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Exchequer (Court of), making further | Guardians of Poor, extending the Pe-

Investments from the Money riod for the Repayment of
of the Suitors of Cap. 54 Loans to, under 4 & 5 Gul. IV.

(Court of), authorized to de- c. 76., for building, altering,
termine Disputes as to the Divi- &c. Workhouses

Cap 25.
sion in which Lands are liable Gunpowder, amending and continuing

to be rated to the Land Tax 58 for One Year the several Acts
Excise Duties on Glass, consolidating relating to the Importation and
and amending the Laws for

keeping of

collecting and securing 41
Expences of conveying Prisoners, re: Hackney Carriages, for the better Re-

gulation of, and of Metropolitan
Fees, received by certain Officers of Haileybury College, the Commissioners

Stage Carriages, &c. 79
the Lord Chancellor, providing

for India Affairs enabled to
for Payment into Court of 54

make Regulations for 22
Reduction of, payable in the

Hans Towns; for carrying into effect a
Court of Session and Court of

Convention of their Accession
Commissioners for Teinds 118
Fines, for the more effectual levying of,

to Two Conventions of the
and for the Application and

King of the French for sup-

Distribution thereof

pressing the Slave Trade

Fisheries, explaining and amending cer-

Heirs of Entail, extending Powers of

6 & 7 Gul. IV. c. 42. in relation
tain Provisions in Acts of Par-

to granting Tacks and making
liament of Ireland for the Pro-

Excambions by

tection of


Hempen Manufacture, continuing
authorizing a further Issue of

5 & 6 Gul. IV. c. 27. for the
Exchequer Bills for, and amend-
ing the Acts relating thereto 88 Houses for Beneficed Clergy, amending

Regulation of

First Fruits, consolidating the Offices

the Law for providing 23. 29
of Tenths, Queen Anne's
Bounty, and

Flour, for preventing the Adulteration Idle and disorderly Persons, amending

*28 5 Geo. IV. c. 83. for punishing
Forms of Pleading. See Pleading.

Four and a Half per Centum Duties on Imprisonment for Debt, abolishing,
West India Produce repealed 92 except in certain Cases 110
Indemnity Act, annual

Gaols (County), facilitating Advances India, the Commissioners for the

out of County Monies for the Affairs of, enabled to make
Support of

*116 Regulations for Hailey bury
Gibraltar, for maintaining a Lighthouse College


66 Insane Persons, repealing Part of
Glass, consolidating and amending the 39 & 40 Geo. IlI. c. 94. autho-

Laws for collecting and securing rizing the Commitment of, to

the Excise Duties on 44 Prison, and making other Pro-
Grand Juries, Foreman or any other visions for their safe Custody
Member of, enabled to admi.

nister Oaths to Witnesses on

providing for the Prevention
Bills of Indictment

of Offences by

amending Laws relating to the continuing for Three Years
Levy of Grand Jury Cess in the 2 & 3 Gul. IV. c. 107. and
County of the City of Dublin 3 & 4 Gul. IV. c. 64. relating to


the Care and Treatment of 73



Insolvent Debtors, amending the Laws | Lighthouse, for maintaining, at Gibral-
for the Relief of

Cap. 110

tar, and respecting Lighthouses
Issues, for the more effectual levying not within the United Kingdom
of, and for the Application and

Cap. 66
Distribution thereof *99 Linen Manufacture, continuing 5 &

6 Gul. IV. c. 27. for the Regu-
Joint Stock Banking Companies,

lation of,

amending the Law relative to Loan Societies, amending Laws relating
legal Proceedings by certain,

against their own Members 96 Loans for altering, &c. Workhouses, ex-
Judges of the Superior Courts of Com- tending the Period for the Re.

mon Law, extending the Juris- payment of, under 4. & 5 Gul.IV.
diction of, and to provide for c. 76.

the taking of Special Bail in Local Improvement Acts, relieving the
their Absence


Commissioners acting under,
continuing under certain Limi- from certain Penalties and Dis-
tations the Powers of, for altering abilities

Forms of Pleading in the Courts LordsOrdinary, making certain Altera-
of Common Law at Westmin-

tions in the Duties of 118
ster and elsewhere · 100 Lunatics. See Insane Persons.
Juries, removing Doubts as to sum-

moning to attend, at adjourned Magistrates, repealing so much of
Quarter Sessions of the Peace 39 & 40 Geo. III. c. 94. as au-


thorizes them to commit de-
Justice, Administration of, in New ranged Persons to Gaol, and

South Wales and Van Diemeu's making other Provisions for
Land, continuing 9 Geo. IV. their safe Custody

c. 83. for, until 31st Dec. 1839 Mails, to provide for the Conveyance
50 of, by Railways


Manufactories of Pitch, Tar, and Tur-
Kent(Her Royal Highness the Duchess pentine, amending so much of

of), enabling Her Majesty to 25 Geo. III. c. 77. as relates to
grant an annual Sum to 8

