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13 EDWARD 1, Stat. 1, CAP. 34.-It is felony to commit rape.

A married woman elopeth with an adrouterer. The penalty for carryTaking away ing a nun from her house.-

He that carrieth a nun This clause from her house, although she consent, shall be punished by three is obsolete, years' imprisonment, and shall make convenient satisfaction to the 8. c. 13. for house from whence she was taken, and nevertheless shall make fine OATHS OF ALLEGIANCE, SUPREMACY, AND

at the king's will.

the dissolution of monasteries.




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shall be bound unto

or restored

1 ELIZABETH, CAP. 1, Secs. 19—23.-An act to restore to the crown the ancient jurisdiction over the estate ecclesiastical and spiritual, and abolishing all foreign powers repugnant to the same.-See Title" APPEALS TO THE SEE OF ROME,” vol. i. p. 148.

3 JAMES 1 CAP. 4, Sec. 15.-An act for the better discovering and repressing of popish recusants.—See Title Papists."

7 JAMES 1, Cap. 2.-An act that all such as are to be naturalized, or restored in blood, shall first receive the sacrament of the Lord's supper, and the oath of allegiance and the oath of supremacy.–Forasmuch What they as the naturalizing of strangers, and restoring to blood persons attainted, have been ever reputed matters of mere grace and favour, who shall be which are not fit to be bestowed upon any others than such as are of the religion now established in this realm; be it therefore enacted in blood. by the king's most excellent majesty, the lords spiritual and temporal, and the commons, in this present parliament assembled, that no person or persons of what quality, condition or place soever, being of the age of eighteen years or above, shall be naturalized or restored in blood, unless the said person or persons have received the sacrament of the Lord's supper within one month next before any bill exhibited for that purpose, and also shall take the oath of supremacy, and the oath of allegiance, in the parliament house, before his or her bill be twice read: and for the better effecting of the premises, be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the lord chancellor of England, or lord keeper of the great seal for the time being, if the bill begin in the upper house, and the speaker of the commons house of parliament for the time being, if the bill begin there, shall have authority at all times during the session of parliament, to minister such oath and oaths, and to such person and persons, as by the true intent of this statute is to be ministered. This act to take place from and after the end of this present session when this

act shall take

place. Further provisions relating hereto, 11 & 12 W. 3, c. 6. 7 Anne, c. 5. 1 Geo. 1, c. 4, 4 Geo. 2,

c. 21. 13 Geo. 2, c. 7. 20 Geo. 2, c. 44. 22 Geo. 2, c. 45, and 25 Geo, 2, c. 39. 7 JAMES 1, CAP. 6.-An act for administering the oath of allegiance, and reformation of married women recusants.—Whereas by a statute made in the third year of your majesty's reign, intituled, an act for 3 Jac. 1, c. 4. the better discovering and repressing

of popish recusants, the form of an Who sai oath to be ministered and given to certain persons in the same act of obedience mentioned is limited and prescribed, tending only to the declaration to the king.

as every true and well affected subject, not only by it shall be bond of allegiance, but also by the commandment of Almighty God, maintieren ought to bear to your majesty, your heirs and successors : which hat time. oath such as are infected with popish superstition do oppugn with 1 Haw. P. c. many false and unsound arguments, the just defence whereof your c. 12. majesty hath heretofore undertaken and worthily performed, to the great contentment of all your loving subjects, notwithstanding the gainsayings of contentious adversaries.

of parliament.

of such duty

teen years herein in

Before whom

shall take the oath.


