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Statement of affairs and results of operations for 10 years :

Fiscal Years.

Miles of Capital
Road. Stock.


Cost of Gross. Operating Nett Rate of Road, etc. Earnings. Expenses Earnings. Dividends.

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$1,280,400 $800.000 $2,519.122 $187,646 53 $123.027 13 $61,619 40 nil.
1,280,400 800.000 2,559,710 183,750 27 91.067 36 92.682 91
1.280,400 800.000 2,567.186 161.761 40 86,014 78 78.719 62
1,280.400 800,000 2 709,138 208.867 05 100.791 95 108.072 10
1,650.000) 800.000 2.812.711 308.850 07 111,420 18 167.129 89 10 stock.
1,679.600 638,500 2.880.277 428.150 31 213.710 10 191.170 21 6 cash.
1,837,300 605.700 2,913.278 480,577 31 301,581 09 175,993 25 6. & 10,
1,961,700 773,800 2,991,138 493,705 86 309.053 30 181.652 56 6 cash.
1.961.700 917.800 2.955,411 481.80S 70 319,894 16 161.91124 6
2,087,883 795,000 2,996, 181 529,317 08 337,162 95 192,184 13 6

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* Opened from Boston to Newport, 14.4 miles, October 5, 1863.

+ Opened from Newport to Canada Line, 5.2 miles, May 1, 1867. Directors (elected July 29, 1869). — Henry Keyes, Newbury, Vt.; Josiah Stickney, Emmons Raymond, William Thomas, Gardner C. Brown, Thomas Upham, Benjamin P. Cheney and F. S. Carruth, Boston, Mass.; Elijah Cleveland, Coventry, Vt.; Albert Knight, Stanstead, Can.; Timothy P. Redfield, Montpelier, Vt. ; Henry Chase, Benjamin Pomeroy. HENRY KEYES-President.....

Newbury, Vt.
Josiah Stickney-Vice-President...

Boston, Mass.
Treasurer-N. P. Lovering. Boston, Mass. Auditor-E. Raymond..

Boston. Mass. Secretary-Elijah Cleveland. Coventry, Vt. Gen. Ikt. Agt.--N. P. Lovering, Jr. Lyndonville, Vt. Superinendent-A. H. Perry: .Lyndonville, Gen. Fgt. Agt.-H. P. Alden. Chief Eng.-H. N. Chamberlain....Newbury, Purchasing Agent-A. H. Perry..

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. ... Lyndonville, Caledonia Co., Vt. Treasurer's Office...

No. 7 Merchants' Exchange, Boston, Mass.


Line of Road.-Carrollton, Ohio, to Oneida, Ohio.....

12 miles. Sidings and other track, 0.9 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 10 inches. Rail, strap.

Rolling Stock. -Locomotive engine, 1. Cars--passenger, 1; express and baggage, 1; freight, etc., 3—total, 5 cars.

Operations for the year ending June 30, 1869. — Trains run, 7,992 miles. Passengers carried, 3,606. Freight moved, 772 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $2,704 78; freight, $1,770 29 ; mail and express, $700—total, $5,175 07. Operating expenses, $4,674 52. Nett earnings, $500 55. Interest paid, $150. Balance, $350 55.

General Balances.—Capital stock, $14,100; debt, $1,800—-total stock and debt, $15,200. Cost of road (original), $101,000.

It is intended to carry this road to a point at or near Bowersville, on the Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad.

Directors.- James Huston, Jacob Helfrich, C. A. Shober, Samuel Sterling, Washington Butler and H. A. Stidger, all of Carrollton, Ohio.

H. A. STINGER-President and Superintendent.. .Carrollton, 0.

Jacob Helfrich- Vice-President....
Sec. Auditor & Gen. Fgt. Agt.. Samuel L. Sterling. | Engineer & Assl. Supt..

M. T. Wiggins.
James P. Cummings. General Ticket Agent....


Carrollton, Carroll Co., 0.

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Line of Road.-Muncie, Ind., ria Lafayette, to State Line of Illinois.. 115 miles.

This road is intended to connect at State Line with the Lafayette, Bloomington and Mississippi Railroad.

Capital stock, authorized, $3,000,000; paid in, $1,000,000. When the road is graded, bridged and the ties are on the ground, the Company intend to issue bonds to the amount of $1,500,000 for iron and equipment.

Directors.-Adams Earl, Moses Fowler, Owen Ball, H. T. Sample, M. L. Peirce, John Purdell, J. H. Telford, W. S. Luigle and Hiram W. Chase, Lafayette, Ind. ; W. J. Templeton, Oxford, Ind. ; C. E. Shipley and Jos. S. Buckley, Muncie, Ind. ; John Green, Tipton, Ind. ADAMS EARL-President..

