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The Bridegroom-King.




Second Edition.




HERE are subjects on which the

Church in her pilgrim life delights to

meditate, that bring her in a very marked and happy way into fellowship with the Church at rest. One precious Name is the household word of the family of God, whether in heaven or on earth. One glorious hope is before the saints, on whichever side of Jordan they stand. That name is—JESUS. That hope is His apperring

Blessed, ineffably blessed, as they must be who know the full meaning of being “at home with the Lord," it helps us in our days of waiting to remember that, amidst all their joy, they are waiting too --waiting with us for the coming forth of Jesus; waiting with Fosus for our gathering together unto Him. We look at the shadows, and then the distance between us and those that sleep in Christ seems immeasurably great ; we gaze onwards to the glory, and then they on the mount and we in the valley are together again. JESUS and His love, JESUS and His coming, rise high above earth and heaven, and unite in one all whose eyes are fixed upon Himself, whose hearts are won by His matchless grace, whose hopes centre in His glory.

The thoughts which occupy the following pages sweetly illustrate this. Their subject is—the ROYAL BRIDEGROOM and His ELECT BRIDE. They were dictated some years ago by the beloved writer, when, amidst the fight of faith, he sought cheer a suffering sister as she lay on her bed of languishing. It was the subject, as those who knew him best can testify, that drew forth the deepest affections of his soul, that stirred his energies, that kindled his joy. The 45th Psalm runs like a keynote through his songs of praise, and few


will forget with what holy pathos and power he struck it at the last Conference in which he took part.

Never having appeared in print before, it has seemed as if this memorial had been treasured to echo back, from the home which has received him, the same familiar words he spoke when here, and that thus once more, as it were, he will take up the subject nearest to his heart, and remind his companions in the kingdom and patience of the Lord Jesus Christ of the blessed hope that is before them. Let us meditate awhile with him and with all the dear ones in glory of "the things touching THE KING," and in the fellowship of this common theme-Jesus Himself drawing near and communing with us—we shall realise that even here we are come to the heavenly Jerusalem, and to "the spirits of just men made perfect," and forget awhile the sorrows, and the shadows, and the separations of this mortal life.

A fresh sight of THE KING will nerve us

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