A baron or

Every per

II. And to shew how greatly your loyal subjects do approve the son above the said oath ; they prostrate themselves at your majesty's feet, beseechof

ing your majesty that the same oath may be administered to all your tended shall subjects: to which end we with all humbleness beseech your hightake the oath ness that it may be enacted, and be it enacted, by the authority of

this present parliament, that all and every person and persons, as
well ecclesiastical as temporal, of what estate, dignity, preeminence,
sex, quality or degree soever he, she or they be, or shall be, above
the age of eighteen years, being hereafter in this act mentioned and
intended, shall make, take and receive a corporal oath upon the
evangelists, according to the tenor and effect of the said oath set

forth in the said forementioned statute, before such person or pereach person sons as hereafter in this act expressed: that is to say, all and

every archbishop and bishop that now is or hereafter shall be, before 3 Jac. 1, c. 4. the lord chancellor or lord keeper of the great seal for the time being. Archli-biops III. And all and every ecclesiastical judge, officer and minister, ecclesiastical of what estate, dignity, preeminence or degree soever he or they be judges and

or shall be, before the archbishop of the province, or bishop, or other ordinary of the diocese for the time being, wherein such ecclesiastical judge, officer or minister ought to exercise his said office, place or function.

IV. And all and every person and persons of or above the degree baroness, or above that of a baron of parliament, or baroness of this your highness' realm of deursel bigy England, and all of your highness' privy council residing in London and presi- or Westminster, or within thirty miles thereof, and the presidents of dents.

Wales and the north parts, before any four of your highness' privy council, whereof the lord chancellor, lord treasurer, lord privy seal or principal secretary for the time being, to be one: and if such person or persons live and reside in the country, distant above thirty miles from London, then before the lord bishop of the diocese, or such other person or persons as the lord chancellor or lord keeper of the great seal for the time being shall thereto by writ of dedimus

potestatem authorize. The sworn V. And all and every the sworn servants, ordinary and extraorthe king, dinary, of your highness, the queen’s grace, or of the household of the queen, prince, &c.

the prince of Wales, and of the rest of your highness' children, before the lord steward, the lord chamberlains and vice chamberlains to your highness and the queen, the treasurer and comptroller of your highness' household, the master of your highness' horse, the dean of the chapel, and the knight marshal for the time being, the officers of

the green cloth, or any three of them. Judges, mis

VÌ. All and every temporal judge, justices of peace, sheriffs, justice and escheators, feodaries, and other officers and ministers of justice in receive the this present act not specially mentioned, and every other person or king's fee.

persons that doth or shall receive any fee of your highness, your heirs and successors, before the lord chancellor or lord keeper of the great seal, lord treasurer, lord admiral, lord warden of the five ports, for the time being, or one of them, or before one of the chief justices of either of your majesty's bench, or of the common pleas, or before the justices of assize of the same county where the parties reside, or other such persons as the lord chancellor or keeper of the said great seal shall thereunto authorize.

servants of

nisters of

of the ordi

nance, lieu


servants in the tower.


VII. And all mayors, bailiffs or other chief officers of cities and Chief officers towns corporate, by what name soever they be called or known, towns corpobefore such person or persons as usually administer the oath to them rate. at their first entrance into their said offices.

VIII. And all and every the knights, citizens, burgesses and Knights, cibarons of the five ports of the commons house of parliament, at any gesses and parliament or session of parliament hereafter to be assembled, before barons of the he or they shall be permitted to enter into the said house, before the lord steward for the time being, or his deputy or deputies: and The master the master of the ordnance, lieutenant of the tower of London, and mint master there, the four principal officers of your navy under the tenant of the lord admiral, before the lord chancellor or lord keeper of the great seal, and the lord admiral for the time being, or any of them.

IX. And all the officers, ministers, servants and others, within Oficers and your said tower of London, before the lieutenant of the tower.

X. And all the vice admirals, captains, masters, officers, ministers Officers and and soldiers in your highness' ships, or any of them, before the said soldiers in

ships four principal officers of your navy, or any two of them. XI. And all persons having charge of castles, fortresses, block Captains

of castles, houses or garrisons, and all captains who shall have charge of sol. diers, within this your highness' realm, before the justices of assize of the same county, or before two justices of the peace of the same county, city or liberty, where the same castles, fortresses or block houses shall stand, or the charge of soldiers shall be.

XII. All doctors, advocates and proctors of the civil law, and their Doctors, addclerks, before the bishop of the diocese where they shall for the most

proctors of part dwell or reside.

the civil law. XIII. And all and every person or persons temporal that here- Suers of

livery. after shall sue livery or ouster le main out of the hands of your highness, your heirs and successors, before his or their ouster le main sued forth and allowed, before the master of the wards and liveries, or before the surveyor and attorney of your highness' said court, in open court.

