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[Volume I ends with page 1169.)
CERTIFICATES - Continued. | CLERK - Continued.
by sheriff to copy of attachment and order for delivery of conveyance,

notice to third person of levy of etc., deposited in court, F. 2265,
property in his hands (general p. 2209.
Form), F. 850, p. 1214.

CLIENT, power to proceed by new at.
of sheriff that defendant is in cus. torney, p. 386.
tody, F. 979, p. 1321.

effect of death of, on authority of
by sheriff of surrender by bail, F. attorney, p. 393.
982, p. 1323.

agreement with attorney as to com-

pensation, p. 498.
of records, etc. See list, p. 1714.

stipulation by, p. 437.

CLOUD ON TITLE, service of sum-
view on appeal. See list, p. 2063.

mons by puvrication, p. 664, n.
CERTIORARI, when heard as enumer-

action for, lis pendens in, F. 592, P

ated motion, p. 72.

to remove papers from State to
United States court, F. 470, p. 812. COLORE OFFICII, undertaking Foid,

petition, p. 308.
to remove cause to Uniteu States

p. 451,
court, F. 476, p. 820.

COMMISSION to take deposition with.
CHAMBERS in New York city, p. 90.

out the State. See list, p. 1659.
adjournment from Special Term to, to take deposition on interrogatories
F. 73, p. 184.

or oral examination, F. 1469, p.

CHANGES in parties, proceedings as attendance under, p. 1709.
to, p. 1432.

COMMITMENT for criminal contempt
CHATTELS, order appointing receiver in the immediate view and pres.
of, p. 1037.

ence, F. 1241, p. 1528.
summary remedy for deposit or de for contempt on failure to pay

livery of money or other personal money, F. 1278, p. 1556.

property, Forms. See list, p. 1142. COMMITTEE, leave for actions by
foreclosure of lien on. See contents, or against, p. 565.
p. 1167.

petition of committee of lunatit,
CHILDREN, custody of, in divorce, p.

etc., for leave to sue, F. 337, p.
1329, 1976.

CHOSES IN ACTION, levy of attach proceedings for service by publica-
ment, p. 1215, n.

tion, etc., F. 412, p. 690.
CIRCUIT COURT OF U. S.. admission COMMON-LAW BOND, obligation of.
of service without the proper dis-

p. 28, n.; p. 449.
trict, p. 650, n.

COMMON-LAW receivers distinguished
removal from a State court to, p.

from statutory, p. 1002.

COMPENSATION of attorney, p. 498.
CITIZENSHIP distinguished from res-

of referee, p. 1925.

COMPLAINT, order allowing amend-
idence, p. 778.

ment of, by adding allegation of

ground of arrest, F. 954, p. 1302

affidavit to move to amend on 2
tents, p. 1146.

change of parties, F. 1113, p. 1441.
CLERICAL ERROR, objection based

need not ask for arrest as a part of
on is frivolous, p. 1429, n.

the relief, 1296, n.
CLERK may administer oath, p. 201.

on applying for attachment, p. 1181-
of court, no power to amend, p. 53. 1183.
when may certify, and when should

demand of copy of, F. 437, 439, p.
make affidavit, p. 41.

736, 738.
cannot amend, p. 53.

in action by people to dissolve insol-
neglect to make entry, p. 240.

vent corporation, F. 722, p. 1079.
of court, service on, p. 394.

in judgment-creditor's action to se-
approval of bond or undertaking by, questrate corporate property, F.
P. 402.

717, p. 1076.

(Volume I ends with page 1169.)
COMPLAINT - Continued.

| CONSENT - Continued.
as affidavit to obtain injunction, p. of indemnitors to be substituted, F.

1192, p. 1480.
in action in which the right to tem to immediate judgment on service of

porary injunction depends on the summons, F. 384, p. 651.
nature of the action, p. 902; F. to judgment, recital of in judgment,
526, p. 910.

F. 1775, p. 1890.
to move for injunction, affidavit to in lieu of notice of motion, p. 119.

truth of allegations in, F. 527-531, as to place of hearing motion, p.
p. 911, etc.

on application for receiver, p. 1008. to hearing of motion by judge hav-
order extending time to serve, F. ing no jurisdiction, p. 212.
1030, p. 1371.

for party non sui juris, p. 212.
neglect to serve as ground for mo orders by, p. 211; F. 97, p. 257.

tion to dismiss, F. 1291, p. 1563. varying order granted by, p. 245.
order striking out for not obeying to form of order, and waiver of no-

order for account or particulars, tice of settlement, F. 98, p. 257.
F. 1084, p. 1409.

to amendment of order, F. 165, p.
supplemental, F. 1056, p. 1391.

