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Page 55 - Out of every corner of the woods and glens they came creeping forth upon their hands, for their legs could not bear them ; they looked like anatomies of death, they spake like ghosts crying out of their graves...
Page 5 - ... and valiant enterprises ; that he did never eat his meat before he had won it with his sword ; that he lay not all night slugging in a cabin under his mantle, but used commonly to keep others waking to defend their lives...
Page 3 - That they were designed to answer, at least, a twofold use, namely, to serve as belfries, and as keeps, or places of strength, in which the sacred utensils, books, relics, and other valuables were deposited, and into which the ecclesiastics, to whom they belonged, could retire for security in cases of sudden predatory attack.
Page 88 - Majesty that it is not by temporary expedients, but by a free trade alone, that this nation is now to be saved from impending ruin.
Page 96 - I do further declare that neither hopes, fears, rewards or punishments, shall ever induce me directly or indirectly, to inform on, or give evidence against any member or members of this or similar societies, for any act or expression of theirs, done or made collectively or individually, in or out of this society, in pursuance of the spirit of this obligation.
Page 118 - Does not a tremendous organization extend over the whole island ? Have not all the natural bonds by which men are tied together been broken and burst asunder ? Are not all the relations of society, which exist elsewhere, gone? Has not property lost its influence ; has not rank been stripped of the respect which should belong to it ? and has not an internal government grown up which, gradually superseding the legitimate authorities, has armed itself with a complete domination? Is it nothing that the...
Page 5 - ... cabin under his mantle, but used commonly to keep others waking to defend their lives, and did light his candle at the flames of their houses to lead him in the darkness ; that the day was...
Page 89 - That the King, Lords, and Commons of Ireland only are competent to make laws, binding the subjects of this realm ; and that we will not obey, or give operation to any laws, save only those enacted by the King, Lords, and Commons of Ireland, whose rights and privileges, jointly and severally, we are determined to support with our lives and fortunes.
Page 96 - In the awful presence of God, I, AB, do voluntarily declare, that I will persevere in endeavouring to form a brotherhood of affection among Irishmen of every religious persuasion, and that I will also persevere in my endeavours to obtain an equal, full, and adequate representation of all the people of Ireland.
Page 5 - ... to their lovers; that his music was not the harp nor lays of love, but the cries of people and clashing of armour; and finally, that he died not bewailed of many, but made many wail when he died, that dearly bought his death.

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