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been sold. The works are owned by the State of Illinois, and are under the direction and control of a Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor.

Operations for the year ending November 30, 1869.— Lockages (at the two summit locks and locks No. 1, 10, 11 and 12), 23,149. Freight moved-lumber, 68,457,530 feet; corn, 5,979,680 bush. ; wheat, 374,676 bush.; oats, 550,806 bush. ; flour, 19,289 barrels; salt, 695 barrels ; coal, 16,369 tons. Gross receipts-tolls at Chicago, $105,968 64; at Lockport, $30,228 61 ; at Ottawa, $23,569 44; at La Salle, $69,180 83— total tolls, $228,947 52. Operating expenses, repairs, etc., $91,765 84. Nett revenue from canal, $137,181 68.

Comparative statement of the business of the canal for seven years :

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24,224 18,087 22,137 23,619 21,078 20,221 23,149 feet 50,133,258 59,604,227 80,194,100 70,092,657 75,104,793 74,034,571 68,457,59 bush. 10,098, 948 4,447,191 8,655,985 9,574,315 6.652,875 6.144,711 5,979,680)

555,671 575,865 504,567 362,988 243,746 132,389 374.676

1,412,438 2,696,196 1,444,663 1,570,146 1,196,013 1,095,842 550.806 bbls. 159,373 90,929 60,290 60,290 32,737 32,034 19.289

47,861 34,223 77,307 77,307 1,745 3.277 30.05 tons. 31,827 32,120 18,835

18,835 20,567 20,791 16,369


Table exhibiting the annual cost of maintenance, repairs and renewals of canal, feeders and pumping engines, collection of tolls, salaries, etc., etc., for the last ten years, for 96 miles of canal proper, 26 miles of navigable feeders, two steam engines, locks, dams, aqueducts, etc., etc.

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Statement embracing the entire amount received and expended by the Board of Trustees from the organization of the Trust in June, 1845, to November 30, 1869:

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1,601,891 92

Loan of $1,600,000, principal and interest.
Construction of canals, feeders, etc.
Canal lands, sales, protection, etc..
Arreare of interest on registered bonds.
Principal of registered bonds.
Maintenance and repairs..
Tolls, collection, inspection, etc...
Canal damages, flowage, etc.
General expenses and contingencies.
Premium on gold for London dividends
Interest and exchange..
Less on broken bank notes, etc.
Premium on gold bought and resold.
Balance Nov. 30, 1869.

2,153,771 31 2,132 25

1,429,606 21 19,766 314,687, 484 73 1, 160 00 113,743


80,944 25 1,933.738 0 22,383 73 86,862 45 91,765 84 1.720,105 238, 759 37, 4,236,040 59 6,890 64 150.974138

220 00

22.16 3 00 15,010 95 401,480 42

330,498 44 28,131 55 331,411 71 7,552 05 174,717 93 111 09 20.959 77

14,563 32 923 27

391.913 19


288,461 46 10,790,056 12 224,234 32 10,790,056 12

The balance shown above consisted of moneys deposited with New York Life Trust Company, $267,303 88 ; with Bank of Commerce, N. Y., $1,842 76 ; with Geo. Smith & Bro., Chicago, $25,203 37; in hands of Secretary, $10,946 07; in transitu between Chicago and New York City, $16,617 01-total, $321,913 09, an increase of $64,227 14 over the balance from preceding year.

On the 30 January, 1870, dividend No. 17, 10 per cent. was paid on account of the principal of the registered canal bonds. This is the 11th dividend paid on the principal of this class of bonds and amounts in the aggregate to 80 per cent. Dividends No. 1 to 6, inclusive, relate to the arrears of interest.

Trustees on the part of the subscribers to the loan of $1,600,000—elected May 29, 1869—WILLIAM H. SWIFT, President, New York City ; Henry Grinnell, Treasurer, New York City ; Robert Rowett, State Trustee, Carlinville, Ill. Secretary.. William Gooding. I Gen. Supt... Wm. A. Gooding. | Aud. & Land Clerk. A. J. Mathewson. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Chicago, Ill. Fiscal Agency in New York.. New York Life and Trust Company.


Line of Road.-Knoxville, Tenn., to State line, Ky......

..65 miles. In operation : Knoxville, Tenn., to Coal Creek, Tenn...

.31 Sidings, 1.25 mile. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotives, 2. Cars-passenger, 2; baggage, 1; box freight, 3; platform, 7; coal, 10—23.

The road is yet incomplete. Of the portion not in operation, 15 miles are graded and 19 miles under contract. The State loan to this Company is $10,000 per mile. JOSEPI A. MABRY--President...

