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[Volume I ends with page 1169.]
PETITIONS — Continued.

| PETITIONS - Continued.
for leave to defend as a poor per-| for order directing marshal to take
son, F. 499, p. 8ul.

property from the possession of
to cancel receiver's bond, F. 731, p. officer of the State court on re-

moval of cause, F. 471, p. 813.
by receiver to compel the payment

for removal of cause against person
and delivery of specific assets, F. denied civil rights from a State to
740, p. 1101.

a United States court, F. 475, p.
by receiver for leave to sell assets, 817.
F. 748, p. 1110.

to remove cause from State to
by corporate receiver to discover

United States court in action
concealed assets, F. 742, p.: 1103.

against officer acting under rev.
of receiver to compel purchaser to

enue law, F. 476, p. 820.
complete, F. 752, p. 1114.

to revoke decree of separation, F.
of receiver for authority to pay

1930, p. 1976.
counsel fees, etc., F. 754, p. 1115,

to appoint trustees of prisoner's
by receiver for leave to pay claims,

property, verification of, p. 489, n.
etc., F. 756, p. 1116.

that receiver be instructed to pay tiff. F. 1427-1429, p. 1651, etc.
over a deposit or other fund be.

PLACE OF TRIAL, change of. See
longing to the petitioner, F. 758,
p. 1118.

list of Forms, p. 1723.
that receiver be instructed to pay

see also REMOVAL.
for services, goods sold, etc., rent,

motion to remove cause and change.
etc., F. 759, p. 1119.

See list, p. 1738.
that receiver surrender possession, l by referee, F. 1826, p. 1919.

pay, etc., or that petitioner have PLAINTIFF, physical examination of,
leave to be examined interesse suo p. 1651, etc.

(old practice), F. 762, p. 1121. PLAYWRIGHT, injunction against
another form; by asking reference representation of drama, F. 594, p.

(under Code practice), F. 763, p. 944.

PLEAD DISCHARGE, leave to after
of receiver to be allowed to account judgment, and leave to plaintiff to

and be discharged, F. 768, p. 1126.] discontinue, F. 2070, p. 2061.
to discharge receivership as to spec. PLEADINGS and proceedings inci-
ific property, F. 785, p. 1140.

dental thereto. See contents, p.
for removal of cause, p. 767.

for removal of an action from a striking out for failure to pay ali-
county court, or the New York

mony, p. 1341, n.
City court, to the Supreme Court,

amending as to cause of action, p.
to change the place of trial, F. 1379.
1554, p. 1740.

amending from conspiracy to deceit,
same; where petition is by the at.

p. 723, n.
torney, F. 1555, p. 1743.
to Supreme Court to remove cause

answer after judgment when deemed
from county court for disqualifi.

a new suit, p. 777.
cation, etc., of judge, F. 1559, p.

answer or plea under Limited Lia-

bility Act, p. 825.
to remove cause from State to

departure of complaint from sum-
United States court on account

mons, p. 742.
of a federal question, F. 454, p.

what deemed action on contract, p.

same; for mere difference of citizen-

discharge, after judgment, and leave
ship (short form), F. 455, p. 799.

to plaintiff to discontinue, F. 2070,
another Form (more appropriate); p. 2061.

where an order is asked in the affidavit to enable plaintiff to exam-
State court, F. 456, p. 800.

ine defendant in order to frame
to remove cause from State to

complaint, F. 428, p. 707.
United States court because of extension of time to appear before
prejudice or local influence (short answer, F. 440-441, p. 738, 739.
form), F. 458, p. 803.

judgment on, p. 1425.


[Volume I ends with page 1169. ]
PLEADINGS - Continued.

| PREFERENCE of motions, p. 136.
in what cases to move rather than on the calendar. Forms, see list,
plead, p. 80.

p. 1582.
to bring in new party, p. 719. PRELIMINARY OBJECTIONS, to mo-
how to raise a federal question in, tions, p. 138.
p. 773.

on motion, recital of, in order, p.
removal of cause may be pleaded 226.
in abatement, p. 790.

recital of, in order, F. 101, p. 260;
repleader after removal of cause, p. F. 102-104, p. 262, 263.

orders deciding, F. 102-105, p. 262-
filing and serving, p. 1371.

serving and returning, p. 1375. PREMATURE NOTICE, p 197.
served on attorney, not on party, p. PREMATURE PUBLICATION, p. 353.

striking out, as unauthorized, F. by receiver to creditors and debt-
1048, p. 1386.

ors of corporation, announcing ap-
order denying motion to put in sup pointment, and requiring, F. 746,

plemental answer beca use plaintiff p. 1109.
makes a stipulation and admis before suit against municipality, p.

sion, F. 104, p. 263.
verification of, p. 1361; F. 1016- PREVIOUS APPLICATION, necessity
1028, p. 1364, etc.

of denial or disclosure, p. 116.
remely for non-verification of, p. form of stating, F. 52, p. 171.
495, 496.

