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Ephemeral, lasting for a day, passing.
Epitaph, the inscription on a tomb.
Epithet, word expressing the quality of that

to which it is applied.
Eradicate, to root out.
Erroneously, by mistake.
Erst, formerly.
Espouse, (a cause) to embrace, take to one's

self. Essence, the chief element. Eulogium, a writing or speech in praise of

one. Evoke, to call forth. Excursion, wandering from a subject. Executor, one appointed to carry out a will. Exemption, freedom. Exhalation, what is sent off like vapour. Exit, (Lat. he goes out) outgoing. Expedition, a hostile march. Experiment, a trial. Expostulate, to reason earnestly. Exquisite, (sought out) nice, accurate. Extenuate, to make less, diminish. Extract, a portion taken out. Extravagance, undue expenditure. Extricate, to free from. Exuberant, plenteous, rich. Exudation, the passing out of a fluid. Exult, to leap with joy. Factor, one who buys and sells for others. Faggot, a bundle of sticks for fuel. Fallow, (land) left untilled. Fanatical, extravagant in opinion. Fane, a temple, the shrine. Fantastic, produced by fancy, imaginary. Farriery, art of curing diseases of cattle. Fascination, the power of charming. Fastidious, over-nice. Fen, a bog, land covered with mud. Fervid, hot, eager. Fickle, changeable. Fiction, a work of the imagination. Filament, a thread-like object. Focus, a central point. Fraught, laden, filled. Fretted, ornamented with interlacing fillets. Gala, a festivity: Galaxy, the milky way, an assembly of dis

tinguished persons or things.
Gall, to annoy.
Garish, showy.
Gaudery, showiness.
Generous (nurture), invigorating.
Genuine, real.
Geometry, science of magnitude.
Gesture, a movement of the body.
Girlonds=garlands, wreaths of flowers.
Gladiator, one who fought with a sword in

the Roman amphitheatre.
Glutinous, like glue.
Gorge, throat, a narrow pass.
Gorgeous, showy, splendid.
Gratulation, joy for good fortune.
Guise, dress.
Gyve, to bind, chain.
Hackney, a horse for general use.
Hamlet, a small village.
Harass, to torment, annoy.
Harbinger, a forerunner.
Hay-mow, mass of hay in a barn.
Heavy gaited, moving heavily.
Hectic, fever-like.
Heinous, hateful.
Hereditary, passing from parent to child.
Hie, hasten

Hieroglyphics, picture-writing.
Homage, service promised by a vassal to his

Hospitable, kind to strangers.
Hostelry, place for strangers.
Humiliate, to lower in condition.
Hustings, a platform at an election from

which candidates spoke. Identity, sameness. Ignoble, mean, worthless. Illiterate, without learning. Imbibe, (to drink in) to admit into the

mind. Immortal, undying. Impair, to lessen the value of. Impotency, powerlessness. Impregnable, not able to be stormed. Impute, to set down to one's account. Incision, a cutting into. Incomparable, excellent, to which none can

be compared. Incrustation, a crust on the surface of a

body: Indefatigable, unwearied. Indomitable, that cannot be conquered. Inemulous, not desirous of. Infallible, free from error. Infringement, the act of violating, breach. Infuriated, enraged. Infuse, to pour in, fill with. Initial, beginning, first. Insatiate, that cannot be satisfied. Instal, to place in office. Insubordinate, not submissive or obedient. Insulate, to separate off. Insulated, standing alone. Insuperable, not to be overcome. Integrity, honesty, purity. Integument, covering. Intensive, a word serving to give force. Interpreter, one who translates or explains. Interruption, a stoppage. Intersperse, to scatter here and there. Intimidation, the act of making afraid. Intrepid, brave, undaunted. Inundation, overflowing with water. Inurn, to inclose in an urn. Inventory, a catalogue of furniture, &c. Invert, to turn upside down. Ire, anger. Irretrievable, not to be repaired. Irrigate, to wet, moisten. Irriguous, well watered. Jack, a young pike. Jasper, a precious stone. Jocund, merry, pleasant. Jousts, tournaments. Jubilee, (fiftieth year) a shout of joy. King-cup, the flower crow-foot. Languid, exhausted, sluggish. Lassitude, weariness. Lattice, a network of laths or bars. Lease out, to let house or land for a term of

years. Leeward, part to which the wind blows. Legislative, law-giving. Leonine, lion-like. Licentious, immoral, vicious. Lictor, an attendant on a magistrate, armed

with rods and an axe. Lineage, ancestry, descent. Lingering, passing slowly. Liquorous, (lickerish) nice in the choice of


