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joy in private life the honors so freely accorded him—Isaac N. Blodgett.

Gentlemen of the Convention: Again I thank you and am ready to proceed to business.

On motion of Benjamin A. Kimball of Concord, James E. Dodge of Manchester was chosen temporary secretary.

On motion of Stephen S. Jewett of Laconia,

Resolved, That a committee consisting of two delegates from each county be appointed by the chair to inquire who are elected delegates to this Convention.

The following named gentlemen were appointed as such committee:


True L. Norris of Portsmouth.
William H. C. Follansby of Exeter.


Charles H. Morang of Dover.
George W. Nutter of Rollinsford.


Stephen S. Jewett of Laconia.
Edwin C. Lewin of Laconia.


James L. Gibson of Conway.
Henry F. Dorr of Sandwich.


Maitland C. Lamprey of Concord.
George W. Stone of Andover.


Edward E. Parker of Nashua.
Herbert 0. Hadley of Temple.


Amos J. Blake of Fitzwilliam.
Joseph Madden of Keene.


Jesse M. Barton of Newport.
Herbert A. Holmes of Langdon.


Henry C. Carbee of Bath.
Calvin T. Shute of Wentworth.


Alfred R. Evans of Gorham.
Jason H. Dudley of Colebrook.

On motion of John W. Sanborn of Wakefield,

Resolved, That when this Convention adjourns, it adjourn to meet this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

On motion of Mr. Gilmore of Manchester,

Resolved, That the temporary secretary request the secretary of state to furnish this Convention with 450 copies of the published proceedings of the Constitutional Convention of 1889, one copy for each member of this Convention and its officers.

Mr. Foster of Concord presented the petition of Felix G. Harbor and others, contesting the right of Herman Greager and others to seats as delegates.

On motion of Mr. Jewett of Laconia, the petition was laid on the table.

On motion of Mr. Sanborn of Wakefield, the Convention adjourned.


The Convention met at 2 o'clock, according to adjournment.

The chair called upon the Rev. David H. Evans of New Hampton to open the Convention with prayer.

Mr. Jewett of Laconia, for the Committee on Credentials, reported that prima facie evidence had been presented to them of the election of the following named persons as delegates to this Convention:


Atkinson, Elmer E. Conley.
Auburn, Henry C. Sanborn.
Brentwood, Ephraim G. Flanders.
Candia, George E. Eaton.
Chester, Charles H. Knowles.
Danville, Eugene F. Kimball.
Deerfield, John M. Kelsey.

Derry, Walter R. Sanders, Charles F. Gillispie, Charles W. Abbott.

East Kingston, Frank R. Morrill.

Exeter, Edwin G. Eastman, William H. C. Follansby, Arthur 0. Fuller, Albert S. Wetherell.

Epping, John Leddy.
Fremont, Lincoln F. Hooke.
Greenland, John S. H. Frink.
Hampstead, John C. Sanborn.
Hampton, John W. Towle.
Hampton Falls, Benjamin F. Weare.

Kensington, Weare N. Shaw.
Kingston, Amos C. Chase.
Londonderry, Rosecrans W. Pillsbury.
Newcastle, no choice.
Newfields, Christopher A. Pollard.
Newington, Frederic W. de Rochemont.
Newmarket, Harrison G. Burley, John Walker.
Newton, Daniel F. Battles.
North Hampton, David H. Evans.
Northwood, Charles F. Cate.
Nottingham, James H. Kelsey.
Plaistow, Daniel M. Peaslee.

Ward 1, Samuel W. Emery, Guy E. Corey.
Ward 2, Simon P. Emery, Alfred F. Howard, True L.

Ward 3, Clarence H. Paul, Samuel F. Ham.
Ward 4, Edward H. Adams.

Ward 5, William A. A. Cullen.
Raymond, James M. Healey.
Rye, Horace Sawyer.
Salem, Wallace W. Cole, Benjamin R. Wheeler.
Sandown, Horace T. Grover.
Seabrook, John W. Locke.
South Hampton, Benjamin R. Jewell.
Stratham, Joseph C. A. Wingate.
Windham, George H. Clark.


Barrington, Alphonzo B. Locke.

Ward 1, George I. Leighton, Charles E. Morrison.
Ward 2, Charles T. Moulton, William H. Roberts, Burn-

ham Hanson. Ward 3, John H. Nealley, Dwight Hall. Ward 4, Charles H. Morang, Channing Folsom, John H.

Ward 5, Patrick W. Murphy.

Durham, Daniel Chesley.
Farmington, Henry C. Nutter, Edward T. Willson.
Lee, John W. Webb.
Madbury, Fred E. Gerrish.
Middleton, James D. Moore.
Milton, Bard B. Plummer.
New Durham, Horatio G. Chamberlin.

Ward 1, Andrew R. Nute.
Ward 2, George P. Furbush.
Ward 3, Stephen C. Meader.
Ward 4, George H. Springfield, Gaspard A. Gelinas.
Ward 5, George E. Cochrane.

Ward 6, William T. Gunnison.
Rollinsford, George W. Nutter.

Ward 1, James A. Edgerly.
Ward 2, Joseph Libby.
Ward 3, James A. Locke.
Ward 4, Michael J. Leary, Clement Roy.

Ward 5, Oliver Morin.
Strafford, Frank H. Hall.


Alton, George H. Demeritt.
Barnstead, Horace N. Colbath.
Belmont, Fred E. Bryar.
Center Harbor, Allan C. Clark.
Gilford, James R. Morrill.
Gilmanton, Thomas Cogswell.

Ward 1, Charles L. Pulsifer, Edwin D. Ward.
Ward 2, Stephen S. Jewett, Horace W. Gorrell.
Ward 3, John T. Busiel.

Ward 4, Edwin P. Thompson, Edwin C. Lewis.
Meredith, George F. Smith.
New Hampton, Kenrick W. Smith.

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