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(Volume I ends witb page 1169.)
EXECUTION - Continued.

| EXECUTORS - Continued.
against personal property on orders affidavit on behalf of, to be substi-

requiring payment of costs or tuted in place of original plaintif
other sum of money, F. 181, p. or defendant, F. 1160, etc., il

sale vacated on motion, p. 308, n. order on motion by, that action to
same; advertisement of, p. 349, n.; continue by the plaintiff or be
352, n.; 353, n.; 354, 355, n.

declared abated, F. 1196, p. 142.
undertaking to discharge levy, ex. not served, order allowing to come
ception to sureties, p. 468, n.

in and defend after judgment su:-
injunction against, F. 646, p. 967. | fered by his co-executor or admin-
security on enjoining, p. 973.

istrator, F. 1204, p. 1501,
leave to issue in order dissolving in- of deceased adverse party; affidavit
junction, p. 991, n.

to compel substitution of on ap-
aflidavit to replevy goods under, ".

peal, F. 2108, p. 2086; F. 2110, 1.
793, p. 1152.

affidavit in replevin where exempt

stipulation for substitution of, peud-
property has been seized on, F.

ing appeal, F. 2113, p. 2089.
794, p. 1154.

leave to appeal or move, F. 2084 ?

stay of, in judgment, F. 1877, 1878,
p. 1945.

reference to appoint receiver of eso
award in judgment of divorce, F.

tate, F. 697, p. 1048.
1920, p. 1972.

receiver on death of sole surviving

executor, p. 1001.
against the person. See list, p.

sale advertising, p. 347, n.
arrest by ne ereat after judgment, EXEMPLIFICATION of record, F.

leave to sue on the bond oi, p. 553.
p. 1271.

1533, p. 1719.
against the person, recitals in judg.

of judgment-roll of another State,
ment of right to, F. 1715, p. 1858.

F. 1528, 1529, p. 1715.
executing the judgment by judiciat

same; of foreign country, F. 1535,
sale, etc. See contents, p. 2186.

p. 1721.

EXEMPLIFIED copies, p. 47
TORS, acknowledgment by, F. 1,

EXEMPTION of property from levy;
p. 5.

notice to sheriff of, F. 895, p. 1246.
demand before suit, p. 516, n.

EXHIBITS, verification of, p. 494.
naming in action in official or spel identification of, on examination be
cial capacity, p. 624.

fore trial, F. 1423, p. 1650.
amending misnomer or misdescrip- annexed to deposition, p. 1674, n.
tion, p. 718.

how inserted in case, p. 1825.
affidavit to claim presented to, F. EXONERATION and surrender, Formis,
277, p. 516.

see list, p. 1323.
reference of claim against decedent, EX-PARTE motions, p. 89.
p. 617.

orders vacating order granting es-
costs if he unreasonably resisted or parte, F. 171, 172, p. 298.

refused to refer, F. 1679, p. 1837. EXTENSION OF TIME. See con-
separate answers not allowed, p. 732. tents, p. 48.
- judgment against, F. 1873, 1874, for service of paper, F. 226, p. 410.
p. 1944.

stay not an, p. 413.
security for costs in actions by or to appear, F. 440, 441, p. 738, 739.
against, p. 857.

to plead, affidavit to move for, F.
of deceased defendant (short Form). 1031, p. 1372.

affidavit to move to substitute, F. on demanding copy of account, affi.
1125, p. 1449.

davit to obtain, F. 1038, p. 1395.
same; order to show cause why ac- EXTRA ALLOWANCE. See ALLOT-

tion should not continue against ANCE,
them, F. 1126, p. 1450.

FACTS found on motion to be recited
proceedings to bring in as parties, in order, p. 225.
. p. 1432.

| findings of; see FINDINGS.

(Volume I ends with page 1169.)

stipulation not to sue, p. 1305; F service of infant resident, but a'.
959, p. 1311.

sent, F. 494-497, p. 847, etc.
FEES for filing papers, p. 56.

lis pendens in, p. 879.
FEIGNED ISSUE, p. 164; F. 1730 notice of lis pendens, F. 522, p. 893.
1739, p. 1867, etc.

notice of object of action and ng

personal claim, F. 366, p. 632.
FIDUCIARY CAPACITY, arrest for offer of judgment in, F. 1300, p.

money received in trust, F. 938, etc., 1571.
p. 1283, etc.

striking out unnecessary party, F
FILING and file-marks. See contents, 431, p. 722.
p. 53.

bringing in grantee who has as-
of bonds, p. 32.

sumed mortgage, F. 1130, P.
motion papers, p. 145.

same; order for, F. 137, p. 279. interpleader in, F. 1148, p. 1467.
striking out scandalous matter, F. order of interpleader in, F. 1153, P
169, 170, p. 296, 297.

notice of motion to strike from files, order allowing bondholders to inter-
F. 46, p. 62.

vene as co-plaintiffs in trustee's
vacating order for neglect to file, action for, F. 1201, p. 1498.
F. 177, p. 301.

petition by prior purchasers to be
original petition, p. 315.

brought in as co-defendants in, F.
official returns, p. 373.

