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Editorials : The Political Situation.


Y. M. M. I. A. Manual .


James Russell Lowell .


The Missionaries


The Contributor


President Joseph F. Smith .


Education ..

Captain Willard Young. 388

Evolution and Creation .

· Joseph Stanford. 409, 451

Function of the Memory

Henry W. Naisbitt. 329, 386

Feathered Architects

Respice Finem, 440

Galls and Gall-Aies . ...

J. E. Talmage, 406

Gettysburg and Waterloo Compared .


Home. ..

Arthur Stayner, Jr. 152

Heligoland Disappearing


How Some Print .

Leo Hæfeli. 291

Home Discipline .


Investigation and the Laws of God.

· James H. Anderson, 172
Innocent Vices.

S. W. Richards. 174
Influence of Imitation .


John 1. Hayes. 396
Joseph the Prophet .

B. H. Roberts. 57
Keeping the Baby Happy . .

Lise and Labors of Orson Pratt

Milando Pratt.

1, 41, 81, 129, 185, 201, 275, 305, 321, 392, 418, 460

Leaves from a Note Book

Alfred Lambourne. 86

Living Lights of the Air

J. E. Talmage, 226

Life in California in '49

Century. 312

Letter from Joseph F. Smith .


My First Tiger . .

. Harper's Weekly.

Mary: A Story of Sage-brush Bench .

Nephi Anderson. 25, 53

Music in the Associations

Evan Stephens. 37

Music :- Invocation to Harmony

Evan Stephens. 38

All is Well...

Evan Stephens. So

The Power of Song

Fairy Moonlight


Like the Woodland Roses .

Franz Moir. 200

Proudly as the Eagle

Louis Spohr. 240

Stand by the Flag


Yon Towering Peaks

When the Swallows Homeward Fly.

Franz Abt. 400

Home Love.

Joseph Parry, (Mus. D.) 438

The Soldiers Farewell


Music and Her Sister Song .

H. W. Naisbitt. 235
Musical Competition

Evan Stephens. 239
Merely an Incident .

Ken Denys. 333
Leo Hæfeli. 336

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No. 24

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Heber J. Grant. 467

Studies from Froissart: Chivalry

De Valibus. 21

At the Siege of Calais

De Valibus. 49

Something About Spiders .

.J. E. Talmage. 44

Slavery-A Testimony for the Truth

S. M. Sjodahl. 90

Scandinavia, ..

Edward H. Anderson. 108, 210, 299

Some Parasitic Pests

· J. E. Talmage. 138

Spanish Bells .

New England Magazine. 171

Shoes in the Bottle

Leo Hæfeli. 465

Speeches of Presidents Woodruff and Cannon (Irrigation Convention).


The Church and Science

G. F. Phillips, M. A. 9

The Famous Bug Family .

.J. E. Talmage. 99

The Cobbler's New Year

Leo Hæfeli. 104

The Mistletoe

The "Alexandria"

Harpers Weekly. 123

The Treasures of Jeremiah Stoker .

Ken Denys. 124

The Angelus . .

G. L. B. 161

Traditions of the Deluge:

J. H. Martineau.

The Chaldean Story


Greek and Other Traditions .


The Descendant of an Ancestor

Josephine Spencer. 177

The World Over . .

The Musical Competition .

Evan Stephens. 199, 280

The First Experience .

G. L. B. 217, 266

The Origin of Profane History .

Willard Done. 222

The Bible ..

S. W. Richards. 229, 310

The Awakening of the Year

.J. E. Talmage. 289

The Royal Arsenal at Woolwich

James H. Anderson. 294

The June Festival .


The Tithe Boy

Leo Hæfeli. 382

The Corner Stone of Character.

Angus T. Wright. 384

F. B. 416

The Influence of Fiction .

The Old Pueblo . .

.J. H. Martineau. 423

The Piute Indians ..

Eugene J. Young. 428

Calvin Reasoner. 431

The Irrigation Convention

Utah in 1850.

J. H. Martineau. 93

Vocal Culture

John Quigley. 437


Words that Laugh and Cry

Hystaspes. 96

Why we Study History

St. Nicholas. 128

Where to Put a Stamp on a Letter .
Within an Ace .

Ken Denys. 133

Wrong Side Out.

195, 228

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own history? He said: “Should my his- ancestor of Orson Pratt, and his older cerning myself, that a general research onists, located at Hartford, Connecticut. through the Church records and other This colony was founded in June, 1636, periodicals would have to be made, and which was a little less than

This remark was made at the His- tion, about one hundred in number, from torian's Office, and at the time when Newtown, now called Cambridge, MasApostle Pratt was the Church Historian. sachusetts, through a dense wilderness, person of no little historical ability, and, and became the first settlers of Hartford. that too, concerning his own personal his. The ancient records at Newtown show tory, was calculated in its very nature to that John Pratt owned land in that town. Vol. XII. NOVEMBER, 1890.


engender the feeling of incompetency and BEFORE allowing the reader to enter embarassment almost insurmountable. upon the following sketch, it is but justly And even now, the writer is almost perdue that the writer should preface it by suaded, at the threshold of his narrative, offering an apology for attempting to pre- to throw down his pen and abandon the pare a manuscript for publication upon task. However, if the reader will patithe life and character of a man, whose ently bear and forbear, it may not be unnoble career has not only been eminently interesting to peruse the following sketch, interwoven with the history of the Latter- which is limited as to space and whose day Saints, ecclesiastically, but also in the commentations are lacking in that eloaffairs and human events of a great com- quence,

which the subject of the monwealth. Realizing that the data of same, in justice, more richly deserves. details and circumstances, so requisite in - Milando Pratt. writing his

personal history, is very mea ANCESTRY AND GENEALOGY. gre, without spending much more time in A few centuries ago, when the old research than is available, and that a sub- world groaned under the hand of tyranny ject of such importance should be treated and oppression, when persecution raged by more able and experienced writers, it against those who desired to be the humis with feelings of delicacy that the task is ble followers of Christ, the great western undertaken, and especially since vivid in refuge of the New World was discovered; the writer's mind is the following remark to which a few hardy, brave pioneers which he heard his lamented father— sailed and commenced the colonization Apostle Orson Pratt-make, in reply to of New England. Among these humble the question, why did he not write his pilgrim fathers were William Pratt, the tory ever be written, it will be the result brother John. In February, 1639, these of a laborious task to the person under- two brothers received a portion of land, taking it; for so little have I written con in the first distribution made to the col

ee years sure that life is too short for before they drew their portion of land. com to write my history, even if I were it is supposed that they accompanied the

Rev. Thomas Hooker and his congrega

I am quite


Such a

remark, coming as it did from a inhabited only by savages and wild beasts,

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