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bonds, $215,800; floating debt, $50,966 07—total stock, bonds and debt, $375,866 07. Per contra: Cost of road and appurtenances, $349,361 54. ELISHA P. WEELER-President.....

Middletown, N. Y. I'reasurer....... William Evans. | Secretary......James N. Pronk. | Superintendent.. Sam'l V. Corwin.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS... .Middletown, Orange Co., N. Y.


(Leased June 1, 1868, and operated by Camden and Amboy RR. Company.)

Line of Road.-Mount Holly, N. J., to Vincentown, N. J...... ..4.5 miles.

General Balances (January 1, 1869).—Capital stock, $25,000; funded debt (6 per cent. bonds), $15,000. Per contra : Cost of road, etc., $45,256 61. The lessees pay 6 per cent. on the stock and bonds.

JOHN S. IRICK-President.... .Mt. Holly, Burlington Co., N. J.

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(Consolidation May 1, 1868, of Steubenville and Indiana, Holliday's Cove and Pan

Handle Railroads.)


.600.5 “

Line of Road.-Pittsburg, Pa., ria Steubenville, O., to Columbus, O....193.0 m. Branch : Cadiz Junction (68 miles W. Pittsburg), O., to Cadiz, 0..

7.5 “ Little Miami, Columbus and Xenia Railroad....

.196.6 “ Leased :

Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Central Railway....
Total length of road owned, leased and operated by Company...

.997.6 m. Sidings and other tracks, 23.4 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 94 in. Rail, 50 to 56 lbs. to yard.

[That portion of the above railway between Newark and Columbus, 33 miles, is owned in common with the Central Ohio Railroad Company.]

The Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis Road is operated in close connection with the Pennsylvania Road, the management of the former being vested in an officer who, by appointment, represents the latter. The accounts, however, of the Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis Road are not included in the returns of the Pennsylvania Company, for the reason that, with the consent of the Pennsylvania Company, which 'owns a majority of its stock, the P., C. & St. L. Company maintains its own organization and management.

The Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Central Railroad and the Little Miami Railroad are leased by this Company, the Pennsylvania Company guaranteeing the leases; for terms of which, see statements of those companies.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 77. Cars-passenger, 31; express and baggage, 16 ; freight, 1,239; other, 39—total, 1,325 cars.

Operations for the year ending June 30, 1869 :

Irains run-passenger, 539,850; freight, 1,158,880; other, 150,780—-total, 1,849,510 miles. Passengers carried, 402,956 ; carried one mile, 20,732,187. Freight moved (through, 386,961; local, 402,799), 789,760 tons; moved one mile, 93,577,943 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $621,916 27; freight, $1,690,381 84; mail and express, $94,312 98; other, $27,490 12—total gross earnings, $2,434,101 21. Operating expenses, including taxes, $1,902,268 61. Nett earnings, $531,832 60.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $5,423,200; funded debt-1st mortgage 7 p. c. bonds, due Aug. 1, 1890, $6,208,000; old bonds of Steuben ville and Indiana Railroad Company, convertible into 1st mortgage bonds of consolidated Company, $3,828,690—total, $10,036,690; floating debt, $121,186 46. Pe contra: Cost of property-construction, $13,009,409 99; right of way, $541,987 72; equipment, $2,327,940 69—total cost, $15,879,338 40. The basis of the consolidation of May 1st, 1868, is : Capital stock (common, $140,000; preferred, $60,000), 200,000 shares of $50 per share, and a bonded debt of $10,000,000.

Directors.— Thomas L. Jewett, Steubenville, O.; George Roberts, Wistar Morris, Josiah Bacon and Samuel T. Canby, Philadelphia, Pa.; Robert Sherrard and Joseph Means, Steubenville, O. ; H. J. Jewett and D. S. Gray, Columbus, 0 ; Thos. Means, Steubenville, O.; Chauncey Dewey, Cadiz, O.; Joseph K. Johnson, Coshocton, 0; George W. Adams, Dresden, O. THOMAS L. JEWETT— President...

Steubenville, O.
H. J. Jewett- Vice-President...

Columbus, O.
D. S. Gray-2d Vice-Pres. and Gen. Manager.......Columbus, O.
Sec. & Treas.--J. G. Morris...... Steubenville, 0. Mast. Machi'y-Thos. Denmead...Steubenville, 0 -
Engineer-M. J. Becker

Mast. Car Rep.-J. J. Lawler.. Superintendent-W. W. Card.

Gen. Ticket Agt-S. F. Scull.. Auditor-A. J. McDonald

Gen. Frgt. Agt.-C. W. Smith Pittsburg, Ps. Road Mast.-W. L. White...

Purch. Agt.-G. B, Whitcomb..... PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Steubenville, Jefferson Co., 0.


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Line of Road.-Toronto to Collingwood (Georgian Bay)...........94.96 miles. Branches from main line to Bell Ewart, 1.34; to Barrie, 1.23.

