Decisions, North Western Provinces: Vol. 1-11, 1846-56, 1859-61, Volume 6

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Seetul Buksh Plaintiff Appellant versus Adhar Singh
Ooderaj Defendant Appellant versus Jumeyut
Heera Lall Plaintiff Appellant versus Rutchpal De
Purmesur Dutt Doobé Plaintiff Appellant versus
Goshain Manpooree Plaintiff Appellant versus Purbhoo
Baboo Hurpershad Singh Plaintiff Appellant versus
J Stonehouse Plaintiff Appellant versus H T Dods
Goshein Madho Raojee Plaintiff Appellant versus Betthul
Hurchurun Lall Plaintiff Appellant versus Shewchurun
Baboo Dulject Suhai and others Plaintiffs Appellants
Buldeo Dass and others Plaintiffs Appellants versus
Baboo Hurree Dass Defendant Appellant versus
Ameer Beg and others Plaintiffs Appellants versus
of Sudder Ameen is competent under the law
Sheochurn Lall Plaintiff Appellant versus Mussumat
Mydan Singh Defendant Appellant versus Ranee Sheo
Belass Rai and others Defendants Appellants versus
Deen Singh and another Defendants Appellants versus
Tulloo Misser Defendant Appellant versus Sheo Kuor
Mullick Dhoomee Plaintiff Appellant versus Bustee
Syed Safdur Ali Plaintiff Appellant versus Syed
Sheo Dass Defendant Appellant versus Mussumat Lon
Bhowannee Bissashur Pershad Singh Plaintiff Appel Page
Nujeeb Khan Defendant Appellant versus Mujjoo Khan
of judgment on a fictitious elaim upon him
Bhyroo Doobé and others Defendants Appellants versus
Baboo Jyenath Singh and others Plaintiffs Appellants
Buttun and Lalla Plaintiffs Appellants versus Luch
Mr S R Greenway and others Plaintiffs Appellants

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Page 438 - ... interest from the time when such debts or sums certain were payable, if such debts or sums be payable by virtue of some written instrument at a certain time, or, if payable otherwise, then from the time when demand of payment shall have been made in writing, so as such demand shall give notice to the debtor that interest will be claimed from the date of such demand until the term of payment; provided that interest shall be payable in all cases in which it is now payable by law.
Page 168 - Civil Court of the zillah in which the lands were situated, according to the rates established in the pergunnah for lands of the same description and quality as those respecting which the dispute arose.
Page 4 - Section 7, provided the landed or other ' real property to which the suit or com' plaint may relate shall be situated, or in ' all other cases the cause of action shall ' have arisen, or the defendant, at the time ' when the suit may be commenced, shall ' reside as a fixed inhabitant, within the ' limits of the zillah or city over which "" their jurisdiction may extend.
Page 4 - II. of 1803 lays it down, that " the Zillah and City Courts, respectively, are empowered to take cognizance of all suits and complaints respecting the succession or right to real or personal property, land-rents, revenues, debts, accounts, contracts, partnerships, marriage, caste, claims to damages for injuries, and, generally, of all suits and complaints of a Civil nature...
Page 4 - ... all other cases, the cause of action shall have arisen, or the defendant, at the time when the suit may be commenced, shall reside as a fixed inhabitant within the limits of the Zillah or City over which their jurisdiction may extend.
Page 114 - Judicature ; it being understood and declared that all decisions on the demands of the Zemindars shall hereafter be regulated by the rates of rent, and modes of payment avowed and ascertained at the settlement and recorded in the Collector's proceeding, until distinctly altered by mutual agreement, or after full investigation in a regular suit.
Page 8 - JJ. no claim of right founded on any act of the original engager or his representative, or on any plea impeaching the title by which the said engager may have held, shall be allowed to impugn the right of the revenue authorities to make the sale, or to bar or affect the title and interest conveyed to the purchaser by the sale.
Page 154 - shall be made by a written order of court to be read and proclaimed upon the spot, and to be affixed in some conspicuous situation at the place where the property is situated; after which any private alienation of the property sequestered during the continuance of the attachment, shall be deemed illegal and void.
Page 57 - A bankrupt law. is distinguished from the ordinary law between debtor and creditor, as involving these three general principles: (1) A summary and immediate seizure of all the debtor's property ; (2) a distribution of it among the creditors in general, instead of merely applying a portion of it to the payment of the individual complainant; and (3) the discharge of the debtor from future liability for the debts then existing.
Page 168 - Justice will determine the rights of every description of landholder and tenant, when regularly brought before them ; whether the same be ascertainable by written engagements, or defined by the laws and regulations, or depend upon general or local usage, which may be proved to have existed from time immemorial.

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