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of Geo, 2.

tract such

consent of

previous first had and obtained, shall be null and void, to all intents and consent of his majesty, purposes whatsoever. his heirs, &c. signified under the great seal, declared in council, and entered in the privy council books. Every marriage of any such descendant, without such consent, shall be null and void. In case any II. Provided always, and be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, descendant

that in case any such descendant of the body of his late majesty king being 25 years old, George the second, being above the age of twenty-five years, shall shall persist persist in his or her resolution to contract a marriage disapproved of, marriage disa or dissented from, by the king, his heirs, or successors; that then approved of such descendant, upon giving notice to the king's privy council

, ty, such de- which notice is hereby directed to be entered in the books thereof, scendant, after giving

may, at any time from the expiration of twelve calendar months 12 months after such notice given to the privy council as aforesaid, contract notice to the such marriage; and his or her marriage with the person before cil, may con- proposed, and rejected, may be duly solemnized, without the premarriage ;

vious consent of his majesty, his heirs, or successors; and such and the same marriage shall be good, as if this act had never been made, unless maembe med both houses of parliament shall, before the expiration of the said without the twelve months, expressly declare their disapprobation of such inprevious

tended marriage his majesty; and shall be good; except both houses of parliament shall declare their disapprobation thereof. Persons who III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that shall wilfully solemnize, or every person who shall knowingly or wilfully presume to solemnize, assist at the or to assist, or to be present at the celebration of any marriage with of such mar- any such descendant, or at his or her making any matrimonial conriage, with

tract, without such consent as aforesaid first had and obtained,

except in the case above mentioned, shall, being duly convicted Shalloon con, thereof, incur and suffer the pains and penalties ordained and prothe penalties vided by the statute of provision and premunire made in the sixteenth provided by

year of the reign of Richard the second. and premunire 16 Rich. 2.

3 & 4 Victoria, CAP. 52, Secs. 4 & 6.-An act to provide for the administration of the government in case the crown should descend to any issue of her majesty whilst such issue shall be under the age of

eighteen years, and for the care and guardianship of such issue. The king or IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that it marry under shall not be lawful for the king or queen of this realm, for whom a

regent is hereby appointed, to intermarry before his or her age of

eighteen years, with any person whomsoever, without the consent, the regent

in writing, of the regent, and the assent of both houses of parliaparliament. ment, previously obtained; and every marriage without such consent,

and such assent of the two houses of parliament, shall be null and Abetting void to all intents and purposes; and every person who shall be age, high acting, aiding, abetting, or concerned in obtaining, procuring, or

bringing about any such marriage, and the person who shall be so married to such king or queen under the age of eighteen years, shall be guilty of high treason, and suffer and forfeit as in cases of high treason.

VI. Provided always, and be it further enacted, that•if his said ness should royal highness prince Albert shall, at any time after becoming such

guardian and regent, be reconciled to or shall hold communion with fessing the the see or church of Rome, or shall profess the Popish religion, or

out such consent,

the statute

queen not to

the age of 18, without consent of

and assent of

such marri


In case his

marry a person pro

shall marry a person professing the Roman catholic religion, or shall Roman

catholic recease to reside in or absent himself from the united kingdom of ligion, his Great Britain and Ireland, then and in any of such cases his said powersunder royal highness shall no longer be guardian and regent, and all the determine. powers and authorities which he may have derived under and by virtue of this act shall thenceforth cease and determine.

[blocks in formation]


Scotland built by

and erected

the inode prescribed by


4 & 5 WILLIAM 4, CAP. 41.-An act to regulate the appointment of ministers to churches in Scotland erected by voluntary contribution.

-Whereas in many parishes in Scotland the means of public worship provided by the established church of Scotland are inadequate to the extent of the population; and it is expedient to encourage the erection of additional places of worship by voluntary contributions : be it therefore enacted by the king's most excellent majesty, by and

with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and Ministers to commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority Worship in of the same, that where any church, chapel, or other place of worship

in Scotland, built or acquired and endowed by voluntary contribution, voluntary shall, according to the provisions of the existing law, be erected into contribution,

a parochial church, either as an additional church within a parish into parochial already provided with a parochial church, or as the church of a sepa. be appointed rate parish to be erected out of a part or parts of any existing parish according to or parishes, whether the same be established and erected merely

quoad spiritualia by the authority of the church courts of the estabthe church lished church of Scotland, or also quoad temporalia by authority of

the lords of council and session, as commissioners of teinds, neither the king's majesty, nor any private person, nor any body politic or corporate, having right to the patronage of the parish or parishes within which such additional churches shall be established, or out of which such new parishes shall be erected, shall have any claim, right, or title whatsoever to the patronage of such newly established churches or newly erected parishes; but the appointment of ministers thereto shall be made according to the manner and subject to the conditions which shall be or have been prescribed by the said church courts, subject always to such alterations as shall be made

by them according to the laws of the church from time to time: Saving the provided always, that nothing in this act contained shall extend or rights of

be construed to extend to depriving his majesty or others, patrons of

parishes in Scotland, of their right to present ministers to the existProviso, for ing parochial churches thereof: provided always, that neither any

part of the stipends of ministers appointed for the service of any

such additional churches to be erected by voluntary contribution as erected by voluntary aforesaid, nor any charge for the support or repairs of any such tion.

