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Genesee to Niagara River is almost without curvature, 73 of 76 miles being straight, with a maximum grade of 26 feet.

Directors (elected April 1, 1869).--Gerrit Smith, Peterboro', N. Y.; Luther
Wright, John K. Post and A. S. Page, Oswego, N. Y.; George I. Post, Fair Haven,
N. Y.; Abel J. Bexby, Ontario, N. Y.; James Bracket, Rochester, N. Y.; H. Nelson
Curtice, Webster, N. Y.; Marvin Harris, Kendall, N. Y.; Joseph L. Fowler, Ran-
som ville, N. Y.; Oliver P. Scovell, Lewiston, N. Y.; Reuben F. Wilson, Wilson, N.
Y.; and Merritt Thornton, South Sodus, N. Y.
GERRIT SMITH-President.....

Peterboro', N. Y.
Oliver P. Scovell, Vice-President...

Lewiston, N. Y.
Treasurer-Luther Wright. Oswego, N. Y. Chief Engineer-Charles H. Fisher, Oswego, N. Y.
Secretary-Henry L. Davis...

Consulting Eng.-Ed. F. Johnson. Middletown, Ct. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS....

..Oswego, N. Y.


Line of Road.—Maysville (Ohio River) Ky., to Paris (K. C. RR.) Ky..49.4 miles.

[This road is under course of construction to Paris, and that part of it lying between Maysville and Carlisle is under contract to be completed by September 1, 1870.]

Directors (elected May 20, 1869).—James H. Hall, Harrison Taylor and Andrew M. January, Maysville, Ky. ; Lewis H. Long, Dover, Ky.; Thompson Parks and B. F. Adair, Carlisle, Ky. (One vacancy.) ABNER HORD-President.......

.Maysville, Ky. Treas. and Sec.-Henry Pelham.... Maysville, Ky | Chief Engineer_Thos. J. Glenn....Maysville, Ky. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

. Maysville, Macon Co., Ky.



Line of Road.—Davenport, Iowa, to Maquoketa, Iowa..

40 miles. Branch : Junction to Wyoming, Iowa.....

Construction commenced September 10, 1869; the whole line, 82 miles, under contract to be completed November 1, 1870.

Capital stock, $6,000 per mile. Funded debt, 1st mortgage 10 per cent. bonds dated June 1, 1870, and due June 1, 1890, $14,000 per mile. Estimated cost of road, $20,000 per mile, or $1,640,000.

Directors.--H. Price, John L. Davies, Michael Donahue and Robert Krause, Davenport, Iowa ; S. H. Rogers, Wheatland, Iowa; Thomas E. Butterfield, Dewitt, Iowa ; John E. Goodenow, Maquoketa, Iowa; Michael Snyder, Cascade, Iowa; M. O. Barnes, Strawberry Point, Iowa; F. B. Doolittle, Delhi, Iowa ; James A. Bronson, Wyoming, Iowa; H. S. Bronson and R. Boon, Fayette, Iowa. H. PRICE-President and Treasurer...

.Davenport, Iowa. M. O. BARNES— Vice-President.... Strawberry Point, Secretary-William H. Price....Davenport, Iowa. | Chief Engineer–E. Baldwin..... Davenport, Iowa.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. No. 47 Brady St., Davenport, Iowa.

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Line of Road.--Gassetts (Rutl. & Burl. RR.), to Charleston, N. H..... 12 miles.

A section of a very direct line from Concord, N. H., to Rutland, Vt. The surveys have been completed.

Directors (elected March 7, 1869).–J. B. Page, Rutland, Vt.; J. A. H. Ellis, H.
Thompson, Albert Brown, F. P. Ball and J. W. Pierce, Springfield, Vt.; and F. G.
Field, North Springfield, Vt.
J. A. H. ELLIS President...

Springfield, Vt.
F. P. Ball— Vice-President..

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Treasurer-Albert Brown.... .Springfield, Vt. | Secretary-J. W. Pierce.. Springfield, Vt.

..Springfield, Vt.


Line of Road.—Coburg (Lake Ontario) to Harwood, Canada..... .14 miles. Branch: Junction to Ore Beds. .....

