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3,018-total through, 5,187 tons; local-westward, 101,706; eastward, 170,431-total local, 272,137 tons-total local and through, 277,324 tons.

Gross earnings-Passenger, $2,537,099 46; freight, $2,590,910 25; other, $552,812 54-Total earnings, $5,670,822 25.

Operating expenses, $2,993,523 19. Nett earnings, $2,677,299 06. Ratio of expenses to earnings, 52.79 per cent.

Income Account for year ending Deeember 31, 1869.- Nett revenue, $2,677,299 06. Against which was charged-interest paid, $1,734,604 99; taxes, $149,149 58 ; sinking fund, $10,000—total, $1,923,754 57. Surplus, $753,544 49.

General Balances.-Capital stock-authorized, $100,000,000; paid in, $40,097,290; bonded debt-1st mortgage bonds, $25,517,000; 2d mortgage bonds (subsidy), $25,517,000; other indebtedness, $7,871,777 (the character of wbich is not given)total bonds and debt, $58,905,777--total stock, bonds and debt, $99,003,067.

Per contra: Construction account, $84,129,002; lands, $6,942,577; buildings, $2,159,718; engines, $1,846,500; cars, $1,988,125— total cost of road, etc., $97,094,922.

Directors.-Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, A. P. Stanford, Charles Marsh, Mark Hopkins, E. H. Miller, Jr.; Sacramento, Cal. ; C. P. Huntington, New York. LELAND STANFORD-President......

Sacramento, Cal.
C. P. HUNTINGTON-18t Vice-President.

.New York.
Charles Crocker-2d Vice-President...

. Sacramento, Cal.

[blocks in formation]

Line of Road.–Nebraska City, Nebr., to Fort Kearney, Nebr....... 171 miles. Completed : Nebraska City westward......

20 Under contract: Nebraska City, Nebr., to Lincoln (State Capital), Nebr... 51

Capital stock authorized, $2,000,000.

The Company have a grant of 100,000 acres of land from the State of Nebraska to be applied to that section between Nebraska to Lincoln, and the counties along the line have subscribed liberally in bonds in aid of construction. Private subscriptions to the amount of $300,000 have also been obtained.

Directors.-F. A. White, Tolbert Ashton, William Fulton, John B. Bennet,
James Sweet, N. L. Simpson, R. M. Rolfe, E. S. Hawley and H. S. Calhoun, Ne-
braska City, Nebr.
F. A. WHITE-President....

Nebraska City, Nebr.
John B. Bennet, Vice-President..
James Sweet. Secretary..

R. M. Rollo.
William Fulton. | Chief Engineer.


Nebraska City, Nebr.


Line of Road.-From Miss. River, opp. Memphis, to Little Rock, Ark...131 m.

This road consists of three divisions, the first extending from the Mississippi to the St. Francis River, 38 miles; the second from the St. Francis to the White River, 45 miles; the third from White River to Little Rock, on the Arkansas, 48 miles. The first division was completed in 1859; the second in December, 1865. The events of the war not only put an end to the construction of the middle link, but the eastern division was in a great measure destroyed. The Company have reconstructed the portion destroyed, and are operating the eastern and western divisions, and are engaged in the construction of the middle division.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotives, 8; passenger cars, 2; freight (box, 45; platform, 23), 68. Baggage and mail, 1; express, 1.

The amount expended in construction has been about $2,300,000. This sum has been realized above stock subscriptions and from sales of the Company's 8 per cent. bonds, secured by a mortgage on the road and on about 125,000 acres of land, which bear date May 1, 1860, and are payable thirty years after date, and are authorized to reissue to the amount of $1,300,000. The State of Arkansas has loaned this Company $900,000 in the form of 7 per cent. thirty year State bonds.

Directors.-R. C. Brinkley, H. B. Edmondson, Miles Owen, Jas. M. Lewis and Alex. McDonald. R. C. BRINKLEYPresident....

Memphis, Tenn. Sec. and Treas.-J. W. Goodwin..

..Memphis. I Land and Gen, Agent --B. D. Williams. Memphis. Chief Engineer-James L. Meigs..

SuperintendentJohn Robertson........ PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

.Memphis, Tenn.