church, school house, or other building appertaining to the same, nor for the erection or support or repairs of any manse or building for the residence of such ministers, nor for the provision of any glebe for any of such ministers aforesaid, nor for the support of any schoolmaster, shall be imposed on or become chargeable on the teinds or to the heritors of any parish or magistrates of towns in which any such church as aforesaid shall be erected or endowed by voluntary

contribution as aforesaid: provided also, that nothing herein conaffect powers tained shall be construed to limit or affect the powers of the

commissioners of teinds exercised under and according to the


which are churches


Act not to

of commis. sioners of

teinds under


provisions of the act of the Scottish parliament, sixth of queen 6 Aug. 10.99 Anne, c. 9, intituled an act anent the plantation of kirks and valua- (s.) tion of teinds.

II. Provided always, and be it enacted, that in every church or One ifth of chapel which may be erected under the authority of this act not less airings to be than one fifth part of the sittings therein shall be at rents to be by church fixed by the said church courts.

III. Provided always, and be it further enacted, that this act shall Act not to not extend to any church or chapel built and endowed in any parish churches by the patron thereof, who shall retain every right to which he built in any

by the would have been legally entitled had this act never been passed patron. into law.

IV. And be it enacted, that if in any parish a church or chapel Providing shall be built and endowed at the joint expense of the patron thereof built by and of one or more heritors therein, and of no other persons, the patron and

heritors only. legal rights of the patron shall take full effect as aforesaid, unless an objection shall be transmitted in writing to the moderator of the presbytery of the bounds, and signed by such a number of the heritors as shall have contributed one fourth part of the whole sum laid out or to be expended in the said building and endowment, in which case the said church or chapel shall fall within the provisions of this act.

6 & 7 VICTORIA, CAP. 61.-An act to remove doubts respecting the admission of ministers to benefices in that part of the united kingdom called Scotland.-See Title-"BENEFICES," vol. i. p.





Irish act,

7 & 8 GEORGE 4, CAP. 34. — An act to amend the acts relating to the provision of ministers in cities and corporate towns in Ireland.

Whereas by an act made in the parliament of Ireland in the session 17 & 18 Car. holden in the seventeenth and eighteenth years of the reign of king 2, c. 7.

Charles the second, among other things for provision of ministers in cities and corporate towns in Ireland, it is enacted, that it shall be lawful for the lord lieutenant or other chief governor or governors, and six or more of his majesty's privy council in Ireland, to allot, ascertain, set forth, and charge certain sums of money to be paid to the several incumbents within the city and suburbs of Dublin, and liberties thereunto adjoining, and other cities and towns corporate in Ireland, who have actual cure of souls in each parish respectively, out of the houses belonging to such parish respectively, according to the yearly value of each house, to be allotted and charged on the inhabitants in manner in the said act mentioned; and that the sum so allotted and charged shall be received by the church wardens of each parish respectively, and by them paid to the several and respective incumbents; and in case of refusal or delay of payment, such churchwardens are by the said act empowered to levy such sums by distress and sale; and on failure of their duties therein, such church wardens

are punishable as in the said act is provided : and whereas by an 33 G. 3, c. 56. act made in the parliament of Ireland in the thirty-third year of the

reign of king George the third, intituled an act respecting the collection of public money to be levied in the county of the city of Dublin, by presentment, the church wardens in the respective parishes in the county of the said city are required to return to the treasurer of the public money an exact account of the gross sum of ministers money payable by the inhabitants of each and every such parish: and whereas the performance of the duties required by the said acts by the church wardens of parishes is in many respects grievous to such churchwardens; be it therefore enacted by the king's most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual

and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament assembled, Incumbents and by the authority of the same, that at any time after the passing collectors of of this act it shall and may be lawful for the several and respective ministers

incumbents and their respective successors, within the city and submoney in Dublin and urbs of Dublin, and liberties thereunto adjoining, and within other other cities cities and towns corporate in Ireland, who have actual cure of souls

in each parish respectively, and such incumbents are hereby respec

tively authorized, empowered, and required from time to time, by like power in any writing under the hand of any such incumbent respectively, to collecting,

nominate and appoint any person or persons willing to act as such, to be a collector or collectors of all sums allotted or charged accord. ing to the said recited act of the seventeenth and eighteenth years of king Charles the second, for ministers money, upon the inhabitants of the respective houses in any and every such parish respectively;

and towns; and such collectors shall have

&c, such money, as churchwardens have under recited acts.

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