Litany, a form of prayer.
Litter, that on which articles are carried.
Livery, dress peculiar to certain persons.
Loathe, to dislike greatly.
Logical, reasoning carefully.
Lore, learning.
Lucid, clear.
Lust, desire.
Lustre, brightness, a bright light.
Magazine, a store-house.
Magnanimity, greatness of soul.
Maím, to injure, make defective.
Malady, ailment, disease.
Malaria, hurtful exhalations from marshes.
Manipulation, working by the hand.
Manoeuvre, a skilful movement in war.
Mantling, gathering over and covering.
Marshal, to arrange in order.
Masque, to cover the face with a mask.
Mast, fruit of the oak, beech, &c.
Matins, morning prayers.
Maze, a winding and turning.
Mazy, full of windings.
Melancholy, a gloomy state of mind.
Mellow, soft with ripeness, soft to the ear.
Melody, an air or tune.
Menace, a threat.
Meteor, a passing fiery body; adj. that which

astonishes for a time. Metropolis, (mother or parent city) the cap

ital. Militant, engaged in war. Mitre, bishop or archbishop's head-dress. Mizen, mizzen, belonging to the stern. Moat, a trench round a castle. Modify, to change the form of. Modulation, change of tone or note. Monitor, one who warns. Monotonous, of one sound or tone. Moral, having to do with right and wrong. Morass, a marsh. Mortification, disappointment. Mortify, to disappoint. Moulder, to crumble. Multiform, having many forms. Mummer, one who makes sport by gestures. Munitions, materials used in war. Myriad, a countless number. Mysterious, secret, not easily understood. Mystic, with hidden meaning. Nave, the middle part of a church. Negotiate, to arrange for. Niche, a recess for a statue. Nomenclature, the terms belonging to a

science. Nurture, nourishment. Nutritious, fitted to nourish. Obelisk, a lofty pillar formed of one stone. Obliterate, to blot out. Obsolete, out of use. Obstacle, what stands in the way. Ode, a song. Omnipotence, unlimited power. Organ, an instrument, that by which a plant

or animal does its work. Organic, provided with organs. Orient, rising, Eastern. Orison, a prayer. Ostentation, show, display. Pagan, heathen. Pageantry, a showy spectacle. Pale, an inclosure, a district. Palisade, a fence of stakes fixed in the


Paltry, mean, small Panoply, complete armour. Panorama, "a view all round.” Pariah, one of the lowest caste in India. Parry, to turn aside. Partial, having favour for. Pastime, amusement. Pastoral, relating to shepherds. Pathos, feeling Pavilion, a tent. Pedestal, the foot or support of a pillar. Peevish, easily annoyed. Pelting, paltry, mean. Pensive, thoughtful. Perennial, perpetual, unceasing. Perforated, filled with holes. Phase, an appearance. Philanthropy, love of mankind. Phosphoric (sea), with waves lighted up. Physical, pertaining to the body. Physiology, science of laws of life. Picturesque, describing vividly. Pied, painted of various colours. Pigmy, a dwarf. Pilgrim, a wanderer, a traveller. Pinion, a wing. Pittance, a small portion. Plaint, a complaint. Plastic, having power to give form to. Plaudit, applause. Politics, the science of government. Pomp, splendour, grandeur. Porphyry, a hard purple rock. Portal, a small gate, an entrance. Portico, a covered walk. Potentate, a ruler. Preamble, introduction, preface. Precincts, limits, bounds. Precipitation, going headlong, haste. Preclude, to hinder beforehand. Prejudice, a judgment formed without due

examination. Prelate, a clergyman of superior rank, a

bishop or archbishop. Presentiment, perceiving beforehand. Presumptuous, daring. Primary, first, earliest. Primitive, belonging to the first times. Prismatic, as shown by a triangular piece of

glass or prism.
Process, what grows forth.
Prodigy, a wonder.
Profound, deep.
Promiscuously, in confusion.
Promotion, advancement in rank.
Prompt, ready.
Promulgate, to publish.
Propitious, favourable.
Proportions, dimensions.
Prostrate, to throw down.
Puissance (pu'-issance), power.
Pungent, with sharp or pricking taste.
Pursuivant, a state messenger.
Putrefaction, rottenness.
Quavering, a shaking of the voice.
Quip, (quid pro quo) a cut, or smart reply.
Rake, a loose, wild fellow.
Rally, to gather again.
Rank, high-growing, ready to be cut down.
Ransom, price paid for the freedom of a

Rapture, extreme delight.
Rarefy (rar'-e-fi), to make thin,
Rathe, early.
Ravage, spoil, ruin, waste.
Ravine, a deep mountain pass.

Rebeck, an instrument like a violin.

Spindle, that which is used in spinning. Recoil, to shrink from.

Spontaneous, of free will. Record, a written account.

Squadron, a body of troops or ships. Reek, to steam.

squire, attendant on a knight. Reflection, thought, also its expression. Standard, a rule, a test. Refractory, unmanageable.

Starboard, right-hand side of a ship, looking Refute, to disprove, prove false.

to the bow. Reiteration, repetition.

Statuary, one who makes statues. Relic, that which remains.

Sterility, barrenness. Relique (re-lek'), a relic, something left. Stifle, to stop the breath. Relish, taste, liking.

Stole, a long robe. Repertory, a treasury.

