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ENGAGED in the completion of a laborious digest of a small section of the Laws of England, I have passed some of my hours of recreation amidst the works of a few favourite authors, to which, from my residence in the University, I have had easy access. From these works this Selection is made. It is published partly with the conviction that every lesson of such teachers of truth has a tendency to meliorate our general taste, and our taste for moral beauty; but chiefly with the hope that I may induce some of my contemporaries, not accustomed to this train of reading, to extend their researches to these repositories of science. please myself with thinking that this little volume will contain “ the slip for use, and part of the root for growth.”

I subjoin in this preface an extract containing some account of Bishop Taylor, from the sermon preached at his funeral by his successor, George Rust, bishop of Dromore :

“ He was born at Cambridge, and brought up in the free-school there, and was ripe for the university before custom would allow of his admittance; but by that time he was thirteen years old, he was entered into Caius College ; and as soon as he was graduate, he was chosen fellow.

“ He was a man long before he was of age; and knew little more of the state of childhood than its innocency and pleasantness. From the university, by that time he was master of arts, he removed to London, and became public lecturer in the church of St. Paul's; where he preached to the admiration and astonishment of his auditory; and by his florid and youthful beauty, and sweet and pleasant air, and sublime and raised discourses, he made his hearers take him for some young angel, newly descended from the visions of glory. The fame of this new star, that outshone all the rest of the firmament, quickly came to the notice of the great archbishop (Laud]

Publications of W. Pickering.

Pickering's Aldine Edition of the Poets. Price

5s. each volume, in cloth boards, or 10s. 6d. bound in morocco by Hayday. Each author may be had separately; or complete

sets, 53 volumes, price 131. 55. in boards. Akenside.

Dryden, 5 vols. Prior, 2 vols.

Burns, 3 vols.

Spenser, 5 vols.
Butler, 2 vols. Gray.

Surrey and Wyatt, 2 Chaucer, 6 vols. H. Kirke White.

Churchill, 3 vols. Milton, 3 vols. Swift, 3 vols.

Thomson, 2 vols.
Cowper, 3 vols.
Pope, 3 vols.

Young, 2 vols. A complete collection of our Poets, with well written Memoirs, and good readable type is a desideratum; and from the works sent forth we feel assured that the Aldine Edition will

supply the want.”-Athenaum. Bacon's Essays and Wisdom of the Ancients.

Edited by Basil Montagu. Fcp. 8vo. 5s.

Bacon's Advancement of Learning. Edited by

Basil Montagu. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. Bacon's Novum Organum, or True Suggestions

for the Interpretation of Nature. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. A short and plain Instruction for the better un

derstanding of the Lord's Supper ; with the necessary Preparation required. By the Right Rev. Thomas Wilson, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. Fcp. 8vo. 4s. Beautifully printed

in large type by Whittingham. Sacra Privata. The Private Meditations and

Prayers of the Right Rev. Thomas Wilson, D. 1). Lord Bishop

of Sodor and Man. Fcp. 8vo. 4s. Uniform with the above. Lanceloti Andrewes, Episcopi Wintoniensis,

Preces Privatæ Quotidianæ. Gr. et Lat. A New Edition

very carefully corrected. Fcp. 8vo. Is. Bishop Andrews's Private Devotions, with his

Manual for the Sick, translated from the Original Greek, by

the Rev. Peter Hall, fcp. 8vo. with Portrait, 5s. The Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations of

Henry VAUGHAN. With a Memoir by the Rev. H. F. LYTE, fcp. 8vo. 5s.

Preserving all the piety of George Herbert, they have less of his quaint and fantastic turns, with a much larger infusion of poetic feeling and expression."

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