Lafayette, Ind. Treasurer..... Thomas Coleman. | Secretary..... W. S. Peckham. I Chief Engineer.... E. M. Talbott_ PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

. Lafayette, Ind.


(Consolidation, October 8, 1868, of Rockford, Rock Island and St. Louis, and St.

Louis, Alton and Rock Island Railroads.)

Line of Road.-Beloit, Wisc., to East St. Louis, Ill..

Main Line to Cleveland and Perry's.. Branches :

Main Line to East Burlington......

350 miles. 30 .40-- 70

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Total length of road and branches as projected.....

420 miles. The following divisions and branches are completed and in operation: Sterling (Rock River), III., to Rock Island, Ill....

52 miles. Main Line (Rock River Station) to Cleveland and Perry's...

30 Beardstown (Illinois River), Ill., to East St. Louis, Ill..

. 115 Burlington Branch or Mississippi Division.....

20 Total length of main line and branches completed March 1, 1870...217 miles. It is intended to be opened from Rockfordto East St. Louis in 1870. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 20 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 54 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock (March 1, 1870).- Locomotive engines, 35. Cars-passenger, 10; baggage, mail, etc., 4; freight and coal, 800 ; stock; 100; platform, 75–total, 989 cars.

The Company possess 20,000 acres of valuable coal lands, one-fourth part owned in fee, and the remainder controlled under leases having fifty years to run.

Capital stock authorized, $9,000,000.

Mortgage debt authorized, $9,000,000. The bonds issued under this mortgage bear 7 per cent. interest free of U. S. tax, principal and interest payable in coin, payable in New York or London, each bond being for $1,000 or £200 sterling, interest semi-annually, February 1 and August 1. About a fourth of the capital stock and bonds has been used in the purchase of lands, etc.

Directors (elected second Wednesday of October, 1869).- George Greene, Cedar Rapids, Ia. ; H. H. Boody, D. A. Boody, Henry Budge, Leo Lehman and 0. D. Ash

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ley, New York City; James R. Young, Chicago, Ill. ; B. C. Coblentz, Sterling, III. ; Calvin Tresdale, Rock Island, Ill. GEORGE GREENE-Presilent.....

Cedar Rapids, Ia. James R. Young-Vice-President and Gen. Manager... Chicago, Treasurer--11. H. Boody. New York City. Supt. of Bridger-J. Thayer..... Rock Jeland, ni. Secretary-B. C. Coblentz.

Sterling, 11. Mest. Mechanic-J. W. Hutchinson Sterling Aset. Supt.-W. II. Pettibone.. Rock Island, Tkt. & Fgt. Agl.--C. R. Congar. Rock I-land,“ Chief Engineer--E. Sweet, Jr..

Purcha ing Agent --Henry Roberts. Chicago, Road Master-J. S. Rogers.....

Transfer Ägent-H. H. Boody.... New York City. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.Rock Island, Ill. Fiscal and Transfer Omce.... .No. 12 Wall street, New York City.



(Consolidation of New York and Flushing, and Flushing and North Side Railroads.)

Line of Road.-Hunter's Point, N. Y., to Great Neck, N. Y....... 11 miles. Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 5. Cars-passenger, 16; freight 3.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1869.—Trains run-passenger 36,187 ; freight, 672—total, 36,859 miles. Passengers carried, 335,154. Gross earnings-passenger, $56,897 14; freight, $565 30; other, $320 04—total, $57,782 48. Operating expenses, $39,640 31. Nett earnings, $18,142 17.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $201.000; funded debt, $825,000—total stock and bonds, $1,026,000. Cost of road and equipment, $399,235 32.

Directors.-Orange Judd, Flushing, N. Y.; Conrad Poppenhusen, College Point, N. Y.; Samuel B. Parsons, Flushing, N. Y.; A. Poppenhusen, College Point N. Y.; Morris Franklin, E. B. Hinsdale and Henry Clement, Flushing, N. Y.; John D. Locke, Whitestone, N. Y.; Herman Funke and Frederick Konig, College Point, N. Y.; W. Wetmer Cryder, New York City; John J. Locke, Whitestone, N. Y. Conrad POPPENJIUSEN-President...

College Point, N. Y. Treasurer. ....H, C. Poppenhusen. | Engineer..

S. F. Gooding. Secretary..

E. B. Hinsdale. Superintendent.. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. . College Point, Long Island, N. Y.

F. E. Beardslie.


(Successors, Feb. 6, 1864, to St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company.)

( St. Paul, Minn., to Watab, Minn. (completed)...

80 miles. Liues.

St. Anthony, Minn., to Breckenridge, Minn., 206 m.; completed..100 --with right to extend the line from Breckenridge, on the Red River of the North, to the boundary line between the United States and British America, and also from Big Stone Lake to a point on the Missouri River, north of latitude 45 deg.