9 Sidings, turnouts, etc., 2 miles. Gauge 5 feet 8 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock (January 1, 1870).-Locomotive engines, 4. Cars—Platform, 50 ; iron ore, 4-wheel, 100—total, 150.

Operations for year ending December 31, 1869.-Freight, 30,000 tons (iron ore). Gross earnings, $31,000 ; current expenses, $17,000 ; nett earnings, $14,000.

General Balances (January 1, 1870). —Capital stock, $600,000 ; funded debt (debentures), $200,000. Per contra : Property (road, $600,000; rolling stock, $89,000 ; real estate, $100,000), $789,000 ; cash, $11,000....

Total, $800,000.
Directors (elected January 17, 1870).—Isaac Butts, Rochester, N. Y.; J. H.
Shoenberger, Pittsburg, Pa.; G. K. Shoenberger, Cincinnati, O.; John Bell, Edward
Buistall, Alex. Frazer and William Keen, Canada; T. S. Blair, Pittsburg, Pa.; and
W. P. Chambless, Coburg, Canada.
Isaac BUTTS-President....

Rochester, N. Y.
A. Fraser- Vice-President.....

.Coburg, Can.
W. D. Chambliss— Treasurer, Secretary and Supt..
Assistant Supt.-T. R. Barber...... Coburg, Can. | Road Master-N. Ryan..

..Coburg, Can.

...Coburg, Ontario, Can.

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(Leased to and operated by Vermont Central Railroad Company.)

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Line of Road.-Essex Junction, Vt., to Rouse's Point, N. Y..... .47.0 miles. Burlington Branch, 8.50, and St. Armand Branch, 17.00.....

25.5 Operations. Included in the returns of Vermont Central Railroad. The lessee

pays 8 per cent on the capital stock of this Company, now increased (in adjustment of account of back rent) to $2,500,000.

Directors (elected September, 1868.)—Worthington C. Smith, John Porter, Edward Blake, Samuel Atherton, John W. Newton, Joel P. Clarke and B. P. Cheney. W. C. SMITH-President.....

. St. llbans, Vt. Treasurer-John W. Newton.... St. Albans | Transfer Agent--Edward Blake.. Boston. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS...

.. St. Albans, Franklin Co., Vt.


(Consolidation of Alabama and Florida, and Mobile and Great Northern Railroads in


Line of Road.-Montgomery, Ala., to Tensaw River, Ala..........164 miles.

It is intended to ultimately extend the road 22 miles further to Mobile, which is now reached by a ferry from Tensaw River. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.- Locomotives, 25. Cars—Passenger, 11 ; baggage and express, 6; box, 101; platform, 47; others, 37—total, 202.

Operations for year ending April 30, 1869.—Earnings from passengers, $165,420; freight, $216,653; mail and express, $33,467 ; Government transportation, $20,000; other sources, $10,381—Total earnings, $445,922.

Current Expenses including taxes, $348,116. Net earnings, $97,805.

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The consolidation was based upon the issue by the Mobile and Montgomery RR. Co. of $1,250,000, 8 per cent. 1st mortgage bonds, due 1888; $2,000,000, 8 per cent. preferred stock; $1,500,000 common stock; which are being exchanged for outstanding bonds, debt and stock of Mobile and Great Northern and Alabama and Florida Companies.

A full statement of the terms of the consolidation is given in the MANUAL for 1869–70, page 411.

Directors.-Charles T. Pollard, George Goldthwaite and John W. Durr, Montgomery; Walter H. Crenshaw, Butler Co.; William A. Ashley, Conecuh Co.; William D. Dunn, L. M. Wilson, J. M. Muldon and John Reid, Jr., Mobile. CHARLES T. POLLARD-President...

Montgomery, Ala.
L. M. Wilson-Vice-President...

... Mobile, Ala.

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(Leased for 20 years, from October 1, 1858, to Boston and Lowell Railroad Company,

and operated as a part of the Boston and Lowell and Nashua Line.)

Line of Road.—Tewkesbury, Mass., to South Danvers, Mass.......16.88 miles. Sidings, 2.60 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 87 inches. Rail, 58 and 60 lbs. to yard.

Operations for the year ending November 30, 1869.-Included in lessees' returns. Income (rent), $17,500 ; payments (taxes and insurance, $863 05 ; and other expenses, $211 52), 1,074 57; balance, $16,425 43. Interest on bonds, $13,614; dividends, 17 per cent., $3,041 25; deficit, $229 82.

