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and 114 New York State Reporter


Trial Terms, 1903.5


















o General Term abolished January 1, 1903, by Laws 1902.




Page Abbot, In re (Sur.)..

.1117 | Barton v. Supreme Council American LeAbell Co., United Press v. (Sup.). 454 gion of Honor (Sup.).

713 Adam, People v. (Sup.).. 452 | Beards v. Schmitt (Sup.).

.1129 Adams v. Clews (Sup.). .1129 Beck v. Kerr (Sup.)...

..1129 Adams v. Slingerland (Sup.). 635 Becker, In re (Sur.).

.1115 Adams v. Union R, Co. of New York City Beckham v. Hague (Sup.).

..1129 (Sup.) 264 Begeu v. Curtis (Sup.)..

929 Adams, Robinson v. (Sup.).

.1098 Beil v. Supreme Lodge, Knights of Honor Adler, In re (Sup.). .1129 (Sup.)

751 Adler v. Kramer (Sup.).

624 Beinecke, Hartford Nat. Bank v. (Sup.).. 803 Agnew, Kraus v. (Sup.). 518 Beirne, Landusky v. (Sup.).

238 Albany & H. R. & Power Co., Smith v. Bell v. City of New York (Sup.).

1130 Sup.) .1148 | Bell v. Mills (Sup.)..

34 Albert's Estate, In re (Sup.). ..1129 | Belmont v. Sigua Iron Co. (Sup.).

771 Allen v. Lester (Sup.)..

..1053 Benjamin v. American Fire Ins. Co. of Allen v. United Cigar Stores Co. (Sup.)... 401 Philadelphia (Sup.)

.1130 Allen, Welker v. (Co. Ct.).

382 Benjamin v. Greenwich Ins. Co. of City Allison, Sherman v. (Sup.). 148 of New York (Sup.)..

.1130 Almodo, Goluback v. (Sup.).

.1136 | Benjamin v. Insurance Co. of North AmerAmerican Audit Co. v. Industrial Federa

ica (Sup.)

1130 tion of America (Sup.)..

788 Benjamin v. Palatine Ins. Co., Limited, of American Bonding & Trust Co. of Balti- London, England (Sup.).

256 more City Strowger y. (Sup.). .1149 Bennett v. City of New York (Sup.).. 914 American Bridge Co., Locomobile Co. of Bennett v. Riley (Sup.)...

1130 America v. (Sup.).... 288 Benta v. Gridley (Sup.).

1130 American Fire Ins. Co. of Philadelphia,

Berkman, People v. (Sup.).

.1144 Benjamin v. (Sup.). .1130 Berlin, Meurer v. (Sup.).

240 American Fire "Ins. Co. of Philadelphia, Bernstrom, Dupignac v. (Sup.).

.1133 Pa.. Clemens v. (Sup.).. . 1132 Betts v. De Selding (Sup.).

799 American Loan & Trust Co., People v. Betz, Dickescheid v. (Sup.).

175 (Sup.) 627 Beunau v. City of Albany (Sup.).

.1130 American Service Union, Spear v. (Sup.). .1148 Biggars, In re (Sur.)...,

214 Andrews v. Western New York & P. R. Bingham v. Buffalo R. Co. (Sup.). .1130 Co. (Sup.) .1129 Bingham v. Hendricks (Sup.).

.1130 Angeles, Shubert v. (Sup.). 146 Bingham, Steinhardt v. (Sup.).

..1149 Armstrong, Levy v. (Sup.). .1139 | Bischoff, In re (Sup.)...

917 A. S. Abell Co., United Press v. (Sup.).. 454 Black River Traction Co., Manigold v. Aspell y. Nanny (Sup.)... 1129 (Sup.)

861 Auburu Interurban Electric R. Co., New Blum v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.)... 157 York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. v. (Sup.)...1144 Blumenfeld, Plate y. (Sup.)..

.1146 Auburn Loan Co., Newgass v. (Sup.).... 778 Board of Canvassers of Erie County, Peo Azoy, Ely y. (Sup.).. 620 ple v. (Sup.)...

25 Board of Education, In re (Sup.).

.1130 Babcock s. Clark (Sup.). .

471 Board of Education, Steinson v. (Sup.)...1149 Bachmann v. Paul Weidmann Brewing Co. Board of Education of Dist. No. 6 v. (Sup.)

