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Hermann Giliomee, your history on The Afrikaners are flawed, the term "Afrikaner" referred to Europeans in South Africa, instead it was referred to The Orlam(Intelligent) Afrikaners of Namibia, which were actually people of mixed race descend and they had strong Khoisan roots/bloodlines, hence they even looked like the ancient Khoisan and it also referred to other mixed race people mostly descendants of the Khoisan, Nguni and other African groups, hence the term Afrikaners/Africaanders. The people you are referring to are copy cats, who took another Nations history, THAT is called being corrupt! Stop robbing other people of their history, YOU are a fraud! One obvious flaw is that when you came here, you were not called Afrikaners, so how can you say, "history of the Afrikaners from their BEGINNINGS with the colonisation of the Cape Of Good Hope...", when in the BEGINNING, when you came here, you were known as Dutch, Hollanders etc etc, you my friend, is a FRAUD! 

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