PRINCIPAL, when liable for agent's
notice of election to treat as nullity, fraud, p. 1272.
F. 1028, p. 1370.

affidavit of surety to obtain leave to
use of verified, as an affidavit, p. prosecute action abandoned by, F.
1181, 1272.

1198, p. 1494.
when withdrawn, withdrawal should PRINCIPAL AND AGENT, injunction

be recited in judgment, F. 1761 against bank paying over deposit,
1762, p. 1888,

F. 617, p. 954.
PLEDGE, injunction against wrongful injunction against, F. 632, p. 959.
delivery, F. 539, p. 920.

PRISONER, affidavit of service on, F.
powers of receiver as to, F. 709, p. 376, p. 646.

producing for identification, P.
replevying, p. 1149.

1705, n.
affidavit to replevy goods under, F. producing to testify, F. 1515, 1516,
793, p. 1152.

p. 1705.
POLICE interference, injunction security by, for costs, p. 863.
against, F. 635, p. 962.

POOR PERSON, leave to sue as, p. tions allow, p. 876.
572, etc.

PRIVILEGE, discharge from arrest,
infant, suing as a poor person, p. F. 962, etc., p. 1312.

PROCESS. Orders to show cause used
POST OFFICE, what is, p. 399.

as, p. 126.
injunction against taking letters what is returnable, p. 366.

from, F. 541, p. 922; F. 605, p. PROHIBITION. See contents, p. 827.

Forms, see list, p. 828.
POSSESSION, injunction against in. when heard as enumerated motion,

terference, and see TRESPASS, F. 589,
p. 943.

distinguished from stay and injunc-
POSTPONEMENT, order on the min. tion, p. 412.

utes allowing, with amendment, F. verification of return to writ, p.
1627, p. 1796.

489, n.
PRAYER for general relief, requisites in United States court against pro-

and effect, in motion papers, p. ceeding in State court, p. 813, n.

| PROOF by subscribing witness within
of a petition of an officer of court the State (under New York stat-

for instructions, F. 192, p. 326. utes), F. 6, p. 5.

p. 71.

[Volume I ends with page 1169.)
PROOF - Continued.

, RECEIVER — Continued.
of publication, p. 361; F. 215, p. 365. security and oath. Forms, see list,
of service of papers, p. 400; F. 219- | p. 1089.

225, p. 406-410. And see AD-| title possession and control. Forms,

duties, instructions, and examination
return of substituted service, p. 654. of adverse claims (interesse suo).
affidavit of substituted service, p.

Forms, see list, p. 1106.

accounting. Forms, see list, p. 1126.
PROPERTY, what kinds of may be removal or discharge. Forms, see
attached, p. 1215, n.

list, p. 1136.
PROXY, injunction against giving, F. personal liability of, p. 584, n.
623, p. 956.

order of adjournment after appear-
PUBLICATION. See contents, p. 341. ance, with continuance of appoint-
service of summons by, p. 663.

ment of receiver and injunction
PUBLIC OFFICER, attachment of meanwhile, F. 126, p. 273.

property for converting funds, F. appointing, to convey for absentee,
828, p. 1187.

etc., p. 664, n.
PUBLISHING book, injunction, F. 591, affidavit to move to continue action
etc., p. 943.

against, in place of corporation,
QUESTIONS and objections on exam-

F. 1135, p. 1457.
ination before trial, F. 1421-1426,

of dissolved corporation, order
p. 1649, etc.

granting leave to proceed against,
for review on appeal certifying. See

F. 1136, p. 1458.
list, p. 2063.

judgment sequestrating effects of
QUI TAM ACTION, judgment in, F. corporation, at suit of judgment
1876, p. 1945.

creditor, and appointing receiver,
QUO WARRANTO, leave for action in

F. 1860, p. 1933.
nature of, p. 578.

bond given by, for costs, F. 519, p.
arrest in action of, p. 1270.

judgment in, F. 1881-1882, p. 1947. order for, unless defendant delivers
RAILROAD, injunction against mu or deposits specific thing, F. 792,
nicipal corporation forbidding

p. 1145.
them to authorize the construc-

relationship to judge disqualifies in
tion of a city railroad, F. 542,

United States court, p. 764.
p. 923.

affidavit to obtain order for, in di-
in a city street, injunction against

vorce, F. 1003, p. 1338.
authorizing, F. 576, p. 938.

order for, in divorce, F. 1004, p.
same; against laying, F. 577, p. 939.

injunction against mortgaging, F.

for foreign corporation, p. 1023; F.
626, p. 958.