931 Board of Education of Dist. No. 7 Baird, Zafarano v. (Sup.). 510 (Sup.)

..1130 Balch Bros. & West Co. v. Wells (Sup.). .1129 Board of Education of Dist. No. 7, Board Baldwin, Turner v. (Sup.)..

1089 of Education of Dist. Vo. 6 v. (Sup.). . . 1130 Ballantyne v. Steenwerth (Sup.).

37 | Board of Railroad Com'rs of New York, Barney v. City of New York (Sup.). 972 People v. (Sup.)..

1145 Barney, Peck v., two cases (Sup.). .1144 | Boeckel, Clinton v. (Sup.).

.1132 Barnum v. Hooker (Sup.).. .1129 Boeker v. Figner (Sup.).

1130 Barnum, Leonard v. (Sup.). .1139 Bolles, In re (Sup.).

.1130 Barr v. Kirby, two cases (Sup.). ...1129 Booth, Perry v. (Sup.).

706 Barry v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.). .1129 Bopp v. New York Electric Vehicle Co. Barstow v. Farrell (Sup.)... 1129 (Sup.)

.1130 Bossert v. Lavelle (Sup.).

.1130 80 N.Y.S.


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and 114 New York State Reporter

Page Bouvier, Cox v. (Sup.)....

.1132 City of Buffalo v. Buffalo Gas Co. (Sup.). .1093 Bowne v. Manhattan R. Co. (Sup.). .1130 | City of Buffalo v. Preston (Sup.).

831 Brady, Koehler v. (Sup.).

.1138 City of Gloversville. Warren v. (Sup.).. 912 Brandt v. Morning Journal Ass'n (Sup.). .1002 City of Jamestown, Walden v. (Sup.). 63 Brasher V. Brooklyn Heights R.Co. City of New York, In re (Sup.)..

812 (Sup.) 1130 City of New York, In re (Sup.).

1140 Braun, In re (Sup.).. . 1130 City of New York v. Dean (Sup.).

1131 Breidmyer, Stresi v. (Sup.). ,1149 City of New York v. Govin (Sup.).

673 Brennan v. City of New York (Sup.). 247 | City of New York, Barney v. (Sup.). 972 Breskey v. Prodie (Sup.). .1130 | City of New York, Bell v. (Sup.).

.1130 Brewster, In re (Co. Ct.).

666 City of New York, Bennett v. (Sup.). 914 Briefer v. Stoll (Sup.).

.1131 City of New York, Brennan v. (Sup.). 247 Bristol v. Graff (Sup.).

39 City of New York, Brown v. (Sup.).. .1131 Bristol v. Mente (Sup.).

52 City of New York, Digney v. (Sup.). 307 Bronner v. Fuller (Sup.).

.1131 City of New York, Eckerson v. (Sup.). 168 Brooker v. Irwin (Sup.).

.1131 City of New York. Episcopo v. (Sup.). 1134 Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Jackson v. (Sup.)..1138 City of New York, Grant v. (Sup.). .1136 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Brasher

City of New York, Hastings v. (Sup.). 986 (Sup.)

. 1130 | City of New York, Jaeger v. (Sup.)... 356 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Clark V., two City of New York, Kastor v. (Sup.). 932 cases (Sup.)

.1132 City of New York, Mack v. (Sup.).... . 1139 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Tooker v. (Sup.) 969 City of New York, Matthews v. (Sup.). . 360 Brooks v. Glens Falls Ins. Co. (Sup.).....1131 City of New York, Meyer v. (Sup.). 774 Brower, Madison v. (Sup.)...

.1059 City of New York, Morgan v. (Sup.). Brown v. City of New York (Sup.). .1131 City of New York, Roberts v. (Sup.).....1147 Brown v. Ontario Talc Co. (Sup.).

837 | City of New York, Stoddart v. (Sup.)..... 344 Brown, Williams v. (Sup.)..

247 City of New York, Wenk v. (Sup.).... 1150 Bryan v. Madden (Sup.).

.1131 | City of New York, Wittman v. (Sup.)...1022 Buffalo Gas Co., City of Buffalo v. (Sup.)1093 City of North Tonawanda, Lumber Exch. Buffalo R. Co., Bingham v. (Sup.). .1130 Bank y. (Sup.)...

.1139 Bulson v. Town of Green Island (Sup.)... 551 City of Rochester, French v., two Burch v. Burch (Sup.). 182 (Sup.)