Stratagem, a plan for deceiving an enemy. Representative, carried on by the people's Subaltern, an inferior officer. representatives.

Sublime, lofty. Reprieve, delay of execution.

Submergo, to plunge under water. Reprimand, to chide or reprove.

Subsequent, following: Repudiate, to cast away, reject.

Subserviency, submission. Reputation, esteem, good name.

Suicide, self-murder. Requite, to repay.

Sullen, gloomy. Respiration, breathing.

Summons, a call to appear. Respite, interval of rest.

Superb, proud, stately. Resplendent, bright, shining.

Superfluous, unnecessary. Retainer, one retained in service, a depen- Superstitious, having excessive reverence. dant.

Surge, swell. Retaliation, return of like for like.

Survivor, one who lives after. Retrieve, to recover, repair.

Susceptibility, openness to impression. Retrospect, a glance back.

Suspend, to stop for a time. Rhetoric, the art of public speaking.

Sycophant, a talebearer, a mean ilatterer. Rigid, exact.

Symphony, harmony of sound. Rivalry, desire to equal or excel,

Synonymous, having the same meaning. Rove, to draw through an opening.

Swain, a peasant, a country man. Russet, reddish-brown.

Swart, black or black-making. Rusticity, simplicity or rudeness of man. ners.

Tactics, art of arranging troops or ships. Ruthless, without pity.

Talon, á claw.

Tapestry, a kind of carpet work. Sacramental, belonging to a solemn religious Tarnish, to soil. rite.

Teem, to bring forth abundantly. Sagacious, wise.

Temerity, rashness. Sanguine, warm, hopeful.

Temperament, disposition. Sanguinary, bloody.

Templar, a student of law. Sapphire, a brilliant stone.

Temporary, lasting only for a time. Satírist, one who writes to expose wicked- Tendril, a slender shoot of a plant by which ness or folly.

it attaches itself. Savoury, pleasant to the taste.

Tenement, anything held by a tenant, a Scandal, that which stumbles, a disgrace. dwelling. Scimitar, a curved sword.

Terminate, to end. Scrupulously, with special care.

Tesselated, made of mosaic work. Seclude, to shut out.

Texture, a fabric formed by weaving. Seclusion, separation.

Theme, subject of poem or speech. Sedate, quiet, settled.

Thwart, to cross, oppose. Semblance, likeness.

Tiara, a Persian head-dress.
Seminal, contained in seed, original.

Tier, a row.
Senator (lit. an old man), a councillor. Tiller, the handle of a rudder.
Sensation, a feeling or impression.

Tissue, the substance of which organs are Sensibility, liability to feel.

composed. Sequence, that which follows.

Torpor, inactivity, loss of motion. Seraph, an angel of highest rank.

Tradition, handing down. Serenade, to entertain with music by night. Tranquillity, peace, calm. Sheen, brightness.

Transform, to change the form of. Sierra (lit. a saw), a mountain range with Transient, passing, brief. summits jagged like a saw.

Transmit, to send or hand over. Significance, meaning.

Transpire, to become public. Simpler, one who gathers plants for medi- Treacherous, faithless. cines.

Tress, a knot or curl of hair. Sithe=scythe, a cutting instrument.

Trick, to dress out. Skirmish, a slight fight.

Tropical, belonging to the region on either Slight, neglect, disregard.

side of the equator. Snaphance, a kind of firelock.

Tumultuous, swelling. Social, relating to men in society.

Turbulent, disturbed. Solicitation, earnest request.

Turmoil, tumult, uproar. Solo, a musical piece performed by one voice or instrument.

Ulterior, on the further side, beyond. Sombre, dull, cloudy.

Umbrageous, shady. Soothsayer, a prophet.

Unalloyed, unmixed with what is base. Speck, a spot, a very small thing.

Unappeasable, that cannot be pacified. Speculate, to look at with the mind, to con- Uncouth, strange, unfamiliar. sider.

Undaunted, not discouraged.

Vesture, clothing.
Veteran, old, experienced.
Vicinity, neighbourhood.
Vicissitude, change.
Vigil, (lit. wakeful) time of being awake.
Virtue, force, worth.
Viscid, sticky, tenacious.
Vocabulary, collection of words.
Voluptuous, fond of pleasure.
Wain, a waggon.
Wanton, unrestrained, playful.
Warrant, to justify.
Whimsical, having odd fancies.
Wight, a person.
Wistful, thoughtful, earnest.
Zephyr, the west or any soft wind.

Underwood, small trees growing among

larger trees.
Unhallowed, unholy.
Unimpeachable, that cannot be found fault

Untainted, unstained.
Uprore=uproar, disturbance.
Usher, to bring in, introduce.
Vanity, groundless self-esteem.
Vassal, one holding land from a superior.
Vaunt, to boast.
Verbal, belonging to words.
Verdure, greenness.
Verge, border, limit.
Vermeil, vermilion, red.
Vestibule, entrance hall.
Vestiges, traces, remains.


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