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The Outlook

Published Weekly

January 7, 1899

Vol. 61

No. 1

Free Cuba

After four centuries of misrule in issued a proclamation assuring protection to

Cuba, Spain relinquished her claim the persons and property of all the inhabitants, to sovereignty in the island on New Year's and encouraging the resumption of agriculture, Day. There was only as much ceremony as traffic, and commerce. The organization of the necessities of the case required. Captain- the Havana police and sanitary forces is being General Castellanos, at noon, in the hall of the pushed rapidly forward, and the military Palace at Havana, in the names of the King organization is being perfected in detail. and the Queen Regent, formally delivered The Cuban insurgent delegates to the United possession of Cuba to General Wade as the States have issued an appeal to the natives head of the American Evacuation Commis- urging independence, not annexation, afsion under the terms of the protocol. Gen- firming that the separationist party in Cuba eral Wade in turn delivered the control of the coostitutes the vast majority of its citizens, island to General Brooke, lately appointed by and that the Cubans made war to secure this the President to become Military Governor separation and subsequent independence. of the Division of Cuba. The flag of Spain They resent the charge that the Cuban was lowered from the Palace, Morro Castle, people are indolent and unable to govern the Cabañas Fortress, and the public build themselves. Neither their resentment at ings, and instantly replaced by the Stars and this charge nor their stigmatizing as traitors Stripes. General Castellanos displayed sin those who are not in favor of independence cere and natural emotion. All the courtesies carries much weight. The question of indewere scrupulously observed, and no unpleas- pendence is one to be settled by the substanant incident marred the solemn transfer of tial citizens of Cuba after peace is fully resovereignty. On the contrary, an informal stored, law and order are established, and the incident is to be recorded, pleasantin itself and freedom of every man to express himself on of hopeful meaning: Three Cuban Generals the question of the island's future is absowere present, and on being presented to them lutely secured. at his own request General Castellano said, “ I am sorry, gentlemen, that we are enemies, being of the same blood;" General Menocal

The occupation of the

Insurgents at Iloilo responded, “We foughtonly for Cuba, and now

city of Iloilo on the isl. that she is free, we are no longer enemies.” and of Panay by insurgent troops creates a There was no disturbance in Havana; the situation requiring wise and careful managecrowds in the streets were reasonably orderly ment rather than one of critical seriousness. although intensely enthusiastic; everywhere No doubt the Spanish officers desired to floated the flags of Cuba and the United embarrass the United States by their sudden States. General Ludlow's reply to the request withdrawal of the Spanish forces from Iloilo of a Patriotic Committee to allow a six days' to Mindanao when there were no American celebration of the great event was a sensible, soldiers near enough to prevent the Filipinos friendly exposition of the inexpediency of from taking possession. Technically (the such a celebration at this time. It was ac- Philippines still being under the Spanish flag) cepted in good part by the Cubans. Later, the Spanish commandant had a right to act when order is absolutely secured, General as he did, and we cannot scrutinize too Ludlow declares, the American authorities closely the excuse of military necessity. Th will be glad to further and participate real object was to precipitate hostilities bein such a celebration. General Brooke has tween the insurgents and Americans, if pos



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