113.53 Burch. People v. (Sup.). 274 City of Rochester, Grant v. (Sup.).

522 Burden v. Burden Iron Co. (Sup.).

390 City of Rochester, Grant v. (Sup.). 1130 Burden Iron Co., Burden v. (Sup.).

3:30 | City of Yonkers, Culver v. (Sup.). .10:4 Burhans & Black Co. v. Cohen (Sup.). .1131 City of Yonkers, Wynn r. (Sup.i.

237 Bursky, Powell v. (City Ct. N. Y.).. 180 City Trust, Safe Deposit & Surety Co. of Bush Co., Stoutenburgh V., two

Philadelphia, McDonald v. (Sup.).

10.5 (Sup.) 1149 Clark, In re (Sup.).

.1131 Bussel, Murray v. (Sup.).

.1143 Clark v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co., two Butcher v. Harvie Drug Co. (Sup.). 1 cases (Sup.)

1132 Buttenwieser, Sokolski v. (Sup.). .1118 Clark, Babcock v. (Sup.).

171 Byrne, In re (Sup.)... 977 Clarke v. Heylman (Sup.).

7994 Byrnes, Smith v. (Sup.). .1148 Clayton v. Knox (Sup.).


Clemens American Fire Ins. Co. of Cama v. Societa Di Mutuo Soccorso Reg- Philadelphia, Pa. (Sup.)..

.1132 gio Villa (Sup.) .1131 | Clews, Adans v. (Sup.)..

.1129 Canal Place, In re (Sup.). .1131 Clifford v. York (Sup.).

.1132 Cantor, People v. (Sup.). 173 Clinton v. Boeckel (Sup.).

.1132 Capobianco, Lauria v. (City Ct. X. Y.).... 203 Coad v. Stokes (Sup.).

.1132 Carl. Shortel v. (Sup.). .1148 Cohen v. Krulewitch (Sup.).

089 Carpenter v. Mergert (Sup.).

615 Cohen v. New York Electric Vehicle Co. Carpenter, Miller v. (Sup.). 82 (Sup.)

.1132 Carrington, In re (Sup.). .1131 Cohen v. Steele (Sup.).

1132 Carroll v. St. Gabriel's Catholic Church Cohen, Burhans & Black Co. v. (Sup.)...1131 Soc. of Hammondsport (Sup.).. .1131 Cole, People v. (Sup.)..

.1115 Carroll, Gross v. (Sup.).

.1136 Colell v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. (Sup.) 675 Cassidy's Estate, In re (Sup.). ..1131 Coleman, In re (Sup.). ...

. 1132 Castagneto, Schiffmann v. (Sup.).

1147 Coleman V. Metropolitan St. R. Co. Castagnette v. Nicchia (Sup.). .1131 (Sup.)

.1132 Central New York Telephone & Telegraph Collier, People v., four cases (Sup.). .11.16 Co., Leach v. (Sup.).. 1037 | Collins, In re (Sur.).

.1119 Charlton v. Forty-Second St., M. & St. N. Collins, Town of Ulysses v. (Sup.). 924 Ave. R. Co. (Sup.)... 174 Collis, In re (Sup.).

307 Church v. Church (Sup.).

770 Columbia Bank v. Equitable Life Assur. Churchill, Stryker v. (Sup.). 588 Soc. of the United States (Sup.).

428 Citizens' Ins. Co., Prinz v. (Sup.). . .1146 Compton, Faulkner v. (Sup.).

.1134 Citizens' Permanent Savings & Loan Ass'n Comstock v. Goff (Sup.)...

.1132 v. Rampe (Sup.).... .1131 Conger v. Conger (Sup.)...

.1132 Citizens' State Bank v. Cowles (Sup.). 598 Conger's Will. In re (Sup.).

933 City of Albany, Beunau v. (Sup.). .1130 | Conklin, Le Brantz v. (Sup.).


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Page Conklin's Estate, In re (Sur.). .1124 | Dundon, Ragen v. (Sup.).

.1146 Conion, Haughian v. (Sup.).

586 Dunn v. National Surety Co. (Sup.). 744 Coon 5. Lefever (Sup.).. 1132 | Dun's Estate, In re (Sur.).

657 Cornell, Faulkner v. (Sup.). 526 Dupignac v. Bernstrom (Sup.).

.1133 Coruing, Eldridge v. (Sup.).

