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This presents the second volume of administrative decisions under
the immigration and nationality laws of the United States These
decisions were selected from those rendered during the period immedi-
ately succeeding that covered in the first volume, up to about August
1947. These decisions are arranged in chronological order, according
to the date of the first decision reported herein on a given case. They
are cited preferably as 2, I. & N. Dec. — (supplying the page number
on which the decision begins), just as those in the first volume are
cited 1, I. & N. Dec. —.

As heretofore, proper names of individual subjects of these decisions
have been reduced to initials throughout the printed record to help
maintain the confidential nature of these administrative decisions.
Thus, it was considered helpful to provide two tables of these reported
cases. One is arranged according to the alphabetical order of names;
the other according to a numerical sequence of file numbers.

The index featured by this volume replaces the index-digest form
used in the first volume. It covers the case material of both the
first and the present volumes If feasible, succeeding volumes will
continue a cumulative index for easy reference.

Attention has been invited to previous decisions which have been
variously affected by later administrative or court decision. This
material appears under a “notice" thereof, directly after the tables of
cases reported in this volume. In this way, the "currency” of some of
the previously reported administrative decisions has been indicated,
except insofar as statutory and regulatory changes may have
introduced differences.

An appendix has been affixed, before the index material, which
tabulates under convenient headings, matters of reference in the
reported cases in this volume. This type of material appeared in the
forepart of the first volume, as to matters therein.

To offset inescapable delays in publication in volume form of
selected decisions rendered after August 1947, "interim decisions” are
distributed to our main field offices for public convenience in the
perusal thereof. From these "interim decisions" will be culled the
material for succeeding volumes. In this way, this decision-material
is made available to the public in advance of publication. Publication
in volume form will ensue as soon as it becomes possible to do so.

Throughout, the effort has been made and will continue to be made,
to keep the public currently informed as to administrative decisions
of this kind, not only in accordance with the letter but in the spirit of
the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946.

Watson B. MILLER, Commissioner.

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