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Governor-CYRUS G. LUCE-Republican.

Governor-GEORGE L, YAPLE-Democrat.

Form of ballot

Governor-SAMUEL DICKIE-Prohibition.
Lieut.-Governor-JAMES H. MODONALD—Republican.
Lieut.-Governor-S, S. CURRY-Democrat.
Lieut.-Governor-CHARLES MOSHER-Prohibition.
Secretary of State--GIL R. OSMUN-Republican.
Secretary of State-P. B. WACHTEL-Democrat.
Secretary of State--JOHN EVANS-Prohibition.
Secretary of Stato-
State Treasurer-GEORGE L. MALTZ-Republican.
State Treasurer-WM. G. BEARD-Democrat.
State Treasurer-AARON C. FISHER-Prohibition.
State Treasurer-
State Auditor--HENRY H. APLIN-Republican.
State Auditor--JOHN D. FARRAR--Democrat.
State Auditor--S. B. WILLIAMS-Prohibition.
State Auditor-
Attorney General – MOSES TAGGART-Republican.
Attorney General-JOHN C. DONNELLY-Democrat.
Attorney General-JAMES R. LAING-Prohibition.
Attorney General-
Associate Justice Sup. Ct.-JOS.H. ESTABROOK-Republican.
Associate Justice Sup. Ct.-DAVID PARSONS-Democrat.
Associate Justice Sup. Ct.-DAVIS BEMIS-Prohibition.
Associate Justice Sup. Ct.-


TL 1 Vote for one. Vote for one. Vote for one, Vote for one.) Vote for one. Vote for one, Vote for one.



[S. F. No. 6.]

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Minnesota.

SECTION 1. It is hereby made the duty of the county Duties of counauditors respectively of the counties of Otter Tail, Hub- ty auditors to

give noticebard, Becker, Clay, Norman, Polk, Marshall, Kittson, Bel- Town clerks to trami and Wadena, or any other county in the state of post notices, Minnesota wherein the crop of the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight (1888) was partially or wholly destroyed by frost, or blight, or hail, to give notice before the fifteenth (15th) day of February, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine (1889), to the respective town clerks of the several towns of said counties to post notices immediately in at least three (3) of the most public places in each town to all persons wishing to avail themselves of the benefits of this act to meet at the town clerk's office in the town, and file with said town clerk on or before the first (1st) day of March, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine (1889), an application duly subscribed and sworn to by the applicant before the said town clerk.

Said application shall contain a true statement of the Applications, number of acres the applicant has plowed and prepared for seeding for the ensuing season's crop; how many acres the applicant intends to have plowed and prepared for such seeding before seeding time ; how many bushels are necessary and of what kinds of grain to seed the ground so prepared, and also that said applicant's crop was, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight (1888), entirely destroyed by frost or blight or hail, as the case may be, or if only partially destroyed, the extent of such destruction, and how many bushels of each kind of grain the applicant harvested in said year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight (1888), also what amount of said grain, and of what kind the applicant desires to borrow from the state ; that the applicant has not procured and is not able to procure the necessary seed grain, and that he desires the same for seed grain and for no other purpose, and will not sell or dispose of the same or any thereof.

form of

Town clerks to

cations to

amination, time of

To contain list Said application shall also contain a true and full dessonal property. cription of all real and personal property owned by the ap

plicant, and the incumbrances, if any, thereon, and the full description by government subdivisions of the land upon which the applicant intends to sow said seed grain.

SEC. 2. The town clerk of each town shall on or before forward appli- the first (1st) day of March, A. D. eighteen hundred and county

eighty-nine (1889), forward all applications made before auditors.

him to the county auditor of his county, who shall file the same in his office. All applications filed in any county auditor's office under the provisions of this act shall be open to public inspection, and no applications shall be considered by the board provided for in section three (3) of this act, except such as have been made and filed within the time and in the manner prescribed in section one (1)

of this act. County commissioners a

SEC. 3. The board of county commissioners of each board of ex- county where the provisions of this act are applicable shall

be and are hereby constituted and appointed a board of meeting.

examination and adjustment of the applications for seed grain under this act, and it shall be the duty of said board to meet at the county auditor's office on the fifth (5th) day of March, A. D. eighteen hundred and eighty-nine (1889), to examine and consider separutely each application as provided in section one (1) of this act, and to decide who are entitled to the benefits herein mentioned and the amount to which each applicant is entitled, and said board

shall on or before the ninth (9th) day of March, A. D. applications to eighteen hundred and eighty-nine (1889), forward to the be forwarded

governor a statement giving the number of applicants, the to Governor.

number of acres prepared, or to be prepared, and the number of bushels of each kind of seed grain needed in the county.

