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Page 246 - ... recorded shall be void as against any subsequent purchaser, in good faith and for a valuable consideration of the same real estate, or any portion thereof, whose conveyance shall be first duly recorded.
Page 215 - ... or to defeat the object of, or in any way impair, hinder, impede, or delay the operation and effect of, or to evade any of...
Page 216 - ... made with a view to prevent his property from coming to his assignee in bankruptcy, or to prevent the same from being distributed under this act...
Page 216 - And if any person being insolvent, or in contemplation of insolvency or bankruptcy, within six months before the filing of the petition by or against him...
Page 271 - The elections' of senators and members of assembly, pursuant to the provisions of this Constitution, shall be held on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November, unless otherwise directed by the Legislature.
Page 251 - ... evidence as proves, to the satisfaction of those who are to decide the question, that such sexual intercourse, did not take place at any time, when, by such intercourse, the husband could, according to the laws of nature be the father of such child.
Page 284 - ... of January, commonly called New Year's day, the fourth day of July, the twenty-fifth day of December, commonly called Christmas day...
Page 89 - EXEMPTIONS SECTION 1. The personal property of every resident of this state, to consist of such property only as shall be designated by law, shall be exempted to the amount of not less than five hundred dollars from sale on execution or other final process of any court.
Page 215 - And if such sale, assignment, transfer, or conveyance is not made in the usual and ordinary course of business of the debtor, the fact shall be prima facie evidence of fraud.
Page 284 - States as a day of fasting and prayer or thanksgiving, shall, for all purposes whatever as regards the presenting for payment or acceptance, and of the protesting and giving notice of the dishonor of bills of exchange...

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