From St. Paul to Watab and from St. Anthony to Breckenridge, the Company have a land-grant of ten sections for each mile of road completed, viz. : 6 sections per mile under act of Congress approved March 7, 1857, and four additional sections under act of March 3, 1865.

Rolling Stock (January 1, 1870).—Locomotive engines, 14. Cars-passenger, 13; baggage, mail and express, 4; freight (box, 41; flat, 125; caboose, 3), 169—total, 185. Also, 37 hand cars and 2 snow.plows.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1869.—Trains run, 257,004 miles. Passengers carried, 148,723; carried one mile, 2,776,680. Freight moved, 76,793 tons; moved one mile, 3,570,874 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $173,427 86; freight, 184,582 06; mail and rents, $12,201 47; other, $3,237 03—total, $373,448 48. Operating expenses, including taxes, $235,037 51. Nett earnings, $138,410 97.

Statement of earnings account for four years:

[blocks in formation]

* Operated 39 m. for 5 months, 48 m. for 4 months and 75 m. for 3 months. Completed to St. Cloud latter part of September, 1866.


Fanded Debt. -The line from St. Paul to St. Anthony, 10 miles, is

encumbered by a trust deed, dated March 11, 1862, for...... The entire road from St. Paul to Watab, 80 miles, is also mortgaged to se

cure bonds amounting to...... And the lands (granted in 1857) are mortgaged for..

700,000 1,200,000

Total mortgage on roads and lands...

$2,020,000 The land-grant mortgage is also a second mortgage on the road.

For the purpose of completing and equipping the road from St. Paul to Watab and retiring all outstanding bonds, the company have executed a general mortgage covering all of the property, land of the original and additional grants, franchises, etc., between St. Paul and Watab, amounting to $2,800,000. Of this amount, $2,020,000 is retained in the hands of trustees, to be used in retiring all prior issues, and the remainder, $780,000, is made payable, principal and interest in gold, at London, and also receivable at par by the Company for lands.

The main line is completed to St. John, 100 miles from St. Anthony, and the grading is completed to Chippewa River, 25 miles further, the iron purchased and on its way, and by October 1, 1870, it is expected the road will be completed to Breckenridge. The Western Line is encumbered by two mortgages--one securing bonds to the amount of $3,000,000, which is a second mortgage on the first 150 miles of road, and also a first mortgage on the lands granted under the act of 1857 for the same distance; the second securing bonds to the amount of $5,000,000, which is a first lien upon the road-bed and upon all the lands granted by the act of March 3, 185), and upon all the lands granted for the construction of the last 60 miles of road.

Land Department. The extent of the land-grant, as mentioned above, will amount to about 1,800,000 acres, being 500,000 acres for the Watab Line and 1,300,000 for the Breckenridge Line.

These lands are not taxable until conveyed. For this privilege the Company pays the State 1 per cent. on its gross earnings for the first three years after 30 miles of road are completed ; 2 per cent. for the seven years next ensuing; 3 per cent. thereafter, in lieu of all taxation and assessment whatever.

The sales of land up to December 31, 1859, dɔ not include the higher priced lands in the vicinity of the railroad, which were reserved pending construction, and are shown in the following tables for each line separately:


[blocks in formation]

If the remainder of the Company's lands reach an average of $8 per acre as is anticipated, there will be collected from these sources a sufficient amount to pay off the whole bonded debt of the Company. The towns laid out by the Company on the line of the roads are expected to enhance the value of their lands to the amount of $1,000,000.

Directors (elected 2d Tuesday of June, 1869). — George L. Becker, St. Paul, Minn.; E. D. Litchfield, London, Eng.; Jared Benson, Azoka, Minn. ; L. Wilmar, London, Eng. ; Herman Trott, St. Paul, Minn. ; Leander Gorton, Minneapolis, Minn.; T. B. Campbell, St. Paul, Minn. GEORGE L. BECKER-President....

.. St. Paul, Minn. Treasurer-Herman Trott.

St. Paul. Gen. Freight Agent-J. W. Doran.. St Panl. Secretary--Samuel S. Breed.

Gen. Tichet Agent-John H. Randall. Superintendent-F. R. Delano.

Chief Enginter-A. F. Morris. A88t. Supt.-J. B. Rice


St. Paul, Minn.


(Consolidation of railroads of same name in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and

since December 12, 1868, leased to and operated by Erie Railway Company.)

Line of Road.-Salamanca (Erie R’y, 415 m. W. N. Y.) to Dayton, 0..387.32 m. Meadville, Pa., to Oil City, Pa....

33.20 Branches :

( Wadsworth, O., to Silver Creek Coal Mines... 4.98 38.18 Total length of road owned by Atlantic and Great Western RR....... 425.50 m.

Cleveland and Mahoning RR. and Branch (three rails).. 80.18
Leased :
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton RR.

.. 60.13—140.31 Total length of railroad leased and operated by Erie Company. ..565.81 m.


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