.1134 | Dutchess County Mut. Ins. Co. of PoughCowen v. Voyer (Sup.). 29 keepsie, Northam v. (Sup.)..

.1144 Cowles v. Rochester Folding Box Co. Dutton v. Greenwood Cemetery Co. (Sup.) 780 (Sup.) 811 | Dwyer, O'Brien v. (Sup.).....

.1144 Cowles, Citizens' State Bank v. (Sup.).. 598 (ox v. Bouvier (Sup.).

1132 | East One Hundred and Fifty-Eighth St., Craig v. James (Sup.).

In re (Sup.)......

594 Crandall & Godley Co. v. Eddy Confection- East One Hundred and Seventy-Ninth St., ery Co. (Sup.) .1132 In re, two cases (Sup.)....

1133 Crane v. Edwards (Sup.).

747 East One Hundred and Seventy Third St., Crane, People v. (Sup.). 408 In re (Sup.).

594 Croker v. Sturgis (Sup.)...

.1133 East River Bridge Co., Hagan v. (Sup.). .1137 Cruikshank v. Cruikshank (Sup.).

8 Ebbers v. Kettelhodt (Sup.).

.1133 Cudlipp, Manhattan Real Estate & Build- Eberhard, Fairchild v. (Sup.).

.1134 ing Ass'n v. (Sup.). 993 Eccardt v. Eisenhauer (Sup.).

.1134 Cullinan, In re (Sup.). 607 Eckel v. Reichmann (Sup.).

.1134 Cullinan, In re (Sup.).

626 | Eckerson v. City of New York (Sup.). 168 Cullinan v. Kuch (Sup.). 186 Eddy, Holland v. (Sup.).

.1137 Cullinan v. Parker (Sup.).

187 | Eddy Confectionery Co., Crandall & Godley Cullinan v. Union Surety & Guaranty Co. Co. v. (Sup.).

.1132 (Sup.)

58 Edison Electric Illuminating Co., Miller v. Culver v. City of Yonkers (Sup.). .1034 (Sup.)

.1142 Curtis Natalie Anthracite Coal Co. Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of New Sup.) 603 York, Miller v. (Sup.). .

319 Curtis v. Waldron (Sup.).

813 Edwards v. Forty-Second St., M. & St. N. Curtis, Begen v. (Sup.). 929 Av. R. Co. (Sup.).

.1134 Curtis Bros. Lumber Co. v. McLoughlin Edwards, Crane v. (Sup.)..

747 (Sup.) . 1016 Egan y. Fitch (Sup.).

.1134 Ehrich, Hanlon v. (Sup.).

692 D'Amatto v. Urban (Sup.). .1133 Einstein, Keegan v. (Sup.).

.1138 Davenport, In re (Sup.). ..1133 | Eisenhauer, Eccardt v. (Sup.).

..1134 Davidow v. Davidow, two cases (Sup.). .1133 Elder, Hutchinson v. (Sup.). .

.1137 Daries r. Van Der Laan (Sup.)... .1133 Eldridge v. Corning (Sup.).

1131 Davis, People v. (Sup.). . 872 Eldridge, Moore v. (Sup.).

922 Dean, City of New York v. (Sup.). .1131 | Ellner y. Priestley (City Ct. N. Y.)

371 Dease v. Reese (Sup.).... 590 | Elmira Trust Co., In re (Sup.).

.1134 De Groot. Komitsch r. (Sup.). 970 Ely v. Azoy (Sup.)...

620 Delaney v. Graham (Sup.). .1133 | Emberson v. Wilson (Sup.).

.1134 Delaware, L. & W. R. Co., Colell v. (Sup.) 675 Ennis v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co., Frounfelker (Sup.)

.1134 V. (Sup.)

701 Episcopo v. City of New York (Sup.). 1134 Deleware, L. & W. R. Co., Frounfelker v. Equitable Life Assur. Soc. of the United (Sup.)

.1135 States, Columbia Bank v. (Sup.).... 428 Delaware, L. & W. R. Co., Williams v. Erie R. Co., Harrington v. (Sup.). .1137 (Sup.!

