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(Reorganization, 1860, of the Savannah, Albany and Gulf Railroad Company.)

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Line of Road.–Savannah, Ga., to Bainbridge, Ga......

.237.00 miles. . Branch: Lawton (131 m. W. Savannah), Ga., to Live Oak, Fla...... 48.75 South Ga. and Fla. RR. operated: Thomasville, Ga., to Camilla, Ga.... 32.00 Sidings, turnouts, etc., 15 miles. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 52 to 56 lbs. to yard.

The S. Ga. & Fla. RR. was opened to Pelham, 24 miles, Dec. 16, 1869, and to Camilla, 32 miles, in February, 1870; it will probably be completed to Albany, 57 miles, by May or June next. On August 31, 1869, that portion of the Macon and Brunswick RR. between Brunswick and Jessup (41 miles), the latter the point of crossing the A. & Gulf RR. was completed, and was operated by this Company until the completion of the whole line from Macon to Brunswick early in December.

The A. & Gulf RR. Co, are about to extend their line to the Chattahoochee River, opp. Columbia, Ala., where it will connect with the Southern Alabama Railroad, Columbia to Pollard, the latter the point of junction of the railroads to Pensacola and Mobile. This extension and its connections westward will form a direct line from Savanah to those cities and New Orleans.

Rolling Stock.- Locomotive engines, 21. Cars-passenger, 16; baggage, ma l and express, 31 ; freight (box, 124; stock, 12: platform, 71), 207—total, 254 cars.

Operations for year ending December 31, 1869 :

Trains run, 416,575 miles; cars in trains-passenger, 1,055,919 ; freight, 2,767,908 ; other, 343,655—total, 4,167,482 miles, or including cars of foreign companies, 4,295,639 miles.

Passengers carried, 76,157; freight moved, cotton to Savannah (Sea Island, 6,400; upland, 49,766), 56,166 bales ; guano, 2,215 tons; lumber, 22,987 M. feet.

Gross earnings-passenger, $188,681 56 ; freight, $564,831 93 ; U. S. mail, $18,804 ; other, $12,012 26—total, $784,329 75. Operating expenses, $509,797 19. Nett earnings, $274,532 56, from which were paid interest on bonds, $164,364 03, and on 7 per cent. guaranteed stock, $18,794 70, leaving to credit of income, $91,373 83.

General Balances.—Capital stock—Common, $3,691,200; 7 p. c. guaranteed, $249,288 85—total, $3,940,488 85; funded debt-consolidated 1st mortgage 7 p. C. bonds, due July 1, 1807 (including $364,500 remaining in hands of trustees to retire balance of sectional bonds), $2,000,000 ; sectional bonds, $341,200—total, $2,341,200 ; bills payable, $157,979 73; sundry creditors, $143,031 68; gross earnings, 1869, $784,329 75.

Per contra : Road and appurtenances, $5,785,182 63 ; discount on bonds, $299,099 17; operating expenses, 1869, $509,797 19; interest on bonds, $164,364 03 ; on guaranteed stock, $18,794 70; Bainbridge bonds on hand, $50,000; interest account, $:30,621 43; other assets and dues, $125,537 04; cash, $107,004 32; profit and loss, $276,629 10......

Total, $7,367,029 61. The following table exhibits in detail the character of the sectional bonds :

1839-Issued by Savannah, Albany and Gulf RR. Co., and endorsed by Savannah.. 1859

for depot site....




The last class of these bonds became due Dec. 31, 1869, and were redeemed.

Statement of financial condition and results of operations for three years :

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1867 1868. 1869

248.75 $3,824.969 $1,362,900 $658,856 $5,041,985 $619,449 64 $252,971 12 $9,803 31
285.75 3,691.200 1.981,581 170,129 5,781,189 603,059 00 155,974 68 15,597 47

3,940,489 2,341,200 301,011 5,785,183 781,329 75 274,532 56 18,794 70

7 7

Directors.—John Screven, John Stoddard, W. H. Wiltberger, Hiram Roberts, William Duncan, R. D. Arnold, Charles Green, E. C. Anderson, Octavus Cohen, J. L. Villalonga and A. M. Sloan, Savannah, Ga.; J. W. Spain, Brooks Co., Ga.; A. T. McIntyre, Thomas Co., Ga.; C. J. Munnerly and W. 0. Fleming, Decatur Co., Ga. JOHN SCREVEN-President......

