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contract for

ternporaty relief may te afforded

[ No. 162. ] AN ACT relative to the support of the poor in the county of

Berrien. fupervisors Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represenaf Berrien county may latives of the State of Michigan, That the superintendents of the support of county poor in the county of Berrien, be, and they are hereby au

thorized to contract with one or more persons to maintain all, or any part of the poor which their county may be liable to sup

port. In such case

Sec. 2. When it shall be deterinined by the superintendents of the

poor in the county of Berrien, to support the poor of their counby overseers ly by contract, so much of chapter thirty-eight of the revised stai

utes of eighteen hundred and forty-six, as allowed justices of the peace to draw orders for temporary relief of the poor, shall not be in force in said county; and the overseers of the poor in the several townships in said county shall forthwith report to the superintendents of county poor, all such persons needing relief as may come to their notice; and the expenses of giving such notice shall on proper vouchers being presented, be paid by the county.

Sec. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 29, 1849.

Appropria. tion of N. R.

[ No. 163. ] AN ACT appropriating certain non-resident highway taxes, for

the improvement of the north road between the villages of Milford and Pontiac, in Oakland county.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represen: Lighway car tatires of the State of Michigan, That all such non-resident high

way taxes as may be coilected for the year eighteen hundred and forty-eight and for iwo years thereaster, for one mile each way from the center of the north road, running from the corner of Pontiac and Front streets, in the village of Milford, east through the Hun gerford settlement to Saginaw street in the village of Pontiac, and county of Oakland, shall be appropriated for the improvement of said road.

Sec. 2. A special commissioner shall be appointed by the Gore poissioner. ernor who, in expending all moneys which may become subject to

Speci'l com


his control by the provisions of this act, shall be governed by the same laws as far as they are applicable, as are now or may hereafter be in operation for the government of township highway commissioners.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of said specini commissioner before his oath & entering on the duties of his office, to take and subscribe an oath to faithfully perform said duties, and also to file in the office of the county treasurer of Oakland county, a bond in the penal sum of one thousand dollars, with two or more good and sufficient sureties to be approved by said treasurer, for the faithful discharge of the duties imposed upon him by virtue of this act, and in default thereof, it shall be the duty of said county treasurer to prosecute the same, in the manner prescribed by law for the prosecution of bonds against county officers.

Sec. 4. It shall be the duly of said special commissioner, on or Hia duties. before the first day of June next, 10 make out a list of all non-resident lands coming under the provisions of this act, and deliver the same to the country treasurer, who shall thereupon open an account with The Milford and Pontiac norih road fund, and credit to said lund all moneys which may be in his hands, or may hereafier be paid into his office, for non-resident highway taxes upon any of the land described in said list, and charge said fund with all moneys drawn by said special commissioner.

Sec. 5. It shall further be the duty of said special commissioners to issue his certificate to any person who may be entitled to the same in payment for labor performed, or materials furnished for the improvement of said road, stating the facts as they exist, and draw his warrant thereon for the amount due said person, upon the county treasurer, who shall pay the same from any moneys in his hands standing to the credit of said state road fund.

Sec. 6. The said special commissioner shall be entitled to receive compensa as compensation for any services rendered in discharge of the Lion of coni's duties imposed upon him by this act, the sum of one dollar and fifty cents per day for the time employed in carrying out the provisions of this act, and his accounts for such time, verified by his oath, shall be audited by the board of supervisors of the county of Oak. land, and shall be paid from any moneys standing to the credit of said fund.

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Sec. 7. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after

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[ No. 164. ]
AN ACT to incorporate the Northwestern Health Insurance Com.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represet-

tatives of the State of Michigan, That Volney Chapin, William S.
Maynard, Flavius J. B. Crane, Horace Church, Manly D. How-
ard, and all others who may become associated with them as slock-
holders, as hereinafter provided, their successors and assigns for-
ever, be, and they are hereby created and made a body corporate
and politic, for the purpose of health insurance, by the name of
the “Northwestern health insurance company;" and by that name
shall be, and hereby are empowered to purchase, have, hold, pos-
sess and enjoy, 10 themselves and their successors, lands, tenements,
hereditamenis, goods, chartels and effects of every kind, and the
sime to grani, alien, sell, invest and dispose of; to sue and be sued,
plead and be impleaded, in all courts in this state; to have and use
a common seal, and the saine to change, break and renew at pleas.
ure, and to ordain and put in execution such by-laws and regulations
as they may deem proper for the well-ordering and government of
said corporation, and the transaction of its business: Provided, They
be not repugnant to the laws of the United States, or of this siaie,
or to the provisions of this act of incorporation.