1203, p. 1499.
security, p. 465.

by trustee, petition of bondholder to
summons, etc., served by publica. | come in as defendant in on allega-
tion, p. 692, n.

tions of collusion, F. 1212, p.
transcript of record on removal of 1506.
cause, p. 791,

notice of appearance and waiver of
of undertaking, notice of, F. 825, p. notice, etc., F. 438, p. 737.

petition by general guardian, or
notice of lis pendens, p. 887.

relative, or friend, for appoint-
leave to withdraw papers on discon ment of guardian ad litem, F. 344,
tinuing, F. 1286, p. 1561.

p. 593.
“ FINAL DECISION," meaning of, p. guardian ad litem for defendant,

p. 833.
“ FINAL JUDGMENT,” meaning of, amending order of reference, F. 33,
p. 438.

p. 23.
FINAL ORDER or decree on original death after report of referee to com-
petition, F. 212, p. 337.

pute, bars entry of final judgment
FINDINGS on demurrer, F. 1593, in original name, p. 1435.
1599, p. 1776, 1777.

receiver in. See contents, p. 1020.
of fact, É. 1748, p. 1877.

affidavits to obtain appointment of
with direction for judgment by receiver in, F. 698, 699, p. 1049,

judge upon a trial, F. 1748, p. etc.

order appointing receiver of rents
not to be repeated in judgment, p. and profits with injunction
1886, n.

against defendant, F. 700, p. 1052.
order vacating a judgment and re- | injunction against defendant receive
settling, F. 2035, p. 2039.

ing rent, F. 700, p. 1053.
FIXTURES, injunction against re directions as to applying rents, etc.,
moving. F. 564, p. 935.

F. 700, p. 1055.
FOLIOING, p. 63.

by the trustees of a corporation
FORECLOSURE, proceedings peculiar mortgage, for benefit of bondhold-
to. See list, p. 1990.

ers, order appointing receiver of
personal service of summons on in rents and profits, F. 701, p. 1053.
fant, etc., F. 371, p. 642.

of railroad mortgage, order for an.
same; on insane, F. 372, p. 643.

pointment of receiver (including
same; by publication, p. 664, n. amendment of complaint and
proceedings for service by publica with fuul general powers), F. 702,
tion, F. 406, p. 685.

p. 1057.

(Volume I ends with page 1169. ]
FORECLOSURE - Continued. | FORGERY, affidavit for arrest in ae-
order that receiver in pay over sur tion for, F. 932, p. 1279.

plus to himself as mortgagee, . FORMAL PARTS of pleadings, Forms.
767, p. 1125.

See list, p. 1361.
proceedings for survey, p. 1616. FRACTIONS of a day not regardal,
sale, advertisement of, p. 345, n., p. 50, 382.
346, n., 347, n., 350, n.

FRAUD, security on obtaining icjun-
taking judgment by default in, p. tion in action for, p. 975.

extrinsic allegations of. to secure
trial and judgment in. See list, p. order of arrest, p. 1269,

same; judgment after defendant's
undertaking to stay on appeal from default, p. 1756, n.

judgment, F. 2090, p. 2075. affidavit to replery goods obtained
surplus proceedings in, p. 1999, etc. by, F. 793, p. 1152.
citation in surrogate's court as to on creditors, proof of by affidavit,
surplus, p. 352.

F. 832, etc., p. 1196.
leave to sue on personal obligation, by representation through commer-
independently of, p. 555.

cial agency and in general assignr-
affidavit to move after foreclosure ment, proof of, F. 833, p. 1193.

for leave to sue for deficiency, f. in obtaining advances, affidarit for
312, p. 555.

arrest, F. 935, p. 1282.
notice of motion for leave to sun in contracting or incurring the fil

afterward for deficiency, F. 313, bility, arrest for, F. 942, p. 1235
p. 557.

in concealing goods to erade re-
petition for leave to sue for de plevin, F. 949, p. 1298.

ficiency one who was not a party, in sale, affidavit to examine deferi.
F. 314, p. 557.

ant before or pleading on trial
order to show cause why leave F. 1015, p. 1360.

should not be granted to sue for bill of particulars of, p. 1400, D.
deficiency, F. 315, p. 558.

