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(ACT of May 1st, 1820.) its object, no transfer of any unexpended balance, to the account of the surplus fund, shall be made, until the expiration of the time fixed in such act.

Sec. n. In the settlement of the accounts of the war department, for services or supplies accruing prior to the first of July, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, the expenditures shall be charged to arrearages, and the balances of public money hereafter recovered out of advances made in the war department, for services or supplies, prior to the date aforesaid, shall be returned to the treasury, and, by the secretary of the treasury, be carried to the surplus fund.

Sec. iv. Nothing contained in the act of March third, one thousand eight hundred and nine, entitled “ An act further to amend the several acts for the establishment and regulation of the treasury, war, and navy departments," shall be so construed as to allow any appropriation whatever for the service of one year to be transferred to another branch of expenditure in a different year, nor shall any appropriations be deemed subject to be transferred under the provisions of the above mentioned act, after they shall have been placed in the hands of the treasurer, as agent of the war or navy departments.

[See, ACCOUNTS, 13, ante, page 4.

Sec. v. The abovementioned act of the third of March, one thousand eight hundred and nine, shall be, and the same is hereby, so amended, that the president shall be authorized to direct a portion of the moneys appropriated for any one of the following branches of expenditure in the military department, viz: For the subsistence of the army, for forage, for the medical and hospital department: for the quarter master's department; to be applied to any other of the abovementioned branches of expenditure in the same department: And that the president shall be also further authorized, to direct a portion of the moneys appropriated for any of the following branches of expenditure in the naval department, viz: For provisions, for medicine and hospital stores, for repairs of vessels, for clothing; to be applied to any other of the above mentioned branches of expenditure in the same department; and that no transfers of appropriation, from or to other branches of expenditure, shall be hereafter made.

21. Sec. vi. No contract shall hereafter be made by the secretary of state, or of the treasury, or of the department of war, or of the navy, except under a law authorizing the same, or under an appropriation adequate to its fulfilment; and excepting also, contracts for the subsistence and clothing of the army or navy, and contracts by the quartermaster's department, which may be made by the secretaries of those departments,

22. Sec. vnt. It shall be the duty of the secretary of the treasury to annex to the annual estimates of the appropriations required for the public services, a statement of the appropriations for the service of the year which may have been made by former acts; and, also, a statement of the sums remaining in the trea(ACT of February 27th, 1813.) sury, or in the hands of the treasurer as agent of the war and navy departments, from the appropriations of former years, estimating the amount of those sums which will not be required to defray expenses incurred in a previous year, and showing the whole amount which will be subject to the disposition of the executive government in the year to which the estimates apply.

ACT of May 15, 1820. Pamphlet edit. 109.
An act providing for the better organization of the treasury department.

[See title ACCOUNTS, 35, ante, page 10.


An agent to be appointed,

1 | Letters, &c. to be franked, ACT of February 27, 1813. 4 Bioren, 508.

An act to encourage vaccination. 1. SEC. I. The president of the United States is hereby authorised to appoint an agent to preserve the genuine vaccine matter, and to furnish the same to any citizen of the United States, when. ever it may be applied for, through the medium of the post office, and such agent shall, previous to his entering upon the execution of the duties assigned to him by this act, and before he shall be entitled to the privilege of franking any letter or package as herein allowed, take or subscribe the following oath or affirmation, before some magistrate, and cause a certificate thereof to be filed in the general post office:“ I, A B, do swear (or affirm, as the case may be) that I will faithfully use my best exertions to preserve the genuine vaccine matter, and to furnish the same to the citizens of the United States, and also, that I will abstain from every thing prohibited in relation to the establishment of the post office of the United States." And it shall be the duty of the said agent to transmit to the several post masters in the United States, a copy of this act: and he shall also forward to them a public notice, directing how and where all applications shall be made to him for vaccine matter.

2. Sec, If. All letters or packages, not exceeding half an ounce in weight, containing vaccine matter, or relating to the subject of vaccination, and that alone, shall be carried by the United States' mail free of any postage, either to or from the agent, who may be : appointed to carry the provisions of this act into effect: Provided always, That the said agent, before he delivers any letters for transmission by the mail, shall, in his own proper hand writing on the outside thereof, endorse the word “ Vaccination," and thereto subscribe his name, and shall previously furnish the postmaster of the office where he shall deposit the same with a specimen of his signature; and if said agent shall frank any letter or package, in which shall be contained any thing relative to any subject other than vaccination, he shall, on conviction of every such offence for(ACT of April 20th, 1818.) feit and pay a fine of fifty dollars, to be recovered in the same manner as other fines or violations of law, establishing the post office: Provided also, That the discharge of any agent, and the appointment of another in his stead, be at the discretion of the president of the United States.


