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Rolling Stock (July 1, 1869).—Locomotives, 19. Cars—passenger, 1st class, 10, and 2d class, 4; mail and baggage, 4; and freight, 209, viz. : box, 140; coal, 38; platform, 25, and stock, 6; also 1 pay and 1 wrecking car-total, 211.

Operations for year ending June 30, 1869).—Gross earnings-passenger, $208,949 16; freight, $271,587 97; express, $10,725 04 ; U. S. transportation, $511 89; mails, $13,670 02, and other, $10,550 48—$515,994 56. Operating expenses, including $5,534 51 taxes, $347,013 13. Nett earnings, $168,981 43. Interest on State and 2d bonds, $141,460 64; credited on bond to U. S., $14,181 81; balance, $13,338 98. The above aggregate of expensesncludes $30,260 06 charged as extraordinary.

General Balances (July 1, 1869).—Capital stock, $1,290,067 25; State scrip, $29,929 ; State loan (old, $1,037,000, and new, $430,277 50), $1,467,277 50; Company bonds (old, $640,000, and new, $136,400), $776,400; endorsed bonds, $115,000; coupons, $12,750 ; bills payable, $1,812 49; U. 8. income tax, 1,454 40; pay-rolls, $16,236 40; due to agents, other roads and individuals $21,518 48.

Per contra : Road and fixtures, $3,495,764 34; cash, $23,261 68; funds to pay interest, iron purchased, etc., $97,368 64; stocks and bonds, $7,870; U. S. transportation account, $90,134 87; due from agents, companies, etc., $36,685 02—$3,759,157 52. State loan due July 1, 1892 ; Company's old bonds, due July 1, 1880, new, July 1, 1876.

Directors (elected September 1, 1869). — Thomas H. Callaway, Joseph Jaques, C. M. McGhee, R. T. Wilson, Robert Snead, Daniel Heiskell, William Heiskell, A. G. Jackson and E. W. Cole.

On part of State: H. M. Aiken, T. H. Pearne, Thomas O'Connor, S. D. Reynolds, A. D. Rhea, D. M. Nelson, John King, Joseph Callaway and George Brown. THOMAS H. CALLAWAY-President...

Knoxville, Tenn. Treasurer-R. M. Fisher..

.Knoxville, Tenn. | Mast. Machn'y-Eli Hixon...... Knoxville, Tenn. Superintendent-R. C. Jackson..

Mast. Car Rps.-Jos. Ambruster. Chief Engineer-R. C. Morris....


Knoxville, Tenn.

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(Formerly the Covington and Lexington and the Maysville and Lexington Railroads,

which were sold under foreclosure of mortgages and purchased by six individ. uals, who now own the line, and publish no reports of its operations.)

Line of Road.-Covington (Ohio River), Ky., to Lexington, Ky........99 miles. Leased : Cinc., Lexington and E. Tenn. RR. (Lexington to Nicholasville)... 13 Side tracks, turnouts, etc., 11 miles. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 21. Cars—passenger, 12 ; baggage, mail and express, 16; and freight (box, 230, and platform, 70), 300—total, 328 cars.

General Balances.-Capital stock, none. Funded debt-1st mortgage, due 1872, $128,000; 2d mortgage, due 1883, $794,000, and 3d mortgage, due 1885, $287,000—total funded debt, $1,209,000.

Directors.-George H. Pendleton, Cincinnati, O.; John W. Stevenson, Frankfort, Ky.; William Ernst and James C. Gedge, Covington, Ky.; and George P. Brewer, Cincinnati, O.

GEORGE H. PENDLETON— President and Gen. Supt.... Cincinnati, O. Treasurer-William Ernst. Covington, Ky. Master Mechanic-J. R. Ledyard..Covington, Ky. Secretary-J. W. Remsen.

Gen. Ticket Agent-H. P. Ransom. Assistant Supt.-J. R. Ledyard....

