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to remove them to Africa, because they were too proud to associate familiarly with men of a sable complexion! But the writer proceeds :

• We tell her, look at the little colony on her shores. We tell her, look to the consequences that must flow to all her borders from religion, and science, and knowledge, and civilization, and republican government ! And then we ask her -is not one ship load of emigrants returning with these multiplied blessings, worth more to her than a million of her barbarous sons ?'

So ! every ship load of ignorant and helpless emigrants is to more than compensate Africa for every million of her children who have been kidnapped, buried in the ocean and on the land, tortured with savage cruelty, and held in perpetual servitude ! Truly, this is a compendious method of balancing accounts. In the sight of God, of Africa, and of the world, we are consequently blameless—and rather praiseworthy--for our past transgressions. It is such sophistry as is contained in the foregoing extract, that kindles my indignation into a blaze. I abhor cant -I abhor hypocrisy--and if some of the advocates of the Colonization Society do not deal largely in both, I am unable to comprehend the meaning of these terms.

Of the whole number of individuals constituting the officers of the Society, nearly three-fourths, I believe, are the owners of slaves, or interested in slave property; not one of whom, to my knowledge, has emancipated any of his slaves to be sent to Liberia !! The President of the Society, (CHARLES CARROLL,) owns, I have understood, nearly one thousand slaves ! And yet he is lauded, beyond measure, as a patriot, a philanthropist, and a christian ! The former President, (Judge BUSHROD WASHINGTON,) so far from breaking the fetters of his slaves, actually while holding his office offered a large reward for a runaway female slave, to any person who would secure her by putting her into any jail within the United States ! What a mockery it is for such persons to profess to deplore the existence of slavery, or to denounce the foreign slave trade ! for they neither cease from their own oppressive acts, nor act much more honestly than the slave dealers--the latter stealing those who are born on the coast of Africa, and the former those who are born in this country !

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