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pay the membership fee and premium on their insurance as paid or contracted to be paid at the time the policy is taken out, and shall not be held liable for any further or other assessments or claims on the part of the company or its policy holders. The membership fees and premium agreed upon may be collected in cash at the time the policy is issued or evidenced by written obligation of the policy holder, as may be agreed upon by the company and the policy holder. Such payment or obligation shall be the limit of the liability of the policy holder to the company for premium on their insurance. 94 0. L. 350.

(5 3691-30.) Sec. 6. Appointment of attorney-Service of

process It shall not be lawful for any insurance company, association, or partnership incorporated by or organized under the laws of another state of the United States for any of the purposes specified in this act, directly or indirectly, to take risks or transact any business of insurance in this state by any agent or agents in this state, until it shall first appoint an attorney in this state, who shall be the superintendent of insurance on whom process of law can be served, and file in the office of the superintendent of insurance a written instrument duly signed and sealed, certifying such appointment, and any process issued by any court of record in this state, and served upon such attorney by the proper officer of the county in which such attorney may reside or be found, shall be deemed a sufficient service of the process upon such company. 94 O. L. 350.

(9 3781-31.) Sec. 7. Annual statements-Revocation of

authority of companyThe statement and evidence of membership, assets, and investments required by section three of this act, shall be renewed from year to year in such a manner and form as may be required by said superintendent of insurance with an additional statement of the amount of premiums received in this state during the preceding year, so long as such agency continues, and the said superintendent of insurance, on being satisfied that the membership, assets, securities, and investments remain secure, as hereinbefore mentioned, shall furnish a renewal of the certificate as aforesaid. Any corporation organized under this act doing business in this state hereunder, which shall violate any of the provisions of this act, the superintendent of insurance shall revoke its authority to do business in this state, and no renewal of authority shall be granted to it for a period of one year after such revocation.

94 0. L. 350.

[Sections 3691–25-27 provide for incorporation of persons therein named as a state board of agriculture.]



SECTION 3692. Annual meeting of state board of agri- 3705-12. Constitution, powers, etc., of such culture.

companies. 3693. Annual report of board to general as- 3705-13. Assessments, expenditures, etc. sembly.


Reimbursement by county. 3694. The board may pay its ordinary expen- 3706. Societies may sell, and purchase other

sites. 3695. How state agricultural fund at disposal 3707 How conveyances to be executed. of board.

3708. Society can not incumber its grounds. 3696. Board entitled to stationery.

3709. Incorporation of township societies. 3697. Organization of district or county so- 3709a, Societies for detection of horse thieves. cieties.

3710. Justices of the peace may appoint 3698. For what premiums must be offered.

special constables. 3699: Must publish a list of awards, etc.

3711 Powers of such constables. 3700. County societies erected into corpora- 3712. Duties of such officer to suppress sale tions.

of liquor at fairs. 3701. Conveyances to such societies de- 3713. How articles seized disposed of. clared void.

3713-1 Farmer's institute societies. 3702. County commissioners may assist in the


Times of meeting, etc. purchase of sites.

3713-3. Payments by county. 3702a. Further power to assist.

3713-4. Expenses, etc., to be certified. 3703. County commissioners may purchase 3713-5. Lecturers and speakers. fair grounds.

3713-6. Publication of lectures and papers. 3704

The tax must be submitted to the 3713-10. Appropriation of land to enlarge electors.

fair grounds. 3705

When the real estate vests in county. 3713-11. Proceedings to be conducted by 3705a. Lands for park purposes.

directors. 3705-11. Companies for convicting felons.

$3692. Annual meeting of state board of agriculture

There shall be held in the city of Columbus, on the first Thursday after the second Monday in January, an annual meeting of the Ohio state board of agricultural, together with the president of each county agricultural society, or duly authorized delegate therefroin, who shall, for the time being, be ex-officio members of the state board of agriculture, for the purpose of deliberation and consultation as to the wants, prospects and condition of agriculture throughout the state; and at such meeting, the several reports from the county societies shall be delivered to the president of the state board of agriculture, and, at the annual meeting to be held in 1898, there shall be elected five members of the state board of agriculture, two members for a term of two years, two members for a term of three years, and one member for a term of four years; and, at the annual meeting to be held in 1899, there shall be elected five members, one member for a term of three years, two members for a term of four years, and two members for a term of five years; and annually thereafter there shall be elected two members whose term shall be five years, and until their successors are elected, 93 v. 3.

