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For locks between Cincinnati and Dayton.....
For improvement Miami river dam at Middle-

town and Mad river dam at Dayton.... For strengthening three arch culverts at Frank

lin, and Hole's stone culvert five miles

below Dayton ..
For dredging the Miami and Erie canal between

Cincinnati and Dayton..
For completing permanent improvement on

walls of canal in Cincinnati...
Provided, however, that any work done under

this appropriation must be let by contract
to the lowest bidder, after the proper adver-

tisements for bids on same.
For the northern division of Ohio canal, all of

its earnings, and balances, and..
For the improvement of the Summit county res-

ervoir, for building a new outlet lock from
Long la ke into the canal, for new safety
wasteway at Long lake, for repairing Tus-
carawas river dam and feeder, and for
dredging Long lake outlet and reservoir

For repairs and permanent improvements upon

the embankment on six mile Walhonding

dam For the southern division of the Ohio canal.

all of its earnings and balances, and......

20,000 00

4,500 00

500 00

10,000 00

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Printing paper

30,000 00


Commissioner of Railroads and Telegraphs. General · Uses and purposes....

6,215 00 appropriations Provided, however, that said sum shall be de

ducted from the assessment of railroad com-
panies for 1903, due and payable in the
state treasury on or before August 1, 1903,
pursuant to "An act to provide for annual
reports of railroad companies to the com-
missioner of railroads and telegraphs, and
providing means for maintaining police
supervision of said roads," passed April
19, 1894, and the auditor of state is hereby
authorized and directed to make such

For the uses and purposes of the commissioner

of railroads and telegraph offices, $15,-
000.00 or so much thereof as may be paid
into the state treasury pursuant to an act en-
titled "An act to provide for annual reports
of railroad companies to the commissioner
of railroads and telegraphs, and providing
means for maintaining police supervision
of said roads,” passed April 19, 1894, and
from the money's herein appropriated the
following salaries shall be paid:
Salary of commissioner..

3,000 00
Salary of chief clerk..

2,400 00 Salary of chief inspector.. 1,200 00 Salary of statistician..

1,200 00 Salary of stenographer..

1,200 00
Salary of deputy inspector.. 1,200 00

Commissioner of Soldiers' Claims.
Salary of commissioner.

1,800 00
Salary of clerk....
Salary of clerk.

720 00 Contingent expenses

750 00 Dairy and Food Commissioner. Salary of commissioner..

2,000 00 Salaries of two assistant commissioners.

2,000 00 Expense of commissioner...

1,400 00 Expenses of two assistant commissioners.

1,400 00 Salary of one clerk...

1,200 00 Salaries of two clerks.

1,440 00 Inspection, analyses and publication.

25,000 00 Attorney fees

15,000 00 Contingent expenses

1,200 00 One chief inspector for the collection of the liquor tax under the Cain law....

1,500 00 Five assistant inspectors at $1,200 each...

6,000 00 Traveling expenses of liquor tax inspectors...

5.000 00 Contingent expenses of liquor tax inspectors.i. 1.000 0

900 00

1,800 00 General

appropriations 9,600 00 for 1903 and 1,000 00

1904. 7,000 00 2,500 00


Examiner of Steam Engineers.
Salary of chief examiner.
Salaries of eight district examiners.
Salary of clerk.....
Traveling expenses
Contingent expenses

E.recutive Department.
Salary of governor....
Salary of lieutenant governor.
Salary of private secretary.
Salary of executive clerk..
Salary of commission clerk..
Salary of corresponding clerk.
Contingent expenses, including newspapers....

Fish and Game Commission.
Expenses of commission.
State fish hatcheries.
Legal expenses
Maintaining patrol boat.

8,000 00

800 00 800 05 1800 no

1,500 00 1,500 00 2,400 CO

11,000 00
4,000 00

750 00
4:500 00

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salary of commissioner..

2,000 00 Traveling expenses of commissioner.

700 00 Salary of chief clerk....

1,300 00 Salary of stenographer.