2.57 Sidings and other tracks, 20.30 miles. Gauge 5 ft 6 in. Rail, 58 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 21. Cars-passenger, 17; mail and smoking, 3; baggage and express, 3 ; conductors’, etc., 9; oil, 2; box, 147 ; platform, 350—total, 531 cars. Also, 2 boarding and 1 auxiliary cars.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1869.— Trains run, 404,631; engines, 522,721 miles. Passengers carried, 145,329; carried one mile, 5,252,948. Freight moved, 270,922 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $150,786 29; freight, $487,876 63; mail, $9,670 26 ; express, $3,020 05; wharfage, $6,811 29; storage, $9,416 08; other, $3,495 91-total, $671,076 51. Operating expenses, improvements, etc., $502,158 40 Nett earnings, $168,918 11.

Nett Revenue Account.–Balance from 1868, $33,657 80; nett revenue 1869, $168,918 11; rebate of interest, $1,617 75; interest, $1,000 70. Total, $205,194 36.

Per contra : 6 per cent interest on 1st, 2d and 3d preferred bonds, $201,976 40 ; balance at credit, $3,217 96.

General Balances.- Preferred 6 per cent. bonds, 1st, $1,216,666 66; 2d, $1,381,646 68; 31, $182,500—total, $2,780,813 34; Government lien, $2,311,666 67; interest arrears debentures, $534,708 34; debentures not entitled to priority, $48,189 21; rivenue balance, $3,217 96; interest on preferred bonds accrued, $72,001 75 ; bills payable, $26,703 72; all other accounts, $190,239 10.

Per contra : Capital account (old), $4,595,120 48; works of restoration, $870,289 42; cash and cash accounts, $84,274 14; bills receivable, $2,290 54; station masters, $9,664 41; stores and fuel, $86,788 29; all other accounts, $319,177 81. Total, $5,967,605 09.

Directors (elected February 9, 1870).-John Beverley Robinson, Toronto, Can.; Henry Wheeler, London, Eng.; Frederick W. Cumberland, John Ross and William Elliott, Toronto, Can.; John A. Chowne and H. M. Jackson, London, Eng. ; W. D. Ardagh for County of Simcoe, and Robert Bell for corporation of Toronto. Join BEVERLEY ROBINSON— President ..

Toronto, Can. Frederick W. Cumberland- Managing Director.... Secretary and Accountant. Thomas Hamilton, Mechanical Superintendent. Francis Tutton. Chief Engineer

.C. W. Moberly. Train and Traffic Master.. ..John Harvie. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

... Brock St., Toronto, Can. London Agency.

No. 13 Gresham St., London, Eng.

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Line of Road.-Holly, Michigan, to Pere Marquette, Michigan.. .189.5 miles. In operation : Holly to Averill's.....

77.0 Leased : Bay City and East Saginaw RR....

13.0 The main line, as above stated, includes the Flint and Holly Railroad, 17 miles, purchased by the Company. The road for forty miles west of Averill's is under contract. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 14. Cars—passenger, 13; baggage, mail, express and smoking, 7; freight (box, 31; flats, 128), 159—total, 179 cars.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1869 :

Trains run-passenger, 81,330; freight, 112,823 ; service, 14,960—total, 208,113 miles.

Passengers carried, 291,082. Freight moved, 137,000 tons.

Gross earnings-passenger, $226,696 19; freight, $220,580 78; mail, express, etc., $6,026 68; other, $13,433 53—total, $466,737 18.

Operating expenses, taxes, etc., $234,030 24. Nett earnings, $232,706 94. Interest paid, $191,181 17; balance of income, $41,525 77.

General Balances.-Capita stock, $1,099,100; funded debt, $1,867,500; bills payable, $171,238 82 ; other liabilities, $269,968 97; income balance, $124,854 44.

Per contra: Cost of rail, etc., $2,209,093 67 ; real estate, etc., $123,876 53 ; stocks and bonds, $50,000 ; materials and fuel, $34,884 49 ; bills receivable, $2,702 41 ; other current assets, $1,006,864 61 ; cash, $105,240 52....

Total, $3,532,662 23. The funded debt January 1, 1870, stood as follows:

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Directors (elected September, 1869). — E. B. Ward, Detroit, Mich.; Samuel Farwell and John H. Prentiss, Utica, N. Y.; Jesse Hoyt, New York City; J. K. Hitch

cock, Orange Co., N. Y.; W. W. Crapo, New Bedford, Mass.; H. C. Potter, W. L.
Weber and G. W. Ledlie, East Saginaw, Mich.
E. B. WARD-President....

Detroit, Mich.
Samuel Farwell— Vice-President.....

...Utica, N. Y. Sec. & Treas.-H. C. Potter. East Saginaw, Mich. Mast. Mechanic-S. Keeler...East Saginaw, Mich. Superintendent-G. C. Kimball,

Gen. Tkt. Agt.-G. W. Ledlie, Chief Engineer-Wm. B. Sears,

Purch. Agt.-G. C. Kimball... Road Master-J. A. Patrick....