COMPROMISE by receiver, p. 1020. to submit to receivership, p. 1000.

allowing receiver to, F. 693, p. 1041, fees of referee, p. 1925.
CONCEALMENT, affidavit proving, p. to substitution of another attorney,

F. 1215, p. 1510.
proving by affidavit of fruitless in of sureties annexed to affidavit to
quiries, p. 667.

obtain order to mark judgment,
process served, p. 744, n.

"lien suspended on appeal,” F.
of property, affidavit for attach 2105, p. 2084.

ment against, F. 828, p. 1187. of widow to accept gross sum, F.
CONCLUSIONS of law, F. 1748, p. 1939, p. 1983.

of widow or other tenant, for life,
CONDITION of bond, p. 29.

or for years to sale, F. 2014, p.
CONDITIONS, in orders, p. 230. . 2028.
order waived by non-performance of of widow, or other tenant for life
condition, F. 131, p. 276.

or years, to accept gross sum in
in injunction order as to further se case of sale, F. 2015, p. 2029.

curity, and speeding appeal, F. CONSOLIDATION of actions, Forms,
549, p. 930.

see list, p. 1519.
CONFESSION OF JUDGMENT. See recital of, in judgment, F. 1708, p.

contents and list of Forms, p. 598. 1857.
Form for New York, F. 348, p. 601. CONSPIRACY, abatement of action
verification of, F. 349, p. 607.

for, p. 1433, n.
by consent on admitting service of examination of party in creditor's
summons, F. 384, p. 651, n.

action for, F. 1404, p. 1639.
injunction against entering, F. 612, examination of party in action for

fraudulent conspiracy by trustees
CONFLICTING CLAIMS to real prop by the plaintiff corporation in in-

erty, judgment on, F. 1858, p. ducing transfer of assets without

consideration, F. 1405, p. 1640.
CONSENT of attorneys as to allow. CONSTRUCTIVE SERVICE of sum-
ances, F. 211, p. 337.

mons, p. 653-703.
attorney's power to give, facilitating CONTEMPT, Forms, see list, p. 1524.
review, p. 385.

certiorari in. when heard as enumer-
to designation of persor on whom ated motion, p. 72.

summons or writ for absentee proceedings, for, not committed in
may be served, F. 276, p. 515.

the immediate view and presence
to discontinuance (short Form), F. of the court, must begin by order
1280, p. 1558.

to show cause, p. 126,
of proposed guardian ad litem för as a bar to a motion, p. 142.
infant defendant, F. 341, p. 591; a remedy for refusal to deliver at-
F. 483, p. 838.

tached property, p. 1223, n.

p. 953.

(Volume I ends with page 1169.)
CONTEMPT - Continued.

COPIES - Continued.
service such as to make disobedi. or original, when to be served, p.
ence a, p. 381.

225; 1571, n.
striking out pleading for, p. 1415. of account, or bill of particulars,
proceeding in United States court | Forms, see list, p. 1394.

to punish proceeding in State of official documents and records,
court, p. 813, n.

how certified. See list, p. 1714.
affidavit to move to punish for put- COPYRIGHT, injunction, F. 591, etc.,

ting in false justification, F. 263, p. 943.
p. 483.

CORESPONDENT, appearance by, F.
affidavit of service of injunction, F. 1903, p. 1961.
vol, 662, p. 982.

affidavit to obtain order to show against issuing. F. 627, p. 955.
cause why removed receiver should

injunction against violation of
not be punished for failing to pay agreement respecting corporate
over, F. 787, p. 1141.

business, F. 630, p. 959.
report of referee as to facts, F. CORPORATE BOOKS. subpæra to
13.56, p. 1599.

produce, F. 1512, p. 1702.
CONTINGENT FEE, agreement for, order to produce. F. 1514. p. 1704
p. 498; F. 205, p. 501.

CORPORATION, abatement of action
CONTINT ANCE of action after death on individual liability, p. 1432.
or transfer, p. 1432

acknowledgment by, F. 2, p. 4.
order of, F. 1127, etc., p. 1451.

foreign affidavit for attachment
affidavit to obtain, F. 1141, p. 1461.

against, F. 828, p. 1187.
CONTRACT, injunction against offi-

petition by attorney-general for
cers of a corporation executing a

leave to sue to annul a charter, F.
contract, F. 629, p. 959.