945 Erie R. Co., Sprague Nat. Bank v. (Sup.)..1148 Den ocratic General Comunittee of New Erskine v. Erskine (Sup.)

1134 York County, People v. (Sup.)..

953 Dempsey v. Gazzam (SW.). . 1133 | Fairchild v. Eberhard (Sup.).

1134 De Noyelles v. McCabe (Sup.).

.1133 Farmers' Loan & Trust Co., New Jersey De Selding, Betts v. (Sup.). 799 Const. Co. v. (Sup.).

622 Devereaux v. Western Transit Co. (Sup.). .1133 Farrell, Barstow v. (Sup.).

1129 Der, Dolff v. (Sup.).. .1133 Faulkner v. Compton (Sup.).

.1134 Diamond v. Wheeler (Sup.). 416 Faulkner V. Cornell (Sup.).

526 Dickescheid v. Betz (Sup.). 175 | Faville v. Hadcock (Sup.)..

23 Diefenthaler's Will, In re (Sur.). .1121 Fay v. Prudential Ins. Co. of America Digney v. City of New York (Sup.). 307 (Sup.)

683 Di Medicis, People v. (Gen. Sess.). 212 | Feitner, People v. (Sup.).

138 Ditmas v. McKane (Sup.). .1133 | Feitner, People v. (Sup.).

140 Dolff r. Dey (Sup.). .1133 Feitner People v. (Sup.).

152 Donner v. Merci (Sup.). .1030 Feitner, People v. (Sup.).

534 Donohue, Schieck v. (Sup.).

739 Ferdinand Munch Brewery v. New York Douglas, Scott v. (Sup.). 354 & N. S. R. Co. (Sup.).

.1134 Dow v. Syracuse, L. & B. Ry. (Sup.).. 941 | Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York v. Dudley v New York Filter Mfg. Co. F. W. Seagrist, Jr., Co. (Sup.).

277 (Sup.)

529 | Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York v. Duell's Estate, In re (Sup.). .1133 Seagrist (Sup.)

280 Duffy, Radway v. (Sup.)... 334 | Figner, Boeker v. (Sup.).


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and 114 New York State Reporter

Finn, People v. (Sup.).
.1145 Goff, Comstock v. (Sup.).....

1132 Finnegan, Jacquemin v. (Cl. Ct.). 207 Goldberg v. London (Sup.).

.1136 Finucan. People v. (Sup.). 929 Goldsmith, Kirkpatrick v. (Sup.).

835 Fischer v. Sheehan (Sup.). 1134 Goluback v. Almodo (Sup.).

.1136 Fisher v. Young (Sup.). 1134 Gorden v. Gorden (Sup.).

241 Fisk v. Fisk (Sup.). : 1134 Gotham v. Roulston (Sup.).

.1136 Fitch v. Fraser (Sup.). .1134 Gottlieb, Sartorius v. (Sup.).

159 Fitch, Egan v. (Sup.).

.1134 Govin, City of New York v. (Sup.). 673 Fitzpatrick v. Fox (Sup.). 677 Graf, Tobin v. (Sup.).

5 Fitzpatrick v. Hudson River Water Power Graff, Bristol v. (Sup.).

39 Co. (Sup.)

1134 Graham v. Syracuse Chilled Plow Co. Flamm v. Perry (Sup.).


Flamm v. Perry (Sup.).
.1135 Graham, Delaney v. (Sup.).

..1133 Flower City Plant Food Co. v. Roberts Graham, Geneva Nat. Bank v. (Sup.). .1135 (Sup.)

..1060 Grand Trunk R. Co. of Canada, Streets Foley v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.). 249 v. (Sup.)

.1149 Forbes v. Wheeler (City Ct. N. Y.).... 373 Grant v. City of New York (Sup.). ..1136 Force y, St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co. Grant v. City of Rochester (Sup.).

522 (Sup.)

708 Grant v. City of Rochester (Sup.). .1136 Fornes, People v. (Sup.). 385 Grant Ave., In re (Sup.)..

.1136 Forsyth v. Gauntlett (Sup.). .1135 Greene v. Knox (Sup.)..

.1136 Forty-Second St., M. & St. N. Ave. R. Co., Greenwich Ins, Co. of City of New York, Charlton v. (Sup.).. 174 Benjamin v. (Sup.).

..1130 Forty-Second St., M. & St. N. Ave. R. Co., Greenwood Cemetery Co., Dutton v. (Sup.) 780 Edwards v. (Sup.). ,

.1134 Gretschel v. Volkening, two cases (Sup.). . 1136 Forty-Second St., M. & St. N. Ave. R. Co., Gridley, Benta v. (Sup.)....

