Documents of the Senate of the State of New York, Volume 3

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Page 97 - The term corporations as used in this article, shall be construed to include all associations and joint stock companies having any of the powers or privileges of corporations not possessed by individuals or partnerships.
Page lxiii - After paying the said expenses of superintendence and repairs of the canals, and the sums appropriated by the first and second sections of this article, there shall be paid out of the surplus revenues of the canals to the treasury of the state...
Page lxiii - ... the remainder of the revenues of the said canals shall, in each fiscal year, be applied in such manner as the legislature shall direct, to the completion of the Erie canal enlargement, and the Genesee and Black River canals, until the said canals shall be completed.
Page 97 - corporation," as used in this act, shall be construed to include all corporations, companies, associations, and joint-stock associations or companies.
Page lxiii - After paying the expenses of collection, superintendence and ordinary repairs, there shall be appropriated and set apart in each fiscal year, out of the revenues of the state canals, commencing on the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-six...
Page 299 - ... color. 7. Auroral corona, or a union of beams south of the zenith. 8. Dark clouds accompanying the diffuse light. 9. Sudden appearance of haze over the whole face of the sky. The following may serve as a scale of brightness: (1) Faint; (2) Moderate; (3) Bright; (4) Very bright. GENERAL DIRECTIONS.
Page 368 - The telegraph now gives notice of storms ! For example, the telegraph at Chicago and Toledo now gives notice to shipmasters at Cleveland and Buffalo, and also on Lake Ontario, of the approach of a north-west storm. The result is practically of great importance. A hurricane storm traverses the atmosphere at about the rate of a carrier pigeon, viz. 60 miles an hour. Our north-west winds come apparently from the sourccsof the Lakes, and sweepingover Lakes Superior, Michigan and Erie, spend themselves...
Page 65 - Professor of Chemistry and Physiology. Alfred C. Post, MD, Professor of the Principles and Operations of Surgery, with Surgical and Pathological Anatomy. William H.

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