900 00 Salary of clerk...

720 00 Salary of clerk,

720 00 Salary of clerk.

600 00 Contingent and traveling expenses..

10,000 00 Salaries of five free public employment superintendents ...

6,000 00 Salaries of five clerks for free public employment offices

3,000 00 Inspector of lines. Salary of chief inspector.

2,000 00 Salaries of seven district inspectors.

8,400 00 Clerk hire ....

1,500 00 Salary of stenographer.

720 00 Traveling expenses chief inspector. Traveling expenses seven district inspectors.

4:200 00 Contingent expenses

1,200 00 Attorney fees

200 do Inspector of Workshops and Factories. Salary of chief inspector....

2,000 00 Traveling expenses of chief inspector.

500 00 Salaries of eleven district and two bakeshop

inspectors and additional salary high ex-
plosive inspector

13,800 00

600 00

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Law Library.
Salary of assistant librarian and bookkeeper...
Books and legal publications.
Contingent expenses ...
Salary of assistant librarian
Salary of messenger....
Salary of porter..

For salaries of members of general assembly,

to be paid in one installment on or after

February 16, 1903
Expenses of legislative committees.
For the clerks of the senate and house of rep-

resentatives twenty-five hundred ($2,-
500.00) dollars cach, which may be paid to
them in semi-monthly installments on
vouchers drawn and properly receipted by
each; and this amount shall be in lieu of
all compensation or allowances provided
for in sections 41 and 43 of the Revised

For the payment of the sergeant-at-arms of the

For the payment of the sergeant-at-arms of the

To be paid said sergeants-at-arms on approval

of the auditor of state, in four equal
monthly installments, beginning February

15, 1903.
Contingent expense of senate clerk...
Contingent expense of house clerk.
Contingent expense for care of both houses...
For Frederick Blankner, third assistant ser-

geant-at-arms of the house, for taking
charge of senate chamber, hall of the house
and committee rooms during the year 1903,
and for taking care of the bill books and
other property of the members, as requested
by them, sixteen hundred ($1.600.00) dol-
lars, to be paid to him in semi-monthly in-

5,000 00

500 00

500 00

150 00

150 00 2,000 00

General appropriations for 1903 and 1904.

2,400 00

200 00

stallments on the warrant of the auditor of state. For employment of laborers by the said Frederick Blankner in the performance of the foregoing duties, at the rate of two dollars per day when by him necessarily employed, eight hundred ($800.00) dollars, to be paid to said laborers on the warrant of the auditor of state, twenty-four

hundred dollars.... For new locks, duplicate keys and repairing

desks in house.... For chandeliers and painting house and senate

chambers For removing shelving and repairing and paint

ing and furnishing finance committee room, old law library room, hall, and fire mar

shal's rooms The above appropriations to be expended under

the direction of the auditor of state and the third assistant sergeant-at-arms of the house.

State Board of Agriculture. Expenses of live stock commission..

3,800 00

1,200 00

3,000 00

Prosecution and Transportation of Convicts. For prosecution and transportation of convicts

to Ohio penitentiary, reformatory and boys' industrial school

140,000 00

Prosecution Ohio Il'ar Claims Against General Government.
Salary of agent.

1.500 00 Expenses of agent..

600 00

Secretary of State.
Salary of secretary of state.
Salary, of state supervisor of elections.
Salary of chief clerk..
Salary of statistical clerk.
Salary of stationery clerk.
Salary of assistant statistical clerk.
Salary of proof reading clerk..
Salary of corporation clerk..
Salary of assistant corporation clerk.
Salary of recording clerk..
Salary of stenographer...
Salary of corporation fee clerk
Salary of assistant corporation fee clerk.
Salary of corporation stenographer.
Salary of superintendent of book room.
Collecting corporation fees....

2,000 00 1,000 00 2,400 00 1,500 00 1,500 00 1,350 00 1.350 00 1.350 00 1.350 00 1.350 00 1.350 00 1.350 00 1.350 00 1,200 00 1.000 00 1.000 00

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