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Line of Road. - Muscatine, Ia., to Anamosa, Ia.....

.50 miles. Directors.-S. G. Stein, J. P. Ament and R. Smalley, Muscatine, Ia.; George W. Hunt, Moscow, Ia.; H. C. Piatt, W. H. Alden, J. Cuibertson and W. H. Tuthill, Tipton, Ia.; J. S. Stacey, Anamosa, Ia. S. G. STEIN-President..

Muscatine, Ia. Treasurer-J. Culbertson

Tipton, Ia. I Chief Engineer-J. A. Mathewson.. Muscatine, Ia. Secretary-W. H. Alden..


Tipton, Cedar Co., Ia.

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Line of Road.--Houlton, Me., to New Brunswick line....

...6 miles. At the Province line the road will connect with a branch of the St. Andrews and Quebec Railroad, and so make St. Andrews, N. B., the port for the north-eastern section of Maine. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS...

Houlton, Aroostook Co., Me.


(Leased Aug. 3, 1867, for ten years, to Pennsylvania Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.- Hollidaysburg Branch RR. to Newry, Pa...... ... 3.1 miles.

Capital authorized, 600 shares, $125,000 ; stock sold, $12,375; floating debt, $1,008 69. Cost of road to date of lease, $13,383 69. The road was completed by the Pennsylvania Company, who are to hold it until the total cost thereof is re-imbursed them.

Directors.-William Fartees, Frank McKay, John Hoover, Henry McIntosh, James Bradley and Alfred P. Fishes, Newry, Pa.; William H. Brook, Brook's Mills, Pa.; Daniel M. Bare, Morrison's Cove, Pa.; John Musselman and William Smith, Duncansville, Pa.; H. N. Burroughs and Matty Baird, Philadelphia, Pa. ALEXANDER Kxox-President....

Newry, Pa.
Henry McIntosh. | Treasurer.


Newry, Blair Co., Pa.


Line of Road.--St. Croix Falls, Wisc., to Bayfield, Wisc.......... 100 miles.

The Company received a land grant under Acts of June 3, 1856, and May 5, 1864, amounting to upward of 500,000 acres.

Directors (elected September 9, 1869).—Gardner Colby, S. S. Farlow, J. C. Pratt and J. W. Converse, Boston, Mass.; E. G. Roberts, New York City; H. D. Barton,

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St. Croix Falls, Wisc.; Samuel Wiley, St. Paul, Minn. ; W. H. Mower, Bayfield,
Wisc. ; Henry M. Rice, St. Paul, Minn.

Boston, Mass.
Henry M. Rice- Vice-President.....

St. Paul, Minn.
Treasurer-E. G. Roberts..... New York City. | Secretary-W. H. Mower.........


Boston, Mass.


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Line of Road.-Lavacca (Gulf of Mexico), Tex., to Victoria, Tex... 28 miles. Branch Line (building): Lavacca, Tex., to Indianola, Tex.....

..16 Sidings, turnouts, etc., 2 miles. Gauge, 5 feet 6 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Opened from Lavacca to Victoria, April, 1861. Destroyed by Confederates in 1863. Rebuilt by the Federals in 1865–66. All the rights, title and interest of the United States in said road ordered for sale by the Secretary of War March 26, 1870; sale to take place May 25, 1870. Sale to include the road-bed, track and sidings, buildings, water-stations, turn-tables, etc., and all materials and supplies, together with the rolling stock, cars, machinery and other equipment.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars—passenger, 1; baggage, 1; freight (box, 6; platform, 6), 12—total, 14 cars.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $175,000; funded debt, 1st mortgage 8 per cent. bonds, due 1870, $100,000; in 1875, $100,000; total, $200,000 ; due United States Government, $45,000, and a small floating debt. Per contra: Cost of road and equipment, $350,000.

Directors.-L. H. Jacobs, Lavacca, Tex.; George R. Rodgers, Victoria, Ter.;
F. F. Divine, San Antonia, Tex.; T. J. Carter, New York City; H. S. McComb,
Wilmington, Del.; John C. French, San Antonio, Tex.; Z. K. Fulton, Lavacca, Tex.
JOHN C. FRENCH-President.....

San Antonio, Tex.
Z. K. Fulton, Vice-President..

.Lavacca, Tex.
Treas.-L. H. Jacobs.. Lavacca. . Sec.—T. J. Carter...N. Y. City. I Supt.-N. A. Thompson.. Victoria.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS... Lavacca, Matagorda Co., Tex.

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Line of Road.-Detroit, Mich., to Butler, Ind.....

91 miles.
This Company design to consolidate with the Detroit, Eel River and Illinois
Railroad, and so form a very direct route from Detroit and St. Louis, etc.
D. M. RICHARDSON-President......

Detroit, Mich.

Detroit, Mich.


10 miles.

Line of Road.-Ladoga to Valley City, Ind......
Capital stock authorized, $200,000.

Directors.-O. B. Wilson, O. H. Fuller, D. C. Stone, J. H. George, B. H. Graves, A. G. Daniel and W. C. Hendricks. 0. B. WILSON-President....