ACT of February 18, 1791. 2 Bioren, 193. Ad act for the admission of the state of Vermont into this Union. The state of Vermont having petitioned the congress to be admitted a member of the United States, Be it enacted, &c. That on the fourth day of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one, the said state, by the name and style of “ the state of Vermont," shall be received and admitted into this Union, as a new and entire member of the United States of America,


Town lots to be sold,

1 | Also the common, ACT of April 20, 1818. Pamphlet edit. 167. 1. Sec. 1. The trustees of the town of Vincennes shall have power, and they are hereby authorised to examine and adjust all claims to lots in the town of Vincennes: and if, upon an accurate survey, it shall be found that there are lots within the precincts of the town to which no individual claims can be substantiated, the same are hereby granted to the inhabitants thereof, to be sold by the trustees, and the money arising from the sale to be applied to such public purposes as may be agreed upon by a majority of the citizens. And the said trustees are hereby empowered, in all cases when they shall confirm claims to lots, to give deeds to the claimants for the same.

2. Sec. 11. The trustees of the town of Vincennes shall have power, and they are hereby authorized, to dispose of a tract of land containing about five thousand four hundred acres, which by the fifth section of the act, entitled “ An act for granting lands to the inhabitants and settlers of Vincennes and the Illinois county, in the territory northwest of the Ohio, and for confirming them in their possessions,” passed on the third of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one was appropriated as a common, to the use of the inhabitants of the said town, the said tract shall be divided into lots, as the trustees shall direct, of not more than fifty, nor less than the quantity of five acres, and shall be sold in the manner, and on the terms, which may by them be deemed most

(ACT of August 7th, 1789.) expedient and advantageous. They shall also have power to convey, by complete title, the lots sold to the purchasers; and the proceeds of the lands so disposed of, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purpose, shall be applied, under the direction of the said trustees, to the draining of a pond in the vicinity of the town; and the residue of the money arising from the said sales, if any there be, shall be paid over to the trustees of the Vincennes university, and shall, by them, be applied to the benefit of the said university.

Sec. tit. The said trustees, when they shall have performed the duties assigned to them under this act, shall make a report there

of to congress.


ACT of April 20, 1818. Pamphlet edit. 130.

An act for the relief of volunteer mounted cavalry. Every officer, noncommissioned officer, or private who served in any volunteer corps of cavalry during the late war, and furnished his own horse or horses while in the public service aforesaid, shall be allowed at the rate of forty cents per day for each horse so furnished, which such officer, noncommissioned officer or private was entitled by law to keep in such service. And when any officer, noncommissioned officer or private, in the cavalry service aforesaid, having lost the horse or horses which may have been taken by him into the said service, and having received from the United States another horse or horses in lieu or in part payment for the horse or horses so previously lost as aforesaid, such ufficer, noncommissioned officer, or private, shall be entitled to receive the allowance of forty cents per day, for the use and risk of the horse on which he may so have been remounted.



1 Oath of office, Secretary's duties,

1 Charge of records, &c. Chief clerk,

2 [See titles, ACCOUNTS, 13, 15, 19, 23, 25. CLERKS, 4, 11, SALARIES, 4, 12, 14, STATE Department, 9, TREASURY Department, 9, 15, 19, 20, 21.

ACT of August 7, 1789. 2 Bioren, 32. An act to establish an executive department, to be denominated the Department

of War. 1. Sec. 1 There shall be an executive department, to be denominated the department of war; and there shall be a principal of. (ACT of August 7th, 1789.) ficer therein, to be called the secretary for the department of war, who shall perform and execute such duties as shall, from time to time, be enjoined on, or entrusted to him, by the president of the United States, agreeably to the constitution, relative to military commissions, or to the land or naval forces, ships, or warlike stores, of the United States, or to such other matters respecting military or naval affairs, as the president of the United States shall assiga to the said department, or relative to the granting of lands to persons entitled thereto, for military services rendered to the United States, or relative to Indian affairs: And furthermore, the said principal officer shall conduct the business of the said department, in such manner as the president of the United States shall, from time to time, order or instruct. [The parts of this sec. in italics, are repealed by the act of April 30, 1798, see title NAVY, 1, ante, page 620.]

2. Sec. 11. There shall be in the said department, an inferior officer, to be appointed by the said principal officer, to be employed therein as he shall deem proper, and to be called the chief clerk in the department of war, and who, whenever the said principal officer shall be removed from office by the president of the United States, or in any other case of vacancy, shall, during such vacancy, have the charge and custody of all records, books, and papers, appertaining to the said department.

3. Sec. 111. The said principal officer, and every other person to be appointed or employed in the said department, shall, before he enters on the execution of his office or employment, take an oath or affirmation well and faithfully to execute the trust committed to him.

4. Sec. iv. The secretary for the department of war, to be appointed in consequence of this act, shall, forthwith after his appointment, be entitled to have the custody and charge of all records, books, and papers, in the office of secretary for the department of war, heretofore established by the United States in congress assembled.

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