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[blocks in formation]

For repairs and permanent improvements upon

the embankment on six mile Walhonding

dam ... For the southern division of the Ohio canal,

all of its earnings and balances, existing

April 16, 1902, and ...
For such purposes or so much as may be col-

lected thereof, from leases and privileges
under an act passed April 29, 1902, pro-
viding for the control and management of
lakes, reservoirs, etc., dedicated to the
public for parks and pleasure resort pur-

Canal Commission.
Salaries of commissioners..
Expenses of commission.
For partitions in office, repairs and papering..

Commissioner of Common Schools.
Traveling expenses of commissioner...
Per diem and expenses of state board of ex-

School book commission.
Boxing and shipping..
Distribution of school laws.
Contingent expenses
Furniture and carpets..

[blocks in formation]

Commissioners of Public Printing.
Printing paper

Commissioner of Soldiers' Claims.
Contingent expenses
Furniture and office fixtures.

Dairy and Food Commissioner.
Expense of commissioner
Expenses of two assistant commissioners.
One chief inspector for the collection of the

liquor tax under the Cain law.....
Five assistant inspectors at $1,200 each...
Traveling expenses of liquor tax inspectors..
Inspection, analyses and publication.
Contingent expenses
Attorney fees

Examiner of Steam Engineers.
Salaries of two đístrict examiners.
Traveling expenses
Contingent expenses
Salary of clerk.....

1.500 00 6,000 00 6,000 00 22,000 00

950 00 13,000 00

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2,400 00 4.500 00 1,400 00

280 00

[blocks in formation]

Salaries of judges ...

300,000 00 1,000 00

Law Library.
Contingent expenses
There is hereby reappropriated, the balance in

the state treasury for assistant librarian

and bookkeeper Books and legal publications

500 0o General

appropriations ior 1902 and 1903.

500 00 3,000 00

5,000 00

For salaries and mileage of members of the gen-

eral assembly, per diem of clerks, sergeants-
at-arms and employes while the general
assembly is in session, and the payment of
the clerks of the house and senate after ad-
journment, as provided in sections 39, 43

and 45 of the Revised Statutes....
For chief clerks of the senate and house of rep-

resentatives, twelve hundred ($1,200.00 )
dollars each for completing the record of
the jouruals of the senate and house of
representatives for the present session. The
money thus appropriated to be paid at the
rate of five dollars per day, as the work
of completing said record progresses; but
the full amount shall not be paid until the
work is fully completed; and the auditor
of state is hereby authorized to draw his
warrant from time to time on the treasurer
of state in favor of said clerks, upon the
presentation by them of proper vouchers,
duly certified by said clerks, to be credited
for said sum as may be therein designated
until the aforesaid sum of twelve hundred
dollars to each, shall be fully paid, twenty-

four hundred dollars
Expense of legislative committees.
Contingent expenses of senate
Contingent expenses of house..
Contingent expense of senate clerk.
Contingent expense of house clerk.
For Frederick Blankner, third assistant ser-

geant-at-arms of the house, for taking
charge of senate chamber and hall of the
house, and committee rooms after the ad-
journment of the general assembly in the
spring of 1902, and taking care of the same
until January, 1903, and for taking care
of the bill books and other property of the
members, as requested by them, one thou-
sand ($1,000.00) dollars, to be paid at the
rate of four dollars per day, on the war-
rant of the auditor of state,

2,400 00
3,000 00
1,500 00
7.500 00

150 00
150 00

General appropriations for 1902 and 1903.

For employment of laborers by the said Fred

erick Blankner, in the performance of the
foregoing duties at the rate of two dollars
per day when by him necessarily employed,
five hundred ($500.00) dollars, to be paid
to said laborers on the warrant of the au-
ditor of state

500 00 For contingent expenses for care both houses... 500 00

Prosecution and Transportation of Convicts.
For prosecution and transportation of convicts

to Ohio penitentiary, reformatory, and boys'
industrial school

115,000 00
Secretary of State.
Contingent expenses

2,250 00 Distribution of books.

2,000 00 Stationery

10,500 00 Furniture, carpets and repairs

1,000 00 Salary of corporation fee clerk....

1,125 00 Salary of assistant corporation fee clerk.

1,125 00 Salary of corporation stenographer.

1,000 00 Collecting corporation fees

1,000 00 Ohio State Library. Books and papers.

1,750 00 Contingent expenses and extra labor.

1,350 00 For cataloguing .

510 00 Traveling libraries

6,480 00
Expenses of board of library commissioners..
Salary of secretary of library commission
Repairs of library room.

300 00 Four library assistants

2,880 00 Superintendent of Insurance. Salary of superintendent....

1,000 00 Salary of deputy superintendent.

600 00 Salary of corresponding clerk..

150 00 Salaries and expenses of extra clerks...

2,600 00 Additional compensation for examining clerk

and statistical clerk in the insurance de-
partment ...

600 00 Contingent expenses

1,425 00 Salary of actuary.

2,400 00 Salary of first assistant actuary.

1,300 00 Salary of second assistant actuary.

1,300 00 All fees collected by the superintendent of in

surance from companies under his super-
vision shall be turned into the state treas-
ury upon the warrant of the auditor of
state ; and all fees heretofore under the law
authorized to be paid on salaries, since
February 15. 1002. shall be paid over to
the state treasury on the warrant of the

300 00 500 00


Bureau of Building and Loan Associations. Salary of deputy inspector and supervisor bond

General investment companies

600 00 for 1902 and

appropriations Two additional examiners at $1,800 each... 3,600 00 Salaries of extra clerks and employes...

2,900 00 Salary of mailing clerk.

200 00 Contingent expenses

875 00 Salary of examiner..

1.800 co Salary of examiner.

1,800 00 Salary of clerk

200 00

[blocks in formation]

Salaries of officers.
Salaries of guards...
Manufacture of gas, electricity, and improve-

ment of lights..
Rewards to discharged convicts.
Ordinary repairs and improvements.
Sewerage and water works.
Expenses of execution...
Furniture and carpets.
Religious services and library

8.500 00 18.500 00 11.500 00

500 00 500 00 700 00 1.000 00

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