728, p. 1086.
interfering with construction of

injunction against sheriff's interfer-
cross-road, injunction against, F.

ence with, F. 548, p. 929.
633, p. 961.

interpleader of, F. 1145, p. 1466.
receivership for misconduct of offi-

order of interpleader on delivery of
cers, F. 713-715, p. 1073, etc.

specific property and appointment

of, F. 1154, p. 1471.
examination of officers, and discov.

judgment against, in official capac-
ery, action to impeach acts of di-

ity, F. 1883, p. 1947.
rectors, F. 1013, p. 1353.

to pay taxes, etc., pending appeal
REAL PARTY in interest, compelling

after judgment affecting title, or.
to come in, F. 1141, p. 1461.

der appointing, F. 2103, p. 2082.
RE-ARGUMENT, notice of motion

after judgment, motion for, F. 2267,
for, F. 153, p. 288.

p. 2211.
motion for, and leave to put in new

petition by, or other trustee, for
affidavit, F. 157, p. 290.

leave to sue, F. 335, p. 580.
of appeal. See list, p. 2065.

leave for action by or against, p.
RECEIVER. See contents, p. 998. 580.
Forms for obtaining appointment. order giving leave to sue, F. 336, p.
See list, p. 1026, 1027.


[Volume I ends with page 1169.)
RECEIVER -- Continued.

| REDEMPTION - Continued.
petition for leave to sue a, F. 338, reducing amount of warrant of at-
p. 584.

tachment, p. 1205; verdiet, P-
notice of presentation of petition 1808.

for leave to sue, F, 339, p. 585. REDUNDANT MATTER, striking out,
in United States court suable with | p. 1418.
out leave, p. 763.

notice to quit, given by, F. 292, p.) when may certify, and when should

make affidavit, p. 41.
petition by, for leave to be substi. relationship to judge disqualifies in
tuted for a party in an action

United States court, p. 764.
which was pending when he was summons by, F. 735, p. 1097.
appointed, F. 1186, p. 1485.

affidavit by, on taxing fees of, F.
affidavit for motion on behalf of, to

1691, p. 1848.
be substituted in place of original order by, that defendant deliver and
plaintiff or defendant, F. 1160, convey to receiver, F. 736, p. 109.
etc., p. 1475.

approval by, of assignment, F. 738,
right to remove cause, p. 765.

p. 1100.
before service of summons, p. 636. REFERENCE to take and state an
in United States court to follow account before judgment, F. 1792-
State law, p. 763.

1813, p. 1900, etc.
RECEIVERSHIP as a method to se. (in partnership cause) schedule of
curing possession of property, p.

account to be presented on, F.

1805, p. 1906.
RECITALS in bond, p. 29.

adjournment of by court pending
in orders, p. 221; F. 101, p. 259.

stay, F. 232, p. 426.
order correcting, F. 29, p. 22.

adjournment on death of party, F.
of request in an order for general

1130, p. 1453.
relief on a motion, p 228.

affidavit to obtain order to annex
of reference of petition in order,!

by amendment an omitted clause
F. 212, p. 338.

in order of, in foreclosure, F. 32,
in undertaking, p. 453.

p. 23.

order amending order of, F. 33, p.
in undertaking given under order on

condition of giving it, F. 251, p.

appointment of first meeting on, F.

1804, p. 1905.
in order of reference made by the

to compute fees on substitution of
court of its own motion, F. 1328,

attorney, F. 1219, p. 1512; F. 1223,
p. 1591.

p. 1514; F. 1230, p. 1517.
in judgment, p. 1753, n.

of claim against decedent, and
Forms of in judgment, p. 1757, 1758;

Forms; see list, p. 617.
F. 1703-1719, p. 1854, etc.; F. agreement to refer claim against
1758-1776, p. 1885, etc. See also executor or administrator, F. 357,
p. 1886, n.

p. 618.
in judgment after verdict on special in proceedings for contempt, F. 1246,
issues, F. 1784, p. 1895.

1249, p. 1534, 1536.
RECORDING deed or mortgage, as af costs of, affidavit by referee, F.
fecting lis pendens, p. 884.