Savannah, Ga. Treas. d Sec.-D. McDonald. Savannah, Ga. Mast. Machinery-Charles Collins, Savannah, Ga. Gen. Supt.-H. S. Harris.

Mast. Car Ripra.-John A. Sullivan. Road Master-J. W. Craig.

Gen. Tkt. Agent-J. B. Bond.... Mast. of Transp.-John S. Tyson..

Gen. Freight Agt.--C. H. Williams.. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.Bay street, Savannah, Ga.




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Line of Road.-Williamsburg, Mass., to Weston, Mass...... . 100 miles.

The Company intend to extend their road eastward from Weston to Boston and westward from Williamsburg to Hudson, N. Y., and to complete a single track road between those termini without issuing any bonds or incurring any debt. Their authorized capital is $3,000,000. Surveys are progressing.

Directors.-James M. Stone, Charlestown, Mass. ; Joel Hayden, Williamsburg, Mass.; B. H. Tripp, Rutland, Mass. ; Hiram Wadsworth, Barre, Mass.; Francis Brigham, Hudson, N. Y.; James S. Draper, Wayland, Mass.; Charles A. Cutting, Boston, Mass. ; E. B. Shattuck, Barre, Mass. ; George Houghton, Hudson, N. Y. ; J. E. Smith, Barre, Mass. ; Chas. A. Stephens, Ware, Mass. JAMES M. STONE-President...

Charlestown, Mass. Secretary-James S. Draper.. .Wayland, Mass. TreasurerFrancis J. Parker. ..... Boston, Mass. Chief Engineer-Edmund Frost..... Boston, PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

. Boston, Mass.


Line of Road.-Mankato, Minn., to State Line of Iowa..... ...60 miles.

It is intended to ultimately extend the line from Mankato to a connection with the St. Paul and Pacific RR. at the Kandiyohi Bend, about 150 miles from the Iowa State Line. For this distance provision has been made for the issue of $20,000 of stock and $20,000 of bonds to the mile. From Mankato to Wells, in Faribault County, 40 miles are under contract to be completed before August 1, 1872, and to be completed to the Iowa line to connect with the Central Railroad of Iowa or the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railroad as soon as they reach that point.

Directors (elected February 15, 1870). —James B. Hubbell, S. F. Barney, J. J.

Shaubert, J. F. Meagher, John A. Willard, J. W. Hoerr, William F. Lewis, J. N.
Hall and 0. 0. Pitcher, Mankato, Minn.; J. B. Wakefield and George B. Kingsley
Blue Earth City, Minn.
JOHN A. WILLARD— President......

..Mankato, Minn.
Treasurer-William Frisbie...... Mankato, Minn. | Secretary-E. D. B. Porter........Mankato, Minn.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. Mankato, Blue Earth Co., Minn.


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Line of Road.-Alexandria, Va., to Piedmont, Va......

.170 miles. In operation : Alexandria, Va., to Hamilton, Va.....

44 Sidings, turnouts, etc., 2 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 87 inches. Rail, 52 lbs. to yard.

The road is now being extended to Winchester under a contract of July 2, 1869. Rolling Stock (October 1, 1869).- Locomotive engines, 4.

Cars-passenger, 4; baggage, mail and express, 3; freight, 63—total, 70 cars.

Operations for year ending September 30, 1869.— Trains run-passenger, 63,000 ; freight, 21,555—84,555 miles. Freight moved-east, 19,227; west, 10,571—total, 29,798 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $33,901 78; freight, $39,621 80; mails, $2,149 44—total, $75,673 02. Current expenses, including taxes, etc., $58,622 93. Nett earnings, $17,050.

General Balances (October 1, 1869).—Capital stock, $1,467,669 69; funded debt -1st mortgage for $8,000,000 7 per cent. bonds of 1868, due May 1, 1898, $65,996 60 ; Mercier extension 7 per cent. bonds, $10,900-$86,896 60 ; tolls, $221,546 87; mail pay, $7,458 02 ; hire of rolling stock, $15,492 76 ; U. S. for supplies purchased, $28,689 57; sales of iron, $2,110 74; Henry S. McComb and others, $67,577 97 ; bills payable, $61,766 17; Lewis McKenzie, $38,618 99; duties on rails, $3,864 67 ; individuals, etc., $10,506 09.