..1130 Phelan v. (Sup.). 333 Griffing, In re (Sur.).

659 Fouser v. Fouser (Sup.).

.1135 Griffiths, Guaranty Trust Co. of New York Fox v. Mahony (Sup.). .1135 v. (Sup.)

679 Fox, Fitzpatrick v. (Sup.). 677 Griggs v. Griggs (Sup.).

724 Fox, People v. (Sup.). 605 Groarke v. Laemmle (Sup.).

.1136 Fraser, Fitch v. (Sup.). .1134 | Groh, M. Groh's Sons v. (Sup.).

43S Freiwald, Pease v. (Sup.). 402 Groh's Sons v. Groh (Sup.).

438 French v. City of Rochester, two cases Gross v. Carroll (Sup.).

..1130 (Sup.)

.1135 Grove Mills Paper Co., Levy v. (Sup.). 730 French v. New York Mercantile Exchange Guaranty Trust Co. of New York v. Grif(Sup.) 312 fiths (Sup.)

679 Friese v. Port Chester St. R. Co. (Sup.). .1135 Guichane, People v. (Sup.).

.1144 Frounfelker y. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. Guilhou, Straus v. (Sup.).

180 (Sup.) 701 Gumprecht, Priest v. (Sup.).

759 Frounfelker v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Gunther v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. (Sup.) 1135 Co. (Sup.)

.1137 Fuller' v. Mitchell (Sup.). 1135 Gurley, Minor v. (Sup.).

596 Fuller, Bronner v. (Sup.). .1131 Guttentag v. Whitney (Sup.).

435 F. W. Seagrist, Jr., Co., Fidelity & Casual- Guttroff's Estate, Iu re (Sur.).

219 ty Co. of New York v. (Sup.)..... 277

Haan v. Robert (Sup.).

.1137 Gabel v. Williams (Co. Ct.). 489 Hadcock, Faville v. (Sup.).

23 Gallagher v. Geneva, W., s. F. & C. L. Hagan v. East River Bridge Co. (Sup.). .1137 Traction Co. (Sup.).

606 Hagen v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. Gambrinus Brewing Co. v. Strangman (Sup.)

580 (Sup.) 1135 Ilague, Beckham v. (Sup.).

.1129 Garrison v. Holme (Sup.). .1135 Hall v. Gilman (Sup.).

..1137 Gauntlett, Forsyth v. (Sup.). ..1135 Hall v. Irwiu (Sup.).

.1137 Gazzam, Dempsey v. (Sup.). ...1133 Hall, McGuire v. (Sup.)...

..1139 Geneva Nat. Bank v. Graham (Sup.). .1135 | Hallock v. Hallock (Sup.).

61 Geneva, W., S. F. & C. L. Traction Co., Hammond, Huebner v. (Sup.).

295 Gallagher v. (Sup.) 606 Hand, People v. (Sup.)..

.1144 German American Bank v. Stein (Sup.). .1135 Haulon v. Ehrich (Sup.). .

692 Gerstner v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Hanover Nat. Bank, Moore v. (Sup.).

448 Co. (Sup.) .1063 | Harder, Walker v. (Sup.)..

948 Gilchrist's Estate, In re (Sup.). .1135 | Hardt, Mathews v. (Sup.).

402 Gilman, Hall v. (Sup.). .1137 Harlam, Goetschius v. (Sup.).

.1130 Gilman's Estate, In re (Sur.) .1122 | Harnett v. Smith (Sup.)...,

.1137 Gitler v. Russian Co. (Sup.). ...1136 Harrington v. Erie R. Co. (Sup.)

.1137 Glens Falls Ins. Co., Brooks v. (Sup.)....1131 Harris v. Harris (Sup.).

.1137 Glen Telephone Co., Rosewater v. (Sup.) 880 Hart v. Maloney (Sup.).

293 Globe & Rutgers Fire Ins, Co., Quacken- Hartford Nat. Bank v. Beinecke (Sup.)... 803 boss r. (Sup.)... .1146 Harvey v. Kennedy (Sup.)...

878 Gmachle v. Rosenberg (Sup.).. 705 Harvie Drug Co., Butcher v. (Sup.).

1 Goetschius v. Harlam (Sup.).

.1136 Hasberg v. Mutual Life Ins. Co. (Sup.)... 867

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