Sec. 2. The capital stock of said corporation may be, and slial instalments not exceed one hundred thousand dollars, and shall be divided into

shares of fisty dollars each, and there shall be paid into the treasury
of said corporation, by each subscriber to said capital stock, at the
time of subscribing for the same, an installment of five do'lars on
each share of stock by him subscribed for; and a surther instalment
of five dollars within forty days after the organization of said con-
pany; and the remainder of said shares, so subscribed for, shall
within forty days after the organization of said company, be se.
cured to be paid, either by bond and mortgage upon real estate, in
gold and silver coin, or by such endorsed promissory notes as shall be
approved of by the directors of said corporation; and shall be payable

Capit'l stik, shares and


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toard of directors, &c.

in such instalments, and at such times, as the directors may determine; and such endorsers shall have a lien on the stock for which such note or notes are given.

Sec. 3. The business of said corporation shall be confined to Business & health insurance, and contracts of insurance may be nade on such company. terms and conditions, and for such periods of time and confined 10 such persons, as shall be from time to time ordered and provided for under and by virtue of the by-laws of said corporation; and policies may be issued, stipulated to be with or without participation of profits, but all dividends, which shall be declared upon such insurance, or declared to stockholders, which are not claimed and called for within one year after the same have been declared, shall be advertised, for ai least four weeks in the state paper, and if not demanded within six months after the publication of said notice shall become forfeited to said company.

Sec. 4. The office of said company shall be located in the village office crer. of Ann Arbor, in the state of Michigan, and the stock, property and affairs of said corporation shall be managed and conducted by not less than five, nor more than nine directors, (the number of said directors to be determined by the by-laws of said company) to be chosen by ballot from among and by the stockholders; which directors shall hold their offices until the second Monday of May next ensuing their election, and until others are chosen to supply their plaees; and the annual meeting for the choice of directors shall, alter the first election, be holden in the village of Ann Arbor, on the second Monday of May. In the choice of directors as aforesaid, each stockholder present, or represented by his altorney, duly appointed and empowered, shall be allowed one vote for each and every share of stock by him held, and mone but stockholders shall be eligible to the office of director; and the stockholders may determine what number of directors may constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Sec. 5. The directors may choose a president, secretary and

Oficers. treasurer of said corporation, and appoint such other officers, clerks and agents, and establish such agencies in this state or elsewhere, as shall be by them deemed advisable for conducting the business of the said company; fix their compensations and take bonds from any or all of them for the faithful performance of their duties; and make such covenants and agreements as may be deemed necessary. The president shall be chosen from among the directors, and hold his

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appointment for one year, and until another is chosen; but the other officers and servants of said company may be displaced, and new ones appointed at the pleasure of the directors. In the absence or disability of the president, the directors may choose a president pro tempore, and in case any vacancy shall occur in the board of directors, the remaining directors may choose a direc:or or directors from among the stockholders to fill such vacancy, who shall hold the appointment until others are chosen in their places.

Sec. 6. Il it shall so happen that an election of directors of said Corporation DO! to be dis corporation shall not take place at the time of the annual meeting failure of thereof in any year, said corporation shall not be dissolved thereby;

but an election may be held at any time within one year thereafter; the time to be fixed upon and notice thereof given by the directors last chosen. And public notice, by order of the directors, shall always be given at least ten days previous to any meeting of the slock holders, in the state paper, or in such other way as may be deemed expedient: and the president shall have power to call special meetings of the stockholders whenever thereto requested by a majority of the directors.

Sec. 7. The capital stock of said company shall be iransferabie Assaments according to the rules and regulations of the company, and if any

subscriber of any share or shares of said slock, shall neglect of refuse to pay the instalments as aforesaid, or to secure the payment of the residue of the stock by him subscribed as aforesaid, for the space of sixty days after the same shall become due or required, and after he or they have been notified thereof, the stock of such negligent stockholder shall be sold by the directors, at public auc. tion, giving at least thirty days notice thereof, in the state paper: and the proceeds of said sale shall be first applied in payment of the instalment called for, and the balance, if any, shall be refunded to the owrer of said stock; and such sale shell in all res; ects entitie The purchaser 10 all the rights of a stockholder to the extent of the

shares so bought. Subscripti'a

Sec. 8. To carry out the provisions of this act, and to organize monocapitalor the said corporation, the said William S. Maynard, Horace Church fruization, and Manly D. Howard, or either two of them are hereby authorized

and appointed to receive subscriptions to the capital stock thereof, and the first instalment therean, and when pine persons shall have become subscribers to the capital stock of said corporation, they may upon the call of the said William S. Maynard, Horace Church

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fear pany.

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