Land Com'r-W, L. Webber.. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. .East Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Mich.

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(Leased by Flint and Pere Marquette Company.)

Line of Road.-Bay City, Mich., to East Saginaw, Mich....... .....13 miles. The Flint and Pere Marquette Company are virtually owners of this property.

Capital stock, $125,000; paid in, $87,726, of which latter the lessees hold $62,290. Bonded debt, $175,000 (including bonds of Bay County issued to aid the road), which is guaranteed by the lessees. E. B. WARD-President...

Detroit, Mich. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. . East Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Mich.


Line of Road.—Turner's (Erie Railway), N. Y., to Derby, Conn......60 miles.

In New York 37 miles and in Connecticut 23 miles, crossing the Hudson River by the contemplated suspension bridge.

Capital, as by charter, $2,500,000; subscribed, $368,000; paid in, $36,800. Floating debt, $30,400.

Directors.—N. P. Stanton, New York City; S. Dingee, Westchester County, N. Y.; W. H. Thorp, Fairfield, Conn.; E. W. Serrell, Orange County, N. Y.; Benj. Baily, Westchester County, N. Y.; Henry G. Lewis and N. D. Sperry, New Haven, Conn.; De Witt C. Littlejohn, Oneida, N. Y.; Robert Cochran, White Plains, N. Y.; George W. Shelton, Birmingham, Conn. ; P. G. De Graw, New York City ; John W. Hart, Peekskill, N. Y. N. P. STANTON— President......

New York City. Treasurer ......... W. H. Thorp. | Secretary.. J. H. Jenkins. Engineer ....... E. W. Serrell.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. .No. 115 Broadway, New York City.

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Line of Road.-Mount Morris, N. Y., to Dansville, N. Y.

25 miles. Capital, as by charter, $500,000; subscribed, $150,800; paid in, $29,900.

Directors.-George Hyland, James C. Jackson, John C. Williams, Anthony T. Wood, Alonzo Bradner, Jonathan B. Morey, John A. Van Derlip, Charles Shepherd,

Olney B. Maxwell, Francis M. Perine and Elihu L. Stanley, Dansville, N. Y.; John
E. Morey, Rochester, N. Y.; Hugh T. McNair, West Sparta, N. Y.
CHARLES SHEPHERD-President......

Dansville, N. Y.
Treas. & Sec.......
Anthony T. Wood. Chief Engineer...

.C. A. Canfield. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. Dansville, Livingston Co., N. Y.


(Operated jointly by Railroads entering Troy).

Line of Road.—Troy and Greenbush RR. to Hoosick street and Bridge.. 2.14 m. Second track, etc., 2.14 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 65 lbs. to yard.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1869.- Expenses (road, $6,163 73; operating, $15,142 19), $21,305 92. These expenses are shared by the Companies in proportion to their tonnage passing over the line, the assessment not to exceed said expenses and the interest on outstanding bonds.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $30,000; funded debt (1st mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, issued by City of Troy and guaranteed by Companies), $860,000. Per contra: Cost of road, etc., $762,237 78.

Directors.-Horace F. Clark, New York City; E. S. Morgan and D. Thomas Vail, Troy, N. Y.; E. D. Worcester, Albany, N. Y.; C. L. Tracy, James Forsyth, D. Robinson, J. H. Willard, Jared S. Weed, George B. Warren, E. G. Gaul, G. F. Cramer and Miles Beach. GEORGE B. WARREN-President

Troy, N. Y. Treas. & Sec.-J. Forsyth..... . Troy, N. Y. | Acting Supt.-J. S. Weed..


.10 State St., Troy, N. Y.


(Operated by Erie Railway Company.)

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Line of Road.-Montgomery, N. Y., to Kingston, N. Y... ..20.00 miles. In operation: Montgomery, N. Y., to New Platz (Hudson River).... ... 12.50 Sidings and other track, 0.75 mile. Gauge, 6 feet. Rail, 53 to 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Furnished by the Erie Railway Company.

Operations for the latter part of the year ending September 30, 1869.— Trains run, 4,424 miles. Passengers carried, 11,205 ; carried one mile, 52,073. Freight moved, 2,147 tons; moved one mile, 11,282 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $2,397 62; freight, $1,895 97; other, $1,015 21—total, $5,308 80, all used in operations.

General Balances.- Capital stock $2,000,000; subscribed, $507,100; paid in, $499,600; funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 p. c. bonds, $122,000. Per contra : Cost of road and equipment, $419,505 42.

Directors.-F. S. McKinstry, Bruynswick, N. Y.; A. F. Schofield, Walden, N. Y.; A. D. Deyo, Tuthill, N. Y.; A. V. N. Elting, New Platz, N. Y.; L. L. Gowdy and S. M. Capron, Waldron, N. Y.; Edmund Bruyn, Bruynswick, N. Y.; Jacob Lefever, New Platz, N. Y.; Simon Schoonmaker, Rosendale, N. Y.; Deyo Bevier and

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