abatement of action for, p. 1433.
order giving leave to sue for de- FREEHOLDER. meaning of. p. 454.
ficiency, F. 316, p. 559.

order to show cause why leave on, F. 1108–1110, p. 1429, etc.

should not be granted after sunt FURTHER DIRECTIONS, leave to ap

brought without it, F. 317, p. 559. ply for, in final order, F. 212. p.
order granting leave after suit 339.

brought without it, F. 318, p. 560. leave to apply for, as to receiver,
by advertisement, publication of no F. 700, p. 1055.
tice, p. 352.

leave for, in order for receiver, and
of lien, seizure of chattel under. proof of debts in creditor's action,
See contents, p. 1167.

F. 709, p. 1067.
FOREIGN COMMISSION, compelling leare in judgment to apply for, F.

attendance of witness under. See 1781, p. 1893.
contents, p. 1709.

after judgment. See list, p. 203.

publication, F. 396, p. 678. . ceiver, p. 1107.
proceedings for removal of cause, FURTHER PARTICULARS, obtain-
F. +56, p. 800.

ing, p. 1406.
certificate of authority of, p. 526. GROU'NDS OF DECISION, specifring.
security for costs, F. 504, p. 863. p. 229.
same: where plaintiff is a foreign GUARANTY COMPANIES. P. 455.

corporation, F. 504, p. 863. (GUARDIAN, when general may sue.
affidavit for attachment against, F.

p. 587.
828. p. 1187.

proceedings for service by publia.
receiver for. p. 1023: F. 728, p. 1086. tion, etc., F. 412, p. 690.
FOREIGN JUDGMENT-ROLL, au reference to examine account. F.
thenticating. F. 1535, p. 1721.

1341, p. 1594.
FORFEITUREindorsement on copy GUARDIAN AD LITEM for plaintiff.

summons for penalty served without See contents, p. 587. Forms, see
complaint, F. 367, p. 633.

list, p. 587.

(Volume I ends with page 1169.)
GUARDIAN AD LITEM-Continued. | IMPEACHING - Continued.
for defendant. See contents, p. 833. credibility of an affiant or of an
Forms, see list, p. 833.

alleged material witness, affidavit,
order for substituting, to prosecute F. 80, p. 187.

appeal after sole plaintiff's death, official return, p. 375.
F. 1185, p. 1484.

IMPOUNDING. Order impounding
affidavit to move to set aside judg- papers for basis of prosecution for

ment against infant had without perjury, F. 122, p. 271.

appointment of, F. 2042, p. 2045. INCOMPETENT. See Insane.
HABEAS CORPUS, verification of pe- INDEMNITY, affidavit to move to
tition for, p. 489, n.

substitute indemnitor as defend-
verification of return, p. 489, n.

ant in place of sheriff, F. 1191, p.
petition for, in civil rights case, F. 1488.
475, p. 817.

consent of indemnitors to be substi-
to remove cause under revenue laws tuted in place of Sheriff, F. 1192,
to U. S. court, F. 476, p. 820.

p. 1489.
ad testificandum, F. 1516, p. 1706. order substituting indemnitors for
HEALTH BOARD, injunction against sheriff, F. 1193, p. 1490.

interference with, F. 636, p. 963. to third claimant in replevin, under-
HEARSAY in affidavits, p. 11-12, 667. taking for, F. 810, p. 1165.
HEIR, affidavit for motion on behalf bond of, to sheriff on attachment, F.

of, to be substituted in place of 864, p. 1225.
original plaintiff or defendant, F. the same; on execution, F. 38, p. 35.
1160, etc., p. 1415, etc.

to sheriff, by deputy, F. 39, p. 35.
order for substituting, to prosecute undertaking of, to sheriff for levy-
appeal after sole plaintiff's death,

ing on property other than a ves-
F. 1185, p. 1484.

sel or cargo, F. 875, p. 1230.
or devisee, judgment awarding exe on levy of execution. See list, p.

cution against inheritance, etc., F. 2124.
1875, p. 1945.

