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Briefly put, this book was started prior to the end of the war, as Sage was sent to England to write an apologia for the Confederate cause. He actually got an abbreviated form of it published before the fighting stopped, but it was too little too late to accomplish the Confederates' desired ends. He brought it back to the re-United States, and some historians claim it was to be the defense brief at Jefferson Davis' trial, had he been granted one (as he wished!) It is more or less a one volume encyclopedia of pro 'Confederate' interpretation and explanation of the Constitutional problems which arose between the Southern and Northern States prior to the war, which eventually led to that war. Jefferson Davis gave it very high praise in his own two volume set, The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, and said that it was one of his main sources of information, from which he received permission from Sage to quote freely without having to constantly foot note his book. So, to actually be brief, if you desire to understand what the Confederates considered the original interpretation of our pre war government, this is the first book of order! One last kicker, viz, Sage was born and raised in New England! Whether you agree with him or not, it is a book very well worth your time, if you wish to understand the Confederate cause! Thank you, Larry L. Burton, West Point, Ky.  

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