Said statement shall comprise and include only such applications as have been approved by said board, and shall be signed by the chairman of said board, and countersigned by the county auditor. Provided no one (1) applicant shall be allowed a greater amount in value of

seed grain than one hundred and fifty dollars ($150). Governor to apportion and SEC. 4. The governor, upon receipt of the statements as amounts called provided in section three (3)of this act, if the same shall not

exceed in the aggregate the sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), appropriated for such purpose, shall apportion and distribute the amounts called for to the several counties for which applications are received, but if the amounts applied for shall exceed in the aggregate said sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) then the governor shall apportion and distribute that sum to the counties applying pro rata in proportion to the amounts called for by said counties respectively, as shown by said statements of the county auditors thereof; and thereupon the governor shall inform each county auditor of the amount


County com

meet and

apportioned to his county, and shall authorize the board of county commissioners to purchase seed grain to the amount so apportioned, and cause the same to be distributed to the applicants in said county who are entitled to receive the same under the provisions of this act.

SEC. 5. Immediately upon receiving notice from th governor of the amount apportioned to their county, the missioners to board of county commissioners shall meet at the county readjust auditor's office, and readjust the applications in their applications. county for seed grain, and apportion the amount that has been allowed to the county among the applicants pro rata in proportion to the amount required by each if there shall not be sufficient grain to supply all in full.

Provided, That after all applicants for said grain in any Surplus to be county are supplied, if there shall be a surplus the same sold. shall be sold by direction of the board of county commissioners, and the sum received therefor shall be turned over to the county treasurer, who shall give his receipt therefor, and said sum shall thereupon be by him paid over to the state treasurer, who shall receipt for the same to said county and endorse said amount so received on the county bond of the county making such payment.

SEC. 6. The county auditor of each county shall, as soon County auditor as the county commissioners shall have performed the duty to issue order prescribed in section five (5), issue to each applicant an seed. order for the number of bushels of each kind of seed grain wbich has been allowed to said applicant.

Provided, however, that said order shall not be delivered Applicant to until said applicant has signed a contract in triplicate, at- sign contract tested by the county auditor, to the effect that said applicant for and in consideration of

bushels of seed grain received from the state, promises to pay to the state of Minnesota dollars, the amount of the cost of said seed grain; that said sum shall be taxable against all the real and personal property of said applicant ; that such tax shall be levied by the county auditor of his county and

cted as taxes against real and personal property are collected under the laws of this state, and that the sum so levied shall be a first lien upon the crop of grain raised each year by the person receiving said seed grain until said amount is fully paid.

Sec. 7. It shall be the duty of the county auditor of County anditor each county to cause the tax provided for in section six (6) he levied, when. to be levied against the property of each person receiving seed grain under the provisions of this act. One-half of said tax shall be levied in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine (1889), and the other half shall be levied in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety (1890), and all moneys collected by the county treasurer under the provisions of this act shall be kept separate from other state and county taxes, and shall be paid over to the state treasurer.

to cause tax to

tracts and

sent to

Contracts, SEC. 8. The contracts provided for in section six (6) of disposition of

this act shall be numbered consecutively by the county auditor, one (1) shall be filed in the office of the county auditor, one (1) shall be transmitted to the state auditor and filed in his office, and the third (30) shall be filed in the office of the town clerk of the town where the applicant making

the contract resides. Record of con

The county auditor shall keep and transcribe in a book, schedule of

to be used for that purpose only, said contracts and a corapplications to rect list and schedule of the applications, giving the name be kept by county auditor of each applicant, the number of his application, the date

of his contract, the cost of each kind of seed grain furnished to him, the description of the land occupied by him, and showing also the total amount of money furnished to said

county by the state. True copy to be A true copy of said list and schedule so transcribed shall Governor. be made and signed by the chairman of the board of county

commissioners, and certified to by the auditor, and forwarded to the governor; and whenever the amount provided for in any contract filed under the provisions of this act is fully paid, the county auditor is empowered to cancel such contract, and he shall write the word "Satisfied” opposite the name of such person in the book in which said contracts are entered, and shall deliver up said contract to the

person entitled thereto. State acqaires a lien upon

SEC. 9. Upon the filing of the contract as provided in section eight (8) of this act, the state of Minnesota shall acquire a just and valid lien upon the crops of grain raised each year by the person receiving said seed grain, to the amount of the sum then due to the state upon said contract, as against all subsequent creditors, purchasers or mortgagees, in good faith or otherwise, and the said filings of said contract shall be held and considered to be full and sufficient notice to all parties of the existence and extent of said lien, which shall continue in force until the amount

covered by said contract is fully paid. Payments for Each and every person who has received seed grain seede fruine re- under the provisions of this act shall, as soon as his crops ceived this act to be

of the year wherein payment is to be made under his said

contract are harvested and threshed, market a sufficient harvested.

amount of grain to pay the amount then due on his contract, and pay the same over at once to the county treasurer of his county, which payment shall satisfy said lien


made as soon as crop is

for that year.

Persons violat

of contract guilty of a

Seo. 10. Any person or persons who shall, contrary to ing provisions the provisions of this act, sell

, transfer, take or carry away or in any manner dispose of the seed grain, or any part misdemeanor, thereof, furnished by the state as provided in this act, or

to penalty. who shall use or dispose of the said seed grain, or any

thereof, for any other purpose than that of sowing or planting his ground, or who shall sell, transfer, take or carry away, or in any manner dispose of the crop, or any part

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