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(Volume I ends with page 1169.)
ORDER - Continued.

! ORDER - Continued.
dismissing action for redemption, F. for final judgment upon sale to pay
2022, p. 2033.

dower, F. 1942, p. 1985.
directing reference as to counsel fees that plaintiff elect between arrest

or alimony, or both, etc., in di and attachment, F. 826, p. 1177.
vorce, F. 998, p. 1336.

that plaintiff elect between several
to show cause for alimony, etc., F. actions, F. 1298, p. 1568.
997, p. 1336.

clause in, directing its entry in an-
to pay alimony and counsel fee, F. other county, or nunc pro tunc,
999, p. 1336.

or both, F. 136, p. 279.
for sequestration and receiver in di-

(ex parte) for examination of a
vorce proceedings, F. 1004, p. 1339.

party or witness in an expected
to show cause why husband should action, F. 294, p. 535.
not be attached for contempt on

vacating order for examination, F.
not paying alimony, etc., F. 1006,

297, p. 538.
p. 1340.

that party, or officer of corporation-
adjudging husband in contempt for

party, submit to examination be-
failure to pay alimony, F. 1007, p.

fore trial, F. 1409, p. 1642.

that exceptions be heard at Appel-
of arrest in divorce or separation,

late Division, F. 1635, p. 1817.
F. 1008, p. 1342.

for time to prepare a case or ex-
to show cause in divorce why plain-
tiff should not have custody of

ceptions, with stay, F. 1660, p.

children, and meanwhile forbid-
ding their removal, and allowing

opening default in serving case, F.
plaintiff to see them, F. 1010, p.

*1661, p. 1822.

settling case (or exceptions) and
in divorce confiding the custody of

directing it to be filed, F. 1667,
children to mother, F. 1011, p.

p. 1830.

giving leave to file and serve excep.
of reference to try issues in divorce,

tions, and make case, nunc pro
F. 1901, p. 1959.

tunc, F. 1753, p. 1883.
for jury trial of issues in divorce, granting leave to issue execution
where previous motion therefor

for possession of realty after
had been denied, F. 1902, p. 1960. death of party against whom
to show cause against confirming re-

judgment was had, F. 2166, p
port of referee and for judgment

of divorce, F. 1905, p. 1962.

granting leave to issue execution af.
for judgment of divorce on report ter lapse of five years, F. 2170, p.
of referee, F. 1906, p. 1962.

granting leave to defendant to ap. directing execution against property

ply for modification of final judg. of a judgment-debtor, having died
ment, F. 1926, p. 1973.

after judgment, F. 2174, p. 2134.
allowing defendant in divorce leave of surrogate allowing execution

to marry again, F. 1929, p. 1975. against executor or administrator
vacating judgment of divorce, and as such, F. 2182, p. 2143.

allowing defendant to defend, F. staying sheriff from removing prop.
2057, p. 2051.

erty or releasing levy, F. 2216, p.
of reference before interlocutory 2171.

judgment for dower, F. 1931, p. granting sheriff extension of time

to return conflicting executions,
for interlocutory judgment (after etc., F. 2218, p. 2175.

hearing by the court) to adineas vacating body execution on condi-
ure dower, F. 1932, p. 1978.

tion of stipulation not to sue, or
to show cause to confirm report ad in default thereof, execution to

measuring dower, F. 1936, p. 1981. stand amended nunc pro tunc, F.
-- order thereon, F. 1937, p. 1981. 2225, p. 2182.
to show cause for leave to pay discharging from execution a debtor

widow a gross sum, F. 1940, p. who has been discharged from his

debts, F. 2227, p. 2185.

(Volume I ends with page 1169.)
ORDER - Continued.

| ORDER — Continued.
of surrogate that executor or ad granting or denying motion (on no-

ministrator render an intermedi tice or motion to show ca use) to
ate account (under N. Y. Code vacate or modify injunction), F.
Civ. Pro., $ 2273, subd. 1 and 2), 667-669, p. 991.
F. 2181, p. 2142.

of reference, or for writ of inquiry
extending time for service, F. 226,

to ascertain damages caused by

injunction, F. 672, p. 995.
p. 410.

to show cause why receiver should
same: of complaint, F. 1030, p. 1371.

not be appointed, with injunction
to show cause to enlarge time to

(general Form), F, 677, p. 1028.
plead, F. 1032, p. 1373.

to show cause for interpleader, F.
extending time to plead, etc., F.

