What was the Gunpowder Plot?: The Traditional Story Tested by Original Evidence

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Osgood, McIlvaine & Company, 1897 - Conspiracy - 290 pages

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Page 9 - You shall swear by the Blessed Trinity, and by the sacrament you propose to receive, never to disclose directly or indirectly, by word or circumstance, the matter that shall be proposed to you to keep secret, nor desist from the execution thereof, until the rest shall give you leave.
Page 260 - Last of all came the great Devil of all, Fawkes, alias Johnson, who should have put fire to the powder. His body being weak with torture and sickness, he was scarce able to go up the ladder, but with much ado, by the help of the hangman, went high enough to brake his neck with the fall...
Page 160 - ... Lenthall it was his father's contrivance ; which Lenthall soon after told one Mr. Webb (John Webb, Esq.), a person of quality, and his kinsman, yet alive. "Sir Henry Wotton says, 'twas usual with Cecil to create plots that he might have the honour of the discovery, or to such effect. " The Lord Monteagle knew there was a letter to be sent to him before it came.
Page 232 - God to grant me two such notable deliveries upon one day of the week, which was Tuesday, and likewise one day of the month, which was the fifth; thereby to teach me, that as it was the same devil that still persecuted me, so it was one and the same God that still mightily delivered me...
Page 197 - I am in great dispute with myself to speak in the case of this gentleman ; a former dearness between me and him, tied so firm a knot of my conceit of his virtues, now broken by a discovery of his imperfections. I protest, did I serve a king that I knew would be displeased with me for speaking, in this case I would speak, whatever came of it; but seeing he is compacted of piety and justice, and one that will not mislike of any man for speaking a truth, I will answer your question.
Page 146 - I do acknowledge the Church of Rome to be the mother church. And I do verily believe that no other church hath any salvation in it, but only so far as it concurs with the faith of the Church of * Vol.
Page 122 - ... they shall receyve a terrible blowe this parleament and yet they shall not seie who hurts them...
Page 25 - To please us, his cur he kept under clog, And was ever after both shepherd and dog. For oblation to Pan his custom was thus, He first gave a trifle, then offer'd up us : And through his false worship such power he did gain, As kept him o' th' mountain, and us on the plain.
Page 202 - While I was writing this, the old man waxed wroth. He shook with passion, and would fain have snatched the paper from me. " If you don't want me to write the truth," said I, " I'll not write at all." " Nay," quoth he, " write so and so, and I'll copy out what you have written.
Page 131 - I did upon the instant interpret and apprehend some dark phrases therein, contrary to the ordinary grammar construction of them (and in another sort than I am sure any divine or lawyer in any university would have taken them), to be meant by this horrible form of blowing us up all by powder; and thereupon ordered, that search to be made, whereby the matter was discovered, and the man apprehended...

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