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De Lolme, Constitution de l'Angleterre...

Dialogues of Creatures Moralized........

Dick's (Sir W.) Lamentable and Distressed Case............ 52
Dido, a Tragedy, by Marlowe and Nash

Diodorus Siculus ;-Booth’s English, and Macault's
French Translation of......


Dodsley's Old Plays, Fine Paper, 1780..


Dryden's Absalom and Achitopel; Key to


Gethin's Lady Grace) Remains

Googe's (B.) Eglogs, Epytaphes, and Sonnets




Hackluyt's Voyages — Means of Detecting the Reprint
of the Cadiz Voyage..

Hall Stevenson's Crazy Tales, &c.
Harvey's (Gabriel) Three Letters ....

Letters and Sonnets


Hawkesworth’s Account of Captain Cook's First Voyage

round the World; Means of distinguishing the First

Edition of ..........




a Bibliomaniac's Library.

Ars Memorandi, Notabilis per Figuras Evangelistarum,

vel Memoriale Quatuor Evangelistarum.-Small Folio.Method of Learning by heart the Four Evangelists.

The earliest Memoria Technica extant, and among the first Books of Images with the text,* as well as one of the earliest specimens of wooden block printing.

At Talleyrand's Sale in 1816, a copy sold for 361. 15s.

Described by Heinekin, “ Idée des Estampes," p. 394. &c. and in “ Bibliotheca Spenceriana," by Dibdin. Heinekin has not ventured to assign its date. Mr. Dibdin thinks 1430; and Horne, in his “ Bibliography," seems to coincide with this date being given it.

* Being only preceded by Der Entkrist-Of Antichrist, small folio; and' “ The Fifteen Sigos which Precede the Last Judgment”both in German.


Speculum Humanæ Salvationis. Small Folio. Editio

Primæ vetustatis, tentamen artis impressoria.-- Without place or date. Supposed to have been printed between the years

1440 and 1457.

one side.

This first edition of the Speculum must be considered as the most interesting and curious of books. Guttenburg, the printer, evidently became acquainted with moveable types during its progress, as about one third of the Book is printed in characters cut on wooden blocks, and the remainder with rude moveable types. This work consists of sixty-three leaves, printed only on

The five first contain a Latin Preface, and the others each represent a wood engraving in vignette form, with historical events, taken from the Bible, and enclosed between architectural gothic borders, with explanatory inscriptions.

Heinekin, p. 134, gives a detailed list of these vignettes,

There are two editions of this Latin Speculum, which are nearly of equal rarity and value.

The first is the one, where the text of the Cuts 1, 2, 4, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 21, 22, 26, 27, 46, and 55, is printed on wooden blocks, whilst the text of the Preface and of the remainder of the Cuts, is printed with moveable types.

In the second edition, the whole of the text is executed with moveable types. A fac simile of the last plate of the 2nd. edition, will be found in Heinekin, p. 443.

At the Sale of the Merly Library, 1813, a copy of the first edition sold for 315l. and also a copy of the Flemish edition for 2521. which latter is now in Earl Spencer's collection.

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