.Ladoga, Ind. Secretary-D. C. Stone..

Ladoga, Ind. | Treasurer-0. H. Fuller.... .Ladoga, Ind. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. ...Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Ind.


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Line of Canal.-Mill Creek, Pa., to Fairmount, Philadelphia, Pa... 108.23 miles. Branch, 1 mile long. Dimensions: Width-top, 60 to 300, and bottom, 40 to 45 feet. Depth, 6 feet. Locks : Lift, 76, 110x18 feet; guard, 112x24 feet. Lockage, 618 feet. Boats: Owned by Company, 750 ; by customers, 150. Average capacity, 170 tons. Boating Season, 1869: March 10 to December 29—294 days.

Operations for the year ending October 31, 1869–Freight moved-lumber, 38,258 ; shingles, 60 ; anthracite coal, 785,880; bituminous coal, 470; pig iron, 24,689 ; other iron and castings, 11,842 ; iron and others ores, 76,632 ; lime and limestone, 73,449; agricultural products, 5,163 ; merchandize, 4,656; manufactures, 12,641 ; other articles, 66,927 tons-total, 1,100,667 tons.

Gross earnings—tolls on coal and all other freights, $831,142 01 ; tolls on Union Canal trade, $8,806 19; rents of real estate, $50,599 40; interest, $1,758 85; P. & R. RR. Co., allowance for difference on coal tonnage, $148,622 25; other, $27,977 50— total, $1,068,906 20.

Current expenses-canal, $344,344 43; car and landing, $70,128 58; drawback coa! tolls, $100,524 04; towing boats, $13,282 43; Union Canal Company's share of tolls, $1,617 11; taxes (on gross receipts, $10,615 84; on tonnage, $10,786 16; on capital stock, $2,767 02) $24,169 02 ; Phil. & Reading RR. Co., tolls on lateral road, $144,462 80—total, $598,518 41; interest on loans and U. S. tax, $424,467 30; interest and sinking fund on Trustees' Improvement bonds, $34,924 33 ; surplus, $10,996 16, to which add surplus at commencement of the year, $90,179 04, and there remains to credit of profit and loss, $101,175 20.

General Balances.-Capital stock, 95,944 shares-common, $1,908,207; preferred, $2,888,977 75——$4,797,184 75; funded debt-1st mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, March

6 and Sept., due 1872, $1,751,213 21 ; 2d mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, Jan. and July, due 1882, $4,016,670 12; common 6 per cent. bonds, due 1876, $171,354; improvement 7 per cent. bonds, May and Nov., due 1870, $308,500; boat loan per cent. bonds, due 1868, $800,000, and due 1889, $633,650—total, $7,681,387 33 ; bonds and mortgages, $70,558 ; ground rents, $60,091 14; temporary loans, $588,689 50— total stock, bonds and debt, $13,197,910 74. Per contra: Cost of canal and fixtures, $10,587,125 74 ; charged for boats, cars, etc., $2,279,185 24; cost of real estate, $238,966 92—total property, $13,105,277 90.

Directors.-Joseph B. Townsend, John N. Hutchinson, George Brooke and Thomas Lee, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Charles Baker, Pottsville, Pa.; Charles W. Wharton, Philadelphia, Pa. FREDERICK FRALEYPresident.......

.Philadelphia, Pa. Asst. President-Chas. W. Wharton..Philadelphia. | Treasurer-Chas. W. Bacon... Philadelphia. Secretary-Wm. M. Tilghman.....

Chief Engineer-James F. Smith.. .Reading PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

...Philadelphia, Pa.


Line of Canal.—Millersburg, Pa., to Clark's Ferry, Pa........ 12 miles. Dimensions: Width at top, 45, and at bottom, 28 feet; depth, 4 feet 2 inches. Locks : List, 7–90 by 17 feet. Lockage, 24 feet. Boats: Own none. Average capacity of those using the canal, 95 tons. Boating season : April 8 to December 3—239 days.

Operations for the year ending October 31, 1869.–Freight moved-coal, 113,452 ; other, 3,157—total, 116,611 tons. Gross receipts, $11,641 41 ; expenses, 14,279 58 ; excess of expenses, $2,638 17.

General Balances.-Capital stock, 3,000 shares, $58,925 ; funded debt (6 p. c. bonds), $15,000 ; floating debt, $16,000. Per contra : Original cost of canal and fixtures, $512,000.

Directors.-Charles E. Lex, Stacy B. Barcroft, Joseph W. Souder, Edward Gratz, Jr., E. Coppee Mitchell, Simon Gratz, William R. Valleau, Philadelphia. SIMON GRATZ-President....

Philadelphia, Pa. Secretary........

....... Michael Nisbet. ' Treasurer...... Edward Gratz, Jr. | Supt......... Francis Wenrich. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.Philadelphia, Pa.

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(Leased in perpetuity to the Terre Haute and Indianapolis Company.)

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Line of Road.-East St. Louis, Ill., to State line, Ind............. .158 miles.

