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I. Scene of "Almayer's Folly' . It was here that Captain Lingard had his secret river which he visited in the Fiash fur trade with natives. It was at this settlement ua the Fantai that Willems i*U established by Lingard and the events described in "An Outcast of the Island*' took place.

a Scene of "Typhoon". It was between Formosa arid Foo Chou that the Nan Shun ran into the Lerritic storm.

3. Scenes of "The Secret Sharer" and "Freya of the Seven Isles". both stories in "'Twixt Land and Sea". "A Smile of Fortune" (in "'Twixt Land and Sea") is laid in the Island of Mauritius off Madagascar.

4. Course taken by the Judra as described in "Youth."

Course described in "Heart of Darkness" (in volume entitled "Youth." This has been called the finest short story in the Hngllsh language. The scene of "An Outpost of Progress" is also laid on the Congo River a little above its mouth.

6. Country described in "End of the Tether" where the blind Capt. \Vhalle> goes down with his ship. This is one of the stories in "Youth."

7. Course taken by the Narcissus in the Nigger of the Narcissus." This was the book that brought Mr. Conrad his first recognition.

8. of the stories Id "Tales of Unrest." has Mindanao. in the Philippines for its setting.

9. London is the setting for "The Secret Agent" and for much of "Chance." "The Return." a story

in "Tales of I'nrest' also has a London 1 ■ ,, 1. 1 Also " 1 he Informer. a story in "A Set ol Six"

10 Petrograd and liene*a are scenes .>! "Inder Western Lyes."

11. Probable Italian ol "KoStruino. of which Arnold Bennett Hid that he ie*d» it without fail once a year.

13. Probable location of "Caspar kux. Mary in "A Set of Six"

13. "An Anarchist." st-r> in "A bet ol Six." begins in Pans and remuves to ihe French Culuny at

Cayenne. French Guiana. s. A

14. The course taken b> " I'hc Brute" a» told in the stury vi the bSJUC name in "A bet ot Six."

15. In Strassburg is laid the opening scene ot "The Duel' see "A Set ol Six ) a story ot the Napoleonic Wars.

10. Naples. the scene of "II Conde a story in .■A Set of Six"

17. Scene of the shipwreck of the /Vt/Hri as de scribed in "Lord |im.' It was here thai Lurd Jim deserted his ship.

18. "Romance" is a tale of adventure in the early days of the West Indies. centring largely in Cuba and Jamaica.

■9. Port Elizabeth. the destination of the Ferndalr as told in "Chance." It was on the voyage oul that ihe tragedy ot the Great de occurs.

20. The scene of "Falk."

si. The Island of Samburan. the scene of "Vic

NOTE: It must be borne in mind that the markings on the map are only approximations based many times on invented names

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