Kingstown, Harbour of, amending, &c. Marine Forces while on Shore, an-
Acts relating to
*36 nual Act for the Regulation of

Lands, amending 6 & 7 Gul. IV. c. 84. Meal, for preventing the Adulteration
for the uniform Valuation of


*115 Mediterranean Postage. See Postage.
Land Tax, vesting in the Commis- Members of Parliament, amending the

sioners of the Treasury certain Laws relating to the Qualifica-
Powers heretofore exercised by

tions of

the Commissioners for the Re- Mesne Process in Civil Actions, abolish-
demption of

58 ing Arrest on, except in certain
Land Tax Commissioners, appointing Cases


57 Metropolis, for the better Regulation
Leith, to effect a Settlement of the of the various Carriages used
Affairs of the City of Edin-

in and near, and the Drivers
burgh and the Town of 55

and Attendants thereof 79
Letters, imposing Rates of Postage on Militia, suspending the making of

the Conveyance of, by Packet Lists, Ballots, and Enrolments
Boats between Places in the


Mediterranean and other Parts annual Act for the Pay, Clothing,

&c. of

- 91

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Moravians elected to Municipal Offices, | Paymaster General, respecting Trans-
for the Relief of Cap. 5. 15

fer of certain Funds to Cap. 89
Mortgagees, removing Doubts respect- Peace, Commissions of, in force at the

ing the Conveyances of Estates Decease of King William IV.
vested in Heirs and Devisees of

continued for Six Calendar

Municipal Corporations, facilitating the Payment of Constables for

Sale of Church Patronage be- keeping, near Public Works 80

longing to, in certain Cases 31 Penalties, for the more effectual levying
Mutiny Act, annual


of, and for the Application and

Distribution thereof *99
National Debt (Commissioners for the Pensions, providing for the Payment
Reduction of), transferring to of certain

them from the Trustees of the Personal Diligence and Poindings,
Waterloo Subscription Fund the amending the Law in Matters
Management of certain Annui- relating to

ties on Lives, &c.

49 Pitch, Tar, and Turpentine, amending
Netherlands, for carrying into effect an

much of Building Act,
additional Article to a Treaty 25 Geo. III. c. 77., as relates to
with the, relating to the Slave Manufactories of


41 Pleading, continuing under certain
New South Wales, continuing 9 Geo.IV. Limitations the Powers given

c. 83. until 31st Dec. 1839 for to the Judges for altering the
Administration of Justice in 50

Forms of, in the Courts of

Common Law at Westminster
Oath, permitting Affirmation to be made

and elsewhere

instead of, in certain Cases 77 Plurality of Benefices, to abridge the
Oaths to Witnesses, Foreman or other

holding of

Member of Grand Juries ena- Police of the District of the Dublin
bled to administer, on Bills of Metropolis, amending Acts re-

lating to

removing Doubts as to the Poor, for the more effectual Relief of
Validity of certain

Offenders (young), establishing a Prison authorizing the further Issue

of Exchequer Bills for the Em-
Offices, annual Indemnity Act for Per- ployment of

• 88
sons neglecting to qualify for Postage, imposing Rates of, on the


Conveyance of Letters by Packet
(Municipal), for the Relief of Boats between Places in the Me-
Quakers, Moravians, and Sepa-

diterranean and other Parts 97
ratists elected to

5. 15 Prisoners, regulating the Expences of
Overseers, extending the Period for


the Repayment of Loans to, Prison, establishing, for young Offenders
under 4 & 5 Gul. IV. c. 76. for

building, &c. Workhouses 25 Prisons, for the better Government of,

in the West Indies

Parliament, the Commissioners of Private Bill Deposits.—Providing for

Woods, Forests, &c. enabled the Custody of certain Monies
to purchase Ground and Tone-

paid in pursuance of the Stand-
ments for completing the Site ing Orders of either House
of the new Houses of


of Parliament by Subscribers
Party Processions, continuing for Five to Works or Undertakings to

Years 2 & 3 Gul. IV. c. 118. for be effected under the Authority

of Parliament



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Public Monies, amending 7 Gul. IV. Schools, facilitating the Foundation

& 1 Vict. c. 54. providing more and Endowment of Cap. 87
effectual Means for making Secretary at War, respecting the Trans-
Treasurers of Counties and

fer of certain Funds to 89
Counties of Cities account for Separatists elected to Municipal Offices,

Cap. *53
for the Relief of

5. 15
Public Works, authorizing a further Session (Court of), to diminish Delay

Issue of Exchequer Bills for, and Expence in Advocations
and amending the Acts relating and Suspensions in



(Court of), making Alterations

in the Establishment of the
Quakers elected to Municipal Offices, Clerks and Officers of, and re-
for the Relief of


ducing the Fees payable therein
Qualification of Members of Parlia-

ment, amending the Laws relat- Sheriff Courts, regulating the Consti-
ing to


tution, Jurisdiction, and Forms
Quarter Sessions of the Peace (ad-

of Process of

journed), removing Doubts as Sinecure Rectories, suspending till the
to summoning Juries to attend 1st Aug. 1839 the Appointment