Gen. Freight Ågt... G. P. Brewer.. Supt.BridgesJ.P. Hackenhouse.

Purchasing Agt.-G. H. Pendleton. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

...Covington, Ky.


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(Formerly Lexington and Danville; now leased to Kentucky Central Railroad Co.)

Line of Road.-Lexington, Ky., to Nicholasville, Ky.......

13 miles. Sidings, etc., 0.5 mile. Gauge, 5 feet Rail, 58 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engine, 1.

The projected line is graded to the Kentucky River, 10 miles further, and will be extended, via Danville and Somerset, to a connection with the railroads of Tennessee. The road has already cost about $1,000,000, represented by share capital.

Directors.--Henry C. Lord, Lewis Worthington, S. 8. L'Hommedieu, John W. Ellis, David Sinton and James M. Glinn, Cincinnati, O.; V. Shenkle, Covington, Ky.; M. C. Johnson, Lexington, Ky.; and M. J. Durham, Danville, Ky. HENRY C. LORD-President.....

...... Cincinnati, O. Vice-Pres.-Lewis Worthington..... Cincinnati, O | Sec. & Supt.-W. A. Gunn......... Lexington, Ky. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

.Lexington, Ky.


Line of Road.—Hannibal, Mo., to Naples, Ill...

45 miles. Branch: Maysville, Ill., to Pittsfield, Ill.....

6 Sidings and other track, 4 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Supplied by Toledo, Wabash and Western Company, in connection with whose road this road (opened in January, 1870), is operated.

No balance sheet is supplied. The Company have issued their 1st mortgage 20 years' 7 per cent. bonds, dated November 1, 1868, to the amount of $625,000.

Directors-Elected April, 1869.-A. W. Lamb, Josiah Hunt, R. F. Lakeman, J. B. Helm and G. W. Shields, Hannibal, Mo.; 0. M. Hatch and Alexander Starne, Springfield, Ill. ; George Wike and Benj. D. Brown, Barry, Ill. ; James McWilliams, Greggsville, Ill. ; and Scott Wike, Pittsfield, Ill. G. W. SHIELDS-President....

Hannibal, Mo. Treas. and Sec.-O. M. Hatch. .Springfield, III. Master Mechanic-Fred. Figalla.... Hannibal, Mo. Gen. Supt.-Geo. 0. Bishop. .Hannibal, Mo. Gen. Ticket Agt.-I. K. Hayward... Chief Engineer-8. D. Eaton.

Gen. Freight Ågt.-I. E. Stillwell.. Road Master-A. Adams..

Purchasing Agent-A. J. Stillwell.. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.Hannibal, Mo.

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(Leased in perpetuity to Chicago and North-Western Railway Company.)

Line of Road.-Clinton, Iowa, to Cedar Rapids, Mo.....

...81.3 miles. Bridge: Clinton, Iowa, to east bank of Mississippi, Ill...

1.1 Side track, 16.74 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Operations.-Included in returns of Chicago and North-Western Railway. Rental 471 per cent. of gross receipts. For the years ending May 31, 1866 to 1869, this Company's portion of earnings amounted to $365,831 59, $373,411 53, $562,990 65 and $660,334 46. Dividends, January and July, 10 per cent.

Capital stock, $3,916,300.

Funded debt—20 mortgage (now 1st) 7s, due July 1, 1880, $592,000, and 3d mortgage (now 2d) 7s, due August 1, 1892, $218,000—total funded debt, $810,000. Cost of road and bridge, about $5,000,000.

Directors (elected last Thursday of May, 1869).-Horace Williams, Clinton, Iowa John Bertram, Salem, Mass.; Oakes Ames, North Easton, Mass. ; William T. Glidden, Boston, Mass.; Charles A. Lambard, New York City; Frederick Nickerson, Boston, Mass.; Prince S. Cowell, East Dennis, Mass.; R. G. Hazard, Peace Dale, R. I.; John B. Alley, Boston, Mass.; Thomas T. Davis, Syracuse, N. Y.; John I. Blair, Blairstown, N. J.; David P. Kimball, Boston, Mass.; and S. C. Bever, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. HORACE WILLIAMS-President...