1150, p. 1468.
1033, p. 1374.

of interpleader (short Form) al.
of reference to take proof or amount

due in foreclosure, F. 1586, p. 1769. another Form, discharging defend-
to show cause to have reference for ant without determining the mode

surplus money, F. 1958, p. 2000. of interpleading, F. 1152, p. 1470.
of reference of claims to surplus another Form, in foreclosure, F.
moneys, F. 1960, p. 2001.

1153 p. 1470.
(final) as to surplus, F. 1963, p. of interpleader, on delivery of spe-

cific property and appointing Te-
“ until further order of the court," ceiver, F. 1154, p. 1471.
meaning of, p. 419.

to show cause why plaintiffs in two
on petition for further directions causes should not interplead, F.

after judgment, F. 2059, p. 2053. 1157, p. 1473.
appointing guardian ad litem for to show cause against settling is-

infant plaintiff, F. 343, p. 592. sues for trial by jury, F. 1731, p.
same; defendant, F. 486, p. 839.

appointing guardian ad litem for refusing to strike from calendar, but

defendant, unless the defendant directing that issues be settled for
applies within a limited time, F.

trial by jury, F. 1733, p. 1869.
490, p. 844,

settling issues and directing their
absolute, appointing guardian ad

trial by jury, F. 1737, p. 1870.
litem for infant defendant, F. 492,

of reference to settle issues, F. 1739,
p. 845.

p. 1871.
confirming service on infant defend. that certain issues be tried before
ant, and reappointing a guardian

others, F. 1742, p. 1873.
ad litem, nunc pro tunc, F. 495,

setting aside issues already tried,
p. 848.

and directing a new settlement by
that irregular judgment against in-

a referee, F. 1787, p. 1897.
fant defendant stand confirmed,

of a judge transferring a motion to
F. 496, p. 849.

another judge, F. 70, p. 183.
of injunction. See list, p. 898.

to show cause (by court) why
to show cause why injunction

judge's order should not be modi-
should not be continued, F. 538,

fied, F. 168, p. 295.

for judgment for sum admitted by
p. 918.

the answer to be due, F. 1103, p.
denying motion to continue injunc-

tion, and vacating temporary or-

for judgment by the court, on ad-
der, F. 550, p. 930.

mitted cause of action, less ad-
denying motion for injunction with-

mitted counterclaim, F. 1107, p.
out prejudice, F. 554, p. 932.

dissolving injunction, p. 983.

for judgment on a frivolous plead-
vacating ex parte an injunction ing, F. 1109, p. 1430.

granted ex parte, F. 664, p. 989. with leave to amend, F. 1110, P-
to show cause why injunction 1430.

should not be vacated or modified, for judgment for special relief, F.
F. 665, p. 989.

1571-1573, p. 1757, etc.

(Volume I ends with page 1169.)
ORDER — Continued.

| ORDER — Continued.
for final judgment on demurrer, F. to show cause why leave for defi.
1601, p. 1780.

ciency in foreclosure should not
for judgment after verdict and res be granted after suit brought

ervation for further consideration, without it, F. 317, p. 559.
F. 1674, p. 1835.

order thereon, F. 318, p. 560.
compelling entry of judgment, F. to show cause on petition for leave
1675, p. 1835.

to sue on judgment in another
for judgment on motion, on trial by court, F. 322, p. 564,

the court, aided by verdict deter granting leave to sue on a judgment,
mining all the issues, F. 1782, p. F. 323, p. 565.

giving leave to sue a lunatic, etc.,
to show cause for order amending F. 325, p. 568.

judgment or correcting record, F. of surrogate giving infant leave to
2024, p. 2035.

bring partition, F. 327, p. 571.
amending judgment, F. 2025-2033,

giving leave to prosecute as a poor
p. 2035, etc.

person, F. 331, p. 577.
vacating judgment and resettling denying leave to prosecute as a
findings, F. 2035, p. 2039.

poor person, F. 332, p. 577.
setting aside judgment at the in giving receiver or other trustee

stance of a subsequent bona fide leave to sue, F. 336, p. 582.
purchaser or mortgagee, F. 2038, releasing property from judgment
p. 2051

lien, F. 2107, p. 2085.
setting off judgments, F. 2064, p. to show cause against motion on the

minutes for a new trial, F. 1643,
on bankrupt's or insolvent's motion p. 1805.

for perpetual stay on judgment, order thereon, F. 1645, p. 1807.
F. 2069, p. 2060.

granting motion (other than upon
the same; for cancellation of judg. the minutes) for new trial, F.
ment, F. 2068, p. 2060.

