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title ten, of the revised statutes of 1846, so far as the same may be applicable.

Sec. 19. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 30, 1849.

works to be

No. 160. ]
AN ACT authorizing the Librarian to cause to be bound the Illus-

trated Dramatic Works of Shake-peare, and for other purposes.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represen. Certain tatives of the State of Michigan, That the librarian is hereby re-re-tound. quired to cause to be bound, the illustrated dramatic works of Shakespeare, and also the pictures of the North American Indians, now in the state library.

Sec. 2. The cost of the binding the said books shall be paid by Pay therefor the state treasurer out of any money in his hands not otherwise appropriated, on the certificate of the librarian that the work has been properly done.

Sec. 3. That the governor is hereby authorized and required to Transfer or transfer from the state library to the university of Michigan, four looks to .

niversity, volumes of the works of the Marqu's de la Place, entitled "Me- &c. chanique Celeste."

Sec. 4. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after


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charter ,

[ No. 167. ] AN ACT to amend an act entitlel an act to incorporate the City

of Monroe and certain acts amendatory thereto. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Sinale and House of Represen- Monroe city tatives of the State of Michigan, That section five of the act en-mended. titled an act to incorporate the city of Monroe, approved March i wenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, be amended by striking out words "one collector," in the ninth line thereof, and the word "collector," in the eighteenth line of the same; also, that sec

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tion eight be nmended by inserting the words "and one collector,
between the words "solicitor" and "wo,” in the sixth line.

Sec. 2. That section five of an act, entitled an act to incorporate the city of Monroe, approved February six:eenth, eighteen hundred and forty-two, be amended by striking out the word "one,” in the fifth line, and inserting in the place thercof, the word five.”

Sec. 3. That the act entitled an act to amend the charter of the city of Monroe and for other purposes, approved March seventeenth, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, be amended by adding at tbe end of section sixteen the following: -and it shall be the duty of the collector on or before the first Monday of November of each year, to make out and deliver to each of the assessors of the city of Monroe lists of such portions of all the lands of non-residents and persons unknown, as are situated in the wards of such asse:sor, which are taxed in the roll attached to his warrant, for street taxes, and upon which the s'reet taxes have not been pail, together with the amount unpaid on each traci, lot or parcel, and make and subscribe an cath before some person competent to administer oaths, or before such assessor, that the street tax assessed upon the lands so returned hare notbeen paid, which arrearages of street taxes shall be by the assessers of any ward of said city, in which ward any of the said lois tracts or parcels are situate, placed on his assessment rolls in a column to be headed "street taxes," opposite the description of the property so returned, and shall be collected in the same manner as the city taxes of said city are required by law to be collected."

Sec. 4. That section lwenty-three of chapter forly-one of the revised statutes be so amended, that for the city of Monroe, the license money therein directed to be paid to the clerk for license, shall hereafter in all cases be paid to the treasurer of said city, by the person applying for such license, previously to such license being issued.

Sec. 5, That it shall be lawful for the assessors of the several

wards of the city of Monroe, in assessing all city taxes of every Monroe.

description to add to the same fuur per cent. for fees of the collector, in the same manner as in asssessing state and county taxes.

Sec. 6. That the common council of the city of Monroe shall have all of Non- power to make all such laws and ordinances as to them may seem

proper, to direct and prescribe the manner of assessing the real e

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tate of said city for the purpose of paying off the indebtedness of said city heretofore lawfully incurred for the purposes of improving the navigation of the river Raisin, and may by ordinance direct said assessors of the several wards of said city, at such time or times, and in such manner as to said common council may seem expedient, to meet together and equalize the valuation of real estate in said city, for the said purpose. Sec. 7. The common council of the city of Monroe may at any city colieer

Bonds of sime require an additional bond to be executed by the said collector, in double the amount of the sum to be collected, with good and sufficient sureties to be approved by the said common council, and if said collector fail to give such additional bond within ten days after he sha'l be required to execute the same, the office of said collector may thereupon be declared vacant by the common council.

Sec. 8. Whenever the office of any collector shall become va- Vacancy in cant for the ca' se mentioned in the last preceding section, the said lector--how common council shall within five days after such vacancy shall occur, appoint another collector, who shall hold his office until the next ensuing annual charter election, provided he shall execute such bond at the time, and in the manner as herein before prescribed.

Sec. 9. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 30, 1819.