The tracks of the St. L., V. & T. H., and the extension (5 miles) of the T. H. & Indianapolis Railroads were joined at the State line April 14, 1870, thus completing, so far as track-laying is concerned, the entire road between St. Louis and Terre Haute, It is expected that the road will be opened for business June 1, 1870, at which date the T. H. & Ind. Company will assume management.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 17. Cars-passenger, 10; baggage and express, 4; freight, 315--total cars, 329.

Capital stock authorized, subscribed and paid in, $1,500,000.
1st mortgage 7 p. c. sinking fund bonds, guaranteed, due 1897, $1,900,000.
2d mortgage 7 p. c. sinking fund bonds, guaranteed, due 1887, $2,600,000.
Estimated cost of road to completion, including rolling stock, $6,000,000.

Directors (elected January, 1870).-J. F. Alexander, Greenville, Ill. ; John Schofield, Marshall, Ill. ; H. G. Henry, Greenville, Ill. ; S. Peers, Collinsville, II.; *Thomas A. Scott, Philadelphia, Pa.; J. Parks, Steubenville, O.; William K. Edwards, Terre Haute, Ind. ; William Dennison and H. J. Jewett, Columbus, O. J. F. ALEXANDER-President..

.Greenville, Ill. Treasurer-Wm. S. Smith.... Greenville, Ill. ) Master Mach'y-S. Sandborn .E. St. Louis, Ill. Secretary-Williamson Plant..

Jast. Transp-A. E. Robbins Effingham, Iul. Gen. Supt.-John W. Conlogue St. Louis, Mo. Gen. Ticket Agt.--F. Chandler..... St. Louis, Mo. Supt. Bridges-Charles Fuller.. Terre Haute, Ind. Gen. Freight Ägt.-H. W. Hibbard. Indianapolis, PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS

.Greenville, Bond Co., III.



Line of Road.-Leavenworth, Ks., to Denver, Colorado...... ....700 miles.

Directors.-A. Caldwell, L. 0. Smith, J. G. Blunt, J. W. Morris, W. 0. Ganed, Lucien Scott, H. S. Sleeper, Leavenworth ; W. C. Butts, W. W. Allen, Jefferson, Ks.; Martin Anderson, Jackson Co., Ks.; R. McBratney, Junction City, Ks.; E. B. Purcell, Manhattan, Ks.; B. M. Hughes, Denver City, Col. A. CALDWELL-President....

.Leavenworth, Ks. Vice-President-Martin Anderson ....Jackson Co. Secretary-Wm. A. Martin. .Leavenworth. Treasurer-J. W. Morris ....Leavenworth. / Chief Engineer-W. 0. Gould. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

..Leavenworth, Ks.


Line of Road.-Sioux City, Iowa, to Fremont, Nebraska...... . 101.77 miles. Branch Line: California Junction, Iowa, to Missouri Valley Station.... 6.50

Total length of main and branch lines owned and operated......108.27 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 3.5 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 8} inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 12. Cars-passenger, 4; baggage, mail and express, 3; and freight, 134—total, 141 cars. Also, 8 road and boarding cars. Gross earnings, 1869, $294,476 10. Nett earnings, $90,000. Interest paid, $26,260. Balance used in construction, $64,380.

The construction of this road as a branch of the Union Pacific Railroad was provided for in the act incorporating the latter Company, by a Government subsidy of $16,000, in 6 per cent. bonds, and a land grant of 10 sections per mile of road, under which the Company are entitled to 50,000 acres, the balance having been occupied before the grant was made. The Company have also 48,000 acres of land from the State of Nebraska and 30,000 acres swamp land. The Government bonds constitute a second mortgage on the line, the Company having issued an equal amount of their own 6 per cent. bonds (due 1898) as a first mortgage on the property. The capital stock is $1,788,000. There have been issued of the Government bonds $1,628,320, and of the first mortgage bonds $1,628,000.

Total stock, bonds and debt, $5,014,000.

Directors (elected 1st Wednesday in August, 1869).—John I. Blair, Blairstown, N. J.; Oakes Ames, North Easton, Mass.; William B. Allison, Dubuque, Ia. ; W. W. Walker, Cedar Rapids, Ia. ; Perry H. Smith, Chicago, Ill. ; Joseph H. Scranton, Scranton, Pa.; D. C. Blair, Belvidere, N. J.; William T. Glidden and F. Nickerson, Boston, Mass.

John I. BLAIR-President and Treasurer...... Blairstown, N. J.
William B. Allison- Vice-President....

..Dubuque, Ia.
W. W. Walker-Secretary, Gen. Supt. & Engineer.. Cedar Rapids, Ia.
Assistant Supl.-L. Burnett... Missouri Valley, Ia. | Master Mechanic-J. Radow.. Missouri Valley, la.
Road Master-P. F. Dolan...

Fot.c6 Tkt. Agt.-S. C. Annable Supt. of Bridges-J. S. Walters

Auditor-Wm. Buchanan....... Cedar Rapids, Ia. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Cedar Rapids, Ia.


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