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(Leased and operated by Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company.)

Line of Canal.-Easton, Pa., to Bristol, Pa........

60 miles. Dimensions: Water-line, I feet; bottom, 26 feet; depth, 6 feet. Locks: 32 lift and 1 weigli, 90x11 and 22. Ascent and descent, 1654 feet. Boats: Owned by individuals, about 1,000; average capacity, 95 tons. Boating season (1869): March 15 to December 15—275 days.

Operations for the year ending October 31, 1869.-Freight moved-anthracite, 655,643; pig iron, 27,979; lime and limestone, 66,405, etc.—total, 808,425 tons. Gross earnings—tolls on coal, $199,125 13; on lumber, $477 90; on miscellaneous freight, $28,101 15; lockage, $825 50; boat toll, $2,664 34–total, $231,194 02. Current es penses-maintaining property, $113,837 89; other, $11,605 90—total, $125,443 79. Nett earnings, $105,750 23.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $1,633,350 ; funded debt (1st mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, due 1878), $800,000. Per contra : Cost of canal and fixtures, $2,433,350. The lessee pays interest on bonds and 8 per cent., February 15 and August 15, on stock.

Directors.-Joshua W. Woolston, J. Gillingham Fell, Edward W. Clark, H.
Pratt McKean, J. Barlow Moorhead, Isaiah V. Williamson, Edward Roberts, A. E.
Borie and William G. Moorhead, all of Philadelphia.
JOSHUA W. WOOLSTON-President....

Philadelphia, Pa.
E. G. Giles-Secretary and Treasurer.

Philadelphia, Pa.

ERIE (Pennsylvania) CANAL

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Line of Canal.—Erie (L. Erie), Pa., to Beaver (Ohio R.), Pa..... 136 miles. Branch : French Creek Feeder (head of Bernus Dam to main line)..... 25 Dimensions : Width-top, 54; bottom, 30 feet; depth, 4 feet. Locks : Lift, 134; weigh, 1280x15 feet. Ascent and descent, 977 feet. Boats: Owned by Company, 77 ; by individuals, 250. Average burden, 65 tons. Boating season (1869): April 1 to December 5—249 days.

Operations for year ending October 31, 1869.-Freight moved-coal and iron ore, etc., 207,510; pig iron, goods, etc., 11,512; staves, railroad ties, etc., 40,452-total, 259,474 tons. Gross receipts, $104,960 99; operating, etc., 85,784 81. Interest, $2,121 47. Paid tomporary loan, $14,840 31. Nett earnings, $19,176 18.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $1,500,000; paid in, $64,000; funded debt -mortgage bonds, $743,654 83; bonds for interest, $161,960 38—$905,615 21 ; or less bonds canceled, $835,758 88; back interest unpaid, $662,24.5 99. Total - $1,562,004 87.

Directors.-Charles M. Reed, James C. Marshall, P. Metcalf, D. McAllaster, Charles M. Reed, Jr., and Henry Rawle, Erie, Pa.; M. C. Trout, Sharon, Pa. CHARLES 'M. REED— President..

Erie, Pa. Secretary........A. H. Caughey. I Treasurer .....D. McAllaster. ( Superintendent...... Wm. W. Reed, PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Erie City, Erie Co., Pa.


(Chartered in 1863 as the Tomah and St. Croix Railroad.)

Line of Road.—Tomah (153 m. W. Milwaukee), Wisc., to St. Paul, Minn..170 m. In operation : Tomah, Wisc., to Augusta, Wisc.

70“ The West Wisconsin Company is endowed with a land grant of ten sections to the mile, or over 1,125,000 acres, and is released by a special act of the Wisconsin Legislature of all taxes on this land for the term of fifteen years. Eleven counties along the line have donated each $50,000 and the right of way for construction.

The Company are issuing bonds, payable principal and interest in coin at London or New York. The total issue will be £800,000, or $4,000,000, re-payable 15 years after January 1, 1870. Interest 7 per cent. payable semi-annually January 1 and July 1. Capital stock, $4,000,000; paid in, $1,000,000. The bonds are a first mortgage on the lands, railroad, rolling stock and all other property the Company own or may hereafter own, are convertible at option into stock, and are receivable at par as cash for the purchase of any of the lands of the Company. The road is now open to Augusta, 70 miles; from Augusta to Eau Claire 30 miles is under contract to be finished by July, 1870, and it is expected that it will be completed to Hudson on the St. Croix River, 65 miles, by July, 1871, and by that time the section between St. Paul and Hudson will have been completed. The road is operated by the Milwaukee and St. Paul Company for one-half of the gross receipts.