.Knoxville, Tenn. Treas. d Sec.-John L. Moses... Knoxville. Chief Eng.-Adrian Jerry.

Knoxville. Superintendent James P. Brownlow..


Knoxville, Knox Co., Tenn.

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Line of Road.-Memphis, Tenn., to Cairo, Ill....

151 miles. Branch line: Troy (main line), Tenn., to Troy Station...

6 Gauge of track, 4 feet 8] inches. Weight of rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

The road in Tennessee has a length of 110 miles, and will receive State aid to the extent of $10,000 per mile, and also $200,000 for bridges. None of this aid has yet been received. The surveys were completed before the war. Counties, cities, corporations and individuals have provided means to the extent of $3,000,000, an amount sufficient to grade the whole line. The line in Kentucky, 41 miles, which has no State aid, is expected to be aided by Cairo and the roads converging on that point. When completed the road will form a very direct line from Vincennes, Chicago and St. Louis to New Orleans, other Companies having already been formed to construct direct lines from Vincennes and St. Louis to Cairo, from Memphis to Vicksburg and from Vicksburg to New Orleans.

Directors (elected July, 1869).-A. S. Mitchell, A. T. Lacey and A. H. Kerr,

Memphis, Tenn.; John T. Douglas and William Wotton, Covington, Tenn; D. M.
Henning, Ripley, Tenn.; A. Harris, Dyersburg, Tenn. ; C. N. Gibbs, Troy, Tenn.
A. S. MITCHELL-President....

Memphis, Tenn.
A. T. Lacey– Vice-President.
Treasurer... Wm. H. Cherry. | Secretary. Isaac Morrison. | Chief Engr.. Thos. H. Millington.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. No. 450 Main St., Memphis, Tenn.


Line of Road.-Austin, Minn., to State line of Iowa.....

11 miles. The line of the Minnesota Central Railroad, from St. Paul to Austin, was purchased by the Milwaukee and St. Paul Company several years ago, and merged in their line between Milwaukee and St. Paul, forming part of the Iowa-Minnesota Division. The remnant of their chartered line South of Austin, which will connect at the State line with the Cedar Falls and Minnesota Railroad, has also been purchased by the M. & S. P. Company, who, in April, 1870, issued in payment therefor 1,760 shares of common and 1,760 shares of preferred stock, and are now engaged in building the road.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS...M. & St. Paul RR. Office, Milwaukee, Wisc.


Line of Road.—Mansfield, Mass., to Framingham, Mass..... .22.5 miles.

This road, completed in February, 1870, connects New Bedford, Taunton, Fall River and other places on the south-east coast directly with the whole North and West. By this new route, as against the route via Boston from the same places, there is a saving of distance of about 40 miles.

Capital stock authorized, $600,000.
Funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 per cent. bonds authorized, $300,000.
Cost of road to completion, estimated, $600,000.

Directors (elected January, 1870).—E. P. Carpenter, Foxboro', Mass. ; H. A.
Blood, Fitchburg, Mass.; John B. Page, Rutland, Vt.; J. Henry Elliott, Keene, N.
H.; George A. Torrey and George E. Towne, Fitchburg, Mass. ; Lyman Nichols,
No. 21 State street, Boston, Mass.; Otis Carey, Foxboro', Mass.; A. E. Swasey,
Taunton, Mass.; H. N. Bigelow, Clinton, Mass. ; Jonathan Holbrook, Sherborn,
Mass.; A. A. Folsom, Boston, Mass.
E. P. CARPENTER— President....

Foxboro', Mass. Vice-President-H. A. Blood....Fitchburg, Mass. I Treasurer-Hosca Hyde..... .Boston, Mass.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. Cor. Beach and Kingston Sts., Boston, Mass.


Line of Road.- Manchester, N. H., to Keene, N. H.......

.38 miles. HENRY COLONY—President..

Keene, N. H.
Thomas E. Hatch-Secretury..

... Kcene, Cheshire Co., N. H.

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Line of Canal.—Easton, Pa., to Coal Port (2 m. N. Mauch Chunk), Pa..48 miles. Dimensions: Width-top, 60 to 100 feet; bottom, 45 feet. Depth, 6 feet. Locks: Lift, 53; weigh, 1–102 by 22 feet. Ascent and descent, 375 feet. Boats: Company's, 530; private, 965—total, 1,495. Capacity, 65 to 96 tons. Boating season: March 25 to December 7—257 days. Leased : Delaware Division Canal-Easton, Pa., to Bristol, Pa............60

Operations for the year ending October 31, 1869.-Freight moved-through, 740,796; local, 305,678-total, 1,046,474 tons, viz.: lumber, 2,147; anthracite, 829,079; pig iron, 18,416; other iron castings, 45; iron and other ores, 102,891; lime and limestone, 43,944; agricultural products, 841; merchandize, 3,186; manufactures, 6,882 ; other articles, 39,043 tons. Gross earnings—tolls : on coal, $370,611 53 ; on lumber, $708 45; on miscellaneous freight, $32,297 33; on boats, $1,556 97-total, $405,174 28. Expenses and tax, $192,799 68. Nett earnings, $212,374 60. No dividends.