Per contra : Property-road, $1,483,012 40 ; rolling stock, $119,903 48; with repairs and rebuilding, $128,695 6+$1,731,611 52; running and current expenses, $165,289 41 ; county and town bonds, $66,089 77; interest, $17,518 29 ; bills receivable, $5,538 98; materials and supplies, $4,797 53 ; individuals, $7,088 76; sundry balances, $1,322 97; 1st National Bank of Alexandria, $2,941 41. Total, $2,002,198 44.

Directors (elected first Wednesday in November, 1869).-Henry S. McComb, Wilmington, Del.; C. S. Lee, Alexandria, Va.; John L. King, Springfield, Mass. ; John Janney, Leesburg, Va.; Henry Lewis, Philadelphia, Pa.; Benjamin Morgan, Berryville, Va.; John S. Kennedy, New York City. LEWIS MCKENZIE-President..

Alexandria, Va.
Treas, and Sec.-R. Johnston..., Alexandria, Va. Gen.. Supt.-Nathaniel Haye..... Alexandria, Va:
Chief Eng.-Washington Blythe.

Gen. F. & T. Agt.-R. H. Hlavener.
Addison Marbury..

Road Master - Thomas Reese.

Mart. Car Rep.-J. Harrison.. Purch. Agent-Lewis McKenzie.

Masl. of Mach.-Nathaniel Hayes. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Alexandria, Va.


. Engrs. J. D. Bruce...

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15 miles.

Line of Road.-Providence, R. I., to Bristol, R. I.......
Sidings, etc., 0.66 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 81 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 4. Cars-passenger, 6; baggage, 2 ; freight (box, 5; platform, 6), 11-total, 19 cars. Also, 4 service cars.

Operations for the year ending November 30, 1869 :

Trains run, 37,960 miles. Passengers carried, 220,045. Freight moved, 15,304 tons. Gross earnings, $112,571 62. Current expenses, including taxes, $91,030 19.

Abstract of balance sheet of December 1, 1869 : Capital stock, $437,917 49; funded debt (1st mortgage bonds, 8s, due March 1, 1871, $47,000 ; 2d mortgage, 8s, due June 1, 1877, $10,000), $57,000; other liabilities, $18,500. Cost of road and rolling stock, $679,603 91.

Directors (elected January 31, 1870).—Amos D. Smith, William Goddard and Charles T. Child, Providence, R. I. ; Samuel W. Church, Bristol, R. I.; Marshall Words, Providence, R. I. ; Thomas G. Turner, Warren, R. I. ; Leon Chappoten and Earl P. Mason, Providence, R. I. ; George Hait, Warren, R. I. CHARLES T. CHILD-President....

Providence, R. I. Treas., Supt. etc.-L.M.E.Stone. Providence, R. I. Mast. Mach'y-Rufus Smith. Bristol, R. I. Tkt. an Fgt. Agt.-Waterman Stone.

Mast. Car Reps.-Joseph Brightn PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Providence, R. I.




(Consolidation of the Pana, Springfield and North-Western and the Illinois and

South-Eastern Company.)

Line of Road.-Springfield, Ill., to Shawneetown, Ill....

180 miles North-Westerly Extension: Springfield, Ill., to Beardstown, Ill...... 45 Completed: Springfield, I11., to Pana, Ill...

42 Graded and rails being laid: Edgewood, Ill., to Shawneetown..

98 Sidings and other track ] mile. Gauge, 4 feet 8} inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 5. Cars—passenger, 5; mail and baggage, 3; freight (box, 40; stock, 10 ; platform, 20; coal, 6)—total, 84 cars.

The road is all under contract to be completed by January, 1871. The division from Pana to Springfield is now in operation, and the portion of the line from Shawneetown to Edgewood is graded and ready for the iron, which is being laid. Work on the entire line is being pushed with great energy by the contractors—Cutler, Dodge & Co., of Cincinnati. Sufficient aid has been given by the counties and towns through which the road passes to grade, bridge and tie the entire line ; the aggregate amount subscribed being about $1,000,000, in addition to a donation of 60,000 acres of swamp land. Capital stock, $15,000 per mile. The Company will issue a 1st mortgage 7. c. gold bond to amount of $15,000 per mile of road.

