1, 1890, $350,000, principal and interest payable in gold, free of Government tax. Cost not to exceed $500,000.

Directors.-Platt Porter, Geo. G. Maxon, J. B. Clute, Chas. G. Ellis, Charles Thompson, Cornelius Thompson, A. McMullen, R. C. Dorn, P. B. Yates, A. Doty, G. V. Van De Bogert, A. W. Hunter, Gertsholm Banker. PLATT PORTER-President....

Schenectady, N. Y. Secretary.... Charles Thompson | Treasurer..


.Schenectady, N. Y.


(Consolidation of the St. Joseph and Council Bluffs (in Missouri) and the Council

Bluffs and St. Joseph (in Iowa) Railroads.)

132 miles. Interest on

Line of Road.–St. Joseph, Mo., to Council Bluffs, Iowa.....

Gross earnings 1869, $753,000. Operating expenses, 50 per cent mortgage bonds, $232,810.

Capital stock, $2,100,000.
Funded debt outstanding January 1, 1870, $2,589,500, viz.:

C. B. & St. Jo. RR. (52 m.) 7 per cent. bonds, due January 1, 1830.

10 per cent. bonds, due July 1, 1872.. St Jo. & C. B RR (80 m.) 10 per cent. bonds, due September 1, 1892.

8 per cent. bonds, due June 1, 1874.


150,00) 1,400 000


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Directors.- Nathaniel Thayer, William F. Weld, Sidney Bartlett and J. A. Burnham, Boston, Mass.; T. E. Tootle and James Craig, St. Joseph, Mo.; James F. Joy, Detroit, Mich. JAMES F. Joy-President.......

.Detroit, Mich. Treasurer-R. S. Watson.. Boston, Mass. Gen. Tkt. Agt.-P. B. Groat..

Hannibal Gen. Supt.-A, L. Hopkins..... .St. Joseph, Mo. Gen. Fot. Agt.-H. H. Courtwright Asst. Supt.-D. H. Winton...

Mast. Alechinic-H. S. Cooper. St. Joseph. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..... No. 26 Sears Building, Boston, Mass..



Line of Road.-Alameda Point, California, to Hayward's, Cal.....20 milcs.

Rolling Stock.- Locomotives, 4. Cars--passenger, 8; freight, 22—total, 30.Also, 2 ferry boats running between Alameda Point and San Francisco. LELAND STANFORD-President.......

Sacramento, Cal. Treasurer-Mark Hopkins...... Sacramento, Cal. | Secretary-E. II. Miller, Jr....... Sacramento, Cal


(Leased to Grand Trunk (Can.) Railway Company for the term of 999 years from

July 1, 1853.)

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Line of Road.-Portland, Me.. to Island Pond, Vt...... ... 150 miles. Bidings, turnouts, etc., 15 miles. Gauge, 5 feet 6 inches. Rail, 56 to 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Furnished by lessees.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1868.— Trains run-passenger, 146,269 ; freight, 595,707 ; other, 33,012—total, 778,988 miles. Gross earnings-passenger, $259,459 96; freight, $795,807 03 ; mail and express, $31,730 07; other, $3,589 21—total, $1.090,596 32. Operating expenses, taxes, etc., $891,915 14. Nett carninys, $198,681 18.

Under the lease the Grand Trunk Company are to maintain and operate the line; to pay on share capital 6 (since reduced to 4) per cent., and to assume all the obligations of the lessor.

General Balances.- Capital stock—5,055 shares sterling, at 4 84, $2,446,620; 478 shares federal, at $100, $ 17,800 ; 30 fractional shares, at 16, $480—total, $2,494,90); funded debt-City of Portland 6 per cent sinking fund bonds, due 1868, '69 and '70, $1,300,000; 2d mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, federal, $631,600, and sterling, $855,392 ; 6 per cent. (no mortgage) sterling bonds, due November 1, 1878, $184,000 -total, $3,483,992; Grand Trunk Company for improvements, $1,675,197 48. Per contra : Cost of road and appurtenances, $7,654,089 48.

