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Cap. 27. An Act for effecting an Exchange of Lands in the County of

Glamorgan between Morgan Popkin Traherne Esquire and the Right Honourable Sir John Nicholl Knight. [4th July 1838.]

Cap. 28. An Act for authorizing the Sale of Part of the Estates devised by

the Will of Samuel Smith Esquire, deceased, and for investing the Proceeds of such Sale in the Purchase of other Estates, to be settled upon the same Trusts.

[27th July 1838.]

Cap. 29. An Act to confirm a Division already made and to enable a fur

ther Division of the residuary Personal Estate of William Gray deceased, and to determine the Right of Survivorship and Contingency affecting the same.

[27th July 1838.]

Cap. 30. An Act for effecting an Exchange between the Warden and Fel

lows of the College of All Souls, Oxford, and Thomas Penrice Esquire.

[27th July 1838.]

Cap. 31. An Act to authorize the making of Conveyances in Fee or Demises

for long Terms of Years of Estates devised by or settled to the Uses of the Will of Thomas Peter Legh Esquire, deceased, for building on or otherwise improving the same, under yearly Rents to be reserved in the same Conveyances and Demises, and to sell certain Parts of the said Estates, and to purchase other Estates in lieu thereof, under the Control of the Court of Chancery; and for other Purposes connected with the same Estates.

[27th July 1838.]

Cap. 32. An Act for enabling the Trustees of certain Lands situate in the

Parish of Paddington in the County of Middlesex to grant Building Leases of the said Lands, and for other Purposes.

[27th July 1838.]

Cap. 33. An Act for authorizing the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of

the Borough of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk to release and discharge from Shackage and Commonage certain Lands within the said Borough, and for other Purposes relating to other Lands belonging to the said Borough. [27th July 1838.]

Cap. 34. An Act for authorizing the Sale and Exchange of the Real

Estate devised by the Will of the Right Honourable William Henry Earl of Rochford deceased, and for the Application of the Produce thereof, and for authorizing the granting of Leases of the same Estate ; and for other Purposes.

[10th August 1838.]

Cap. 35. An Act for enabling the Governors of the Possessions, Revenues,

and Goods of the Free Grammar School of the Parishioners of the Parish of Saint Saviour in Southwark in the County of Surrey to sell the old School and Schoolhouse and the Site thereof; and also for enabling the Right Reverend Charles Richard Lord Bishop of Winchester and his Lessees to grant to the said Governors another Site for the Purpose of a more convenient School and Schoolbouse and proper Offices being erected thereon.

[ 16th August 1838.]



Slaves upon

* Signifies that the Act relates exclusively to Ireland.
ABOLITION of Imprisonment for Australia (Western), continuing (till
Debt, except in certain Cases

the 31st Dec. 1841] 10 Geo. IV.
Cap. 110

c. 22. for providing for the Go-
of Slavery, for carrying into vernment of the Settlements in
further Execution the Provi-

Cap. 46
sions of 6 & 7 Gul. IV. c. 82. Authors; securing to them, in certain
for completing the full Payment Cases, the Benefit of interna-
of Compensation to Owners of

tional Copyright

of Slavery, amending 3 & 4
Gul. IV. c. 73. for

Bail (Special), to provide for the taking

of, in the Absence of the Judges
Advocations, to diminish Delay and

Expence in, in the Court of Bank of Ireland, postponing till 1st


Jan. 1841 the Repayment of
Affirmation, permitting, to be made in

certain Sums advanced by, for
certain Cases instead of an Oath

the Public Service


Alienation of Corporate Property, to Banking and other Copartnerships,

making good certain Contracts
restrain, in certain Towns *103

Amerciaments, for the more effectual

entered into by certain
levying of, and for the Appli-

Companies (Joint Stock),
cation and Distribution thereof

amending the Law relative to

Legal Proceedings by, against

Anne (Queen). See Bounty.

their own Members, &c.
Appropriation Acts ů. 21. 111 Baronies, detached; amending 6 & 7

Gul. IV. c. 84. for incorporating
Arms, amending and continuing for
One Year the several Acts re.

them with adjacent Baronies

lating to the Importation and Benefices, to abridge the holding of, in
keeping of

Army, annual Act for the Payment, Bounty (Queen Anne's), for consoli-


&c. of

Arrest on Mesne Process in Civil Ac.

dating the Offices of First Fruits,


Tenths, and
tions, abolishing, except in cer. Bread, repealing Acts in force relating
tain Cases


to the Sale of, and making other
Arrestments, amending the Law in
Matters relating to

Regulations in lieu thereof, and

Attornies, amending i Vict. c. 56. for

for preventing the Adulteration

regulating the Admission of 45
Attornies Clerks, annual Act for the Building Act, 25 Geo. III. c. 77. See
Relief of, in certain Cases

Pitch ; Tar; Turpentine.

Australia (South), amending 4 & 5

Gul. IV. c. 95. for erecting, into Canada (Lower), to make temporary
a British Province or Provinces

Provision for the Government






Canada (Lower), indemnifying Per-Commissioners acting under Local Im-
sons having acted under cer-

provement Acts, relieving, from
tain Parts of a certain Ordinance certain Penalties and Disabili.
made under colour of 1 Vict.


