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Of the 2d mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, $2,283,840 are sterling and payable principal and interest in London.

The reduction of the construction account in the year 1866 was made by charging all interest paid during construction, together with all discounts upon bonds sold and all doubtful investments, to the nett revenues as represented in profit and loss account.

Directors (elected March 7, 1870). — By the stockholders.-J. Edgar Thomson, Josiah Bicon, Wistar Morris and Washington Butcher, Philadelphia, Pa.; George Black, Pittsburg, Pa.; Samuel T. Bodine, Joseph B. Myers, Edward C. Knight, John M. Kennedy and John Rice, Philadelphia, Pa.

By City of Philadelphia-W. Anspach, G. Morrison Coates and Lewis Elkin.

By the Board of Directors—Thomas A. Scott, Herman J. Lombaert, Edmund
Smith and George B. Roberts.
J. EDGAR THOMSON-President....

Thomas A. Scott,
H. J. Lombaert,

Edmund Smith,

Geo. B. Roberts, J
Treasurer-Thomas T. Firth. .Philadelphia. | Supt. Motive Power
Secretary-Joseph Lesley...

and Machinery.

Isaac Dripps....... Altoona. Controller-Samuel G. Lewis.

Engineer of Mainte-Theo. J. Heizmann Auditor - Thomas R. Davis.

nance of Way. Gen. Supt.-A.J. Ces att..

Supt. of Tranxp.-John Reilly..
W. F. Lockard. .Philadelphia.

S. A. Black

Gen. Agente G. C. Franciscus

J. McC. Creighton... Pittsburg.
Dir. Supts.
Robert Pitcairn.

Pittsburg. Gen. Tkt. Agent-H. W. Gwinner... Philadelphia.
Robert Neilson

Blairsville. Gen. Fgt. Agt.-Steph. B. Kingston.
George C. Wilkins.

Tyrone. Purchasing Agent-Enoch Lewis....
Chf. Eng. of Cons.-W. II. Wilson.. Philadelphia.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS....No. 238 South 3d St., Philadelphia, Pa.

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(Leased in perpetuity and operated by Pennsylvania Railroad Company.)

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Line of Road.-Harrisburg, Pa., to Dillerville, Pa....

.36 miles. Columbia Branch: Columbia, Pa., to Middletown, Pa....

18 Total length of main line and branch owned by Company..... 54 miles. Rolling Stock.--Supplied by lessees.

Operations for year ending October 31, 1869.-Included in returns of Pennsylvania Company. Dividends, 7 p. c., $82,788 50; interest on bonds, $42,000; taxes on capital, $4,138; and U. S. tax, $4,356 76.

General Balances.-Capital stock, 23,651 shares, $1,182,550 ; funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 p. c. bonds, due July 1, 1883, $700,000 ; surplus income, $23,069 32. Per contra: Cost of road, etc., $1,882,550.

Directors.-J. Edgar Thomson, Josial Bacon, Wistar Morris, Samuel T. Bodine, Joseph B. Myers, Edward C. Knight, Washington Butcher, John M. Kennedy. James Magee, Lewis Elkin and James Young. J. EDGAR THOMSON-President......

.Philadelphia, Pa. George Taber-Secretary and Treasurer. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS... No. 234 S. Third St., Philadelphia, Pa.


(Since report, purchased by Boston and Lowell Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.–Arlington, Mass., to Lexington, Mass...... ..6.63 miles. Sidings and other track, 0.68 mile. Gauge, 4 ft. 87 in. Rail, 56 and 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars-passenger, 5; baggage, 2; and freight, 10—total, 17 cars.

Operations for the year ending November 30, 1869 :

Trains run-Passenger, 23,300; and freight, 2,680—total, 25,980 miles. Freight moved, 21,795 tons; moved one mile, 33,823 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $30,213 05; freight, $9,524 60; mail, $1,446 68; and rents, $925—total gross earnings, $42,109 33. Current expenses, including taxes, $37,831 79; nett earnings, $1,277 54.

General Balances.-Condensed statement of balance sheet:

Capital stock, common...

preferred Floating debt.

$121,200 00
120.000 00
42,600 10

Cost of road.
Cost of rolling stock.
Real estate, etc., etc..

$230.757 75

32.950 00 20,092 35

The floating debt represented interest dividends on preferred stocks.
Directors.-R. D. Blinn, G. F. Fay, C.T. Crocker, W. E. Parmenter, G. O. Davis.

Arlington, Suffolk Co., Mass.


Line of Road.-Macon (N. Mo. RR.) Mo., to State Line, Iowa..........90 miles.