16.54, p. 1816.
to show cause on complaint in judg granting new trial unless the oppos-
went creditor's action to seques. ing party will consent to reduce
trate corporate property, F. 718, his verdict, F. 1646, p. 1808.
719, p. 1078.

denying motion for a new trial, F.
for a special or struck jury, F. 1620, 1012, p. 1805.
p. 1793.

on exceptions heard at Appellate
at a Special Term transferring cause Division granting new trial, F.

to be tried before a jury, F. 1607, 1657, p. 1819.
p. 1786.

for new trial in ejectment, F. 1944,
on consent for the trial of issues by 1987.
a jury, F. 1624, p. 1794.

directing entry nunc pro tunc, F. 30,
to show cause why party should not p. 22.

have leave to submit additional to show cause why previous order
affidavit, and thereupon have re opening default should not be de.
argument, F. 157, p. 290.

clared to have been waived, i.
giving plaintiff in attachment leave 130, p. 275.

to sue in name of sheriff and him to show cause to move to open de-
self, F. 302, p. 545.

fault, inquest or dismissal, F.
of surrogate for action on bond of 2043, p. 2016.

executor, administrator, etc., F. granting or denying motion to open
311, p. 555.

default, inquest, dismissal, etc., F.
that bond or undertaking be deliv 2044-2056, p. 2047, etc.

ered up to be sued, F. 305, p. 548. granting plaintiff leave to add for-
granting leave to sue on official mal parties (and to amend), F.
bond, F. 307, p. 551.

1117, p. 1445.
to show cause why leave should not that an unnecessary party be struck
le granted to sue for deficiency, out. F. 1114, p. 1413.
F 31.5, p. 558.

for lease to change a co-plaintiff to
order thereon, F. 316, p. 559.

a defendant, F. 1115, p. 1443.

(Volume I ends with page 1169.)
ORDER - Continued.

| ORDER - Continued.
to bring in a new-born infant, F. - order thereon, p. 318.
1119, p. 1446.

to show cause on a petition in an
for leave to serve a supplemental action, F. 186, p. 322.

complaint, bringing in as an addi. allowing joint petitioners to sever,
tional defendant a third person F. 198, p. 328.
who has assumed defendant's ob. referring original petition, F. 207. p.
ligations, F. 1130, p. 1453.

allowing judgment creditor to come final, or decree on original petition,

in as co-plaint itf in creditor's ac F. 212, p. 337.
tion, F. 1200, p. 1498.

to show cause why place of trial
allowing bondholders to intervene should not be changed, with stay
as co-plaintiffs in trustee's action meanwhile, F. 1546, p. 1733.

for foreclosure, F. 1201, p. 1498. changing place of trial, F. 1548, p.
allowing plaintiff in attachment suit 1735.

to join in sheriff's action on as that cause in inferior local court of
sets, F. 1202, p. 1499.

record be tried at circuit in an-
to show cause why legatee should other county, F. 1349, p. 1736.

not come in in an action to con that pleadings, etc., be filed or
strue a will, F. 1205, p. 1501.

deemed abandoned, F. 1041, p.
- order thereon, F. 1206, p. 1502.

to show cause why creditor should striking out amended pleading, F.

not be allowed to come in after 1045, p. 1383.
expiration of time limited in ac. granting leave to amend a pleading,
tion for dissolution of corpora F. 1047, p. 1385.
tion or creditor's action, F. 1207, striking out amended pleading as
p. 1502.

unauthorized, F. 1048, p. 1386.
to show cause on asking leave to granting leave to serve a supple-
intervene, F. 1211, p. 1506.

mental pleading, F. 1055, p. 1392.
giving leave to intervene (general to show cause why a party should
form), F. 1212, p. 1506.

not have leave to serve a supple-
of reference preliminary to judg. mental pleading, F. 1054, p. 1392.

ment for partition, or sale, F. requiring the plaintiff to separately
1967-1974, p. 2006.

state and number his causes of
confirming report of partition, F. action, F. 1087, p. 1411.
1989, p. 2018.

that pleading be made more definite
in partition to make creditors par and certain, F. 1089. p. 1413.

ties, so as to proceed to sale, F. striking out pleading for refusal to
1997, p. 2021.

obey an order of court, F. 1090,
confirming report of distribution in p. 1415.
partition, F. 2019, p. 2031.

striking out sham answer or de-
for payment of admitted claims, on fense, F. 1093, p. 1418.
security being given for counter striking out irrelevant, redundant,
claim, F. 790, p. 1144.

or scandalous matter from a
to show cause why sum admitted pleading, F. 1095, p. 1420.

by answer should not be paid, F. striking out scandalous and imper.
1309, p. 1575.

tinent matter, F. 169, 170, p. 296,
allowing money to be paid into 297; and see p. 62.
court, F. 1312, p. 1578.

requiring election between sereral
to show cause why money in court counts setting forth the same

should not be paid over, F. 1317, cause of action, F. 1098, p. 14:22
p. 1580.

compelling a reply, F. 1101, p. 1424.
for payment of money out of fund giving leave to sue as a poor person,
in court, F. 1318, p. 1581.