General Balances.-Capital stock, 174,796 shares, $8,739,800. Funded debt6 per cent. bonds—mortgage loan of 1870, $137,112 65; mortgage bonds of 1873, $54,800; convertible mortgage bonds of 1877, $1,496,879 18; Nanticoke mortgage bonds of 1881, $31,000; mortgage bonds of 1884, $5,656,099 66; mortgage bonds of 1897, $2,000,000; gold mortgage bonds of 1897, $5,000,000—total, $14,375,891 49. Total stock and debt, $23,115,691 49.

Per contra: Cost of canal and fixtures, $4,455,000; of Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad and equipment, $13,919,762 97.

Directors.-S. M. Fellon, Francis R. Cope, George F. Tyler, P. C. Garrett, Charles Wheeler, George Whitney and Alexander Biddle, Philadelphia, Pa.; Chas. Parrish, Wilkesbarre, Pa.; F. C. Yaonall, Overbrook, Pa.; Fisher Hazzard and John Leisenring, Mauch Chunk, Pa. E. W. CLARK-President.....

Philadelphia, Pa. Comptroller-Mendes Cohen.... Philadelphia, Pa. Treasurer-S. Shepherd... Philadelphia, Pa. Secretary-F. Mitchell....

Superintendent--John Brown.. Euston, Pa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Philadelphia, Pa.

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(Owned and operated by the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company.)


Line of Road.-Phillipsburg, N. J., to Union Junction, Pa..... 105 miles. Branches: Nescopec, 9; Nanticoke, 20.25; Coplay, 1......

303 Leased: Lehigh and Lackawanna RR.-Bethlehem to Chapman... ..... 15 Sidings, turnouts, etc., 61 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 53. Cars-passenger, 13; baggage, mail and express, 8; freight, 355; coal, 2,902-total, 3,278 cars.

Operations for the year ending October 31, 1869.— Trains run-passenger, 149,419; freight, 150,488; coal, 986,480—total, 1,286,387 miles. Passengers carriedthrough, 4,608; local, 206,842—total, 211,450. Freight moved-through, 671,534; local, 863,889-total, 1,535,423 tons, of which 1,394,064 tons was anthracite coal. Gross earnings-passenger, $109,781 77; freight, $1,786,505; use of cars, $47,818 95 ; other, $1,402 59—total, $1,945,508 54. Operating expenses and taxes, etc., $1,187,448 43. Nett earnings, $758,060 11. No dividends.

General Balances.-See “ Lehigh Coal and Navigation.” Cost of road, etc., $13,919,762 97.

Directors, etc.-Same as.“ Lehigh Coal and Navigation.” Mendes Cohen Superintendent, Easton, Pa.


Line of Road.- Washington, Pa., to Pittsburg Junction....

.26 miles. This work, the prosecution of which was abandoned in 1856, is being revived under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. It connects at Washington with the Hempfield Railroad, and at Pittsburg Junction with the Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad. The original Company was sold out under fore. closure. Twelve miles are now under contract. GEORGE B. ROBERTS— President......

Philadelphia, Pa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS .Penn. RR. Co.'s Office, Philadelphia.


Line of Road.—Bangor, Me., to Winterport, Me......


Bangor, Penobscot Co., Me.


Line of Road.-Rockland, Me., to Winterport, Me.......


.Rockland, Lincoln Co., Me.


Line of Road.-Port Dalhousie, Can., to Port Colborne, Can..........25 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 5.5 miles. Gauge, 5 feet 6 inches. Rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 5. Cars (passenger—1st class, 3; second class and baggage, 3; freight-box, 145; platform, 8; other, 6), 165.

Operations for the year ending June 30, 1869.-Gross earnings-passenger, $12,824; freight, $55,596; other, $10,622—total, $79,042. Gross earnings in 1866–67, $89,196 ; in 1867–68, $75,469 ; in 1868-69, $79,042.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $710,300; funded debt (1st mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, $486,667; 2d mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, $243,334. Per contra: Cost of road and equipment, $1,622,843.

J. G. MCGRATH-General Manager...... .... St. Catharines, Can. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS... St. Catharines, Lincoln Co., Ontario, Can.

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