Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Indiana, Volume 63

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"With tables of the cases and principal matters" (varies).

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Page 554 - All laws of a general nature shall have a uniform operation; the General Assembly shall not grant to any citizen or class of citizens, privileges or immunities, which upon the same terms shall not equally belong to all citizens.
Page 377 - When the jury have agreed upon their verdict, they must be conducted into court by the officer having them in charge. Their names must then be called, and if all do not appear, the rest must be discharged without giving a verdict. In that event, the cause may be again tried, at the same or another term.
Page 503 - No person shall be eligible to the office of Governor or Lieutenant Governor, who shall not have been five years a citizen of the United States, and also a resident of the State of Indiana during the five years next preceding his election...
Page 549 - That the indictment contains any matter, which, if true, would constitute a legal justification or excuse •of the offence charged, or other legal bar to the prosecution.
Page 346 - The second paragraph of section 2 of article 4 of the Constitution of the United States...
Page 558 - We admit that the deposit in Congress of the power to regulate foreign commerce and commerce among the States was not a surrender of that which may properly be denominated police power. What that power is, it is difficult to define with sharp precision. It is generally said to extend to making regulations promotive of domestic order, morals, health, and safety.
Page 269 - When the duration of any office, is not provided by this Constitution, it may be declared by law, and if not so declared, such office shall be held, during the pleasure of the authority making the appointment.
Page 267 - SECTION 1. The Judicial power of the State shall be vested in a Supreme Court, in Circuit Courts, and in such inferior Courts as the General Assembly may establish.
Page 40 - School fund shall remain a perpetual fund, which may be increased, but shall never be diminished; and the income thereof shall be inviolably appropriated to the support of Common Schools, and to no other purpose whatever.
Page 503 - No person shall be a Senator or a Representative, who, at the time of his election, is not a citizen of the United States...

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