To meet the City of Portland bonds there is on hand a sinking fund amounting to $567,297 53. These bonds have in part become due and the remainder is nearly due. The balance, after the distribution of the sinking fund, will be refunded under the act of the State of Maine, dated March 3, 1858. The interest is payable in Portland, Boston and New York, and at different dates semi-annually.

Directors.--St. John Smith, John B. Brown, Phineas Barnes, Charles E. Barrett, Byron Greenough and H. I. Libby, Portland, Me.; Alexander T. Galt, Sherbrooke, Canada. St. John SMITH-President..

Portland, Me. Treasurer-Charles E. Barrett.... Portland, Me. / Clerk-F. R. Barrett..

.. Portland, Me. Officers of the Grank Trunk Railway, lessees :

CHARLES J. BRYdGES— Managing Director...... Montreal, Can. Sec. & Treas.-Joseph Hickson Montreal. | Local Treasurer-Charles E. Barrett.... Portland Local Superintendent-Henry Bailey...


Portland, Me.


Line of Road.-Any point on the Potomac west of Harper's Ferry, Va., to any point on the Ohio River south of Parkersburg, W. Va.

Incorporated by Legislature of West Virginia, Session 1867–68.

Incorporators.-Elisha C. Litchfield, Williain Bemont, Seth W. Benedict, A. N. Duffie, Divid R. Barnum and Rensselaer N. Havens, New York City ; Joseph Sprigg, Thomas Maslin, John W. Duffy and Joseph T. Hoke, West Virginia.


Lines of Road. – { Western Div.: StaberidineInd, to Peoria, I...... 111 miles.


, Ill., to Warsaw, Total length of road owned and operated by Company... ..228 miles. Sidings, etc., 11.4 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 44. Cars-passenger, 13; baggage, mail and express, 8; freight (box, 575; stock, 62; platform, 7; coal, 140), 584—total, 605

Also two service cars.

Operations (year ending December 31, 1869). — Trains run-passenger, 288,140 ; freight, 423,554 ; service, 360,922 ; total, 1,072,715 miles. Gross earnings-passenger, $317,246 ; freight, $659,478°; mails and express, $38,302; miscellaneous, $59,959 ; total, $1,072,9. 5.

General Balances.-Capital stock-common, $2,700,000; preferred (W. Div., $1,300,000 ; E. Div., $1,700,000), $3,000,000—total, $5,700,000 ; funded debt-1st mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, W. Div., $1,800,000, interest August and February and principal February 1, 1896 ; E. Div., $1,600,000, interest June and December and principal December 1, 1894; 2d mortgage 7 per cent bonds, payable 1866, $1,200,000; equipment bonds (authorized, $1,200,000) issued, $ 106,000—total, $5,106,000. Total stocks and bonds issued and to be issued, $9,100,000, which amount will represent the cost of the road and equiment.

Directors (elected 3d Tuesday of March, 1870).—Charles L. Frost, Zeno Secor and James W. Smith, New York City ; Gustavus Ricker, Cincinnati, O. ; John B. Brown, Portland, Me.; W. H. Cruger and Frank Field, Peoria, Ill. ; Henry Hill, Warsaw, Ill.; J. H. Smith, Bushnell, N. Y.

ZENO SECOR-President..... ...80 Broadway, New York City.

W. H. Cruger. Vice-Pres. Gen. Supt. & Chief Eng.......Peoria, III. Treas. & Sec.-Thos. Higbie.. Peoria, III, Mast. Machinery--A. H. DeClercg. Peoria, III. Arx't Sec'y-T. H. Williams.

New York. Mast. of Car Rep.-R. M. Hemphill.. Aret. Supi.-Day K. Smith.

Peoria, Ii. Mast. of Transp.-Day K. Smith. Road Master-T. Soran..

Watseka, Gen. T'kt. & Fint. Agi.-W. E. Main Supt. Bridges-J. W. Palmer.. Washington, “ Purchasing Agt.-J. A. Winner.... PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Peoria, III.

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Line of Road.-Ridgeway, Mich., to Chicago, Ill......

