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failings; that he was placed in a dangerous position, and surrounded by peculiar temptations; that he was unscrupulously opposed by a powerful party; and that he had to lead the opinions of an uninstructed and easily excitable people, impatient of control, and unwilling to investigate the causes of the evils under which they suffered. When we have taken these circumstances into our estimate of O'Connell's character, we shall perhaps be more astonished that he did so much, than disposed to question the means by which it was effected. Be this as it may, his memory will long be cherished by his countrymen; his actions will form part of Ireland's history to the remotest ages; and whatever may be the opinions of his contemporaries, posterity at least will do justice to the name of O'Connell, and connect it with the independence of his country, and the sacred cause of civil and religious freedom.



Portrait of Mr. O'Connell to face the engraved Title Page.

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