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(Successors to Florida and Alabama Railroad.)

Line of Road.-Pensacola, Fla., to Mobile and Montgomery RR., Ala..45.2 m.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 4. Cars—box freight, 6; platform, 25 ; service, 3—total, 34 cars.

Original cost of road and equipment, about $1,300,000.

The road was ruined during the war, and the Company becoming bankrupt, was sold out by order of the District Court of Northern Florida. The purchasers formed the existing Company and reconstructed the road. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Pensacola, Fla.


Line of Road.-Salisbury, N. C., to Ashville, N. C......

142 miles. Branches :

| Junction (50 m. W. Salisbury), N. C., to Newton N. C.....3

| Catawba (38 m. W. Salisbury), N. C., to Lime Bed, N. C...5– 8

Total length of main and branch lines owned and operated...... 150 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 5 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 81 inches. Rail, 53 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive Engines, 5. Cars-passenger, 8; baggage, mail and express, 4; freight (box, 12; platform, 14), 26—total, 38 cars. Also, 1 road car.

Operations.—No returns obtained.

General Balances.-Capital stock (two-thirds subscribed by the State of North Carolina), $6,500.000. The Company are now issuing their 1st mortgage 8 per cent. bonds, dated March 1, 1870, and due January 1, 1890, $1,400,000 ; interest January and July. None have yet been sold. The only present debt of the Company is in bills payable to the amount of $36,000.

Directors (elected August 26, 1869).-J. J. Mott, Catawba, N. C.; Samuel McD. Tate and T. R. Caldwell, Morganton, N. C.; C. L. S. Corpening, Marion, N. C.; J. L. Henry, L. W. Woodfin and P. L. Caulen, Ashville, N. C.; C. T. Cowles, Charlotte, N. C.; W. H. Howerton and R. A. Caldwell, Salisbury, N. C.; R. F. Simonton, Statesville, N. C.; J. Bowman, Bakersville, N. C. J. J. MOTT-President..

Catawba, N. C. Treasurer-H. C. Cowles. Statesville, N. C. Master Mechanic-E. H. Marsh... Salisbury, N. C. Gen. Supt.--S. McD. Tate. Morganton, Gen. Ticket Agt.-H. C. Cowles. Statesville, Chief Engineer-W. A, Eliason.Statesville, Gen. Fgt. Agt.-H. N. Woodson.. Salisbury, Road Maxter-W. L. Gill..

and Supt. of Bridges-D. M. Rennie.. Salisbury, Purchasing Agt.-S. McD. Tate. Morganton, PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Statesville, Iredell Co., N. C.




Line of Road.-Ashville, N. C., to State Line of Tennessee.

... .... 131 miles. The Road is under construction, 10 miles being graded.

The capital stock of this Company is fixed at $10,000,000, toward which the State of North Carolina has appropriated two-thirds the amount in 6 p. c. bonds.

Directors.-G. W. Swepson, T. L. Clingman, J. C. Abbott, W. W. Rollins, R. M. Henry, George Gahagan, G. W. Deckey, J. R. Ammons, M. S. Littlefield, A. T. Davidson, Joe Keener and A. H. Jones. M. S. LITTLEFIELD— President.....

Ashville, N. C. Secretary and Treasurer.. G. M. Roberts. / Chief Engineer...

.J. C. Turner. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. ..Ashville, Buncombe Co., N. C.


Line of Road.-New Haven, Conn., to Ansonia, Conn............. 13.33 miles. Sidings, etc., 0.5 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 48 lbs. to yard.

[This road is projected as a link in the New England and Erie Railroad, which is to extend west from Derby to Hudson River Suspension Bridge, near Peekskill, to Turner's on the Erie Railway.]

General Balances.—Capital stock authorized, $500,000 ; funded debt authorized, 1st mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, due May 1, 1888, $500,000. Estimated cost of road and equipment to completion, $1,000,000. The City of New Haven bas indorsed $225,000 of the Company's bonds.