F. 331, p. 577.
that a party deliver or pay into same; denying leave, F. 332, p. 577.

court money or property admitted vacating leave to sue as poor per-
to be due (or for judgment on son, F. 501, p. 853.
the admission), p. 1142.

postponing trial, F. 1617, p. 1791.
to show cause on original petition, discharging from arrest in violation
. p. 315; F. 195, p. 327.

of privilege, F. 1518, p. 1708.

[Volume I ends with page 1169.)
ORDER - Continued.

| ORDER — Continued.
that corporation party under exam appointing receiver of rents and

ination produce books to refresh, profits in foreclosure or other ac-
F. 1411, p. 1644.

tion affecting real property, with
to produce documents at a trial, F. injunction against defendant, F.
1514, p. 1704.

700, p. 1052.
that alternative writ of prohibition another form, corporation mortgage,
issue, F. 479, p. 829.

F. 701, p. 1056.
to publish summons or notice, p. same; railroad foreclosure, F. 702,
358, n.

p. 1057.
to show cause why motion should appointing receiver of partnership

not be reargued, and why reargu assets (short form), by consent,
ment sliould not immediately pro-

F. 704, 1061.
ceed, with stay meanwhile, F. 154, a fuller form, with special powers
f. 288.

and saving clause as to consent,
to show cause why motion should F. 705, p. 1063.

not be reargued, or party have appointing a partner receiver, with
leave to renew, with stay mean a reference to appoint some other
while, F. 158, p. 291.

person if he fail to qualify, F.
to show cause why there should not 706, p. 1064.
be a reargument or renewal, or a

appointing partner receiver - refer.
stay pending appeal, F. 159, p.

ring it to a referee to appoint and

superintend assignment, F. 707, p.
appointing receiver (general form),

F. 679, p. 1029.

the same; made pending a reference
of reference to appoint receiver

for an accounting, F. 708, p. 1066.
(general form), F. 680, p. 1030.

appointing, as receiver of partner-
same; to nominate, F. 682, p. 1032.

ship, their assignee for benefit of

creditors, with full directions, F.
confirming referee's report, and ap-

709, p. 1067.
pointing receiver accordingly, F.

authorizing partner to continue
686, p. 1034.

business after assignment, F. 710,
(ex parte) appointing temporary re-

p. 1070.
ceiver of property of absentee who
cannot be personally served, F.

appointing managing receiver of a

joint business, F. 711, p. 1071.
687, p. 1034.

appointing manager of a mine, F.
appointing receiver after report,

712, p. 1072.
findings, or verdict, on a trial of

to show cause why a receiver should
the issues, F. 688, p. 1035.

not be appointed at suit of the
appointing receivers after appoint-

people or a stockholder, officer, or
ment in another jurisdiction of a

creditor, for misconduct of direct.
receiver claiming adversely, F. 689,

ors, etc., 714, p. 1074.
690, p. 1036.

granting injunction against corpora-
for receiver of specific personal prop-

tion, and appointing receiver of
erty, F. 691, p. 1037.

property because of misconduct
of reference to appoint a receiver

of officers (with suspension), F.
in a creditor's suit, F. 692, p. 1038.

715, p. 1074.
appointing receiver in a creditor's

appointing receiver in judgment-
action, with usual injunction, F. creditor's action to sequestrate.
693, p. 1040.

etc. (short form), F. 721, p. 1079.
appointing receiver without preju in people's action, granting injunc-
dice to the rights of prior lienors,

tion against insolvent corporation,
and with optional leave to keep

and appointing receiver of all its
down charges, r. 694, p. 1043.

property, F. 723, 724, p. 1081.
appointing receiver of decedent's es appointing ancillary receiver of for-

tate, F. 695, 696, p. 1043, 1045. I eign corporation, F. 728, p. 1086.
of reference to appoint receiver of appointing temporary receiver in

an estate, in case of executors or voluntary dissolution, F. 729, p.
administrators, F. 697, p. 1048. I 1087.

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