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Line of Road.-Florence (N. E. RR., 102 m. N. Charleston) to Cheraw, S. C..40 m. Gauge of track, 5 feet. Weight of rail, 45 to 50 lbs to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars—passenger, 1; baggage, mail and express, 2. Freight cars furnished by North-Eastern Railroad Company.

Operations for the year ending August 31, 1869.— Passengers carried, 12,422. No retirnof tonnage. Gross earnings-passenger, $12,097 75 : freight, $28,684 78; mail, $1,200 ; other, $777 70—total, $42,700 23. Operating expenses, including taxes, $24,112 43. Nett earnings, $18,617 80.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $291,222; funded debt-1st mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, due April 1, 1870, $150,000; 2d mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, due July 1, 1879, $75,000—total funded debt, $225,000. There are also outstanding a considerable amount of 7 per cent. certificates of 1867, which will become due in 1875. The roa', etc., has cost $600,000.

Directors (elected November, 1869).—Alex. McQuinn, Duncan Mallory and Wm. Godfrey, Cheraw, S. C.; Thomas Smith and B. D. Townsend, Society Hill, S. C.; E. W. Charles and T. P. Lide, Darlington, S. C.; Thomas Frost, Charleston, S. C. HENRY MCIVER-President..

. Cheraw, S. C. Sec. & Treas......J. H. McIver. I Superintendent .. .S. S. Solomons. I Freight Agent... E. J. Waddell.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. ... Cheraw, Chesterfield Co., 8. C.



(Consolidation of the Orange and Alexandria and the Manassas Gap Railroads.)

148.3 m

Lines of Road – Manaszas (34 m. W. Alexan'a), Va, to larrisonburg, Va.112.0

s , to ,

Branches :

Warrenton Junction, Va., to Warrenton, Va......
Front Royal Junction, Va., to Front Royal..

.1.0- 9.9 “

Total length of road owned by Company..

...270.2 m. Silings, turnouts, etc., 9 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 9} in. Rail, 50 and 56 lbs. to yard.

The absolute length of road between Alexandria and Lynchburg is 170.6 miles; the distance between Gordonsville and Charlottesville, 22.3 miles-being owned by the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company; but which is used by the 0. A. & M. Company, for which the latter pay to the former 62 per cent. of their earnings on said distance.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 27. Cara-passenger, 16; baggage, mail and express, 10; fr«ight, 354–total, 380 cars.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1809 :

Trains run-passenger, 233,024; freight and other, 26 1,174-total, 497,198 miles. Passengers carried, 173,012; carried one mile, 9,195,620. Freight moved, 110,102 tons; moved one mile, 9,069,150 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $121,081 47; freight, $134,727 01 ; mail, $21,322 64; other, $ 11,991 45—total, $919,122 57. Operating expenses, taxes, etc., $ 511,785 10. Nett earnings, $ 407,336 47, from which were paid interest on bonds, $356,691 89, leaving a balance of unappropriated moneys amounting to $50,614 58.

General Balances.- Capital stock (common and preferred) $2,488,757 45; funded debt, $4,350,516 27; floating debt, $1,019,395 57 ; balance to credit of income, $47,357 48.

Per contra: Road, $8,500,000; rolling stock, $660,000; real estate, $100,000; stocks and bonds owned by Company, $2,693,800; materials and fuel, $68,582 51 ; current assets, $42,753 11; cash on hand, $508 79....

Total, $12,065,644 41. The funded debt, amounting, as above stated, to $4,350,500, is as follows:

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The State loan has been reduced by the operation of the sinking fund, constituted of the difference, 1 per cent., on the rate of interest of the Company's bonds and the State bonds loaned on the deposit of the bonds of the former.