The Queen ;-for the Support of Slavery, for carrying into further Exe-

Her Majesty's Household and cution the Provisions of 6 &
of the Honour and Dignity of 7 Gul. IV. c. 82., for completing
the Crown


the full Payment of Compensa-
Her Majesty enabled to grant tion to the Owners of Slaves on
an annual Sum to the Duchess

the Abolition of

of Kent


amending 3 & 4 Gul IV. c. 73.
repealing Part of 1 Gul. IV.

for the Abolition of

c. 2. providing for the Admi- Slave Trade, for carrying into effect a
nistration of Government in

Convention of Accession of
it should devolve

the Hans Towns to Two Con-
Her Majesty
while under

ventions with the King of
Eighteen Years of Age 24 the French for suppressing the

Railways, to provide for the Convey-

for carrying into effect
ance of Mails by


like Convention of Accession of
Recognizances (forfeited), for the more the Duke of Tuscany for sup-
etfectual levying of, and for the pressing the

Application and Distribution

for carrying into effect a like


Convention of Accession of the
Records (Public), for the safe Custody King of the Two Sicilies for

suppressing the

Rent-charges, Substitution of, in lieu

for carrying into effect an ad-
of Compositions for Tithes

ditional Article to a Treaty with
Sweden relative to

Residence of the Clergy, to make for carrying into effect an ad-
better Provision for 106

ditional Article to a Treaty with
Rogues, amending 5 Geo. IV. c. 83. for the Netherlands relating to 41


for more effectually carrying

into effect the Treaties and Con-
Saint Briavels (Hundred), regulating ventions made with Foreign

the opening and working of Powers for the Suppression of
Mines and Quarries in 43






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Slave Trade, reviving, continuing, and Tenths, consolidating the Offices of

amending 7 Gul. IV. & 1 Vict. First Fruits, Queen Anne's
c.62.for authorizing Her Majesty Bounty, and

Cap. 20
to carry into immediate Execu- Tin, Abolition of the Duties payable
tion, by Orders in Council, any on the Coinage of, in the Coun-
Treaties made for the Suppres- ties of Cornwall and Devon, and
sion of the

Cap. 102

giving Compensation in lieu
Sodor and Man, continuing the Bishop- thereof, and reducing the Duties
rick of


of Customs payable on Tin 120
Solicitors Clerks, annual Act for the Tithes, to facilitate the Merger of, in
Relief of, in certain Cases 16


Stamp Duty now paid on Admission abolishing Compositions for,

to the Freedom of Corporations, and substituting Rent-charges

in lieu thereof

Stamps, authorizing the using, in any Treasurers of Counties and Counties of

Part of the United Kingdom, Cities, amending 7 Gul. IV. &
denoting Duties payable in i Vict. c. 54. for providing more
Great Britain and Ireland re-

effectual Means to make them


account for Public Monies *53
Stock, enabling Persons to make Depo- Treasury, vesting in the Commissioners

sits of, in lieu of giving Security of, the Powers heretofore exer-
by Bond to the Postmaster Ge- cised by Commissioners ap-
neral and Commissioners of pointed for certain Purposes
Land Revenue, Customs, Ex- relating to the Redemption of
cise, Stamps, and Taxes 61

the Land Tax

Sugar imported, annual Duties on 33 Turnpike Acts (Local) expiring, con-
Supplies, Appropriation of 11.21.111. tinuing until 1st June 1840
Suitors Money. See Chancery (Court

of); Exchequer (Court of).

in Ireland, continuing for One
Suspensions, to diminish Delay and Ex- Year

- *72
pence in, in the Court of Ses- Turpentine, amending so much of


Building Act, 25 Geo. III. c. 77.,
Sweden, for carrying into effect an ad- as relates to Manufactories of
ditional Article to a Treaty with,

relative to the Slave Trade 40 Tuscany (Duke of), for carrying into

effect a Convention of Acces-

sion of, to Two Conventions of
Tacks, extending the Powers of 6 & the King of the French for

7Gul. IV.c.42. in relation to the suppressing the Slave Trade
granting of, liy Heirs of Entail 70

Tar, amending so much of Building

Act, 25 Geo. III. c. 77., as re- Vacation, Courts at Westminster ena-
lates to Manufactories of

bled to hold Sittings in Banc in
Teinds, making Alterations in the Time of

Establishment of the Court of Vagabonds, amending 5 Geo. IV. c. 83.
Commissioners for, and reducing for punishing

the Fees payable therein 118 Valuation, uniform, of Lands and Tene-
Tenements, facilitating the Recovery ments, amending 6 & 7 Gul. IV.

of Possession of, after due De- c. 84. for establishing *115
termination of the Tenancy 74 Van Diemen's Land, continuing
amending 6 & 7 Gul. IV.

9 Geo. IV. c. 83. until 31st Dec.
c. 84. for the uniform Valuation

1839 for the Administration of

* 115
Justice in

- 50


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