Directors (elected January 20, 1870). —Alexander Starne, Geo. N. Black, C. W.
Matheney and John W. Priest, Springfield, Ill.; D. D. Shumway, Taylorville, Ill. ;
Wm. B. Wilson and William H. Hanna, Flora, Ill. ; Charles A. Beecher, William H.
Robinson and E. Bonham, Fairfield, Ill. ; Charles Carroll and Thomas S. Ridgeway,
Shawneetown, Ill. ; Wm. P. Cutler, Marietta, Ohio.

Shawneetown, Ill.
Charles A. Beecher- Vice-President..

.Fairfield, Ini.
Treasurer--Wm. P. Cutler..

Marietta, 0. Assistant Supt.-Geo. W. Norris. Athens, O. Secretary-Geo. N. Black, ..Springfield, Ill. Chief Engineer-N. A. Gurney.

Aurora, Ii. Gen. Supt.-F. Dodge...

.Colunbus, 0. Purchasing Agt.-E. C. Davis...... Cincinnati, o. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

... Springfield, I11.


Line of Road.—Baton Rouge, La., to Lombard, La... ...

.28 miles. Gauge, 5 feet 6 inches.

Rolling Stock.- Locomotive engines, 3. Cars-passenger and baggage, 2; freight, 7—total, 9 cars.

Directors.-John Hill and J. V. Duralde, Baton Rouge, La.; John Lombard and T. Z. Sparks, Livonia, La.; H. M. Farrit, D. C. Montan and T. W. Caldwell, Baton Rouge, La.

D. C. MONTAN-President and Treasurer.. Baton Rouge, La. Secretary-Geo. Henderson... .Baton Rouge, La. Tkt. & Fgt. Agt.-C. T. Barron. Baton Rouge, La. Mast. Car Repre.-Geo. McCabe.

Purch. Agent-D. C. Montan... PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.... Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge Par.,




Line of Road.- Catletsburg, Ky., to Grayson, Ky......

.30 miles. Branch : Coalton, Ky., to Coal Mines..

01 About 15 miles of the line, from Ashland to Rush Creek, are operated. Gauge of track, 4 feet 84 inches. Weight of rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 4. Cars-passenger, 1; freight (box, 1 ; platform, 25), 26; coal, 150—total, 177 cars.

Directors (elected May 18, 1869).—John G. Peebles and Benjamin Gaylord,
Portsmouth, O.; Joseph C. Butler, Cincinnati, O.; James M. Bailey, Pittsburg, Pa.;
John Means, Ashland, Ky.; William Briggs, Greenup, Ky.
SAMUEL COLES— President....

Ashland, Ky.
John Means, Vice-President...
Treas. & Sec.-Wm. T. Gaylord..... Ashland, Ky. Mast. Mach'y-Fred. Weber..

.. Ashland, Ky Supt. & Chief Engr.-M. T. Hilton..

Mast. Car Rep.-R. Brainard. Road Master --M. McMahon..

Tkt. & Fgt. Agt.-Robt. Peebles... Kast. Trans.-A. B. Loomis.

Purchasing Agent-J. G. Peebles.. Portomouth, 0. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Ashland, Boyd Co., Ky.

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Line of Road.-Worcester, Mass., to Gardner, Mass.......

.25 miles. Gauge of track, 4 feet, 8; inches. Weight of rail, as proposed, 56 lbs. to yard.

General Balances Dec. 1, 1869.–Capital stock subscribed, 5,210 shares, on which 20 per cent. is paid, $104,200; bill payable, $1,000; interest, $17 06. Per contra: Construction to date, $2,755 06; bills receivable, $100,020; cash on hand, $2,442. Total, $105,217 06.

Directors (elected February 2, 1870). —Stephen Salisbury, Ivers Phillips, Horatio N. Tower, Stephen Salisbury, Jr., George W. Gill, Lewis Barnard, W. W. Rice, Calvin Foster and R. C. Taylor, Worcester, Mass.; Isaac N. Ross, Holden, Mass.; Wil

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