Directors (elected November 27, 1868). — Robert A. Coghill, New Glasgow, Va.; William D. Hart, North Gordon, Va.; William G. Cazenove, Alexandria, Va; Daniel F. Slaughter, Mitchell, Va.; Edward C. Marshall, Markham, Va.; S. A. Coffman, Harrisonburg, Va. Appointed by State: S. Ferguson Beach and James M. Stewart, Alexandria, Va.; F. H. Wiesler, Columbia Furnace, Va.; J. B. Troth, Accotink, Va. JOHN S. BARBOUR-President....

Alexandria, Va. Secretary--L. Wilber Reed...... Alexandria, Va. Mast. Mach'y-Jas. E. Waddy.... Alexandria, Va. Treasurer-W. H. Marbury.

Mast. Car Repʻrs-John T. Nallo, Gen. Supt.& 1. W. Vandergrist.

Gen. Transp. Agt.-Jona. Fisher. Chf. Eng.

Gen. Tkt. Agt.-Jas, M. Broaders Supt. Bridges-Paul R. Evans...

Gen. Fgt. Agt.-F. T. Hawks.... Road Master-Wm. F. Morre.....Lynchburg, Va.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS... .No. 168 King St., Alexandria, Va.



(Leased by Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.–Syracuse, N. Y., to Binghamton, N. Y....... .81 miles. Side tracks, etc., 10.75 miles. Gauge, 6 feet. Rail, 60 and 62 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.- Locomotive engines, 12. Cars-passenger, 16; baggage, mail and express, 3; freight, 274–total, 293 cars.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1869.— Trains run-passenger, 100,572; freight, 170,505 ---total, 271,077 miles. Passengers carried, 260,763 ; carried one mile, 5,812,876. Freight moved, 291,307 tons; moved one mile, 16,678,940 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $174,386 29; freight, $320,920 39 ; mail, etc., $24,000– total, $519,306 68. Operating expenses, including taxes, $386,742 66. Nett earnings, $132,564 02. Interest paid, $114,915 29.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $1,470,130 ; funded debt (1st mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, due April 1, 1876), $1,707,050; floating debt, $10,912—total stock, bonds and debt, $3,188,092. Per contra: Cost of road and rolling stock, $3,550,905 58.

The present Company purchased this property in October, 1856, for $2,667,242. The increased cost is for the Union Railroad, purchased August 12, 1858, for $133,984 ; and for additional works and stock, $749,680.

Directors.-Moses Taylor, Samuel Sloan, Percy R. Pyne, Criah A. Murdock,
Lowell Holbrook, W. W. Phelps, S. B. Chittenden, John Brisbin and W. E. Dodge.
New York City; J. H. Scranton, Scranton, Pa.; T. B. Fitch and J. M. Schermer-
horn, Syracuse, N. Y.; C. P. Chouteau, St. Louis, Mo.
T. B. Fitch-President...

Syracuse, N. Y.
Samuel Sloan-Vice-President....

... New York City. Treasurer-A. J. Odell.. New York City. Superintendent--W. B. Phelps.... Syracuse, N, Y. Secretary--Frederick F. Chambers

Gen. Agt.-0. Welch..
PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. No. 26 Exchange Place, New York City.

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Line of Road.-Syracuse, ria Salina and Sandy Creek to Brewerton, N. Y..43 m. Capital stock, $500,000 ; subscribed, 66,000; paid in, $8,500.

Directors.-Allen Munroe, Cornelius T. Longstreet, John A. Green, Jr., Elias W. Leavenworth, Nathan F. Graves, Edward B. Judson, Chauncy C. Loomis, Horace K. White and Patrick Lynch, Syracuse, N. Y.; Elizur Clark, Salina, N. Y.; William H. Carter and James A. Clark, Brewerton, N. Y. ALLEN MUNROE—President..

Syracuse, N. Y. Treasurer.... Edward P. Judson. / Secretary.... Patrick H. Agan. | Engineer..... Archibald C. Powell. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Syracuse, N. Y.


Line of Road.-Union Village, N. Y., to Johnsonville, N. Y...........14 miles.