- Cap. 65

Cap. 112

of Woods, Forests, &c. enabled
Cathedral Churches, suspending until to purchase Ground and Tene-

1st Aug. 1839 the Appointment ments for completing the Site
to certain Dignities and Offices of the new Houses of Parlia-


Chancery (Court of), for making fur-

of Woods, Forests, &c. em-
ther Investments from the

powered to confirm the Titles
Money of the Suitors of, and for to and grant Leases of En-
providing for the Payment into croachments in Dean Forest
Court of Fees received by cer- (Gloucestershire)

tain Officers of the Lord Chan-Compensation to Owners of Slaves, for

completing the full Payment
Masters of, on Application to of, on the Abolition of Slavery
that Court by Petition enabled

to execute Leases for Lives Compositions for Tithes, Abolition of,
containing certain Covenants, and substituting Rent-charges

in lieu thereof

Church Building Acts, amending and Conveyances of Estates. See Estates,

rendering more effectual 107 Conveyances of.
Church Patronage belonging to Mu- Constables, Payment of, for keeping the

nicipal Corporations, facilitat- Peace near Public Works 80
ing the Sale of, in certain Cases Copyright (international), securing the

Benefit of, to Authors in certain
Clare (County of) authorized to borrow Cases

Money for the Relief of Cre- Cornwall (Duchy), reviving and con-
ditors and others remaining tinuing 1 & 2 Gul. IV. c. 5. ena-
unpaid by reason of the Default

bling His Majesty to make
of the late Treasurer of the said

Leases, &c. of Lands, &c. Par.

cel of

Clergy (Beneficed), amending the Law Cornwall and Lancaster (Duchies), au-
for providing fit Houses for

nual Accounts of Receipts and
23. 29

Disbursements of, to be laid
to abridge their holding of before Parliament

Benefices in Plurality, and to (County), abolishing the Duties
make better Provision for the payable on the Coinage of Tin
Residence of

106 in, and granting Compensation
Coinage of Tin, abolishing the Duties in lieu thereof

payable on, in the Counties of Corporate Property, to restrain the
Cornwall and Devon, and giving Alienation of, in certain Towns
Compensation in lieu thereof

120 Corporations, repealing the Stamp Duty
Collegiate Churches, suspending until now paid on Admission to the
Ist Aug. 1839 the Appointment Freedom of

to certain Dignities and Offices (Municipal), facilitating the

108 Sale of Church Patronage be-
Commissions of the Peace in force at longing to

the Decease of His late Majesty Counties, amending 6 & 7 Gul. IV. c.84.
King William the Fourth con- for incorporating detached Por-
tinued for Six Calendar Months tions of, with adjacent Counties
Counties and Counties of Cities, | Deposit of Stock or Exchequer Bills
amending 7 Gul. IV. & 1 Vict.

in lieu of Security by Bond to
c. 54. for providing more effec- Revenue Departments Cap. 61
tual Means to make the Trea- Devon (County), abolishing the Duties
surers of, account for Public payable on the Coinage of Tin

Cap. 53 in, and granting Compensation
County Gaols and Institutions, facili-

in lieu thereof

tating Advances out of County Drouly's Charity. See Paymaster

Monies for the Support of *116 General ; Secretary at War.
Courts at Westminster enabled to hold Dublin, Port and Harbour of, amend-

Sittings in Banc in Time of ing Acts, &c. relating to *36


(County of the City of),
of Common Law, extending amending Laws relating to the
the Jurisdiction of the Judges Levy of Grand Jury Cess in

of Common Law, continuing (Metropolis), amending Acts
under certain Limitations the relating to the Police of the
Powers given to the Judges for District of

altering the Forms of Pleading Duties, repealing the Four and a Half


per Centum, on West India Pro-
of Session and of Commis-


sioners for Teinds, making
Alterations in the Establish-
ment of the Clerks and Officers Edinburgh (City), to regulate and
of, and to reduce the Fees pay- secure the Debt due by, to the
able in those Courts 118

Public; to confirm an Agree-
Creditors, extending the Remedies of, ment between the said City and
against the Property of Debtors its Creditors; and to effect a


Settlement of the Affairs of the
Crown, for the Support of Her Ma- said City and the Town of Leith
jesty's Household and of the

Honour and Dignity of 2 Estates, Conveyances of, vested in
Customs, amending the Laws relating Heirs and Devisees of Mort-


gagees, removing Doubts re-
reducing the Duties of, pay- specting

able on Tin

120 Excambions, extending Powers of

6 & 7 Gul. IV. c. 42. in relation
Dean Forest (Gloucestershire), the to the making of, by Heirs of
Commissioners of Woods,


Forests, and Land Revenues Exchequer Bills, authorizing a further
empowered to confirm the Issue of, for Public Works,
Titles to and to grant Leases Fisheries, and Employment of
of Encroachments in


the Poor, and amending the
regulating the opening and Acts relating thereto

working of Mines and Quarries raising 11,413,7501. 12


raising 13,000,0001. 26
Debtors, extending the Remedies of

raising 11,044,5501. 93
Creditors against the Property

enabling Persons to make De.
of, and amending the Laws for posits of, in lieu of giving
the Relief of Insolvent Debtors Security by Bond to the Post-


master General and Commis-
Deodands, for the more effectual levy-

sioners of Land Revenue, Cus-
ing of, and for the Application

toms, Excise, Stamps, and
and Distribution thereof *99



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