XIV. All the sergeants at law, servants to the judges in your Serjeants at highness' courts at Westminster, and all other in the serjeants' inns the fair and before the chief justice of your majesty's bench, the chief justice of servants. the common pleas, and the chief baron of your exchequer, or some or one of them.

XV. All your highness' subjects in the inns of court, or that here. Gentlemen after shall be admitted thereunto, and the principals and treasurers of court, and of every inn of chancery, before the readers and benchers of the principals of several houses whereto they belong, or four of them at the least, in chancery. their open halls.

XVI. All other your majesty's subjects, as well ancients as others, All of the not being principal or treasurer, that now are or hereafter shall be admitted into any inn of chancery, before the principal or treasurer, and ancients of the several inns of chancery, or four of them, in their

vocates and

inus of chancery.

open hall.

XVII. All prothonotaries, philizers, officers, ministers, attornies Prothonotaand clerks, that now are or hercafter shall be admitted to write or practise in any of your highness' courts at Westminster, or in any clerks, &c. other court of record, before the judge or judges of the same court.

ries, officers, attornies,

Clerks and officers of the chancery.

Parsons, vi. cars, curates, &c.

The vice chancellors


Persons promoted to


scholars in

XVIII. All clerks of the chancery, and all their under clerks, and all other officers of the said court of chancery, and their clerks, before the master of the rolls for the time being, or before two of the masters of the said court of chancery.

XIX. And all parsons, vicars and curates, and all other persons

ecclesiastical taking orders, and all and every school master and Schoolmaster usher, before the bishop of the diocese, or other

dinary in the same, sitting in open court.

XX. The vice chancellors of both the universities for the time in the uni- being, and the presidents, wardens, provosts, masters of colleges versities, and and halls, and all other heads and principals of houses, proctors, and principals of colleges or beadles of the universities, publicly in the convocation, before the

senior masters there present.

XXI. And all and every other persons whatsoever, that is or degree in shall be promoted to any degree in school, before the vice chancellor

of the said university for the time being, in the congregation house. Fellows and XXII. All fellows of houses, and all scholars of halls or colleges, colleges. that now are or hereafter shall be received into the same, being

under the degree of a baron, before the president, master, provost, warden, or other head or chief governor of that college, hall or house,

whereunto he shall be received, and in the open hall. Doctors and XXIII. And all doctors of 'physic, and all other who practise practisers of physic. physic, that now are or hereafter shall be admitted into the college

of physicians in London, before the president of the same college for

the time being Aldermen, XXIV. And all aldermen, sheriffs and under officers whatsoever, sheriffs, and

of the cities and towns corporate, and all such as hereafter shall be made freemen of the said city or town corporate, before the mayor, bailiffs, or other chief officer of the said city or town, in the open hall.

XXV. And to the intent that due execution may be had of the premises without delay, it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that all the persons before named, who have any certain time limited or expressed when to take the aforesaid oath, shall at the time therein prescribed take the same, and the rest within six months next after the end of this present session of parliament.

XXVI. And be it further enacted by authority of this present tender the said oath,

parliament, that it shall and may be lawful to and for any one of and to whom. the privy council of your highness, or of your heirs and successors,

and to and for every bishop in his diocese, to require any baron or baroness of the age of eighteen years or above, to take the said oath ; and to and for any two justices of peace within any county, city or town corporate, whereof one to be of the quorum, to require any person or persons of the age of eighteen years or above, under the degree of a baron or baroness, to take the said oath : and if any person or persons of or above the said age and degree, now stand or hereafter at any time shall stand and be presented, indicted or convicted for not coming to church or not receiving the holy communion or sacrament of the lord's supper, according to the laws and statutes of this realm, before the ordinary, or other having lawful power to take such presentment or indictment, then three of the privy council of your highness, your heirs and successors, whereof the lord chan

freemen of cities and towns corporate.

When the persons aforesaid shall take the said oath

Who may

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