. Clinton, Iowa. John Bertram— Vice-President and Treasurer.. ....Salem, Mass. Secretary J. Van Deventer...... Clinton, Iowa. | Superintendent-Isaac B. Howe...... Clinton, Iowa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS....

..Clinton, Iowa.


(Re-organization of the Dubuque, Marion and Western Company.)

Line of Road.–Farley (23 m. W. Dubuque), Ia., to Cedar Rapids, Ia..55.76 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 2.25 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 8f in. Rail (average), 45 lbs. to yard.

[The Company run their trains over the Dubuque and Sioux City Railroad, between Farley and Dubuque, making their operating line 79 miles.]

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 4. Cars-passenger, 2; baggage and mail, 3; and freight (box, 47 ; stock, 6; and platform, 14), 67—total, 72 cars. Also, 9 service cars.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1869.—Gross earnings—passenger, $57,766 38; freight, $128,306 17; mail, $2,617; and other, $143. Total gross earnings, $188,832 55.

Statement of Stock and Bonds, January 1, 1870:

Capital stock, common..
Capital stock, preferred.


1st mortgage, 78, October 1, 1883.. $450,000 1st mortgage, preferred 7s, July 1, 1883. ... 100,000

Directors.-J, P. Farley, William B. Allison and Platt Smith, Dubuque, Ia. ; F. W. Keutgen, Joseph Stuart, John S. Kennedy and John Crerar, New York City.

J. P. FARLEY-President & Superintendent........... Dubuque, Ia. Treas. & Sec.-D. A. McKinlay....... Dubuque, Ia. Mast Mechanic-J. M. Williamson. Farley s'n, Ia. Road Mast., etc.-P. F. Cunningham. Farley J'n, Trustee-Morris K. Jessup....... New York City. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Dubuque, Iowa.

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Line of Road.- Quincy (189 m. W. Jacksonville), Fla., to Mobile about 250 miles.

[Graded and ready for iron 15 miles westward of Quincy, and intended to be in operation by July 1.]

Directors (elected January 31, 1870).—M. S. Littlefield, Raleigh, N. C; G. E. Wentworth, Pensacola, Fla. ; W. J. Purman, Marianna, Fla.; E. M. Cheney, J. L. Re Qua and John P. Sanderson, Jacksonville, Fla. ; M. L. Stearnes, Quincy, Fla.; W. M. Gleason, Tallahassee, Fla.; and C. B. Dibble, New York City. M. S. LITTLEFIELD-President.....

Raleigh, N. C. Secretary and Treasurer..... F. H. Flagg. | Supt. & Chief Engineer ...... R. W. Walker. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Tallahassee, Fla.


(Consalidation, Jan. 1, 1868, of Tennessee and Alabama, and Central Southern RRs.)

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Line of Road.–Nashville, Tenn., to Decatur Junction, Ala........120.0 miles. Branch : Columbia (46 m. S. Nashville), Tenn., to Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.... 12.5 Sidings, turnouts, etc., 8.6 miles. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 50 to 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock (October 1, 1869).—Locomotive engines, 23. Cars—passenger, 2d class and mail, 4; baggage, 3; freight-viz. : box, 128; and platform, 36—total, 179. Also, boarding, 3; dump, 21; hand, 17; and push cars, 15.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1869.— Trains run, 324,580, and cars, 1,510,078 miles. Passengers carried (local, 106,492, and through, 9,413), 115,805 ; and commutation tickets, 393. Freight (south, 25,591, and north, 22,750), 48,341 tons, including cotton, 38,176 bales; wheat, 107,447 bushels, and corn, 82,965 bushels. Gross earnings-passenger, $229,311 24; freight, $227,117 31; express, $12,740 31 ; mail, $9,175 ; other, $942 38—total, $479,316 70. Current expenses, including $6,048 32 for U. S. taxes, $271,383 36. Nett earnings, $207,933 34. Interest on State loans, less $24,000 coupons from bonds on hand, $123,910 58; interest to U. S. Government and on loans, $29,265 29; surplus, $54,757 52. This surplus was used in part payment of construction and equipment, charged at $78,356 11.