..300 miles. Branch Line: Romeo, Mich., to Almont, Mich......

9 Gauge of track, 4 feet 84 inches. Weight of rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

Of this road, 15 miles are now in operation and 125 miles to Jackson will be completed during the current year.

Capital stock paid in, $500,000.
Bonds to the amount of $2,000,000 will be issued in June, 1870.
Floating debt about $10,000.

Directors.-Harvey Mellen, Romeo, Mich. ; M. E. Crofoot, Pontiac, Mich.; D. Haze, Pinckney, Mich.; George H. French, Homer, Mich.; Joseph C. Leonard, Union City, Mich.; J. E. Bonine, Vandalia, Mich.; William Allison, Centreville, Mich.; R. W. Landou, Niles, Mich.; T. A. E. Campbell, Valparaiso, Ind. ; J. E.

Young, Chicago, Ill. ; Jerome B. Eaton and M. A. McNaughton, Jackson, Mich. ;
William Niles, Laporte, Ind.
JEROME B. EATON-President...

.Jackson, Mich.
Treasurer-Rufus W. Landon....... Niles, Mich. | Managing Mirector-M. A. McNaughton..Jackson.
Secretary-0. W. Bennett... ..Jackson, Chief Engineer-H. A. Gardiner..

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS ....Liberty strect, Jackson, Mich.

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(Lessees of St. Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad.)

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The Indianapolis and St. Louis Railroad Company was organized under the General Railroad Law of Indiana, for the purpose of constructing a railroad from Indianapolis to Terre Haute to connect the Bellefontaine Railway with the St. Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad. To be completed July, 1870. The Company are now operating the St. Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad, under a lease guaranteed by the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis, the Lake Shore and Southern Michigan, and the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Companias.

Line Operated.-East St. Louis, III., to Terre Haute, Ind.... .189 miles. Branch Line: Alton Junction, Ill., 10 Alton, IlI.......

5 Sidings, turnouts, etc., 9.5 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 87 inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.- Locomotive engines, 50. Cars—passenger, 31; baggage, mail and express, 13; freight (box, 370; stock, 100; platform, 261; coal, 75), 806—total, revenue cars, 850. Also 26 service and road cars.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1869.-Gross earnings—passenger, $674,875 52 ; freight, $1,008,354 61; mail and express, $88,491 75 ; other, $3,142 58– total $1,774,867 46. Operating expenses, taxes, etc., $1,256,016 56. Nett earnings, $518,850 90. Payments for rents, interest, etc., $600,136 26.

General Balances. — Bills payable, $15,439 43; other liabilities, $559,371 07 Per contra: Bills receivable, $259 ; materials and fuel, $88,078 76; current assets $146,591 82 ; cash, $4,131 98; balance debt in coin, $335,748 91-total, $574, 810 50.

Directors.—Thomas A. Morris, Indianapolis, Ind. ; Thomas A. Scott, Philadelphia, Pa.; T. O. Messler, Pittsburg, Pa.; Oscar Townsend, Cleveland, O.; Pliny Hoagland, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Edward King, Indianapolis, Ind. THOMAS A. MORRIS— President.....

. Indianapolis, Ind. Treas. & Sec.- Edward King.. Indianapolis, Ind. Master of Mach'y-\ C. E. Benton. Litchfield, nu. Gen. Supl.-J. D. Herkimer.. St. Louis, Mo. Master Car Rope. - 1 Assistant Supt.-A. A. Talmadge.. Litchfield, II. Gen. Tht. Agt.-J. S. Garland St. Louis, Mo. Chief Engineer-J. L. Cozad.. Indianapolis, Ind. Gen. Fgt. Agt.-John C. Noyes. Auditor-J. E. Davidson....

| Purch. Agent-J. W. Morse... PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. Alabama street, Indianapolis,



Line of Road.-Kansas City, Mo., to Memphis, Tenn....

.400 miles. This Company have surveyed 72 miles, of which it is intended to complete 65 miles the present year. It is intended to open the line to Springfield, Mo., 160 miles,

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