(Organized Oct. 12, 1869. Road surveyed, 50 miles. Will form, in connection with the North Missouri RR., an almost air-line road between St. Louis and Omaha).

Directors.-Dennis C. McKay and James R. Aderman, Macon, Mo.; W. D. Roberts, New Cambria, Mo.; George M. Taylor, Bloomington, Mo.; Albert Larrabee and Thomas A. Eagle, Macon, Mo.; and W. W. Davis, Milan, Mo.

DENNIS C. McKay-President and Gen. Supt....... Macon, Mo.
W. D. Roberts, Vice-President....

New Cambria, Mo.
Treasurer-Thomas A. Eagle.... .Macon, Mo, Chief Engr.-A. L. Gilstrap. Macon, Mo.
Secretary-Albert Larrabee.

Purchasing Agent-P. M. Wright... PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Macon, Mo.



Line of Road.-Wheeling, W. Va., to Greensburg, Pa...

... 76 miles. In operation: Wheeling, W. Va., to Washington, Pa.....

32 Sidings and other track, 1.33 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars-passenger, 2; baggage, 1; and freight, 13——total, 16 cars. Engine houses and shops, 2.

Operations for the year ending October 31, 1869.— Trains run, 20,800 miles.

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Passengers carried, 23,003; and freight moved—bituminous coal, 5,478; and other articles, 5,237—11,715 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $19,223 65; freight, $23,972 16; mail and express, $2,555 49 ; and other, $14,743 27—total, $60,494 57. Operating expenses, including taxes, $46,743 13. Nett earnings, $13,751 44.

General Balance.-Capital stock, 940,182 shares, $1,809,565 13; funded debt, 1st mortgage 6 p. c. bonds, $500,000; and floating debt, about $100,000. Per contra : Road and equipment, $1,657,798 94.

Directors.-William Workman, Washington, Pa.; James Clarke, Greensburg,
Pa.; Charles Hayes, Washington, Pa.; James C. Acheson, Wheeling, W. Va.; John
Birch, Claysville, Pa.; A. J. Pannel and S. Brady, Wheeling, W. Va.
WILLIAM WORKMAN-President.....

Washington, Pa.
Sec. and Treas.-Joseph Henderson.. Wash'n, Pa. I Superintendent-Wm. D. Burton. Washington, Pa.

Washington, Pa.


(Late Monongahela Valley Railroad.)

Line of Road.-Pittsburg, Pa., to Pennsylvania State Line..... .....90 miles.

The route has been surveyed to the south line of Pennsylvania, about 90 miles, and construction will be soon commenced. The Company intend to issue bonds to the extent of $5,000,000.

Directors.-B. F. Jones, Joseph Walton, Martin Briggs, and Henry Long, Pittsburg, Pa. ; Watson Provost, Carrick, Pa. ; Alexander Patton, Rice's Landing, Pa.; and T. H. Hawkins, Fredericktown, Pa. President-T. W. Briggs... .Pittsburg, Pa. Secretary-J. R. Jaques... Pittsburg, PA. Vice-President-Wm. Price... Mooresville, W. Va. Treasurer-Henry Voigt.. .Buchanan, Pa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Pittsburg, Pa.


(Leased in perpetuity from May 12, 1864, to Philadelphia and Reading Co.)

Line of Road.-Schuylkill Haven, Pa., to Locust Mountain, Pa....52.80 miles. Second track, 21.8; and sidings, etc., 62.10 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 8 in. Rail, 60 and 62 lbs.

Rolling Stock.-Transferred to lessees.

Operations.-Included in returns of Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. Rent paid by lessees, January, 1869, $151,024; and July, 1869, $154,258—total, $305,282. Dividends, 8 per cent. on capital.

General Balances.- Capital stock, 77,129 shares, $3,856,450. Cost of road, etc.
$3,814,957 42.
John C. CRESSON-President

.Philadelphia, Pa.
Secretary-William Biddle..........Philadelphia. / Treasurer-Samuel Maron....... Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pa.


(Leased in perpetuity to Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Palo Alto, Pa., to Newcastle, Pa......

.3.78 miles. Second track, 3.78; branches, 8.02 ; sidings, 9.12 m. Gauge, 4 ft. 84 in. Rail, 64 lbs.

Rolling Stock, Operations, etc.—Included in Philadelphia and Reading returns. Rent 10 p. c. on capital.

General Balances.- Capital stock, 12,935 shares, $323,375. Cost of road, etc., $323,375. JOHN TUCKER-President......

Philadelphia, Pa.
Peter C. Hollis-Secretary and Treasurer.
PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.... No. 227 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa.