Capital, as by charter, $150,000; subscribed, $117,500; paid in, $70,000. Per contra : Cost of road to October 1, 1869, $71,000.

Directors.-IIarvey Wilcox, Greenwich, N. Y.; Adam Cottrell, Easton, N. Y.; E. Lansing Kenyon and Thomas Whiteside, Centre Cambridge, N. Y.; F. S. Thayer, Troy, N. Y.; William Palmer, Andrew Thompson, J. G. Parker, R. W. Lowber, Edwin Andrews, Walden Eddy and Wm. M. Holmes, Greenwich, N. Y.

WILLIAM M. HOLMES— Acting President......... .... Greenwich, N. Y. Treasurer-Edwin Andrews. Greenwich, N. Y. | Engineer-P. H. Green, ..... Greenwich, N. Y. Secretary-Harvey Wilcox.......

Superintendent-A. Bobenreith.. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. ...Greenwich, Washington Co., N. Y.

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Line of Road.--Geneva (N. Y. Cen. RR.), N. Y., to Seneca Lake, N. Y..210 miles.
Capital, as by charter, $30,000; subscribed, $30,000; paid in, $3,000.
Directors.-James P. Haskin, Thomas T. Davis, William T. Hamilton and John
W. Barker, Syracuse, N. Y.; Alex. H. Davis, Watkins, N. Y.; Jervis Langdon and
Eaton N. Frisbee, Elmira, N. Y.
JAYES P. HASKIN-President...

Syracuse, N. Y.
Treasurer.... ....John G. Dunn. I Secretary......W. T. Hamilton. / Superintendent... W. S. Hearing.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. Syracuse, Onondaga Co., N. Y.


(Leased and operated by Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Company.)

Line of Road.–Oswego, N. Y., to Syracuse, N. Y......

36.29 miles. Third rail, 36.29 ; sidings, 6.59 m. Gauge, 4 ft. 84 in. and 6 ft. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 7. Cars-passenger, 9; baggage, mail and express, 4; freight, 65-total, 78 cars.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1869 :
Trains run-passenger, 70,257; freight, 41,975-total, 112,232 miles.
Passengers carried, 165,637 ; carried one mile, 3,414,428.
Freight moved, 107,135 tons; moved one mile, 2,955,451 tons.

Gross earnings-passenger, $131,551 25; freight, $138,872 62 ; other, $10,131 60 total, $280,555 47. Operating expenses, including taxes, $219,648 29. Nett earnings, $60,907 18. Interest on bonds, $41,650 ; dividends, two of 4 per cent. each, $38,912.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $190,400 ; funded debt, mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, due in 1870, $86,500; in 1875, $50,000; in 1880, $62,000 ; 1885, $392,500— $591,000; floating debt, $2,500—total stock, bonds and debt, $1,083,900. Per contra : Cost of road and rolling stock, $1,445,986 67.

Directors (elected June, 1869.)-F. T. Carrington, Luther Wright, Thomson
Kingsford, Sylvester Doolittle and Gilbert Mollis Oswego, N. Y.; Edwin Allen,
Oswego, N. Y.; Allen Munroe, Syracuse, N. Y. .muel Sloan, Moses Taylor, Percy
R. Pyne, William E. Dodge and W. W. Phel New York City ; Joseph H. Scran-
ton, Scranton, Pa.
F. T. CARRINGTON-President..

Oswego, N. Y.
Samuel Sloan-- Vice-President...

New York City.
Treasurer-A, J. Odell..

New York City. 1 Gen. Ticket Agent, R. A. Henry New York City. Secretary-Charles E. Carrye.

Gen. Fgt. Agent-B. A. Hegemann Superintendent-W. B. Phelps......Oswego, N. Y.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. No. 26 Exchange Place, New York City.


Line of Road. - Bridgeport (59 m. E. N. Y.), Ct., to Mass. State line.... 74.00 m.