333, p. 578.
what deemed action on, p. 1269. request to attorney-general to sue.
order for bill of particulars in action F. 334, p. 579.
on, p. 1400.

judgment that director's acts be an-
orer to make allegation of more defi-

• nulled, and money diverted re-
nite, p. 1412.

funded, F. 1859, p. 1932.
contractor using lands except for

publication of order to show cause
his work, injunction against, F.

against voluntary dissolution, p.
558, p. 933.

351, n.
CONVEYANCE to receiver, p. 1015.

dissolution and receiver. See con-
of property, etc.; order to sheriff
for. F. 2266, p. 2210.

tents, p. 1027.

complaint in action by people to
CONVICT, security for costs, p. 863.

dissolve, F. 722, p. 1079.
in prison, affidavit of service on, F.

order to show cause why creditor
376, p. 646.
proceedings for service by publica-

should not be allowed to come in
tion. F. 402, p. 683.

after expiration of time limited in
CONVERSION, injunction against re-

action for dissolution of, F. 1207.
moving chattels, F. 589, p. 943.

p. 1502.
injunction against sale or disposi. |

examination of officer before trial,
tion, but not against use of

to ascertain defendants, F. 428, p.
plates, etc., for publication, F. 593,

p. 944.

examination before trial to enable
of public moneys, attachment on

applicant to plead in action to set
the ground of wrongful, F. 838, p. aside election, F. 427, p. 704

examination in action to prerent
arrest for, F. 933, p. 1281.

perversion of funds, F. 428, p. 707.
order for bill of particulars in ac. examination of officers in action to
tion for, F. 1068, p. 1401.

impeach acts of directors, F, 1013,
COPIES, in general. See contents, p. p. 1353.

order that officer appear and be er.
or certified copy, when to be served, amined at instance of attaching
p. 379.

creditor, F. 859, 860, p. 1999.

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[Volume I ends with page 1169.)
CORPORATION - Continued. | CORPORATION - Continued.
examination before trial in action application for judgment against, for

for conspiracy of trustees, F. 1407, failure to serve order for trial of
p. 1640.

action for damages on evidence of
order that officer of corporation

debt, F. 1563, p. 1751.
party, submit to examination be motion for receiver, p. 1009.
fore trial, F. 1109, p. 1642.

receiver, powers of, p. 1015.
order that creditors exhibit claims, receiver in corporation cases. See
F. 747, p. 1110.

contents, p. 1027.
order that creditors exhibit and several stockholders as receivers, F.

prove claims on insolvency, dis 694, 1033.
solution, etc., p. 351, n.

notice by receiver to creditors and
action to set aside expulsion, F. debtors of, announcing appoint-
429, p. 708.

ment, and requiring presentation
mortgage, foreclosure by the trus- | of claims, etc., F. 746, p. 1109.
tees of a, for benefit of bordhold-

affidavit to continue action against
ers, order appointing receiver of

receiver in place of, F. 1135, p.
rents and profits, F. 701, p. 1056.

injunction against municipal — for-

judgment sequestrating effects of, at
bidding them to authorize the con-

suit of a judgment-creditor, and
struction of a city railroad, F.

appointing a receiver for distribu-
542, p. 923.

tion, F. 1860, p. 1933.
- against reorganization, F. 618, p.

residence or citizenship of, p. 779.

summons not served on by substitu-
- against preventing use of records,

tion, p. 654.
F. 619, p. 955.

service of summons on, p. 713, n.
- against creating or filling vacan-

verification by orlicer, p. 490, n.
cies, F. 620, p. 955.

how to verify, p. 492.
- against holding corporate elec-

domestic verification of pleading by
tion, F. 621, p. 956.

officer of, F. 1019, p. 1305.
- against voting on stock, F. 622, p.

foreign, verification of pleading by,

F. 1022, p. 1366.
- against inspectors receiving votes,

COSTS, attorney cannot stipulate to

give costs not allowed by law,
F. 624, p. 957.

p. 436.
- against issue or transfer of stock,

may stipulate as to referee's fees,
etc., to an officer, F. 625, p. 9.57.

p. 436, 1925.
- against giving proxy, F. 623, p.

affidavit by counsel for trustees to

his services, and their value, F.
– against paying interest on bonds,

210, p. 336.
F. 628, p. 958.

order that attorney for non-residerit
executing contract, injunction against

pay, F. 2269, p. 2213.
injunction against violation of

do not belong to attorney, p. 500.
agreement, respecting corporate

affidavit by wife, plaintiff, for, in
business, F. 630, p. 959.

divorce, F. 994, p. 1331.
another Form, F. 631, p. 59.

same; pending appeal, F. 995, P.
officers of, F. 629, p. 959.

security on obtaining injunction in same: by wife, defendant, F. 996,
action to sequester, p. 975.

p. 1335.
naming in action, p. 627.

in divorce, order to show cause for,
misnomer, etc., p. 717.

