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And Strange Surprizing



Of TORIC, Mariner:

Who lived eight and twenty Years all alone in
an un-inhabired Island on the Coast of America,
near the Mouth of the Great River oiOruonoque;

Having been cast on Shore by Shipwreck, where-
in all the Men perished but himself.

With an ACCOUNT how he was at last as
strangely dcliver'd by Pyrates.

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LONDON: Printed for W. Taylor at the
Ship in Pater-Nojler-Row. Mdccxix.

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I Fever the Story of any private Man's Adventures in the World /were "worth making Tublick, arid were acceptable whenVublijtid, the Editor of this Recount thinks this will be so.

The Wonders of this Man's Life exceed all that (he thinks) is to be found extant , the Life of one Man being scarce capable of a greater Variety.

The Story is told with Modesty, with Seriousness, and with a religious Application of Events to the Uses to which wife Men always


apply them (viz.) to the Instruction of others by this Example, and to justify and honour the Wisdom of Providence in all the Variety of our Circumstances, let themt happen how they will.';

The Editor believes the thing to be a just History ofFacl ;neither is their any Appearance of Fiction in it \ And however thinks, because all fuchThings are disputed, that the Improvement of it, as well to the fiiverjion, as to the Instruction of the Reader, "will be the fame; and as such, he thinks, without farther Compliment to the World, he does them a great Service in the Publication. ,-' \ '. sV'""


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Was born in the Year itfj2, in the City of York, of a good Family, tho' not of that Country, my Father being a Foreigner of Bremen, who settled first at Hull: He got a good Estate by Merchandize, and leaving off his Trade, lived afterwardat York, from whence he had married my Mother, whose Relations were named Robinson, a very good Family in that Country, and from whom I was called Robinson Kreutz,naer; but by the usual Corruption of Words in England, we are now called, nay we call our selves, and write our NameCra/w.and so my Companions always call'd me.

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