Berkshire RR., Conn. State line, to W. Stockbridge, Mass.21.14 Leased : Stockbr'ge and Pittsfield RR., Gt. Barrington to Pittsfid..21.93

W. Stockbridge RR., W. Stockbridge to N. Y. State line.. 2.75—45.82

Total length of main and leased lines operated....

119.82 m. Sidings, etc., on main line, 8.9 m. Gauge, 4 ft. 8} in. Rail, 54 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 13. Cars--passenger, 14; baggage, 6; freight (box, 94; platform, 122 ; cattle, 9; 4-wheel platform, 42—21), 246. Total (8-wheel), 266 cars.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1869.--Gross earnings-passenger, $207,879 36; freight, $420,053 14; mail, $7,186; express, $8,980 63; rents, $1,127 80; wharfage, $1,752 86; milk, $14,162 75; dividends, $50,996 ; miscellaneous, $1,669 40 —total, $743,807 94. Operating expenses, including taxes, etc., $504,477 14. Nett earnings, $239,330 80. Deduct U. S. tax on passengers and mail, $5,245 69; State tax on debt and stock, $8,982 93; rents Berkshire, $12,000; S. & P., $31,409; W. S., $691 66—total, $73,100 66 ; coupon interest, $21,000; exchange, $34 82; charged off as worthless, $28,986 83; dividend No. 18 on preferred stock and tax, 4 p. c., July 1, 1869, $49,684 21 ; surplus to credit of profit and loss, $51,295 66.

General Balances.-Abstract of general statement Jan. 1, 1870 : Capital stock, common. $820.000 00 11 Railroad and equipment.

-$2,105,558 52 preferred. 1,180,000 00 Cash on hand and in bank.

50.084 85 Bonds, 78, sinking fund, due 1877. 191,000 00

in hands of Willets & Co.

65,726 05 78, due 1885.. 100,000 00 Bills receivable...

100 00 Bills payable.. 18,618 01 Real estate.

11,859 76 Dec. expenses paid in Jan.

36.819 24 Housalonic Railroad, pref, stock. 3,420 00 Lease rents accrued... 19,271 16 Bridgeport steamboat stock.

120,000 00 U. S. tax

833 98 Stockbridge and Pittsfield RR. Co.. 5,992 76 Due connecting roads. 16,119 04 Accounts receivable..

9,132 54 Book accounts 966 59 Sinking fund.

73,038 24 Unclaimed dividends. 3,406 00 Due from stations

42.667 36 Coupon interest accrued. 10.021 66 Wood lots.

1,450 22 Accumulated S. F. profits. 17.712 49 Materials and fuel

65,469 06 Profit and loss...

153,257 43 Bonds of Bridgeport Steamboat Co.. 9,000 00 Bank of New York.

4,586 24 Total... $2,568,025 60 Total

$2,568,025 60

Statement of financial condition and results of operations yearly:

Div. p. stk.

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Funded Floating Cost of Miles Gross Nett
Debt. Debt. Road, etc. Worked Earnings. Earnings. Amount.


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Directors (elected February 25, 1870). -- David Leavitt, Great Barrington, Conu. ;
Samuel Willets, New York City; William H. Barnum, Lime Rock, Conn.; George
W. Peet, Falls Village, Conn.; George II. Noble, New Milford, Conn. ; Horace
Nichols and William D. Bishop, Bridgeport, Conn.; David G. Draper, Great Bar."
rington, Conn.; Charles A. Peck, New York City.
DAVID LEAVITT-President....

Great Barrington, Conn.
William H. Barnum- Vice-President.

Lime Rock, Conn.
Treas. & Sec.--Chas. K. Averill. Bridgeport, Conn. | Mast. Bechanic-C. R. Morris., Bridgeport, Conn.
Gen. Supt.-H. W. Franklin....

Gen. Ticket Agt.-H. D. Averill Road Master-John S. Lane....


Bridgeport, Conn.

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(Leased June 1, 1867, and operated by West Jersey Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Elmer (26 m. S. Camden) to Salem, N. J...

16.58 miles.

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