Condensed statement of balance sheet:

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Statement of Funded Debt.-State of Tennessee Bonds, 6 p. c., issued as follows. Tenn. & Ala. RR. Co., due Jan. 1, 1892, $1,378,016 ; Cent. Southern RR. Co., due Jan 1, 1892, $737,160; N. & D. RR. Co., due Jan. 1, 1890, $350,000; Tenn. & Ala. RR. Co. income bonds, 10 p. c., due April 1, 1870, $203,000 ; 2d mortgage bonds, 6 p. c., due 1887, $500,000; Franklin turnpike, 6 p. C., due March 6, 1870, $17,125.

Directors (elected November 9, 1869).—James W. Sloss and M. G. L. Claiborne, Nashville, Tenn.; W. O'N. Perkins, Franklin, Tenn.; John S. Claybrooke, Triune, Tenn.; John McGarock, Williamson Co., Tenn.; John Frierson, Columbia, Tenn. ; John Ballafant, Maury Co., Tenn. ; Albert Buford and C. P. Read, Giles Co., Tenn. ; Thomas Martin, Thomas M. Jones and John C. Brown, Pulaski, Tenn.; George S. Houston and John T. Tanner, Athens, Ala.; and William E. Murphey, Morgan Co., Ala. Tennessee State Directors: D. B. Cliffe and John (verton.

JAMES W. Sloss— President and Gen. Supt..... Nashville, Tenn. Sec. & Treas.-Geo. W. Seay.... Nashville, Tenn. | Master Mechanic-C. B. Knowles. Nashville, TennPRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Nashville, Tenn.


Line of Road.—Taunton, Mass., to Mansfield, Mass..... .... 11.10 miles. Sidings, and other track, 1.28 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 87 inches. Rail, 57 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.- Locomotive engines, 4. Cars—passenger, 8; baggage, mail and express, 5; and freight, 100—total, 113 cars. Also, 2 gravel cars.

Operations for the year ending November 30, 1869.—Trains run-passenger, 47,201 ; freight, 16,789 ; and other, 110—total, 64,100 miles.

Passengers carried, 214,631 ; carried one mile, 2,262,375.
Freight moved, 77,153 tons; moved one mile, 839,343 tons.

Gross earnings-passenger, $134,029 01 ; freight, $93,140 81 ; mail, $1,800 ; and other, $898—total gross earnings, $229,867 82.

Current expenses, including taxes, $206,593 37; interest paid, $1,090 30; dividends, two of 4 per cent. each, and tax, $21,052 62 ; surplus, $1,131 53.

General Balances.-Statement from Ledger Account of December 1, 1869 :

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The trains of this Company pass over the Boston and Providence Railroad, between Mansfield and Boston, 24 miles, and for this use tolls to the amount of nearly one-half the gross earnings are paid. In 1868–69, such tolls amounted to $108,851 68.

Directors (elected second Monday of July, 1869).— Willard Lovering, Taunton, Mass.; N. H. Emmons, Thomas B. Wales and James M. Beebe, Boston, Mass.; and W. A. Crocker, New York City. WILLARD LOVERING-President....

Taunton, Mass.
Treas. & Sec.-E. Pickering..... . Boston, Mass. Ticket Agent-II, S. Ilarris. Taunton, Mass.
Superintendent-A. E. Swasey.. . Taunton, Freight Agent-W. B. Sproat..
Road Master-G. W. Spaulding....

Purchasing Agt.-A. E. Swasey...

Taunton, Mass.

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