Trustees.-Wm. H. Leonard and J. Dutton Steele, New York; James Goodson, London, Eng. GEORGE E. WHITE— President.....

New York. Vice-President-A, H. Baldwin... New York. | Chief Engineer-J. B. G. Roberts. Tomah. Sec. and Treas.-Wm. J. Osborn......

| SuperintendentS. S. Merrill.. Milwaukee. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. Tomah, Wisc., and 202 Broadway, N. Y. Fiscal Agency.....

..D. A. Baldwin, 12 Wall St., New York.


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Line of Canal.—Reading, Pa., to Middletown, Pa....

.77.64 miles. Branch: Water Works to Jonestown.

..10.00 Dimensions: Width at top, 43 ; at bottom, 28 feet. Depth, 47 feet. Locks : 88 list, 3 guard and 2 weigh—90x17 feet. Rise and fall, 501 feet. Boats: None owned. All belonging to individuals. Average capacity, 80 to 100 tons. Boating season : April 5 to December 21—248 days.

Operations for the year ending October 31, 1868.–Freight moved—lumber, 46,246 ; coal, anthracite, 21,726 ; bituminous, 572; pig, etc., iron, 5,338; iron and other ores, 24,871 ; lime and limestone, 19,243; etc., etc.—total, 127,253 tons. Gross earnings—tolls, rents, etc., $43,587 16; operating expenses, $58,698 05.

General Balances.-Capital stock, 58,157 shares, $2,907,850; funded debt, mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, due May 1, 1883, $3,000,000; floating debt, $20,000.

Per contra: Nominal cost of canal and fixtures, $5,907,850.

Directors.-James B. McFarland, Daniel Haddock, Jr., Charles P. Bayard, Joshua Spering, James Young, Gustavus S. Benson, Johị N. Hutchinson, William

P. Cresson, John Brown and W. C. Longstreth, Philadelphia, Pa.; Adolphus Reinoehl and A. Wilhelm, Lebanon, Pa. JOHN N. HUTCHINSON-President.....

Philadelphia, Pa. Sec. and Treas.-0. Thompson..Philadelphia, Pa. | Superintendent-L. R. Hynicka.....Lebanon, Pa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

. Philadelphia, Pa.


(Leased and operated by Pennsylvania Canal Company.)

Line of Canal.-Duncan's Island, Pa., to Northumberland, Pa...... .42 miles. West Branch : Northumberland, Pa., to Farrandville......

.81 Dimensions : Water-line-top, 40; bottom, 28 feet. Depth, 4 to 41 feet. Locks: Lift, 38; weigh, 1–90x17 feet. Lockage, 223.3 feet. Boats: None owned. Average capacity of those using the Canal, 90 to 95 tons. Boating season (1869): April 12 to December 18, 247 days.

General Balances.-Capital stock, 22,000 shares, $1,100,000. Funded debt1st mortgage sinking fund 6 per cent. bonds, due June 26, 1878, $450,000 ; 2d mortgage 6.6 per cent bonds, $258,000—total, $708,000; floating debt, $86,000. Per contra: Cost of canal and fixtures, $1,716,000; sinking fund, $133,000.

Directors.-J. Edgar Thomson, Thomas A. Scott, Herman J. Lombaert, G. B. Roberts, Samuel T. Bodine, Rathmel Wilson, Washington Butcher, J. G. Fell, Joseph B. Myers, Edward Roberts, Jonah Bacon and Wistar Morris, all of Philadelphia, Pa. ISAAC J. WISTAR-President........

.Philadelphia, Pa. Sec. & Treas.-Alfred Mordecai . Philadelphia, Pa., Chief Eng.-Thomas P. Wierman..Harrisburg, Pa.


(Connects the New York Canals with North Branch Canal.)