INDEX of files, p. 57.
leave to appeal, or move, F. 2084, p. | INDEXING lis pendens, p. 888.

notice therefor, F. 523, p. 895.
and personal representative, stipu- INDORSEMENT, general rules as to,

lation for substitution of, pending p. 64.
appeal, F. 2113, p. 2089..

on returning notice of resettlement
HIGHWAY, injunction against, F. 633, as irregular, F. 143, p. 283.

on copy summons for penalty served
HOUSEHOLDER, meaning of, p. 454. without complaint, F. 367, p. 633.
HUSBAND, injunction against inter of attachment for contempt, F.

ference with wife's property, F. 1257, p. 1541.
611, p. 952.

by commissioner on exhibit an-
petition by, after marriage of female nexed to deposition, F. 1477, p.

plaintiff, to have action continued 1683.
in joint names, F. 1197, p. 1493. by clerk or judge of receipt of de-

position, F. 1481, p. 1684.
IDENTIFICATION of exhibit on ex on execution against property, F.

amination before trial, F. 1423, p. 2200-2211, p. 2164, etc.

same; against the person, F. 2224,
producing prisoner for, p. 1705, n. p. 2182.
IDENTITY, affidavit to personal INFANCY, discharge from arrest, p.

identity, F. 375, p. 644.
IDIOCY, discharge from arrest, p. INFANT, naming in summons, p. 628.

verification of petition to dispose of
IDIOT, petition to authorize next real estate, p. 489, n.

friend to sue to annul marriage, F. petition to authorize next friend to
992, p. 1329.

sue to annul marriage, F. 992, p.
IMMEDIATELY, meaning in statute

which requires publication, p. 352. service, by, p. 637, n.
IMPEACHING affiant's credibility, p. personal service of process on, 7.

371, p. 642.

p. 962.



[Volume I ends with page 1169.]
INFANT - Continued.

| INJUNCTIONS - Continued.
order for serivce of process by sub order of adjournment on objection
stitution, F. 388, p. 660.

to jurisdiction, and continuing in-
proceeding to serve by publication, junction, F. 127, p. 273.
F. 390, p. 672.

in action by people to dissolve in-
proceedings for service by publica solvent corporation, F. 723, 724, p.
tions, etc., F. 412, p. 690.

guardian ad litem for plaintiff, p. forbidding creditors of corporation

to sue pending sequestration, F.
defendant proceedings by, for ap 727, p. 1085.

pointment of guardian ad litem, the same; in voluntary dissolution,
p. 833.

F. 729, p. 1087.
proceedings against infant defend pending motion to vacate order, F.

ant by plaintiff to have guardian 129, p. 274.

ad litem appointed, F. 485, p. 841. resettlement of order for, F. 14, p.
- plaintiff, security for costs, p. 284.
8.30, n.

and appointment of receiver, moties
coming of age pending suit, p. 835. for, F, 676, p. 1028.
born pending suit, brought in, F. with order to show cause why re-
1118, p. 1445.

ceiver should not be appointed,
IN FORMA PAL'PERIS, leave to sue, F. 677, p. 1028.
p. 572.

clauses in order for receiver in cred-
infant suing, p. 588.

itor's action, F. 693, p. 1010.
INITIALS of names in summons, p. order granting, against corporation.

and appointing receiver of prop-
INJUNCTIONS. See contents, p. 898.

erty because of misconduct of of-
obtaining. See list, p. 898.

ficers (with suspension), F. ilā,
the security. See list, p. 971.

p. 1074.
serving and enforcing. See list, p.

against corporation and receiver of

its property, order granting, F.
getting rid of. See list, p. 983.

724, p. 1081.
enforcing the security. See list, p. reference of specific question of fact

arising on motion for injure-
limit of time for decision of motion,

tion, F. 1331, p. 1391.
p. 1.55.

exception to referee's report assess-
distinguished from prohibition and

ing damages, F. 1357, p. 1600.
stay, p. 412.

provision suspending operation of,
allowed on submission of contro-

F. 1867-1868, p. 1940.
versy, p. 612.
before service of summons, p. 636.

from U. S. court against proverd.

ings in State court, p. 757, 79).
of previous action, p. 822.
as a method of securing possession

against State court, under Limited

Liability Act, p. 824.
. of property, p. 876.
power of the court to grant tempo-

affidavit by purchaser at execution

sale for order to enjoin waste, F.
rary, p. 901.
against a trespass by defendant

2220, p. 2177.
alates on death, p. 1433.

INQUEST, on same day as service of
against one who has combined with affidavit of merits, p. 382.

defendant pending suit, F. 1120, p. attorney may stipulate to open, p.

bringing in new defendant under, F. judgment on, F. 1697-1699, p. 1851,
1120, p. 1446.

order continuing, pending leave to notice of motion (or order to sbor

serve additional papers, F. 125, p. cause) to open, T. 2043, p. 2016.

order granting or denying motion to
"until further order," p. 233.

open, F. 2044-2056, p. 2047, ete.
order of adjournment, after appear- INQUIRY, writ of to ascertain dam-

ance, with continuance of appoint ages caused by injunction, F. 6il,
ment of receiver, and injunction p. 995.
meanwhile, F. 126, p. 273.

writ of, F. 1573, p. 1759.

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