[ No. 168. ] AN ACT to incorporate the Oakland Female Seminary. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- Incorporatides of the State of Michigan, That Alfred Williams, Origen D. Richardson, Horace C. Thurber, Willard M. McConnel, Benjamin B. Morris, Hestor L. Stevens, Samuel M. Stelle, Jacob Hendrickson and Ezra H. Buddington, tog-ther with such other persons as may become members of the incorporation hereby created, shall be and they are hereby cons'ituted and declared to be a body corporate and politic, by the name of the Oakland Female Seminary, and in their corporate namo may sue and be sued, may have a common

seal wirich they may renew at pleasure, and shall have, enjoy, and may exercise, all the powers, rights and privileges, which appertain

to corporate bodies for the purposes mentioned in this act. Capital. Sec. 2. The capital stock of said corporation shall not exceed the

sum of ten thousand dollars, and shall be divided into shares of len dollars each.

Sec. 3. The corporation hereby created, shall be forever capable of company in law to purchase, take, receive, hold and enjoy any estate rea!

and personal whatever, to an amount not exceeding five thousand dollars and to lease, sell and convey, or otherwise dispose of the

Real estate



Cen'l mcctinge or Co.

Sec. 4. There shalt be forever hereafter, eight trustees of the said corporation who shall be members thereof, and who shall manage all the affairs thereof; and the first trustees shall be Alfred Wil. liams, Origen D. Richardson, Horace C. Thurber, Willard M. McConnel, Benjamin B Morris, Hestor L. Stevens, Samuel M. Stelle, Jacob Hendrickson and Ezra H. Budington, who shall hold their offices until the first day of January eighteen hundred and fifty and uniil others are elected in their places.

Sec. 5. There shall be on the first Monday of January, eighteen hundred and filty, and on the first Monday of January in every succeeding year a general meeting of the members of saiu corporation at some convenient pace in the village of Pontiac, to be designated by the by-laws of said corporation; and a majority of the members who shall meet in person or by proxy, shall elect by ballot, eight of their number to be trustees of the said corporation for the year then next ensuing.

Sec. 6. The trustees of said corporation shall have power 10 trustecs to choose from out of their number a president, a treasurer, and a

secretary, who shall immediately enter upon the duties of their office, and hold the silme from the time of their election, until the first Monday of January, of the ensuing year, and until others are chosen in their stead; and in case any of the trustees shall die, resign, refuse or neglect to act, then and in every such case, the remaining may within thirty days thereafter, elect by ballot, other members of said corporation in their stead who shall hold their offices in the same manner as those first elected.

Sec. 7. Each member to be entitled to one vote for each share,

Power of

chouse oli cers.

Sharon or

in case of

of which he shall be the holder. And the said trustees shall receive subscriptions for shares in said corporation until the capital stock may be subscribed; the said shares shall be assignable and transferable according to such rules as the board of trustees shail from time to time make and establish, and shall be considered personal property.

Sec. 8. In case it should at any time happen that an election of Proceedings the trustees should not be made on any day when, pursuant to this failure to

elect officers act, it ought to have been made, the said corporation shall not for at regular

meeting that cause, or any non user, be dissolved; but it shall and may be lawsul, on any niher day, to hold an election for trustees in such manner as shall be provided by the laws and ordinances of the said corporation. Sec. 9. No male teacher shali at any time hereafter forever be Teachers.

by-laws, &s employed in the seminary hereby incorporaied. The trustees may by their by-laws make all necessary rules and regulations for calling special meetings and for all other purposes, and five trustees shall constitute a quorum for the traysaction of business,

Sec. 10. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after Ocneral p? Dits passage, and shall be subject to the provi-ions of chapter fisty. five of the revised stalutes of eighteen hundred and forty six.

Approved March 30, 1819.


[ No. 169. ] AN ACT to provide for layiag out and establishing a certain Slate

Road in the counties of Allegan, and Keni. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate anil House of Represen- Comm's so latives of the State of Michigan, That Oka Town and Erastus

lay out road. Congdon of the county of Allegan, and Hiram Jennison of the county of Kent, be, and are hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and establish a state road leading and running on the most direct route from Otsego in the county o Allegan, to Grand Rapids in the county of Kent.

Sec. 2. The commissioners named in this act, shall file the sur. Duties of veys of so much of the above mentioned road, in the office of the and certain township clerk of each township through which said road shall pass as shall be laid out in such township, and it is hereby made the du.

towa clerke.

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