§ 3693. Annual report of board to general assembly

The board may elect such officers as may by it be deemed necessary. It shall hold an annual exhibit of the agricultural and general productive industries of the state; shall make an annual report to the general assembly, embracing its proceedings for the past year, and an abstract of the proceedings of the several county agricultural societies, as well as a general view of the condition of agriculture throughout the state, accompanied by such recommendations as it may deem interesting and useful. 79 0. L. 70.

§ 3694. State board of agriculture--Power and duty of

The board may hold in fee-simple such real estate as it may have heretofore purchased, or may hereafter purchase, as sites whereon to hold its annual fairs, and all such lands held by the board for said purpose shall be exempt from taxation, but when any such real estate as may have heretofore been purchased or may hereafter be purchased, shall cease to be used by the board as sites whereon to hold such annual fairs, then such real estate, with the improvements thereon, belonging to the board, shall revert to the State of Ohio, and no portion of any such real estate shall be disposed of except by act of the legislature. The board shall have the power to audit and pay its ordinary expenses, including the necessary personal expenses of the members in their attendance on the meetings of the board, out of any funds in its possession or out of the state agricultural fund, and shall, in its annual report make a complete showing of its financial transactions; and the attorney-general shall act as the legal adviser of the board, the same as for other state departments. 82 0. L. 248.

Power to raise $50,000 by bonds to aid the Centennial Exposition of 1888 was conferred in 85 O. L. 323.

$3695. How state agricultural fund at disposal of board

The state agricultural fund shall be at the disposal of the board for the improvement of the agricultural interests of the state; and when escheated property is legally reclaimed by any heir, it shall be held subject to the payment, to the purchaser of the state, of so much of the original purchase money as it received and legal interest to the time of such reclamation. 45 v. 43, $ 6; S. & C. 65.

§ 3696. Board entitled to stationery

The secretary of state is authorized to furnish the board with such stationery as may be requisite to the proper discharge of its duties, together with such blank books as may be necessary to keep the records of the transactions of the board, not exceeding two hundred dollars in value. 61 v. 83, § 1; S. & S. 5.

DistricT AND COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES. S 3697. Organization of district or county agricultural

societies-Additional society in CuyahogaWhen thirty or more persons, residents of any county, or district embracing two or more counties, organize themselves into a society for the improvement of agriculture within such county or district and adopt constitutions and by-laws agreeable to the rules and regulations to be furnished by the state board of agriculture, and appoint the usual and proper officers, and the society pays to its treasurer, by voluntary subscription, or by fees imposed upon its members, any sum of money in each year not less than fifty dollars, and the president of the society certifies to the respective county auditors the amount thus paid, attested by the oath of the treasurer before a magistrate, the county auditors embraced within the district in which such society is organized shall draw an order on the treasurer of the respective counties in favor of the president and treasurer of the society, for a sum equal to the amount thus raised, not exceeding two cents to each inhabitant of the county upon the basis of the last previous national census, but not exceeding in any county the sum of eight hundred dollars; and the treasurer of said [the] county shall pay the same. Provided, that where in any county containing a city of the second grade of the first class, the site for holding county fairs is situated so far from the geographical center of said county, that, in the opinion of the commissioners of said county, the agricultural interests of said county will best be promoted by the establishment of another and additional society and site whereon to hold fairs; upon the organization of such additional society in the manner provided herein, said additional society shall be entitled to receive out of the county treasury in any sum not to exceed the amount which said commissioners are now authorized to allow by this section and section 3702a. 94 O. L. 395. See 84 v. 4 for provisions as to Morgan county. See 86 v. 113 as to certain counties.

For provisions for extending and improving grounds in Hamilton county, see 89 v. 248.

§ 3698. For what premiums may be offered by agricultural

societiesThe several county or district societies which may be formed under the provisions of the preceding section shall, annually, offer and award premiums for the improvement of soils, tillage, crops, manures, implements, stock, articles of domestic industry, and such other articles, productions and improvements as they deem proper, and may perform all such acts as they deem best calculated to promote the agricultural and household manufacturing interests of the district and of the state, and shall regulate the amount of premiums, and the different grades of the same, so that it shall be competent for small as well as large farmers to have an opportunity to compete therefor, and, in making their awards, special reference shall be had to the profits which accrue, or are likely to accrue, from the improved mode of raising the crop, or of improving the soil, or stock, or of the fabrication of the articles thus offered, so that the premium shall be given for the most economical mode of improvement; and all persons offering to compete for premiums on improved modes of tillage, or the production of any crops or other articles, shall be required, before such premium is adjudged, to deliver to the awarding committee a full and correct statement of the process of such mode of tillage or production, and the expense and value of the same, with a view of showing accurately the profits derived or expected to be derived therefrom; provided, that during any year, when the state board of agriculture shall hold its fair upon the grounds of any county or district agricultural so

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