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(Leased for 999 years to Pennsylvania Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Cresson (253 m. W. Philadelphia) to Ebensburg, Pa...11 miles. Sidings, etc., 0.5 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 9 inches. Weight of rail, 45 lbs. to yard.

General Balances.-Capital stock, authorized, $100,000; paid in, $42,000 ; funded debt—1st mortgage 6 p. c. bonds, due 1881, $80,000. Total, $122,000. Per contra: Cost of railroad, $122,000. A. A. BARKER-President......

Ebensburg, Pa. Secretary-Abel Lloyd..... .Ebensburg, Pa. | Treasurer-John Williams........ Ebensburg, Pa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS

Ebensburg, Cambria, Co., Pa.


(Leased from May 1, 1863, for 999 years, to Northern Central Company.)

Line of Road.-Williamsport, Pa., to Elmira, N. Y. (88 m. in N. Y.)... 78 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 14 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 9 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Supplied by lessees.
Operations for the year ending October 31, 1869 :

Trains run--passenger, 99,965; freight, 302,739 ; and ballast, 17,536—total, 420,240 miles.

Passengers carried, 157,064. Freight moved, 308,448 tons.

Gross earnings—Passenger, $140,839 57; freight, $395,263 75 ; mail and express, $23,899 95 ; and other, $2,929 61. Total gross earnings, $562,932 88.

Operating expenses, $478,680 06. Nett earnings, $84,252 82. Rent of road, $165,000. Interest on bonds, $102,000 ; dividends January and July, each 34, on preferred stock, $35,000; and May and November, each 24 on common stock, $25,000; balance, $3,000.

General Balances.—Capital stock-common, 10,000 shares, $500,000; and pre ferred 7 p. c., 10,000 shares, $500,000—total, $1,000,000. Funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 p. c. bonds, due Jan. 1, 1880, $1,000,000; income 5 p. c. bonds, due May 1, 1872, $570,000; and bond and mortgage on Elmira real estate, 7 p. c., $50,000—total, $1,620,000. Total stock and bonds, $2,620,000. Per contra : Cost of railroad, $2,268,000; and of equipment, $352,000.

Directors.-Ellis Lewis, C. Macalester and William D. Lewis, Philadelphia, Pa.; Alexander S. Diven, Elmira, N. Y.; and William C. Longstreth and Thomas Neilson, Philadelphia, Pa. THOMAS KIMBER, JR.-President....

Philadelphia, Pa. Secretary-Lewis P. Gerger..... Philadelphia, Pa. | Treasurer-Walter C. Longstreth........Phila, Pa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Philadelphia, Pa.


Line of Road.-Miss. River (opp. Muscatine), Ia., to State line of Indiana 200 m.

This Company intends to build a direct road from Muscatine, Iowa, to a point on the East State line of Illinois, and there join the line projected to Fort Wayne by the Fort Wayne and Pacific Company.

Directors (elected August 25, 1869).—Simon G. Stein, Muscatine, Ia.; Morrison Francis, Andover, Ill. ; Ethel B. Bronson and Milo Doty, Kewanee, Ill. ; Isaac Spencer, Osceola, Ill. ; Jesse Jones and Freil. S. Potter, Henry, Ill. ; John 0. Dent, Wenona, Ill:; and A. E. Harding, Pontiac, Ill. ETHEL B. BRONSON—President...

Kewanee, In.
John 0. Dent-Vice-Pesident.

Secretary and Treas.-- Milo Doty.... Kewanee, Ill. | Attorney-Fred. S. Potter. ..... Henry, ni.

Kewanee, Henry Co., III.


Line of Road.-Fort Wayne, Ind., to west line of Indiana ........ 120 miles.

This road is intended to be the Indiana Division of a line between Muscatine, nd. and Fort Wayne, Ind., the Illinois portion being in the hands of the Muscatine, Kewanee and Eastern Company.

Directors (elected Nov. 30, 1869). —Lot S. Bayliss, Allen Co., Ind. ; C. W. Ed-
wards, Whitley Co.; John Comstock and G. W. Lawrence, Wabash Co.; William
Ashton and William Sturgeon, Fulton Co.; R. Dwiggins and J. M. Stackhouse,
Jasper Co.; and S. Caldwell, Newton Co.
R. S. DWIGGINS-President....

Rensselaer, Ind.
William Ashton- Vice-President


Secretary-J. M. Stackhouse..... Rensselaer, Ind. - Treasurer-John Comstock...... Wabash Co., Ind. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Rensselaer, Jasper Co., Ind

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