General Balances (November 30, 1869).—Capital stock, 2,433 shares, $243,305 ; funded debt (1st mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, due February, 15 1878), $226,900; unpaid dividends, $353 45. Per contra : Cost of property, $170,558 45; assets and cash, $1,589 61. CHARLES .F FLINT-President....

Lowell, Mass.


(Owned and operated by Eastern Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Salem, Mass., to South Reading, Mass...... .8.15 miles. Branch, 0.22 ; sidings, 1.34 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Supplied by Eastern Railroad Company.

Operations for the year ending November 30, 1869.—Trains run, 24,960 miles. Passengers, 19,129 ; travel, 135,219 miles. Freight moved, 25,002 tons; transportation, 72,017 miles. Gross earnings (passenger, $5,871 83 ; and freight, $5,551 45), $11,423 28; and expenses, including taxes, $27,739 30; loss, $16,316.

General Balances (December 1, 1869).—Capital stock, 2,088 shares, $209,532 73; floating debt, $95,547 25. Per contra : Cost of road, $299,468 36. Directors.-Same as Eastern Railroad Company. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

.Boston, Mass.


(Leased to and operated by Housatonic Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.—Great Barrington, Mass., to Pittsfield, Mass........ 21.93 miles. Sidings, etc., 1.08 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 54, 56 and 60 lbs. to yard.

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Operations.-Inclu led in returns of Housatonic Railroad. Income (rent for 1868–69,) $31,409. Dividend, 7 per cent., less U. S. and State taxes, $25,890 10.

General Balances (December 1, 1869). —Capital stock, 4,487 shares, $148,700.
Per contra : Cost of road, etc., $148,700.
Directors.-Same as Housatonic Railroad Company.

.Bridgeport, Conn.


(Leased to and operated by Boston and Albany Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.- Pittsfield, Mass., to North Adams, Mass.... 18.65 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 1,42 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 87 inches. , Rail, 61 lbs. to yard.

Operations.-Included in lessees' returns. Dividends, 6 per cent., $27,000.

General Balances (December 1, 1869).-Capital stock, 4,500 shares, $450,000
Per contra : Cost of road, etc., $443,677 67.

. Springfield, Mass.



Line of Road.-Chicago, Ill., to Burlington (Miss. River), Iowa.... 204.00 miles.

Aurora (27 m. W. Chicago), Ill., to 30 miles Junction.. 13

Galesburg (165 m. W. Chicago), Ill., to Quincy, Ill.... 100
Branches :

Galesburg (165 m. W. Chicago), Ill., to Peoria, Ill. .... 53
Yates City (22 m. E. Galesburg), Ill., to Lewiston, Ill.. 30—–196.00

Total length of road owned and operated April 30, 1869... .400.00 miles.

Since that date there have been opened as follows:
Keokuk & St. Paul RR.: Burlington, Iowa, to Keokuk, Iowa..... 42.75
Carthage & Burlington RR.: E. Burlington, Ill., to Carthage, Ill.32.00
American Central RR.: Galva, Ili., to New Boston, Ill.... 50.75
Dixon, Peoria & Hannibal RR.: Buda, Ill., to Elmwood, Ill......45.50
D., P. & H. RR., extended from Lewiston, Ill., to Rushville, Ill...31.25—202.25
Total length of line now operated....

602.25 miles. Second track and sidings, 141 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 84 inches. Rail, 56 to 60 lbs. to yard.

The Company are laying a second track between Chicago and Mendota, 84 miles,

At Burlington and Quincy there are iron bridges over the Mississippi River, which enable trains to run, without change of cars, from Chicago to Council Bluffs, Iowa, over the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad, and to Kansas City, Missouri, over the Hannibal and St. Joseph RR.

Rolling Stock (May 1, 1869).--Locomotives, 135. Cars—Passenger, 49; baggage, mail and express, 37; pay, 1; house, freight and cattle, 2,177; platform and coal, 665; drovers and conductors', 61—2,990. Also, gravel and dirt cars, 40; tool, 2; pile-driving, 1; rubble, 128; hand, 143; wrecking, 2.

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