Line of Canal.-Elmira, N. Y., to Junction North Branch Canal, Pa.. 18 miles. Dimensions : Width-top, 70; bottom, 26 ; depth, 4 feet 6 inches. Locks: Lift, 11–90 by 17 feet. Ascent and descent, 50 feet. Boats: 2 repair boats; others owned by individuals. Average 90 tons.

Boating season (1869): May 19 to December 3—197 days.

Operations for the year October 31, 1869.-Freight moved-anthracite, 65,899 ; bituminous coal, 638; lime and limestone, 3,729 tons; etc., etc.--82,011 tons. Gross receipts, $13,253 35; operating, etc., expenses, $16,049 17. No dividends.

General Balances.-Capital stock, 4,000 shares, $399,060. Per contra: Cost of canal and fixtures, $500,000.

Directors.-John Arnot, Elmira, N. Y.; J. W. Hollenbach, Wilkesbarre, Pa.; John Arnot, Jr., Elmira, N. Y.; C. F. Welles, Athens, N. Y.; Lyman Correll and Riggs Watmers, Elmira, N. Y. JOHN ARNOT-President....

..Elmira, N. Y. Sec. and Treas.-S. T. Arnot........ Elmira, N. Y. | Superintendent-David Shearer..... Elmira, N. Y. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Elmira, Chemung Co., N. Y.



Line of Road.—Chicago, Ill. (via Danville) to Junction with the Evansville, Terre Haute and Chicago Railroad at Indiana State Line.....

... 140 miles. The road is in process of construction, and was completed and opened for business to Momenee, 55 miles from Chicago, in October, 1869. In connection with the Evansville and Crawfordsville road, now in operation from Evansville to Rockville, will form a direct line from Chicago to Evansville, a distance of 288 miles. Upon the completion of the Henderson and Nashville Railroad, now well advanced, a direct line will then be formed between Chicago and Nashville, having a length of 445 miles. At Nashville a connection will be formed with railroads running to every portion of the South and West, the Chicago, Danville and Vincennes RR. will also connect with a line from Lafayette, Ind., north-westwardly, to meet with this road at or near Sheldon (on the Toledo, Peoria and Warsaw RR.) The road will also traverse a section which has not yet been supplied with railway accommodations. Extensive and valuable deposits of coal and iron are found on portions of its line. It traverses the celebrated Brazil coal fields, covering an area equal to about 144 square miles, and furnishing some of the best coal for making iron in America. Some $3,000,000 have already been invested in the erection of furnaces and iron mills in the vicinity of these coal fields. These various coal fields reached by this road are expected to be the chief future source of supply for Chicago, which now consumes about 800,000 tons per annum, and which is mainly brought from the coal fields of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The bonded debt of the Company will equal $2,500,000, the principal and interest of which are payable in gold. The bonds will bear 7 per cent. interest.

Directors.-James W. Elwell, James D. Fish, W. D. Judson and Amos Tenney, New York; J. M. Walker and N. F. Merrill, Chicago; Jarvis Williams, Boston ; William Young, Valparaiso, Ind. ; Alvan Gilbert, Rossville, Ind. W. D. JUDSON-President....

New York. Treasurer-Amos Tenney..

New York. Chief Engr—Z. F. Summers.. .Chicago. Secretary-F. E. Jones..

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS... ...No. 38 Pine St., New York City.


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(Leased to Pennsylvania Railroad Company for 999 years, from July 1, 1869.)

Line of Road.-Pittsburg, Pa., via Fort Wayne, Ind., to Chicago, I11.468.30 miles. Second track, 38.7 miles; and sidings, etc., 99.8 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 94 inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

Newcastle & B {

Val. RR., Homewood to Newcastle 14.92
Leased Lines :

Lawrence RR.—Lawrence Junc., to Youngstown, O... 17.40
Total length of lines owned, leased and operated....

480.62 miles. Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 210. Cars—passenger, 1st class, and 2d class, 26 ; express and baggage, 54; and freight, 3, 131—total revenue cars, 3,306. Also, 108 road and service cars.

Operations for the year ending June 30, 1869 :

95 ;

Trains run-passenger, 1,471,047; freight, 3,846,407; other, 314,125—total, 5,631,579 miles.

Passengers carried, 1,625,239 ; carried one mile, 92,978,680.