1691, p. 1848.
RECORDS, injunction against pre as to counsel fee or alimony, or

venting use of corporate, F. 619, both, etc., in divorce, F. 998, p.
p. 955.

authentication of. See list, p. 1714. of divorce case, 1901, p. 1959, etc.
REDEMPTION from sale on execu for examination interesse suo, F.
tion. See list, p. 2124.

762, 763, p. 1121.
order for accounting before judg to ascertain measure of fine for in-
ment, F. 1800, p. 1904.

demnity of complainant order of
proceedings peculiar to trial and F. 1249, p. 1536.

judgment in actions to redeem. | to hear and determine. See list, p.
See list, p. 2031.


(Volume I ends with page 1169.)
REFERENCE - Continued.

| REFUSAL to accept service, p. 381.
to ascertain damages on injunction 1 of a party to obey an order of the

p. 973, 992; F. 671, 672, p. 995. I court, order striking out pleading
same; notice to sureties of, F. 673, for, F. 1090, p. 1415.
p. 996.

REHEARING and renewal distin-
same; report of, F. 674, p. 996.

guished, p. 157.
to settle issues, F. 1739, p. 1871. of motion when allowed, p. 158.
to take proofs before personal judg. of motion, motion for, F. 82, p. 188.

ment on default after service by with leave to put in new affidavits,
publication, F. 1580, p. 1763.

F. 180, p. 303.
conditions imposed on opening judg- REINSTATING previous order, with-
ment, F. 2052–2053, p. 2050.

out prejudice to proceedings to pun-
to determine mode of carrying into ish for its disobedience, F. 118, p.

effect a judgment for specific re. ! 270.
lief (in this case, support); notice RELATION back of order to motion,

of motion for, F. 2060, p. 2054. 1 p. 221.
to marshal assets and take proof RELEASES, setting aside as release
of debts, F. 709, p. 1068.

upon motion, p. 78.
or issue to decide motion, p. 155. by married women of inchoate right
order referring original petition, F. of dower, F. 2016, p. 2029.
207, p. 334.

by dowress, F. 2015, p. 2029.
of petition, recital of in order, F. REMITTER of part of verdict, F.
212, p. 338.

1716, p. 1859.
to appoint receiver, p. 1005; F. 680- (REMITTITUR and subsequent pro-
686, p. 1030.

ceedings. See list, p. 2065.
to appoint receiver in creditor's suit, order returning to Court of Appeals
F. 692, p. 1038.

and staying action on undertak-
to supervise transfer of assets to ing, F. 2157, p. 2116.

receiver, F. 692, 697, p. 10:38, 1049. REMOVAL or discharge of receiver,
to appoint receiver of an estate, or- | Forms, see list. p. 1136.

der of, in case of executors or ad. | REMOVAL OF CAUSE by plaintiff,
ministrators, F. 697, p. 1048.

p. 729.
to appoint another person receiver

of cause from one State court to
if partner fail to qualify, F. 706,

another. See contents and list of

Forms, p. 1738.
to appoint a receiver and superin-

for trial. See motions to change
tend assignment, F. 707, p. 1065.

place of trial, p. 1723, etc.
to appoint a receiver made pending

from a State court to the Circuit
• a reference for an accounting, F.

Court of the United States. See
708, p. 1066.

contents, p. 753.
to effect transfer to receiver, order
of, F. 733, p. 1096.

same. Forms, see list, p. 798.
of petition that receiver surrender

acts of 1875 and 1887-8, p. 758.

from another court, and consolida-
possession, F. 763, p. 1122.

tion of actions, F. 1234, p. 1521.
to pass receiver's account, F. 772,
775, p. 1130, 1132; F. 776, p. 1133.

on appeal to another department,

order for, F. 2158, p. 2117.
notice of report to limit time to re-
view, etc., F. 1749, p. 1880.

substitution of referee, p. 1921, n.

RENEWAL distinguished" from re.
notice of election to terminate, F.

hearing, p. 157.
1354, p. 1598; F. 1843, p. 1925.

other than for trial of issues on the

p. 291, 292.
pleadings. See contents, p. 1588.

when allowed, p. 160.
trial by the court with the aid of. or appeal, p. 163.
See list, p. 1898.

order allowing, on merits, F. 164, p.
to determine or to report on specific 294.

questions pending trial, F. 1788 PENTS, etc., injunction against taking
1791, p. 1898, etc.

rents and profits. F. 562, p. 934.
reformation, judgment for, F. 1884, and profits, order appointing receiver
p. 1948.

of, F. 700, p. 1052.

P. 1064

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