The Development of the Law of Gambling: 1776-1976

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Department of Justice, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, 1977 - Gambling - 934 pages

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Page 860 - But to the extent that a corporation exercises the privilege of conducting activities within a state, it enjoys the benefits and protection of the laws of that state. The exercise of that privilege may give rise to obligations; and, so far as those obligations arise out of or are connected with the activities within the state, a procedure which requires the corporation to respond to a suit brought to enforce them can, in tnost instances, hardly be said to be undue.
Page 857 - ... (2) In the absence of an effective choice of law by the parties (see 187), the contacts to be taken into account in applying the principles of 6 to determine the law applicable to an issue include : (a) the place of contracting/^ (b) the place of negotiation of the contract...
Page 472 - experience has shown that the common forms of gambling are comparatively innocuous when placed in contrast with the widespread pestilence of lotteries. The former are confined to a few persons and places, but the latter infests the whole community; it enters every dwelling; it reaches every class ; it preys upon the hard earnings of the poor, and it plunders the ignorant and simple.
Page 499 - The difficulty attending the subject arises, not from the want of power in Congress to prescribe regulations as to what shall constitute mail matter, but from the necessity of enforcing them consistently with rights reserved to the people, of far greater importance than the transportation of the mail.
Page 587 - (1) 'illegal gambling business' means a gambling business which — "(i) is a violation of the law of a State or political subdivision in which it is conducted ; "(ii) involves five or more persons who conduct, finance, manage, supervise, direct, or own all or part of such business ; and "(iii) has been or remains in substantially continuous operation for a period in excess of thirty days or has a gross revenue of $2,000 in any single day. "(2) 'gambling...
Page 628 - Statutes requiring those engaged in certain gambling activities to register and pay taxes were held invalid in Marchetti v. United States. 390 US 39 (1968), and Grosso v. United States. 390 US 62 (1968), on the ground that compliance would give rise to substantial risk of conviction for violating federal or state law.
Page 60 - A frequent recurrence to the fundamental principles of the constitution, and a constant adherence to those of piety, justice, moderation, temperance, industry and frugality, are absolutely necessary to preserve the advantages of liberty, and to maintain a free government.
Page 613 - wager" means — (A) Any wager with respect to a sports event or a contest placed with a person engaged in the business of accepting such wagers, (B) Any wager placed in a wagering pool with respect to a sports event or a contest, if such pool is conducted for profit, and (C) Any wager placed in a lottery conducted for profit. (2) Lottery. The term "lottery" includes the numbers game, policy, and similar types of wagering.
Page 475 - All that one can get by such a charter is a suspension of certain governmental rights in his favor, subject to withdrawal at will. He has, in legal effect, nothing more than a license to continue on the terms named for the specified time, unless sooner abrogated by the sovereign power of the State.
Page 500 - Whilst in the mail, they can only be opened and examined under like warrant, issued upon similar oath or affirmation, particularly describing the thing to be seized, as is required when papers are subjected to search in one's own household.

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