Freight moved-through, 606,944; local, 907,785 tons; moved one mile, 262,060,418 miles.

Gross earnings—passenger, $2,525,683 47 ; freight, $5,391,520 10; mail and express, $217,378 51 ; other, $101,813 70--total, $8,236,395 77, or including $749,559 69 receipts from other sources, including branches, $8,985,955 46. Operating expensesway and structures, $1,295,699 89; motive power and cars, $1,998,972 74; transportation, $1,395,951 51 ; general expenses, including taxes, $389,812 41—total, $5,080,436 55. Nett earnings, $3,155,959 22. Interest on bonds, etc, $932,264 42 ; dividends, four of 21 per cent. each, and U. S. tax, $1,210,255 25 ; sinking fund, $104,100; new work, equipment, real estate and improvements, $1,033,333 29 ; deficit, made up from old surplus, $123,993 74. For accounts for the half year ending December 31, 1869. See PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD.

General Balances (June 30, 1869).—Capital stock, $11,500,000; funded debtmortgage 7 per cent. sinking fund bonds, due July 1, 1912—1st, $5,250,000; 20, $5,160,000; 3d, $2,000,000; bridge (Ohio and Pennsylvania RR.) 7 per cent. bonds, due May 1, 1876, $153,000; equipment mortgage 8 per cent. bonds, dated March 1, 1869, due in 5 years, $1,000,000—total, $13,563,000; floating debt, $98,092 67. Total stock, bonds and debt, $25,161,092 67. Per contra : Cost of railroad and equipment, $24,026,165 93.

By the terms of the lease dated June 7, and approved by the stockholders June 24, the property of the P., F. W. & C. Company was surrendered to the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and has since been managed and controlled by that Company. The rental is $2,463,800 02 per annum, which amount covers the annual interest and sinking fund of the bonded debt and 7 per cent. on $19,583,947 71 of stock, to which amount it was raised from $11,500,000 by distribution of scrip when leased. The lessees are to keep the property in good condition, pay all taxes and expenses of keeping up the organization of the old Company and their agencies in New York City for transfer and registry of stock and bonds.

Directors (elected March 23, 1870):
For term ending 1871 :

For term ending 1873:
John L. Dawson
New Geneva, Pa. William B. Ogden..

Chicago, ni. Kent Jarvis..

Massilon, 0. Jesse L. Williams. Fort Wayne, Ind John H. Sherman. Manfield, o. Louis H. Meyer.

New York City. For term ending 1872:

For term ending 1874: George W. Cass.. . Pittsburg, Pa. Springer Harbaugh.

. Pittsburg, Pa. J. F. D. Lanier. New York City. Pliny Hoagland.

Fort Wayne, Ind. J. Edgar Thomson. .Philadelphia, Pa. R. R. Springer.

Cincinnati, O. S. J. Tilden..

New York City.
GEORGE W. Cass-President...

Pittsburg, Pa.
Thomas D. Messler, Assistant President..
Secretary-F. M. Hutchinson. . Pittsburg, Pa. Masters of Į S. M. Cummings.. Pittsburgh, Ps.
Treasurer-John P. Henderson.

Mach'y / J. M. Boon... Fort Wayne, Ind. Auditor-J. P. Farley...

Masters Richard Wiggin.

Pittsburg, Pa. Gen. Supt.-J. N. McCullough..

of Pat. O'Rourke. Fort Wayne, Ind.

Frank Weed..
J. D. Laing..
Asst. Supts.


Chicago, Ill. Chaus E. Gorham..Ft. Wayne, Ind. Gen. Ticket Agt.-I. M. Kimball.. , Pittsburg, Pa. Chief Eng.--H. A. Gardner.. .Pittsburg, Pa. Gen. Fgt. Agt.-William P. Shinn. John Fletcher..

Purch. Agt.-William Mullins.....
Masters (0. A. Simons. .Fort Wayne, Ind. Transfer Agt.-Winslow, Lanier & Co..N. Y. City,

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.......Cor. Penn & 10th Sts., Pittsburg, Pa.
Transfer Office....

Nos. 27 and 29 Pine street, New York City.

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Line of Road.-Goldsboro', N. C., to Morehead City, N. C...........95 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 5 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

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