F. 997, p. 1336.
order for trial, to prevent summary notice of motion by wife for, in di.

judgment against, in action for vorce, F. 997, p. 1336.
damages for non-payment of note order to pay, in divorce, F. 999,
or other evidence of debt, F. 1037, p. 1336.
p. 1376.

execution for, F. 181. p. 304.
order to proceed against receiver of, where infant plaintiff is unsuccess-
F. 1136, p. 1458.

ful. p. 589.

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(Volume I ends with page 1169.)
COSTS - Continued.

| COURT, where or before whom to
statement of costs and disburse move, p. 88, 98.

ments on coniessing judgment, constitutional power to disregard
F. 350, p. 607.

statute, p. 103.
on judgment by default, F. 1561, constitutional power irrespective of
p. 1750.

county, p. 421, n.
upon final judgment and proceed. duty of, in approving security, p.

ings to secure. See list, p. 1831.
judgment for, against a third per: COURT ORDER, how distinguished
son, F. 2268, p. 2212.

from that of judge, p. 212, 215.
order that attorney or assignee amended into judge's order, F. 155,
pay, F. 2269, p. 2213.

p. 289.
of motion, p. 125, 155, 233.

(general Form), F. 94, p. 255; F.
of motion, taxation or liquidation, 820, p. 1174.
and demand, p. 251.

COVENANT, injunction against rio-
on motion for new trial, p. 1816, n. lating, F. 578, p. 939.
directions as to, in order, F. 101, CREDITOR'S ACTIOX, arrest in. F.
p. 261.

943, p. 1290.
on original petition, F. 209, p. 335.

bill of particulars in, p. 1400, D.
provision again-t, by security, p. judgments removing fraudulent ob-

struction to execution, F. 1861-
stay by non-payment of motion, p.

1864, p. 1934.

affidavit by judgment creditor to
notice of motion for stay for non-

come in before judgment as co-
payment of, F. 233, p. 427.

plaintiff, F. 1199, p. 1497.
COUNSEL FEE, in matrimonial ac-

order allowing judgment-creditor to
tions. See ALIMONY.

come in as a co-plaintiff in, F
see also Costs and COUNSEL.

1200, p. 1498.
admission by

order to show cause why creditor
plaintiff of, F. 1105, p. 1427.
judgment, upon admission, F. 1106,

should not be allowed to come in

after expiration of time limited
p. 1428.
order striking out, for not obeying

in action for, F. 1207, p. 1302.
order for account or particulars,

against corporation, receiver's dotice

to creditors and debtors, F. 746.
F. 1084, p. 1409.
COUNTERHAND notice of motion, p.

p. 1109.

to sequestrate corporate assets. See
same (general Form), F. 63, p. 181.

list, p. 1026.
of judicial sale, notice of, for ser-

to dissolve corporation. See cori-
vice. F. 2233, p. 2189.

tents, p. 1027.

dissolution of corporation at suit of
in general, p. 140.

creditor, p. 1076.
COUNTER-MOTION, p. 133; F. 62, examination before trial in, F. 1404,
p. 180.

etc., p. 1639.
COUNTY in which to move, p. 88, 101.

notice to creditors to exhibit de
COUNTY JUDGE, power in actions in mands, F. 747, p. 1110.
other courts, p. 98-102.

injunctions in, F. 608, etc., p. 951.
COUNSEL, service of papers on, p. injunction against transferring as

sets, F. 587-590, p. 942.
implied authority to sign petition publication of notice to creditors and
for removal of cause, p. 768.

parties in interest, p. 351, n.
fees, etc., petition of receiver for receiver in, p. 1001.

authority to pay, F. 754, p. 1115. same. See contents, p. 1026.
order sanctioning receiver's em order appointing receiver in, with
ployment of, F. 755, p. 1116.

usual injunction, F. 693, p. 1040.
fees in divorce, reference for, F. 998, | appointing assignee as receiver, F.
p. 1336.

709, p. 1067.
see also Costs.

order that receiver marshal assets
COUNSELLOR cannot be surety, p. and take proof of debts. F. 709.

p. 1068.


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