Directors.—Henry S. Dawson, Morris Tyler and Edwin Marble, New Haven, Conn. ; George W. Shelton, Birmingham, Conn. ; Charles L. English, Charles Att

water, William Hull, H. G. Lewis, J. B. Hotchkiss, H. P. Frost, N. D. Sperry and
J. H. Leeds, New Haven, Conn.; J. H. Bartholomew, Ansonia, Conn.
On part of New Haven—The Mayor, ex officio, and P. Ward, New Haven, Conn.
HENRY S. Dawson-President....

New Haven, Conn.
Morris Tyler- Vice-President..
Treasurer...... Charles Attwater. | Secretary... .F. E. Harrison. Chief Eng......M. 0. Davidson,

New Haven, Conn.

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(Consolidated February, 1870, with Lebanon Springs Railroad, under the name of

the New York and Harlem Extension Railroad.)

Line of Road.-Rutland, Vt., to Bennington, Vt.......

..59 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 5 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 4. Cars-passenger, 3; baggage, mail and express, 3; freight (box, 15; platform, 25), 40—total, 46 cars.

Operations.-By first mortgage trustees. No returns furnished.

General Balances (December 31, 1869).—Capital stock, $332,000 ; funded debt1st mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, due January 1, 1856, 1861 and 1867, $400,000; 2d mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, due September 1, 1862, $300,000-total funded debt, $700,000—total stock and bonds, $1,032,000. Per contra: Cost of road and equipment, $1,125,000. WEBSTER SNYDER-President......

Bennington, Vt. Cashier, etc ........D. W. Craig | Muster Transp..F. C. White / Gen. Fgl. & Pass. Agt..J. R. Faukner. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Rutland, Vt.


(Consolidation, July 1, 1865, of Toledo and Wabash Railway, the Great Western

Railway of 1859, the Quincy and Toledo Railroad' and the Illinois and Southern Iowa Railroad. In 1869 the Decatur and East St. Louis Railroad was taken into the consolidation.)


Line of Road.–Toledo (Lake Erie), O., to Camp Point, Ill.... 454.8 m. Branches :

| Bluffs City, Ill. (414 m. W. Toledo) to Naples, II........ 4.0

Claytown, I11.(448 m. W. Tol.) to Hamilton (opp. Keokuk).41.2— 45.2" Total length of road owned by Company.

..500.0 m. Leased: Chic., Burl. & Quincy RR.—Camp Point, Ill., to Quincy, Ill.. Total length of road owned, leased and operated.....

...522.0 m. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 21.1 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

No part of the Decatur and East St. Louis Railroad was operated by the Compiny in 183). The Hınnibal and Naples R vilroad, leased by this Company, was brought into use in April, 1870. The D. & E. St. L. RR. will probably be finished during the current year.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotives, 115. Cars-pissenger, 50 ; smoking, 4; mail and

baggage, 20; freight (box, 1,30); stock, 391; platform, 280; coal, 206; caboose, 48; dumping, 30), 1,916—total, 2,027 cars.

Operations for four years and a half ending December 31, 1869 :

[blocks in formation]

General Balances.-Abstract of general account at close of years:

[blocks in formation]

The funded debt outstanding December 31, 1869, consisted of the issues noted in the following statement:

[blocks in formation]

Toledo and Illinois Rnilroad, 175 miles
Lake Erie, Wabash and St. Louis RR.. 167 miles.

Great Western RR. (W. D.) 100 miles.. 18t mtge. :

Great Western RR. (E. D.). 81 miles..
Great Western Railway of 1859, 181 miles.
Quincy and Toledo Railroad. 34 miles...
Illinoi and Southern Iowa RR.. 42 miles

Toledo and Wabash Railrond. 75 miles..
2d mtge. : Toledo, Wabash and Western, 167 miles...

Great Western Railway of 1859. 181 miles.
Equipm'nt Toledo and Wabash RR., 75 miles.
Sink Fo Toledo, Wabash and Western Railway, 500 miles.
Consol. m. -Toledo, Wabash and Western R'way, 500 miles.

[blocks in formation]

—all payable, principal and interest, in the City of New York.

Directors.-Azarial Boody, Isaac H. Knox, A. M. White, William Kidd, Abraham B. Baylis, William I. Schenck and Horace F. Clark, New York City; William

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