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by his majesty, first in French, after translated into English by his majesty's leave.

11. A Defence of the Right of Kings, against Cardinal Perron, written by bis majesty in French, and thereafter translated into English by his majesty's leave.

To the above are added five speeches on different occasions. The king wrote also various pieces, in Latin, which it were needless to particularize.

The following lines are found under the print of James, prefixed to his works.

Crowns have their compass, length of days their date,
Triumphs their tombs, felicity her fate;
Of more than earth, can earth make none partaker,
But knowledge makes the king most like his maker.

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A. Accorden, agree, accord, grant. Accordeden, agreed, granted. Adoube, to dubb. Adrad, adradde, afraid. Aferde, afraid. Again, ageyn, against. Againward, contrariwise. Agasten, to frighten, terrify. Algates, always. Allies, kindred. Almayn, Germany. Angle, to jangle. Antesis, author, cause. Apay, to appease. Appayr, appaired, to impair, impaired. Appairing, impairing. Appropred, appropriated. Aren, arne, are. Arragonars, Arragonians. Artetykes, aching of limbs. Artyd, pressed, constrained. Assauts, assaults. Assoil, assoilen, to loose, absolve. Astonied, astonished. Avys, advice, opinion, understanding. Ayen, again.

B. Barate, barbarity ? Baynes, baths, or bagnios. Be, sometimes used for been. Bedeman, confessor. Behight, joretold. Beir, a shrill noise. Bemers, Bohemians. Ben, are, be, been, have been. Beryn, to bear. Besinyt, to taint, corrupt. Besy, busy. Besynes, business. Bitake, to deliver, delivered. Blinne, to cease, stop. Boon, a bone. Brenning, burning. Brente, burnt. Bronde, a brand. Bush, to lie in ambush. Bushment, an ambuscade. But, but if, unless, except.

C. Chaas, (from cheese) chose. Caitiffness, meanness. Can, to know. Certes, certainly. Chambred, chamferred. Champ, (Fr.) field. Charytes, chariots. Chastise, to amend. Chese, cheese, to choose. Chesell, chisel, bodkin. Clepe, to call. Cleped, cleaped, clept, called.

Cleuchis, cloughs, deep valleys, or ravines in the hills.
Commyxion, commixture.
Comprize, to undertake.
Con, conne, to know.
Conning, cunning, knowledge.
Contact, conflict.
Contrary, directed towards.
Costlew, costly.
Could, knew.
Covenable, convenient.
Covetyse, covetousness.
Craft, art.
Curtarse, courteous,

Dagging, slitting, cutting into slips.
Delices, (Fr.) delights.
Depart, to divide.
Despoil, to take off, or divest.
Dicts, sayings.
Diffenses, prohibitions.
Distraught, to distract, torture; distracted, fc.
Do, sometimes for done.
Done, to do.
Donet, introduction.
Doon, judgment, reason.
Dou, dove.
Doubt, fear; to fear.
Doubted, feared.
Doubty, doubtful.
Dure, to lust, extend.
Dured, lasted, extended.
Duresse, durance.


Eft, oft.
Egal, (Fr.) equal.

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